How do you read/use tarot cards?

tarot cards

How do you read/use tarot cards?
I know I know a lot of people are going to say that this fortune telling stuff isn’t real but I just found these old tarot cards in the basement and I was wondering how you use them? like how you tell the future with them I’m just bored and I thought if my friends acidentally [yes really accidentally I’m not going to rearrange the cards] got a bad fortune then it’d be fun to see them freak out

Suggestion by CARLA T
Don’t believe in that stuff, it is the work of the devil. Turn to God, believe that Jesus is the son of God and he will direct you.

John 3:16-21
16″For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

Suggestion by ♣Älmighty Ätheist♣
Different layouts can be used for the cards in order to read them. And with that comes different ways of “predicting” future events. Below I have the basics of tarot, including card meanings and layouts.

Suggestion by rockorock

“At times you are outgoing, but at other times you are reserved. You find it unwise to reveal too much about yourself to strangers. You are an independent thinker who needs proof of a matter before gullibly accepting it. You like variety in life, and you become unhappy when you are hemmed in by rules. You have great potential, which you have not tapped entirely. You tend to be critical of your performance and abilities.”

Does that sound like you? If so, you may be putting more meaning into the description than it deserves. After all, most of the above statements are true for the majority of people. Hence, readers will tend to accept those statements that seem accurate and ignore those that do not. According to the book Why Do Buses Come in Threes—The Hidden Mathematics of Everyday Life, “researchers have found that if the star signs on a horoscope are removed, people are unable to identify which paragraph belongs to their own sign, but if the signs are included they will believe their own star reading to be the most accurate.”

The Bible—A Reliable Guide

Millions have found the Bible to be a reliable guide in making decisions. As the psalmist David put it, “the reminder of Jehovah is trustworthy, making the inexperienced one wise.” (Psalm 19:7; 119:105) This does not mean that the Bible spells out precisely what a person should do in each situation. But God’s Word does contain principles that can help us train our perceptive powers. This, in turn, will enable us to discern right and wrong and will help us to make wise decisions.—Hebrews 5:14.

Thus, it is for good reason that genuine Christians do not consult horoscopes, even for entertainment or out of curiosity. Instead, they wisely heed the warnings in God’s Word against all demon influence, including subtle forms. By letting the Bible rather than the zodiac influence your life, you can enjoy God’s blessing eternally.—Psalm 37:29, 38.

tarot cards

Why is it that people think that tarot cards are evil?
Tarot cards are not meant to tell the future, they are meant to offer guidance on decisions and choices that we make for our future, in order for them to work you have to believe anyway, otherwise you will get a bogus reading.
Besides the Tarot is nothing more than an ancient egyptian card game. So I guess people playing poker is evil too??? Doesnt make any sense

tarot cards

@thebunz, please tell me more about tarot cards and aliens, thanks?
Hey bro, you seem to know stuff similar to my self ( I’m a conspiracist ).

Just wondering about the technology and tarot cards, now I’m starting to think most of the technology we got is from aliens.

More than likely.

Suggestion by Edward O
Tarot cards doesn’t have “technology.” If you have tarot cards, the best thing you can do is throw them into the garbage.

Palm Reading For Girls

Palm Reading For Girls

Palmistry or palm reading is considered a form of divination, enabling readers to map a querent’s life or traits by simply taking a look at her palms. No way is proven in fortune telling, but if we are invited to one’s sleepover or other fun gatherings, it shall serve as the entertaining trick. Of course, although reading palm lines for girls is not quite difficult, we must at least learn the basis of palmistry to make our experience feel real and great. Regardless of whether we are expert palmists or simply those who’re fond of studying any whimsical way to divine our future and love life, the art of palmistry may be a learning and enjoyable experience for girls of all ages to enjoy once.

How To Read Palms For Girls?

At first, it’s time to learn our or our bosom friend’s dominant hand. Here, there should be 3 distinct lines while others seem not be as well-pronounced. The names of these major lines are the head line, life line, and the heart line. The heart line, according to palm reading, runs from the joint of our index finger in the curve across our palm, and it is just entertaining with the meanings about our romantic interests, relationships, love, and other related topics.

Palm Reading For Girls

A single line, running up the center of our palm, is exactly the fate line. Those whose palms don’t include this line are allegedly said to lack direction in life. In other words, they seldom show their tenacity to stick with any vital relationship or project. Hence, very social members who’re in and out of love can lack the fate line. Spend much time in studying the in-depth meanings of the shapes, textures, and sizes of a person’s heart and fate lines. The details are totally intricate, in terms of palm reading. Nevertheless, in case we are girls finding out love, fun, and destiny, our fate & heart lines will hold an ocean of meanings.

Now, observe the edge of our pinky closely. This area allows us to know how many kids we can have, or when we’ll get married. Try to see how the fingers separate on palm. Those who are absorbed in wedlock and any romantic interest may pay much attention to their ring fingers on the left hand. In case they naturally separate, or even stand out from the rest of other fingers, it implies willingness to commit. On the other hand, crooked fingers seem to be indicative of members who lie very much while the short forefingers reveal sensitivity.

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good and easy quilty deck of tarot cards?

tarot cards

good and easy quilty deck of tarot cards?
I am just learning how to read tarot cards i have already got messages from the angels and have brought healing with the angel on ebay i am just waiting to receieve those. do you know any good tarot cards that are easy to use and good to work with?

Suggestion by Joseph
………………………. if I was sick and dying I would turn to science

Suggestion by Colette Pioline ART
A deck of playing cards is just as useful…

Suggestion by B.T.M.
Either make your own, or just go out and buy a deck from your local occult or book store. Any deck will work, and never, ever use the little booklets that come with them, they only work for people trying out a new ‘fad’, if you want to be serious, go without the booklet.

tarot cards

What do you think of these tarot cards?
Its a three fates spread.

In the place of the past was “The Moon” card.
At the present I had the card of “The Fool”
And for my future the card was “The High Priestess”

Do you have any suggestions for what might be happening? Sounds important, since all of them were major arcana.

Suggestion by ♏ Love ♋
What site is this from?

Suggestion by aav
at present you are very in your own world and just doing things without reason, or so it may seem.
in the future you will gain very esoteric knowledge about something that many around you do not know.

Suggestion by Blah blah blah
In the place of the past was “The Moon” card.
*In the past you were being led by your emotions..You were following your instincts and your gut feelings but not using logic to make decisions. You may have been misled by others, or were following your emotions more than your logic.

At the present I had the card of “The Fool”
*The present is basically thrown up in the air. The fool goes with the flow, allows destiny to run it’s course and doesn’t try to influence what will happen. This is essentially what you are doing at this time.

And for my future the card was “The High Priestess”
*The High Priestess denotes esoteric knowledge, and as a future card, it suggests that your fate, and the guidance you seek, is already available in some esoteric form. Generally, the HP points to a wise mentor who knows things about signs and stars, etc, so you may need to seek out your mentor to help you find your path.

tarot cards

Where can I get Tarot cards in the Dallas Fort Worth area?
It would be great if the place was close to Carrollton or Addison Texas. Thanks in advance and also approximately how much would they cost?

Suggestion by Miss 6
Check your area for any metaphysical bookstores. Or even try going to a big chain store like Borders or Barnes & Noble. The prices of cards very you can spend anywhere between $ 12-$ 30 on a deck.

Suggestion by intuition897
You don’t need to go to the dingy little shop with the flashing neon sign that says ‘PSYCHIC’. eBay, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, and are good places to find cards online. You could also try Craigslist and Kijiji. I’ve found a few decks at local second-hand stores, too, which only cost me $ 3-4 per pack. Just make sure to check that all the cards are there. There should be 78 cards in a standard Rider-Waite style deck. Oracle decks (not the same as Tarot) usually have fewer. Brand new decks are anywhere between $ 15 to $ 30 for common/plain decks, and the sky is the limit for limited edition and otherwise rare decks. It just depends on your budget and what kind of deck you like. There’s a HUGE selection out there. Sorry, I’m not familiar with your area, but I’ve found these kinds of places are good sources.

Can any body please give me a free tarot reading of who will I marry?

Can any body please give me a free tarot reading of who will I marry?
please I’m lonely right now in my life, i want something to give me hope

Suggestion by Sony Dangol

Suggestion by cupcakes and love with cherries on top
trust me the only way you can solve your problem is by getting out of the house and off the computer and socialize, you can’t wait and expect something to fall on your lap, you have to go and get it. Tarot reading is not going to get you the girl/guy you want only you can do that. this may not be the answer you are looking for or expecting but i can assure you tarot reading is not the way to go, only you can give yourself hope? (if that makes much sense)

Suggestion by BB has a TD-Stalker!
I randomly picked 2 cards out of the bunch while reading your Q, and it is 8 of Wands REVERSED and Wheel of Fortune REVERSED.

I have some advice for you: You are too much on a hurry for finding love. and also you have some issues to solve at the moment (quarrels, regrets, jealousy?)… But Luck will come to you and your will be very successful in all aspects in your life but with some DELAYS. My advice to you is: HAVE PATIENCE. You want to reach out too quickly for happiness and love. It will come to you, but you must wait.

Everybody deserves love and love comes to everybody! Trust me, you will find love and you will be married to her.

Best of lucks & stop worrying!


Can any one do a free tarot or psychic reading for me please?

Suggestion by hides90
I could but it would need to be in person and I’m not going to bother meeting you.

Suggestion by Krystal

A slice of pizza will burn you after you view a movie…A movie about pancakes…And shoes with yellow laces…

…Be wary of pencils.

Suggestion by choko_canyon
Yes, anyone can, and that’s the problem. Neither tarot nor psychic readings require any special powers, abilities or knowledge because they’re total scams. They have no merit, and so there’s no requirements to perform them. That’s why the answer to your question is yes, anyone can do a tarot or psychic reading. Can anyone do an ACCURATE reading? No. If it’s accurate, they just got lucky.

Request FREE tarot reading videos here For live readings go here:

How To Read Palm Fate Line?

How To Read Palm Fate Line?

The Fate line or Destiny line, Career line reveals the influences of society and world events on our life. Once interpreting this line’s meaning, bear in mind that the deeper and stronger the Fate line is, the more strongly destiny can control our life.

Actually, it is unnecessary to underestimate the importance of the Destiny line, whether it is visible or not. If it is absent, there is likely to be no real sense of direction. On the contrary, if it is visible, as a certain rule, there is nearly some semblance of the line existence, no matter how short or long it is – this person may possess some sort of goal in life.

Interesting Ways To Interpret The Fate Lines

How To Read Palm Fate Line?
  • Deep line

Possessing the deep Fate line, we can gain paternal wealth. Our beloved elders are always right there for us to boost our success. That sounds great, right?

  • Light line

The light Fate line in our hand means that we can face up to some failures and dilemmas in life cycle. By virtue of unsuccessful achievements in our life, we may feel somewhat desperate. However, if our hand possesses the strong Sun line, it will give us success. Therefore, it can not deny the importance of the presence of other lines and mounts in our palm.

  • Zigzag line

This line shows that we may experience several ups and downs in our life. We merely gain success after dealing with the conflicts and matters in our life smoothly. Try to be careful since we can not get the expected outcomes of our efforts.

  • Divided line

According to Chiromancy, if our Destiny line is divided into 2 parts, and then makes a “Y” shape in our palm, it symbolizes that we can get some contradictions and confusions in our life. Sometimes, we can be uncertain about some kinds of our decisions because our Fate line does not let us make the strong and impressive decisions.

  • Broken line

Broken line is known as the sign of dangers in life. A rupture in it indicates that we can face a dangerous accident by chance. It may cause some kinds of physical damage. Be always careful and thorough in case we possess a broken Destiny line.

  • Invisible line

Believe it or not, anyone owns a Destiny line, regardless of whether it is visible or invisible. If you don’t possess the visible Fate line, it is time to get a glimpse of our future prospects through reading other lines in palm.

  • Chained line

Once this line is chained in our palm, we can face numerous ups and downs in life. Although we may swing between success and failure, we can do the entrusted tasks perfectly. At times, we will tackle some enormous issues such as carrying out the complex assignment.

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