Can I get a psychic reading or tarot card reading?

tarot card reading

Can I get a psychic reading or tarot card reading?
I was born on 1988, july 13th. Kuwait.
My name is Yousef.

I would like to know about my upcoming future, obstacles & potential relationships.

Suggestion by thorndrose
I would be happy to give you a reading, I’m available at

Suggestion by Srimathi
Tarot reading much more than a form of card divination that can tell our past,present and future.You use this tool.

Suggestion by Michael M
You can get good readings at

tarot card reading

what does the knight of cups upright mean in a tarot card reading?
i got this card under the “issues” regarding a love relationship..

Suggestion by Manderz
google it noone is gonna look it up for you lol

Suggestion by My Take on It
Knight would be a man who is loving, possibly a water sign who has something to do with the issue at hand. Depends on what cards are around him, what cards the Knight is looking at etc.

Suggestion by Trouble
its referring to the feelings in a relationship

tarot card reading

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