Q&A: Why do I feel on top of the world on Meth but not an addict, please read?

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Why do I feel on top of the world on Meth but not an addict, please read?
I’m no druggie, I don’t do drugs every day, but had a chance to try Meth, snorted only very little bit, and it was like I could answer any question. We were at my boyfriend’s pad in Malibu, he lives right on beach and waves go right under the house, and there were other couples and we were having a serious question and answer session and I kept it up so lightly with my answers that all of them wanted to ask me questions about what they were thinking, and what their future looked like, and then I started to read palms and throw my crystals I keep with me and could actually answer their questions by looking at crystals. We talked a lot about God and Jesus and I had concise good answers, that later on I got 20 calls from them saying how cool it was. So what’s so bad about Meth if you use it as a party thing, or once in a blue moon???????

how to read palms

My palm lines has changed, does it have a meaning?
My palm lines has changed ( it think ) I watched at my hand one day and it seemed really different. My fate line has become really straight it begins a bit over my wrist and then after 1cm it is “connected” with the health line my fate line stops right at the heart line. Those who knows how to read palms do you know what this means?

I don’t know if this really means something, but it would be interesting to know if it does.

Could vivid dreams be in cause by not reading the tarot cards anymore?

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Could vivid dreams be in cause by not reading the tarot cards anymore?
I used to read the tarot cards every night at or around midnight but I stopped after having predicted an accident and it happened within days of the reading. Now, I have strange vivid dreams and bits and pieces from the dreams tend to happen within days. Are the dreams signs that I need to start reading again? Please no answers from the nonbelievers or anti tarot people. Thanks everyone!

Suggestion by Zia Lucia
No, Lolita my dear, the Tarot are not imposing their will on you or affecting your dreams. The power of the cards comes from within yourself, not from the printed pictures on chipboard.

What seems to have happened is that you have frightened yourself. As you began to develop your own intuitive skills through using the cards (a very effective tool) your readings naturally became more accurate. The first time one predicts a violent or tragic occurrence can be quite alarming. It is this surprise, and the fear of your own power that have triggered your vivid dreams. Again, your old Zia wants you to understand that there is no power in the cards doing this, but rather your own power that, having been awakened, is seeking an outlet. The natural outlet for an active intuition is one’s dreams.

Zia’s recommendation is that you find someone with experience in using their intuitive skills who might be willing to mentor you, and help you discipline your own gifts.

Suggestion by Meg
ok, accident will happen if you base your mind on them..
I bet you keep going around in circles with your readings..
Reason is you need to use what Creation gave you, common sense and kindness, reasoning and feeling whats best..
People don’t see that pattern when they read, its like the wood from the tress..

I’m not anti, just Understand what your looking for…

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Where to work reading tarot cards etc?
I am moving to London to study in the new year and was hoping to offer my services as a Tarot Card reader someplace to make a little extra money. I also do Astrology and have been studying these arts for 20 years now but have never yet charged for readings. As I will be a student looking for part time work I do feel the time has come to charge something for the readings. Anybody have any suggestions where to go, markets, shops, pubs, Tarot phone lines etc?

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
New Age Bookstores almost always have readers. You can ask at many places of business like restaurants and pubs. You never know who might say yes. I don’t like phone lines. I have read for them and they basically take all the money and rip the readers off. You have no way of proving what is happening online.

Also, find your local psychic community and get involved. Many times they have psychic fairs etc. and it you are known in the community, you will be invited.

Best wishes.

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Can anyone do a tarot reading here?
Can anyone do a tarot reading online for me?

Suggestion by Rob L
Tarot, fortune telling, horoscopes, etc. are the biggest load of BS which has ever existed. They have no basis in reality or actuality, and are only practiced by con artists, and only believed in by the gullible.

Suggestion by zeitgeist
I’ve got my Uno deck.

What does ‘red 4’ mean?

Suggestion by echo
I’ll help you do a brief one for yourself if you have a tarot deck or even a regular deck of cards.

What country music video featured humans posed like tarot cards?

What country music video featured humans posed like tarot cards?
All I can remember is seeing the two of swords, there were also most of the major arciana in the video.

Suggestion by MarkitZero
Tarot imagery is relatively common in country music videos for whatever reason- was it a male or female singer?

Suggestion by *SDA 4 CHRIST* Romans 10:9
Trust God, not tarot cards.

James 4:7

tarot cards

Jill uses tarot cards to give Kathy some terrifying marriage guidance in this dark comedy written by and starring Julia Davis.

How do you use tarot cards?

tarot cards

How do you use tarot cards?
In a fit of impulse shopping I bought some tarot cards and a little book to go with them. Now, what do you use tarot cards for and how do i use them?
Sorry, should have explained better. The little book is really technical sounding, I just wanted to know some basics before I began….

Suggestion by ☼ GƖơώ ✞ Ѡɪηʠs ☼

Suggestion by xzc426
read the little book?

Suggestion by josh!!!! (*_*)
Why don’t you read the little book that came with it.

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What’s the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards?
I was thinking of getting these:

Can I use oracle cards the same way I use tarots?

Suggestion by What did Obama do in Pakistan?
Nothing they are a hard paper with drawings on them made by people who make profits- Have fun with your toys.

Suggestion by -FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-
Nothing really …

the actual cards are obviously different …

Tarot follows the same basic cards in every deck though the pictures can be very different from one deck to the next …

Oracle cards are cards that are not standard … in anyway

some people just prefer reading one over the other …

Suggestion by slap and tickle
they have different pictures

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What cards in the tarot are the “yes” cards and the “no” cards?
I noticed that when i do an online tarot single spread reading online, i get to have precise answers when i look up the card meanings. Now i want to know what are the “yes” and “no” tarot cards so that when i’m asking a yes or no type of question it would be easy for me to know what is the result. From what i read, the sun and 9 of cups are the “yes” cards, and i want to know the other cards. Thanks.

Suggestion by *Star*Light*Acrux
I only go with meaning and make a specific question
never do yes/no spread. I always use either 3, 5 or celtic

you can create your own spread as long as you remember meaning of each card
in that sense, you can decide what card is yes, what is no . also
so if your Yes is 9 cups then your No is 9 swords, just suggestion

Suggestion by Tea
These cards mean yes when you ask a positive question (i.e. “Will I do well in the contest?), but they mean no when you ask a negative question (i.e. “Am I going to fail my math class?):

1. The World – Your heart’s desire
2. The Sun – Good new, happy endings
3. 4 of Wands – Something to celebrate
4. 6 of Wands – Success, recognition and accolades
5. 9 of Cups – Your wish will come true
6. 10 of Cups – Contentment and happy relationships

These cards mean yes when you ask a negative question and no when you ask a positive question.

1. 10 of Swords – Utter defeat
2. The Tower – A disruptive or upsetting change. It can also mean disaster.
3. 5 of Cups – Something to grieve about. A loss.
4. 5 of Pentacles – Falling on hard times. Bad luck.
5. Death – Something coming to an end
6. 3 of Swords – Heartbreak or betrayal

When card number two is put down on the celtic cross, is the tarot card reversed facing left or right?

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When card number two is put down on the celtic cross, is the tarot card reversed facing left or right?
Tarot cards.

Suggestion by riverotter7
I put the card so the “head” of it is to the left. Good luck.

I use the Druid Animal Deck and the Celtic Tarot

Suggestion by flyingheart3
I THINK its : Facing left means normal position and facing right is reversed

Suggestion by sdc_99
The second card in the celtic cross is never read as reversed, regardless of which way it is facing.

tarot cards
tarot cards

[Tarot Card] When “the Tower” represents a person, what kind of a person is he or she?
I have a friend whom I’m very skeptical about getting close. When I consulted Tarot cards asking about this friend, I got “the Tower”. Please help advise what does it tell about this person. Thank you.

Suggestion by Elaine M
It’s someone going through some major life changes where they are questioning everything and nothing seems to be able to go back to what it was. Basically a person who feels like the rug’s been pulled out from under them and they’re ‘falling’.

The transition should not last long, but it depends on the person. Some land on their feet and reinvent their life around them, some take a longer time at it. A person who lost a close friend would be in a tower situation. A person who was shoved out of the house or any of the Katrina victims are in a tower situation. You can see what’s involved if you look at it that way.

But the card is a transition card, it’s not permanent. For the two of you, just be aware that who you see this person being right now is not who they are going to be in 3 or 6 months.

Suggestion by Clay
The jist of it is that the person is a radical. They defy old logic and customs and take nothing on principle. Very chaotic personality.

Suggestion by Honey
I agree with Elaine, this card represents transition, but reason for caution and or worry.

I hope you find the answer you seek and peace in your heart.