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Is it less expensive to buy tarot cards from Borders or from a specialty store?

Is it less expensive to buy tarot cards from Borders or from a specialty store?
I don’t want to order them online, I like to touch them before I buy them.
Plus, ebay is dumb. And I don’t feel like ordering them and going through shipping stuff.


Also, does anyone know of occult-ish stores in the Pittsburgh region that would sell tarot decks?

Suggestion by brianj1949
If you ask me, going to a specialty store for any kind of product is ALWAYS more expensive than going to a big-box satore or an on-line retailer like Amazon.
I have seen more than one kind of Tarot deck…a specialty shop would be more likely to have the different types and someone on hand to answer your questions.
I know one store of this type in your area. Here is the URL: Other Pennsylvania stores I found include Into the Light, 206 West Main Street, Bloomsburg, , 17815 and Mystical Treasures, (724)462-5809 C/o Jackson St., Rochester,

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are violent video games and tarot cards a sin?
ok i have 2 questions 1 is are tarot cards a sin? ive heard they are and they arent the only reason why im worried is that my mom does them and i dont want her sinning like twice a day. and also are violent video games a sin. please give me a good and right anser.

Suggestion by Total War Gamer
No they aren’t.

(the only sins are clearly stated in the OT)

Suggestion by pmjenn85
Sins have to hurt people. If it isn’t hurting you or hurting someone else, it can’t be a sin. A really strict moralist might claim that tarot cards or video games or rock & roll or the waltz or comic books or WHATEVER is a sin because it damages your own faith and encourages others to do the same. But that’s for you to decide in your own heart: is what I’m doing hurting me or hurting my faith? Is it hurting someone else? If not, it’s just plain NOT A SIN.

edit: to believe that Tarot cards are a sin, you almost have to believe that they actually work. Haven’t we, as a people, moved beyond that kind of superstition?

Suggestion by $ arah (account suspended)
No they are games and cards…who cares. I think you mom is old enough to decide what she wants to do, leave her alone.

A very unusual Tarot Deck drawn by Edward Gorey. Music by Nyman, ‘Delft Waltz’. THE HISTORY The Awful Vista of the Year. Now that you have learned of all the dreadful things that have overtaken your friends and relations during the past year as scribbled on the inside of their Chirstmas card, don’t you want to know what dreadful things lie in wait for you? To this end Madame Groeda Weyrd (a nom de gare; her true one is known to few this side of the grave) has consented to have the fantod deck printed here. Madame Weyrd, who is of mixed Finnish and Egyptian extraction has devoted her life to divination, and is the author of, among a shelf of other works, Floating Tambourines, a collection of esoteric verse, and The Future Speaks Through Entrails. Her Career as one of the most celebrated trace mediums came to a close when she lost two and a third fingers as a result of a contretemps during a ectoplasmic manifestation. She had long since been persona non grata to many of the rich and famous because of her fearless predictions of disaster. She know makes her home on Staten Island (the one that’s part of Tierra del Fuego) and is writing what is hoped may be the definitive treatise on the Mystic Bean. Of the Fantod Pack itself, Madame Weyrd will only say that its origin may not be divulged, but it is of incredible antiquity. Interpretation of the card must always depend on the character and circumstances of the person consulting the deck. What might portend a wipe out for a

Q&A: do you know where I could find a free tarot or psychic reading website ?

do you know where I could find a free tarot or psychic reading website ?

Suggestion by Ms. Taurus

Google works wonders.

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Can anyone give me a free tarot reading of who/if i will marry?

Suggestion by Falling-Forever

Your a fruitcake.
Go ask a psychic.

Suggestion by The Mastermind
dear Sam paramore,
Marriage will not be your future. But if you ever do get married, you would not be married to just anyone. In fact, you will be given a sign. This sign would be apparent when you’re outside your house. You would see a certain Mr. Lee wearing his bright tuxedo pass by, even then I would strictly recommend you to not look through his eyes at all times. If you do, you’ll get killed just like in Harry Potter. If you do pass and ace this test, you would meet a guy, if not, you would meet a dog. Either way, you will marry them, and for the next 30 years you will be 100 years old. And then it struck you, had you not passed the test, you would have been happier without the half-breeds you had conceived, or the devil babies you had spread, and the world would have thanked you.

Suggestion by misswithbrowneyes get your reading please contact on yahoo messenger psychic clairoyant spirit medium read cards tarot angel chinese japanese astrology native guides with other gifts

Bluewolfpsychic’s free astro-tarot for Cancer, April 2011

Can anyone give me a good tip for memorizing the tarot cards meanings?

tarot cards meanings

Can anyone give me a good tip for memorizing the tarot cards meanings?
I’ve been practicing daily, but that’s a lot of cards to memorize and could use some help.

Suggestion by Kristy
I’ve been doing them for years and still need my book. It just takes time. Kinda feels like school huh.

Suggestion by bearlet3
tarot cards are a load of hogwash!

Suggestion by registrations001
Every card can have several meanings. Forget it – it takes years of working with tarot cards.

tarot cards meanings
tarot cards meanings

is there eny where i can print a tarot card deck for free?

tarot card decks

is there eny where i can print a tarot card deck for free?

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Suggestion by pumpkin kitty!
try google.

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peace, love and light

tarot card decks

how to become an tarot card reader?
well more to the point how to make my own tarot card deck
I already know the basics but I was wondering if I could make my own deck

Suggestion by Jacob
google it

Suggestion by John
Make any deck you want, invent any “rules” you want, tell any stupid “readings” you want.
As long as you SOUND convincing and “mysterious,” some idiot will pay you for “reading.”

Suggestion by Terry
Though I have several hand made decks of thoth I yet to try making one on my own. I would suggest you decide on a theme such as an Aquarian, Nature, or Greek gods.Then use decks or books to make sure you have all the meanings you need in your illustrations. Most hand made decks take about a year to complete.

Learn all about the chakra cleaning card of theAngel Tarot Deck in this free tarot card reading and deck history video clip. Expert: Marybeth Murphy Bio: Marybeth has been intuitively reading people ever since she was very young. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Can Anyone tell me The Meaning of Tarot Card Death REVERSED and Devil REVERSED ?

Can Anyone tell me The Meaning of Tarot Card Death REVERSED and Devil REVERSED ?
Please i want a Detailed answer ……….

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Suggestion by Jadens_Matricide
1. Great change in your future.
2. Loss of idealism.

Suggestion by King of the Zodiac
It means you’re going to be murdered.

Tarot Card Meaning Software?
Hello, I wanted to know, where can I find a software program that willl decipher the meaning of my Tarot spead? What I mean is, if I input it in a program and it will tell me what it means. Is there anything like that out there? Thanks in advance!

Suggestion by FineWhine
There is an amazingly accurate program called Tarot Magic. It has many different spreads and different Tarot decks. You then pick the cards in the program and not only does it explain the reading, but you can read about each card in detail.

Ok just pulled up the program to make sure about this since I always do the full reading with the program. There is a library in the program with a variety of Tarot related “books.” There are several that detail each card, so if you wanted to just refer to that for the meaning, you could do that too, since I think that was your specific question.

It is made by the folks at so you can get a sense of it over there. But if you buy it I’d suggest checking out Amazon or Ebay as they are usually cheaper. I had a friend get me that progam and the other one they make about the Iching called The Oracle of Changes. She had me order what I wanted as a gift, and at the time there was a sale on both and free shipping at Amazon.

I have been blown away by how accurate they both have been. Although I’ve had a problem running the Iching on my super fast new laptop, and if I use the work around they give it slows down my system. (Felt I’d toss in a heads up since I am suggesting it.).

Hope this helps!

these are four meaning to four tarot cards more to follow. THE meanings of these are what they mean to me and you may not agree with me and thats ok becouse tarot cardsd have so meny meanings so just write down what the cards mean to you. and you can always email me at and the tarot card meaning are what they mean to me on there own . when they are together they can mean other things but all you have to do is look at the other cards and it is not has hard has it sounds becouse if you are ment to read the Tarot Cards you will.