What is the meaning of the tarot card “ten of lightenings”?

tarot card meaning

What is the meaning of the tarot card “ten of lightenings”?

Suggestion by J C
It means if you have the jack, queen, king, and ace of lightnings, you have a Royal Flush.

Suggestion by …♦…EAH…♦… Z = Z 2 C
Cups (Chalices / Hearts)
Pentacles (Coins / Diamonds)
Wands (Staves / Batons / Clubs)
Swords (Spades)

But no “ten of lightenings” or should that be lightnings

Ten of Cups:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_of_Cups
Ten of Pentacles:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_of_Coins
Ten of Wands: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_of_wands
Ten of Swords: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_of_Swords

Suggestion by Sanguine
Haven’t heard of that suit.
Is it equivalent to one of the four suits: cups, wands/rods, swords, or pentacles?

tarot card meaning

A one card Tarot reading meaning, is it a straight yes or no?.
I have my theory test later today, i asked will i pass my theory test today, i picked only 1 card which was the knight of wands.


thank you

Suggestion by Richard H
Yes/No answers from tarot generally come on the point on whether you take the card upside down or right side up… In this case you didn’t so the card you pulled meaning is relevant to the issue.

The meaning from my own researches is that the Knight of wands having something to do with confidence, mastery, realisation and risk taking.

Perhaps you can take that as having confidence in yourself and your knowledge about driving, employing what you have practiced and mastered.

My researches are currently in pendulum divination, it gives yes and no answers. I have asked whether “This person with whom I am discussing with on the internet going to pass her driving theory test later today”

Took a few minutes to lock in as it was not doing very much but it eventually did circles for me, which means that you are, which is one of the few times it has done something for someone I don’t know.

Still time and divination does not mean destiny. With your card and divination, it says be confident, be calm when entering your test and you will be successful.

Good luck.

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Hotrod

Good luck!

The Knight of Wands is a wonderful card to have, he is full of energy, wants to get things done, freindly & makes a good impression. He can also show the arrival of good news!


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Where can I buy tarot cards?

Where can I buy tarot cards?
I have a photo project where I have to make my own Tarot Card Deck and I would like to buy a deck for some inspiration where could I get one?
like what kind of stores sell Tarot Cards?

Suggestion by ELK
Most book stores sell them.

Suggestion by Helen
You can buy them online (amazon etc), in book stores and New Age stores.

For inspiration, try browsing decks in aeclectic.net.

tarot cards

Is it still considered bad luck to buy your own set of tarot cards?
I know that the traditional belief is that your cards need to be a gift (I already have one set) but there’s a beautiful set at the store that I want but no one who would willingly gift them to me. Just trying to avoid any negative energy. Thanks

Suggestion by Rockadayjohnny
Assuming that was true at one time, can you think of any reason why it would change?

Suggestion by scorpion
it’s a least a waste of money.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
I’ve heard that even for people who believe in that tradition, it only applies to the first deck.

I am a tarot collector and I have bought myself at least 10 decks over the years (including my first one)… only one of those decks didn’t work out. I’ve been gifted with probably 5 or 6 decks over the years and only one of them works for me at all. Buy yourself the deck then cleanse it and study with it for a couple weeks. Sleep with it under your pillow etc. You’ll be fine.

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what is a good tarot deck to be using for someone who wants to start tarot?
I was looking on amazon and there are a lot of things about tarot cards but i don’t know who offers the most help for the least amount of money that you can get in this economic trouble

Suggestion by how dare I
don’t do it..they are cards of the devil

Suggestion by bongernet
So what’s your plan, to con some ignorant folks out of their money by reading their cards for them? Shame on you!

Suggestion by sly phy
You will be fleecing others of their money with tarot.. why do you need a bargain.

Are tarot card readings true?

tarot card readings

Are tarot card readings true?
I know it’s silly, but I was wondering if tarot card readings are true.
Well, not necessarily if they are true but if it has worked for you.
Please answer!much thanks and appreciation in advance:)

Suggestion by rainbows are yummy >:)
i stopped using mines cus they got to personal

Suggestion by Nik
no no no your boat

Suggestion by harque2001
As with most forms of divination, tarot readings are generally very broad and can be interpreted in many ways. If you wish to use them as guidelines, fine. I recommend, however, that you don’t base your life on them.

tarot card readings

Tarot card readings at Garage Sale.?
I’m having a garage sale in the next month or two with my family. Now I love doing Tarot card readings for people. So I was wondering if it was legal with a regular garage sale permit to do tarot readings?

Suggestion by lala
Yes its legal ; as far as I know there no law against any kind of paranormal activity

Suggestion by Maj Hewitt’s Equestrian Acad
At least they’ll be cheap.

tarot card readings

What does the tower card mean in tarot card readings?

Suggestion by Hope Mason
with mars as its ruling planet, the tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. this is a card about anything we believe to be true, but later learn is false. this realization usually comes as a shock, hence, the violent image. it is, quite simply, that moment in any story where someone finds out a shocking truth, one that shatters their perceptions and makes them reassess their beliefs.

Suggestion by Marusu
Disaster, ”shaken foundations”, sudden change ,chaos

but it depends on where the card is in the spread and what spread it’s in

and if the card reversed it can mean something completely different

also it depends if this card is representing a person or a situation
in someones life

if it is representing a person .then one is usually told to stay away from them as they tend to make mischief and love chaos ,cause arguments for example , or are manipulative.

it usually pops up in a spread to show at some point or at some time in someones life something has happened or will happen that will make that person your reading for experience something unpleasant that they didn’t see coming , something that will ”knock her off her feet” or ”stab her in the back ” something nasty that will creep up on the person and catch them by surprise..

it could also mean a rude awakening to the truth ”it could effect a persons employment, home, family, marriage or physical body, such as a nervous breakdown or sudden illness”

tower represents conflicts and disruptions but on a positive note it could mean that the truth will be revealed , it might be ugly but it will be the truth.
that person will be going through some rough changes but i’m sure it’s all for the better.

for me i feel that the tower in a spread most of the time means that somone is about to hit reality of a situation…but like i said it depends on where the card is placed and what spread your doing.

a person could be simply seeing things in a new way.

figure out a way to help this person your reading for go forward and help them accept change 🙂
try and make them see it as a good thing,something to learn from.
in positive way the tower card can be about” inspiration, freedom, reality and the release from bondage”

which one it will be in your spread? you will have to go with your gut feeling/intuition and figure out what way you see the tower card in by looking at how the other cards are placed..it should give you an idea on how the tower card connects to everything else..

i hope i was clear enough, if you have any questions ill come back and try to answer them. 🙂

Suggestion by Orlando Delacruz
it means a bunch of bull there crads thats all

Which is the best guide to learn Tarot Card Reading?

tarot card reading

Which is the best guide to learn Tarot Card Reading?
I am new in Tarot Reading..so I would like to learn..so how to start? If any one give suggestion please

Suggestion by Gaden

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
What Tarot can Do for You – Barbara Moore (Great guide on the various uses for tarot cards… from divination to magick to personal therapy to conflict-resolution… It’s a great book!)

Tarot: Youre Everyday Guide – Janina Renee (A great card-by-card guide on how to read cards as advice or problem-solving… lengthy descriptions of the cards meanigns and interrpetive techniques associated with them. She uses several decks as her visual references, making it easy for students no matter what deck they use)

A Tarot Workbook – Neville Drury (A great workbook that asks you to journal about the cards in general and gives another card-by-card study, complete with workbook questions that sometimes cut pretty deep… I know I was weeping by the time I got to the 9 of swords… heavy stuff… great for itnernalizing and really grasping the meanigns and symbolism of the cards to jump off from with your own intuitive inpressions)

One effective method of study is to get yourself a journal and go card-by-card through the deck, journallign about your impressions of each card, read everything you can find about the card and study the image, then compile all your notes and thoughts about it. Later, go back and re-read your ntoes and study the card again… try to condense your notes and impressions into a few lines… then re-read thosel ines and try to condense it further into one or two keywords. Do one or two cards per day… this may take weeks or months depending on how much time you spend on each card and how many cards you do in one day.
When you are done with that, pull out all the aces and comapre them. Then pull out all the twos, threes etc and compare each. This is a good way to understand the structure of the tarot and remember the meanings.

tarot card reading

when doing a tarot card reading for yourself, can most of the cards be upside down?
can the first card be upside down as well?

Suggestion by Abomination of Desolation
Upside down tarot cards are just as unhelpful as right-side-up tarot cards.

Suggestion by guraqt2me
Only if you’re French – if not, leave it right side – up !

Suggestion by D700 Doug
That means all the chairs in your house will spontaneously combust at midnight tonight.

tarot card reading

How to understand my Tarot Card reading more?
i got my cards read yesterday and i wanted to look more into a few of the cards that she spoke with me most about..the beauty card, warrior,fool, stars,sage,body,fun, and wheel..i remember how they were placed..i just would like to know more about it..Please Help, Thanks! 😉

Suggestion by nostradamus02012
just read up on it.

Suggestion by Mikey, just Mikey
Just make some shít up – that’s what everyone else does, after all. Tarot is complete crap.

Suggestion by Abby Quigezz
Sorry, but whatever that person was using wasn’t a traditional deck… so it’s impossible to know. The only tarot card in that was the fool.

I’d recommend you get your own deck of cards and do your own reading. That way the reading will be more accurate because they are infused with your own energy. Plus it’ll come with a booklet with all the interpretations for you to meditate on.

tarot cards?

tarot cards?
i’m using a regular deck of cards for tarot can you help me understand what each card represents?
Pangel: its just a deck of playing cards

Suggestion by silverbirch
A fantasy

Suggestion by J-Boy
playing are missing most of the deck. Not only do this exclude the Knight of each suit but the entire Major Arcana which represent large change or emotions. So you can’t use playing cards, it would be like trying to look through a telescope with only half a lens.

Suggestion by Apeman
Whatever you want them to be

tarot cards

Tarot cards?
in tarot readings how do i lay the cards?
can you give me a link to a web site that can show me how to lay the tarot cards, please?
Thank you so much! its been bugging me for a looong time now, i’m so glad that you told me it was called a spread.

Suggestion by lives7
Similar to Five Card Stud, or any palor game.

Suggestion by Loki Spákona Dóttir, Myrkr
I believe there’s a site called http://tarot.com

I don’t know sites, really. But, if you go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/tarot You’ll find some.

Tarot cards are about as dangerous as a regular deck of cards… AKA, beware of the papercuts!

Good luck.

– 16 yo Pagan

Suggestion by boonike
Lay them in the fireplace!

tarot cards

Tarot Cards?
I wanted to get a deck of tarot cards and wanted to know if there is a difference in the different decks? If so, which is better. Where is the best place to get a tarot deck, and a book explaining what each card means?

Suggestion by Stormwind
Find a deck that’s appealing to you. That’s the main thing. You can be recommended tons of different types, but if you don’t like the layout, you’re not gonna use it to your full ability. As for learning the meanings, meditate on a single card for a few days to divine its meaning and symbolism, and work that into your own method of using the deck.

Suggestion by jolb73
I think your name says it all!

Suggestion by Gazoo
No difference. They are all absurd.