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What does it mean to get conflicting cards in a tarot reading?

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What does it mean to get conflicting cards in a tarot reading?
and why might this suggest that someone is involved with someone else?

Suggestion by Doc Bill
Nothing, really. Whenever I do a reading, I always tell the person(s) it’s only good for entertainment – nobody can tell the future with Tarot – or with the I Ching or crystals or any other supernatural means.

Suggestion by Ghost Wolf
I was told it means the cards are telling you to stop bothering them with the same question.

But I side with Doc Bill. I see them more as a fortune cookie. What you get is advice. It might be useful, it might not, but that really depends on how you use it.

Suggestion by Elaine M
Since each card has over 8 upright meanings and over 5 reversal meanings, it likely just meant you didn’t use the correct interpretation.

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How would i set up and do a tarot reading?
I just want to know how i do it in other words.

Suggestion by Lilith Raven
It would take more than YA to teach you….

Check out Amazon & look for related books….

Suggestion by gwhiz1052
You buy a deck of cards,pretend they are alive and their pictures have meaning.

Suggestion by curious_boyz
read the instruction

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How do you choose your significator for a Tarot reading? Do you tie it to your Sun sign?
ie. how do you personally choose your significator ? Do you tie it to your Sun sign? Your appearance? Do you let the deck pick for you?

I personally use the Queen of Cups as a sig. if I’m asking a relationship question (Pisces ascendant and Mars) and Q of Cups if I’m asking a career question.

Suggestion by alice
I let the cards choose the significator in a reading. But certain cards do represent me and show up often.

My cards are 9 of Pentacles, Hermit, High Priestess, and Queen of Swords(somewhat). You know my chart. 😉

Suggestion by LiveReadings
Personally I don’t choose a significator. I let the querent choose the first card as the significator. This has proven to me to be more accurate from a soul perspective of what the querent really needs to be focused on or is really concerned about.

Suggestion by Helen
I don’t use one, if I did I would probably use the Queen of Swords as it represents my personality and my sun sign.

There are some quizzes you can do to find “your” card (personality wise):

What Tarot card are you?

Which court card are you?

The answers can change depending on how you are feeling!

The following systems use numerology and/or astrology:

Raven’s Tarotscope (uses numerology and astrology with Golden Dawn system):

The Persona Cards section in Tarot for Your Self by Mary K Greer (p39) relates the 12 zodiac signs to the 12 court cards, e.g Cancer is Queen of Cups.

What Does My Tarot Card Reading Mean?

What Does My Tarot Card Reading Mean?

Tarot is a divination system that uses a set of cards to gain insight into yourself, your love, and your friends. More and more people turn to Tarot in order to achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life changes. Today, we are together to explore the meanings of the tarot cards.

What Is Tarot?

There are 78 Tarot cards, which is divided into two sets: 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana describes death, temperance and the fool; while the Minor Arcana consists of four suits: Cup, Sword, Wand and Pentacle. Arcana is the secret of mysteries. It explains why the Fortune Teller’s ability of deciphering the meaning of cards is gift from God. It is not as simple as checking the symbols behind each card. Experience plays a major role in putting everything together.

Tarot Card Reading

What Does My Tarot Card Reading Mean?

When using only the Major Arcana, you can have a deep insight into the direction you should choose to gain more knowledge and experience. While the Major Arcana deals with the major archetypal elements, the Minor Arcana deals with aspects of life.

Each card has a certain meaning based on its position. You can learn what aspect of life a card is speaking thanks to its position. The position also indicates whether the card is speaking to you about the past, the present, or the future. The appearance of a reversed card in your reading means that you need to learn the specific meaning related to that card. Getting a reversed position tarot card is not either good or bad. It depends on the meaning of the upright card, and then the meaning of the reserved card is totally opposite.

There are two types of Tarot reading: Question Reading and Open Reading. You can use Question Reading as a guide to help you make the decision. Open Reading, on the other hand, is used to address the bigger aspects of your life rather than a specific question. It could be used when you are entering a new phase of life, such as graduating from college, starting a career, or getting married.

Besides, you can learn more about the meaning of a Tarot card by the cards next to it. The cards around it may tell you which explanation is more correct. Pay attention to the one that has the most energy. Do you know why? It is your intuition talking to you.

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How does giving oracle card readings differ from Tarot?

tarot card readings

How does giving oracle card readings differ from Tarot?
I’m used to used tarot cards for giving reading an stuff which are usually a 9-10/10 for accuracy on people and I’m only 14 so 🙂
So how do oracle and tarot cards differ? And how to use oracle cards and any spreads that are available for them?

Suggestion by Isis’s Jewel
Oracle cards are pretty much the same as tarot cards except that there isn’t a “standard deck” for oracle cards. Therefore, oracle decks differ greatly: where some decks consist of 27 cards (like a deck I made) while others may have as many as 150 cards. Unlike tarot cards, where the only thing that differs from deck to deck is the artwork. As for spreads, you can use the same spreads you would use for tarot cards I suppose. I’m not really the person to ask about spreads. Pretty much the only spread I use is an elemental spread for when I’m doing a general reading, otherwise I just ask a question and draw a card…

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What sites have absolutely free accurate online live tarot card readings?

Suggestion by Aries Astrum
I saw one on facebook. . .

Suggestion by lala
You can have a complete tarot reading on

www. facade . com


Do not count on it

not to much

The only way you can have a good tarot reding is by [ living ] person and

Yes you wil pay for her service

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does the tarot card readings on msn cost money?
i got a tarot card reading but it didn’t give me and answer because it asked me for my email and they said they would email it to me. does it cost money to get?

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
GIve your e-mail and you will find out. If it costs money, they will ask for a credit card and you can stop it right then if you don’t wish to pay anything.

Can someone help me with tarot cards?

tarot cards

Can someone help me with tarot cards?
I’m writing a scene in my book that involves tarot cards. When drawing the cards how many do you place out to read? Does it matter?

Suggestion by Fatal Kiss
this might help

Suggestion by Nathaniel Palmer
It does not matter for the most part but a classic Spread is the Celtic Cross and its 10 card forming a cross and a staff.

Suggestion by ~*Μα’ϊϊἧɡαἧ*~ can help you with layouts and card meanings

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Is it history stories behind tarot cards?
Is each tarot cards based on true story? Is it history? Or is it fiction? like for an example, ‘The Hang Man’ is about the man hanging up side down for 9 days without eating, There he stays for nine days intent on finding his spiritual self.

Suggestion by PaulCyp
It is 100% superstition.

Suggestion by E.H.
It’s all about symbolism, interpretation, and intuition. Each card has an “original meaning”, however tarot cards are like artwork. It’s whatever YOU get out of them. To one person The Hanged Man could represent unlearned lessons, to another it could be interpreted as something completely different. Each card when interpreted individually are stringed together to form a story (in whichever spread the cards have been dealt).

Personally, when I look at the The Hanged Man card I do (indeed) see a person who has made mistakes but has yet to learn from them. The fact that he’s being hung denotes punishment. His face is depicted with a smirk, as if he’s unfazed by his punishment. Hence, he hasn’t learned anything. Kind of like a little kid cracking up while sitting in time out.

I remember taking an Art Interpretation class in college and hating it. I have no idea why I fell in love with Tarot cards when it’s much of the same thing. Whether or not someone believes in them, there are thousands of different tarot cards out there that can be admired and interpreted just for the artwork and symbolism in each of them.

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What are good online places for free horoscopes and tarot readings?

free tarot

What are good online places for free horoscopes and tarot readings?

Suggestion by mimi
There’s Keen.. but you have to do your research.. even the 5 star ratings are frauds..
Try Circe Ciro, THIRD EYE, and Sincerity.
They have really good accuracy.
Please answer mine if you know it..;_ylt=AtGgTC9U416o1uFjqHXhOE7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090614223128AA6pV3V

Suggestion by st00pid anserz

Suggestion by lostkey82

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