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where do i get free online palm reading?

free palm reading

where do i get free online palm reading?
is there a website. like. take a look at my palm. or take a look at my palm on the webcam. live chat. for free and tell me my future and stuffs? without paying money.

Suggestion by eri
Probably not; people who make that stuff up are scammers, and they do it for money. No one can actually tell the future.

free palm reading

Free palm reading? (20 characters)?
ARe there any sites where you can send in a picture and get your palm read for free? any?

thank you!

Suggestion by Tommycat
I got one and it was really fun! Mine was in person though, she was a beautiful nice lady from India and I took her very seriously as palm reading is important in their culture. She said my husband will be tall, unemotional and something of a player and I will have two kids. I doubt it but it’s all for fun anyway isn’t it!

Oh and she said I have fish on my palm and that means I am very sensitive.

free palm reading

how can u take a quiz on free palm reading ?
like i took a couple of quizzes but they wanted me 2 pay to see the results , do tell me webtickle not that 1 , but please give some sorces with out paying to see palm reading

Suggestion by its goin down
its called u go 2 i dunno wut but its on there…here it is..on the website it actually has pics..
Life Line
Where it is: It’s the line closest to the base of your thumb.
What it tells: How long you’ll live and how much fun you’ll have.
1. Long Line: Surprise, surprise. Long life line = long life. (See? This isn’t so hard.) The
further it curves towards the center of your hand, the more energy you’ve got.
2. Short Line: You live life to the fullest and make every moment count.
3. Shallow Line: You let other people have power over you. Use this to explain unfortunate
fashion choices.
4. Double Line: A doubled or tripled line means you have the go-go-go of more than one
person. Are you sure you don’t have a secret twin?
5. Broken Line: This shows a sudden change in your life. Could be anything from moving
across the country to winning “American Idol.”
Heart Line
Where it is: It’s the line that runs closest to the base of your fingers.
What it tells: Your L-U-V life, friendships and burbling secret emotions. Note: matching love
lines show compatibility.
1. Long and steady: It shoots across your hand like Cupid’s dart. You’re a true romantic
and give your heart away easily.
2. Straight and short: You don’t like games. If you see somebody cute, you ask him or her
out on the spot.
3. Wavy or broken: You have lots of relationships, but like so much bubble gum, they’re
sweet and don’t last very long.
4. Ends under the index finger: There’s a reason why it goes to your pointer finger.
You’re very picky when it comes to significant others.
5. Touches the life line: You live for amour, but it doesn’t always love you back. You’re
sensitive and have had some bad relationships.
Head Line
Where it is: It’s the middle line that cuts across the center of your palm.
What it tells: How you think about things and your outlook on life.
1. Upwards curve: Some call you “flaky;” you prefer “misunderstood genius.”
2. Downwards curve: Imagination, baby. You’ve got it. Who else would use palm reading
as a way to score both a summer job and a first date?
3. Straight: Logical and insightful, you understand lots of things. Think you could help us
program our VCR?
4. Forked: You’re good at keeping an open mind and can see things from both sides. Well,
everything except how many chores you should have to do.
5. Separate from the life line: Charming! The further the head line is from the life line,
the greater your “angle of luck” and the luckier you are.
Do It Palm Reading
To unlock the mysteries of your destiny, you’ve got to hand it to us. No really– show us the
palm of your dominant hand (right for most, left for south paws). Keep reading to find out
how to read life, heart and head lines…

Suggestion by Kikey
wow umm I guess I am not going to get best answer

Suggestion by milly_1963
If you want to know and you don’t want to pay.
Why don’t you buy a book on palmistry and teach yourself
That way you don’t have to pay anyone but you will have to buy the book, so I guess you will pay anyway.
Do people expect everything for nothing, people spend years learning and it is a way for them to make money to survive.
Life is a bout giving and taking and the balance.
Nothing in life is free, it always has a cost one way or another.

Love & Blessings

Where Can I Find a Tarot Shop in NYC?

tarot cards

Where Can I Find a Tarot Shop in NYC?
Where can I find a shop in NYC in which I can buy Tarot Cards?

Suggestion by crazygirl
Gurl… ALL OVER THE PLACE… especially downtown around 34th street and 42nd street, you just have to look really welll, im always around there and they always handing out flyers, check it out you might find more than 1.

tarot cards

What are some empowering or protective symbols?
I need to know how to draw some empowering or protective symbols for my tarot cards. So if you can help i’d appreciate it!

Suggestion by pluto2007
I think you will be inspired most by drawing the symbol of your own sun sign…others will be most impressed …

good luck …good omen

Suggestion by Lady Galaxy ★彡
Ayumi Hamasaki’s symbol is really nice.

And yes, the zodiac sign symbols are good too, but with two exceptions: Aries and Aquarius. Maybe even Sagittarius too. I’m an Aries and I’ve always felt ripped off, all I have is a big V!

Suggestion by Molly R
Sun. Moon. Sword. The symbol for infinity. Stars. Horns (like on a unicorn, narwhal, elephant, rhino. Rose & Lily. Star. Dog. Wolf. Water. Dragon. Castle.

Find the symbol for Ohm. it’s lovely. Just google “ohm symbol” Learning Tarot can sometimes seem a daunting task, but we like to keep things plain and simple – tarot made easy! In this short video clip Rudi uncovers some of the core information about The Hierophant Tarot card. The card denotes a pope- like figure and represents not only knowledge and wisdom but also a person with great convictions and beliefs. He talks about how you can relay the information across to the person sitting in front of you – in a way they can understand – so that it makes sense and they can go on to act on that.

where can i buy a tarot card decks in indonesia?

tarot card decks

where can i buy a tarot card decks in indonesia?
the tarot card decks is not a playing card instead is a card that usually been used by a gypsy…

Suggestion by Otero
Idk. Best Buy…

Suggestion by Rieke
If you live in Jakarta you can go to bookstores like Kinokuniya, QB or you can go to Mal Ambassador – there’s a magic-spiritual counter that sells anything magic related.

tarot card decks

Cheaper tarot card decks in NYC?
I want to buy a deck of tarot cards and a good decent book to help me read them. I dont want a cheap little thin book. I want something thats understandable. If anyone can reccomend a good deck or set for Aquarians or stores I’d appreciate it.
What deck do you prefer and how do you consult the cards? Thanks.
I’m a teen looking for my first deck. Something I can call my own. Connect to. Anything like Barnes and Nobles is fine.

Suggestion by Midnyte
No one can find a perfect deck for you. Different people have different likes/dislikes. You should look for a deck which you feel comfortable with.

My suggestions:
1. There are decks that would be easier for beginners to use. Like Rider-Waite decks. Plus you can find a lot of books published based on these decks.
2. There are a lot of different decks based on different belief systems, like pagan, christian, eastern thought, etc. Different themes, like fantasy, nature, manga, astrology, history, even books.
3. Browse through Look at pictures, see what you like and what you might connect with. Or you might go to your local metaphysical bookstore, sometimes they have of a lot of demo decks for you to actually touch and feel.
4. As far as a good decent book, I like “Complete Tarot Reader” by Teresa Michelsen. It is a self-study tarot book, which will help you to develop your personal tarot relationship, not just give you basic meanings of the cards. Plus you can use this book with any deck you purchased.
5. Do not believe in “bad luck to buy a 1st deck”.
6. Your mentioning of your age means that you can’t order nothing online? Because online stores can provide you with much better selection than Barnes and Nobles. In my opinion selection there is poor and tarot decks sets are expensive. If you do have an opportunity to buy online, I suggest that after you made your choice of the deck, try to look for it at I do suggest to buy a new (not used) deck and you might be able to find it there way cheaper than in the bookstore, plus US shipping is free.

My personal preferences are Tarot of Dreams (gorgeous deck), Robin Wood tarot, Osho-Zen tarot. I do own a lot more, which I use based on the reading I am doing.

And different people read tarot in different ways. Get your deck and try to find your own.

Good luck.

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
That is a really hard question to answer. There are hundreds of decks and as many books on the subject. I use the “Mythic Tarot” which is based on Greek Mythology. It has good artwork and comes with a book and cloth to put your spread on. The book is very mythology based though and I needed other books along with it.

I used several books when learning and found that each one gave me a slightly different slant on things and I would recommend using more than one book. Some stressed the love aspects of all the cards and others did not for example.

Barnes and Noble is good and also New Age Bookstores which will have a much larger selection and have people that can help you if you are new at this.

tarot card decks

Can someone with ESP work tarot cards?

Can someone with ESP work tarot cards?
me and my dad have a bit of ESP. whenever one of thinks of another, the other is thinking of them too. so when im thinking to call my dad, he calls me, and the other way around. one time when i was thinking about him, later when we were one the phone he guessed my whereabouts and what i wanted to talk to him about. so i was thinking of taking a step further, to see if i could work tarot cards truthfully (not like one of those fake psychic people.) so, what do you think?

Suggestion by Lucifer
Coincidence and we all have this in our lives.

If you have a real gift, think of someone right now you havent seen in years and if they phone you, then you have a gift.

Tarot cards are fake just like horoscopes.(keep it just for fun)

Suggestion by Jewel
Anyone can learn to effectively use tarot cards. If you have a bit of ESP. it might be easier…the main problem might be training yourself to separate the impressions you are getting–you might find yourself learning things about the person you are reading for that you didn’t want to know and have nothing to do with their question.

Suggestion by LightofDave
I describe it more of a higher vibration, and yes I use the tarot cards in combination with this higher vibration, but when I am done I feel drained of my spiritual energy.

Child of Light

do printable tarot cards work?
I’m just starting out with tarot cards and I printed my first deck off of the internet. I put a lot of effort into them, but I’m wondering if they will work as well as store bought decks.

Also if anyone knows of websites
that help with learning tarot, could you
give them to me thanks.

Suggestion by Geezah
Sure, you can do a tarot reading using printed cards. They may not shuffle too well though.

I’d recommend getting a book or two on Tarot and comparing the meanings of the different cards.

Suggestion by Ms. Taurus
Well bought ones are just printed paper too, just thicker.

Suggestion by PaulCyp
Yes. Exactly as well. LOL One stack of cardboard can influence your life as well as another stack of cardboard.

Here’s the ins, outs and warnings about trimming your tarot cards! Plus all the equipment you’ll need. Share your own Tarot exchanges at our great forum!

Can anyone do a tarot reading online?

tarot reading

Can anyone do a tarot reading online?
Can anyone do a tarot reading online for me?

Suggestion by hieagle22
Tear out a coupon and send it in… soon you will hear from Madam Blotsky…!

Suggestion by Missemotion
I see travel around you,something with Business as well.I am not getting any type of relationship for a while.I do see two small male children around you waiting for birth,and an illness of an elderly relative.You will have a few issues with money in 2009,but you will be able to get help and rise above,God Bless

tarot reading

Can someone give me a tarot reading please?
I dont have my cards to do it for myself and for the people that wanna hate not like i give a damn i know the cards arent serious but still i want to ask. Sadly,the question is,do i mean anything to my boyfriend?

Suggestion by Nyarlathotep
Here is not the good category for this kind of asking…

Suggestion by Dogstar Risen on the 3rd Day
I did a reading for you and I got three death cards. Which is funny because there’s only supposed to be one in each pack. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about though.

Suggestion by smurfs
The death card means that Jesus died for you.
The resurrection card means that Jesus resurrected for you.
The upside down hanged man means that you have to die to yourself daily and follow Jesus Christ.