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How to use Tarot cards?

tarot cards

How to use Tarot cards?
I’ve really gotten into the tarot cards, can someone explain a bit more about how they work, and the steps on how to deal the cards to pick them for your past future and other settings. Thanks.
Oh and does this contact dead or show certain things about dead people?

Suggestion by Something or Other
Depends on the Deck, depends on the interpretation. Some decks are more specific in certain areas than others. Some formats have prelayed interpretations, for example the first card placed on the table relates to work, the second love, the third personal growth, etc. Depending on the style of tarot depends on how you deal them. As for contacting the dead, no, tarot is a tool for intuition, like the I Ching.

Check out the site below for further insight.

Suggestion by Lillith
There are so many variables when it comes to tarot.
To tell it all would take a volume of books.
Everyone has different way or relationship with the cards which comes with time and experience.
There are thousands of different spreads as well. Which ones you use depends upon what ones you like, or what spread might seem better than another in regards to the question being asked.
Laying out the cards for a spread is another thing that is really up to you.
Everyone has a different way to do it. Some like to shuffle three times and then cut the deck into three piles then pulling the top card off each pile. Some people just cut the deck once after shuffling.
Contacting the dead or to show things about them is no different than asking any other question.

Want to know more and talk with others who know or are learning tarot
join in:
you can also just contact me via my profile

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru

Oh that first deck – remember it well!

To explain them is a long task, I run a tarot course that goes worldwide, but I also have an online forum for tarot students of all stages.

The forum is free & you can ask questions as they arise, practice & have fun. See link below.


tarot cards

How do you put tarot cards in order?
How do you put cards in order? Like what suits before others. And is zero on top of the magician or under the card when they are facing down?

Suggestion by Misses M
like this :
| | | | | | | | |

Suggestion by shawn m
One by one you place them in the trash can.

Suggestion by DerrekJ
The best way is by tossing them in the trash.

tarot cards

how to read palm files *pdb on pocket pc pda?

how to read palm files *pdb on pocket pc pda?

Suggestion by djgriffinny
I have a Palm, but I don’t think there should be any difference. If you are talking about ebooks, if you are using ereader, I think they will work on either platform.

If you post your question again, with more information, you may be able to get a better answer.

Suggestion by komenggg
Try Team One’s Reader v3.0 standard 3.0 found it from

how to read palms

Has anyone forgotten how to spell psychic since seeing all of the people misspell it on the R&S section?
Either I am becoming dyslexic or I am just really getting confused when I see the work psychic on R&S. Thanks to so many misspellings, I can’t tell which one is right anymore! As far as I can tell, it could be spelled pshycics, psycics or psycocks. Who knows.

And why do people assume psychics would be here anyway? What could their fascination with religion be? Shouldn’t they be out hunting ghosts and reading palms?

Suggestion by Moldenke

Suggestion by sparklesntwind
your being judgie.shame-shame

Suggestion by ?
It ain’t just psychic, brother. People have simply lost their mastery of the lexicon, period.

Dyslexics Untie!

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How can I make my own tarot cards?

tarot cards

How can I make my own tarot cards?
I need to know how many cards I need to make, how many of each image, what the images on the cards are, and how best to draw them. Links to wedsites will work. Thanks.

Suggestion by Ben

Suggestion by Blodwenbogbrush
Collect pieces of used toilet paper, laminate and cut to shape!

Suggestion by Have you seen my hippo is where i’m going.

What are some good books or websites about the history of tarot cards?
I love using them, but I realized I have no idea how they came about or how the cards were named and I’m curious. I am a firm believer in understanding what you use to use it better, so any help would be great!

Suggestion by Coop
don’t waste your time

Suggestion by Fireball
its a cult belief….KINGDOM OF THE CULTS BY MARTIN HAS all the cults…choose JESUS

Suggestion by Wood
There are several good books regarding this — Michael Dummett has two of them. “The History of Occult Tarot” traces the beginnings of Tarot to do readings; “The Game of Tarot” follows the origins of the game originally played with Tarot cards. Note that this last book is nearly impossible to find and can cost hundreds of dollars if you do find one. I often see the first one in used bookstores and clearance tables at very reasonable prices.

Stuart Kaplan has a series of “Encyclopedias” of Tarot decks as well as good information on origins. You can find these at regular book sources.

tarot cards

How to read the Tarot Cards? (ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOWS ABOUT THIS!!)?
I know every pack of each Tarot Cards have its own instructions to understand their meaning. But, for some people it is easier to read and understand what the cards are saying. Are there easier ways to interpretate these kind of cards? . I have Rider Waite Cards.

Suggestion by SuZanadoo
There are variations, but all tarot is basically the same. You just follow a formula based on the suit and the numerology. The position in the layout tells you what it refers to. There is nothing supernatural involved.

Suggestion by PaulCyp
People do not “know” superstition. They are simply controlled by it.

Suggestion by thorndrose
Throw out the little white book. Now look at the cards, really LOOK at them. The rider waite has all sorts of symbols to tell you what the card means. Learn a little bit about symbolism and most tarot decks will become much easier to read.

Note: The way I learned was to learn a story for each of the majors and each of the suits. Then I had to put it into practice almost immediately. I don’t recommend that. 😀

What is a Tarot reading ?Is it different from Horoscope reading,Palm reading and Numerology readings?

tarot reading

What is a Tarot reading ?Is it different from Horoscope reading,Palm reading and Numerology readings?
I have seen all the above readings but not Tarot reading.Can any one clearly explain how it works and any way related to the other readings?

Suggestion by thinker bell
All the above inclued the Tarot are different method that were created to help human solve the mystery of existance .
When come to the Tarot you are usually use 78 pictures each one carry meaning number element and devenition to describe possibilities that are at some vegue to the seeker. The reader hismelf conducting several spread of those picture and is able to translate their combination to answers for the seeker quest. If you bump in to a good reader you will be surprised how much you can learn playing with those pictures however the abilit to do that is in each and every one of us and can be obtained with dedication and training.
If you wish to experience one reading like that I am conducting a blog that spaek about that exoectly and will be happy to host a reading for you over there.
You are welcome to visit:

Suggestion by wondermom
Horoscope reading is done with the person birthday and the planets at the time.
Palm reading is being able to read the lines of the hands. Much as reading a book except the lines tell one the story of their live.
Tarot card reading is a deck of 78 cards. With pictures on them. it forecasts what the future will hold.
The person being read will usually shuffle the deck of cards. Cut them and put them back. The person doing the reading will take the cards and use one of many spread laying out the cards. Interpeting the pictures on the cards.
All of these tools listed are used to forecast the future and the past too.

Suggestion by DOLL

tarot reading

Would anyone be willing to give me a tarot reading via instant messenger?
I need a reading done and have no one to turn to.

Suggestion by ?
turn to the cards… the universe will send the message via the tarot

tarot reading

can someone do a tarot reading for me?
I am 3 cm dilated and I want to know when this baby will be coming. Can someone predict or do a tarot reading for me to tell me when I will go into labor?

Suggestion by Pocket Protecktor
It is happening right now…you’re having the baby right now…please get ready to have the baby.

by 4:00 pm today.

(And it is a girl, and we shall name her Philopia, congrats, *wears a party hat and smiles*)

What is the diffrence between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?

tarot card readings

What is the diffrence between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?
Explain the diffrence, and which do you think is more effective?

Suggestion by ….
neither, it just ways of bsing people. each way is creative and they can all be simple. just depends on how much you can do it for the money.

Suggestion by eArLyWiNtEr♥
I don’t know, but the one thing they have in common is that they’re all fake.

Suggestion by Kashtastic
Palm readings are looking at a person’s palm and saying things about them and their lives based on the lines on their hand.
Tarot card readings are where they look at cards and depending on what cards are drawn, different meanings are gotten.

And I think both of the above are considered kinds of psychic readings.

I think it depends on what you believe as to what’s the most effective. I personally don’t think that my whole past and future is mapped out on the lines on my hand. But so people do, and that works for them..

I also think that no matter what you want to believe, it can be found in a tarot reading. The cards just give you some vague idea of something, and depending on what you want it to say, is how you interpret it. Like the death card can mean
* Ending of a cycle —– Loss —– Conclusion —– Sadness
* Transition into a new state —– Psychological transformation
* Finishing up —– Regeneration —– Elimination of old patterns
* Being caught in the inescapable —– Good-byes —– Deep change

or anything else. So I think that in everyone’s lives, this can be applicable someway.

And I think with fortune telling you need to be careful not to change how you would have lived, and decisions you would have made because you might make something the cards said come true that otherwise wouldn’t have because you wouldn’t have done what you did.
Like there’s a dodgy Australian TV presenter who got a reading done and they said that he would get a job on TV, so then he auditioned for heaps of roles and eventually got one. I doubt he would have auditioned if the cards didn’t tell him to (or his interpretation of the cards).

Has anyone ever done clow card tarot readings, and are they accurate?
I recently got my hands on the book that shows you how to do the readings, but I’m not really sure if the cards readings are even accurate. I don’t want to end up wasting my time on them if they do end up not being as accurate as I hope they will be, so if anyone has had experience please respond.

Suggestion by SoutaK.
It is your choice to believe if the prediction/ reading/ meditation is correct and accurate. It’s not going to tell specifically what to do or how to do it. It only guides you where you need to go and what path you should take. If you don’t think they can help you then they won’t.

Simple as that.

Suggestion by ✿Mackenzie♬
I don’t believe in that stuff 🙂 sorry

Learn how to spread the tarot cards for prediction from a professional tarot reader in this free fortune-telling video. Expert: Anubha Gupta Bio: Anubha Gupta has been a professional tarot card reader since 2004. She has been serving 400 families all over India for several years. Filmmaker: Jitin Tuli