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Are there any psychic or tarot card websites that actually work?

tarot cards

Are there any psychic or tarot card websites that actually work?
Do you of any FREE tarot or psychic websites with real psychics that actually work?
Theres a really important question I need to ask. Thanks!! x
Ok, will you please tell me what is going on with my love life as I am very confused at the moment! Thank you so much if you answer x

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You should have asked it here. I read tarot cards all the time and have sent answers to people on YA.

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Tarot only works once for each question you ask in your one life.
Tarot is designed to be of a physical format, not digital, but sometimes it does actually work online, coincidentally of course, this is the same for Ouija Boards online.
So that’d be any.
I wouldn’t trust living human psychics, because most of them say they can communicate with intelligent beings of the ether (superhuman or not), when humans and other creatures’ link to the psychic world is actually distorted by imagination and science.

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Hello Elle

Not free, but here is a link
You can also join the forum & post in the Problem Page.


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Can anyone tell me the tarot cards that represent each planet?
i’m learning the tarot and in this book i have it says that tarot can connect with astrology someway.
i am just wondering if anyone knows. thanks all answers appreciated.

Suggestion by Scorpio Wild Card
Sun- The Sun Card
Moon- The Moon Card
Mercury- The Chariot Card
Mars- Strength Card
Venus- The Lovers Card
Jupiter- The Tower Card
Saturn- The Hermit Card
Neptune- Wheel of Fortune Card
Uranus- The Star Card
Pluto- Death Card or (High Priestess Card)

They are all pretty much the Major Arcana Cards.

Edit* and if you want to throw in the Earth- The Empress*

tarot cards

I need a simple Tarot Card Spread that i can use for performing readings for other people?

tarot card spreads

I need a simple Tarot Card Spread that i can use for performing readings for other people?
I don’t need it to be complicated at all as i am very new to this, it would be nice if it would be a very general spread that could answer a variety of questions someone might have.

Suggestion by vid
One of the best and easiest spreads for answering questions is the Past, Present, and Future spread. It’s a three card spread and the first card is laid to the left–past–the middle card–present–and the card to the right is the future. This can answer a variety of questions and shows the person’s past on the matter, present, and future. It’s also best to add a timeframe to the question so they know that the card for the future will happen within that timeframe.

tarot card spreads

Tarot card spread for someone who has died?
Im trying to focus on a friend of mine who has recently passed away, i just want to know if he is in a safe place and maybe bring some understanding to why things happened the way they did when he passed away. If any one knows a good spread for this i would be very grateful. Thanks!

Suggestion by vamp boy
This will not work because the tarot tell the future and someone who is dead has none.

Suggestion by Athena
I think you might be better off trying to use a ouija board for that. I am sorry for your loss and i hope you find what you are looking for.

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does anybody know how to read palm?

how to read palms

does anybody know how to read palm?
i was born on december 23, 1991

Suggestion by Bored101
You have many more years ahead of you along with a bright future… only if you stay in school though.

how to read palms

I went to this women who reads palms and such for a living and?
im with someone at the moment, but she told me they arent my soulmate.

i feel like there is no one better than them plus we are engaged… i love them more than anyone and i know theres no one else.

then she tells me theres another man coming into the picture?

i dont understand how she even got that from reading my palm???

please help me. do you think this is true?

I am fairly young. I’m only 21.

Suggestion by javagrl
i guess anything is possible. just keep an open mind about things. If you love your bf, then don’t worry so much. Just because she told you doesn’t mean that its true, you can always change these things with the decisions you make. Don’t worry so much.

Suggestion by Firefly
No one can accurately foretell your future. Take what she told you with a grain of salt. If you are very young, she wouldn’t be far off in stating another man is coming into the picture. They always do at some point. Don’t base life choices on fortune tellers. Use common sense instead.

Suggestion by chainlightning38
Do you want control to your life? Or do you want some strangers to make all your life decisions? Based on myth and superstition.

Learn from the past. Live live in the present. Accept that the future is unpredictable and that is what makes it a life. Time to grow up. Live the now.

There is no evidence for anything paranormal.

What’s your opinion on getting a first deck of tarot cards? Bad to buy yourself or myth?

What’s your opinion on getting a first deck of tarot cards? Bad to buy yourself or myth?
A few people have told me buying my own tarot cards isn’t good while others have told me it’s a myth and it’s a good idea to buy your own tarot cards because than you are comfortable with the style of card.
If you have tarot cards how did you receive them and what do you believe in?

Thank you everyone~!

Suggestion by edaeki
i bought them when i was 10 just for fun they dont really work tho they r just for fun

Suggestion by firefly
Well you can buy them yourself but you should buy ones that you feel are comfortable to you not just the pretty pictures. its not bad to buy them yourself. i have no cards but i believe there is a reason why things happen the way they do.

Suggestion by littlebitch
dont just buy the first tarrot deck you see make sure you go to new age stores and go with the one that you connect with its fine to buy your own when you get it sleep with it in your pillowcase to share your energy with it and make sure you clense them with sage before using them. goodluck!

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Can the Tarot cards tell you which occupation is best suited for you?
How can the Tarot cards be interpreted to give you an idea which occupation is best suited for you?

tarot cards

What is the best book for learning to read tarot cards?
I’m currently interested in learning to read tarot cards and was wondering what is the best books out for learning how. Also if anyone has any advise or tips for learning I would like to hear them.

Suggestion by gutbucket
Try “Tarot Cards for Dummies”.

Suggestion by -Lilith-
It depends on what kind of deck you have. I use one specifically designed for my deck. If this is your first deck, start with one of the beginner guides for tarot, this site lists several. Try to stay away from any silver ravenwolf book, she’s pretty much rubbish. Anything by DJ Conway is great though. Here’s the link .

Suggestion by Li
I have been into tarot cards for years and no book has ever really been that helpful, understandable or great even the dummies one lol. But, here is an awesome website that I use!

It has spreads, card meanings, everything! Its fab!

Choosing a tarot card deck for girlfriend?

tarot card decks

Choosing a tarot card deck for girlfriend?
My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, and I’d like to get her something unconventional. She had expressed interest in getting a set of Tarot cards (a standard 78 card deck). After spinning an elaborate story, I managed to get her to “choose” a deck (“Fairytale Tarot” by Alex Ukolov, Karen Mahony, and Irena Triskova). Is there an easier (And perhaps a less obvious) way to find a Tarot deck for her that she would enjoy based upon that choice, and her interests? She likes dolphins, fairy tale-type things, the color pink, flowers… Or would it be more appropriate to use my intuition as her boyfriend to choose one that I feel is most suitable for her personality type? Any advice given will be greatly appreciated.

Suggestion by Waytootiny
It is better to have the deck pick her. Give her a gift card for the store and take her in to pick it up. The spirit in the deck needs to meld with her . You can definitely have a “spiritually incompatible” tarot deck. Hav Fun. If she is in to divination than take a look at the I-ching. It is VERY powerful and there are all types of casting sets you can put together yourself for a “one off” custom casting kit.

Suggestion by Biddy_Tarot
I would personally recommend the Rider Waite deck. It is a very popular deck and its symbolism makes it easy to learn. You’ll find most books on the Tarot feature the Rider Waite deck. I have used this deck for over ten years as a professional Tarot reader.

tarot card decks

I’m looking for a tarot card deck called the Goddess Tarot?
I’m looking for a tarot card deck called the Goddess Tarot. The cards have gold edges, and the deck comes in a yellow box with a picture of a goddess on the front. As far as I can tell it is not one of the Kris Waldherr decks. I’m looking for it for my girlfriend which is one of the reasons I’m having a problem finding it; I’ve never seen it, and I can’t ask her to come looking for it with me since I need it to be a surprise. Any help on this would be great. Thanks.

Suggestion by violettelillyrose81
go to eBay or look in the metaphysical shops one on line, one I shop at is called Earth Gifts. You might find it there! Good Luck, also get a bag for the cards for protection(Ive had mine in a bag for almost 10yrs now and they are still in great condition) along with small crystals to go in with the cards, depending on her typical energy level on the spiritual and emotional, is what type of stones you might want to give her. email me and I could help you out there.

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right hand column 3rd card set down from the top i think is what you are looking for by doreen virtue, has gold edged cards and a small book in a box. prices are in nz dollars

tarot card decks