Can someone please interpret my tarot card reading?

card reading online

Can someone please interpret my tarot card reading?
I had a tarot card reading online, the horseshoe position.
Past influences- page of wands
The present- the lovers
Hopes and fears- king of cups
Obstacles- Ace of swords
Others attitude- The chariot
Influence around you- five of swords
Outcome- the star
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You’re going to die of cancer.

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No one can. They can not see the way they lay.

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fortune telling is forbidden

card reading online

Are tarot card/ physics work online?
I jus had a person answer 1 of my questions about astrology weather they believe its real or fake.. Anyway there answer was .. That they always thought it was fake and what not, intill they had a tarot card reading online.. They said it was strange at how accurate it was. I thought they needed u to touch the cards to get an accurate reading.anyway if there are any real sites or numbers can u pls let me kno thx

Suggestion by Reptilia888
Physics has nothing to do with tarot. I can’t understand the rest of your question for spelling errors, sorry.

Suggestion by Rachel Stanley
I read Tarot and have had no problem doing a reading online. It is not needed for a person to touch the cards in order to get an accurate reading. It is more of a focus on energy than needing physical contact.

Hope that helps!

Suggestion by Chipmunk
I’ve been doing distant readings for 3 years now and never had an issue with it, it’s all down to your spiritual beliefs on how they work. Such as, I don’t go in for the whole big rituals etc. A few things to note about it though:

– it’s considered more difficult to do by many people, but not at all impossible. In the same way of “universal energy” looking towards Quantum Physics people use this all the time in tarot-related therapies and it’s the same concept which applies in theory.

– Face-to-face readers can have just as much hiccups, bad days and issues with “connecting” with a person’s energy as the risks are for distant reading. It’s more an issue of the person not for where they are in relation to the reader.

EDIT: just to point out I’m assuming you meant psychics and how they work, however regarding the first comment – depending on belief, yes, physics the science, does have things to do with tarot. And the theory of how psyhics work is in a similar way to how tarot works so they too, are included even if not directly involved

card reading online

Is there a site that offers free online chat without a credit card for a psychic reading?
I want to see if psychics really can have knowledge of things that they don’t know about. I do not have a credit card, do not want to use a credit card, and I just want to chat with a REAL psychic online. No “first 5 minutes free” bull, just FREE completely FREE….

Do they exist??

Suggestion by Shawn
That would be called a scam site.

Suggestion by jysn_kay

Suggestion by WellTraveledProg
There are no “psychics,” dear. Just con artists.
Don’t waste your time or your money.


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