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How can you buy online without a card of any type?

card reading online

How can you buy online without a card of any type?
I have not reached the age where this would be an issue, but it may be later. I don’t like credit cards due to the fact that it doesn’t rely on immediant capital, and I just read that debit cards can be dangerous online.

Regardless of my reasoning, is it possible to buy things online if you do not have/do not want to use a credit or debit card?

Suggestion by rtfm
If the site you’re buying from accepts Paypal, you can use that by linking your Paypal account to your bank account.

You may find a site that will allow you to pay by check, but that’s pretty unusual.

You could always try using a prepaid debit/credit card. Many sites accept those.

You could also buy a gift card for the site you want to purchase items from (for example, an eBay gift card, or an iTunes gift card.)

Suggestion by Everyone Say PEACE!
You might want to have a look at this card and see how it works (read the user agreement?)
also this one works in more or less the same way but it’s a bit more for “grown ups” and will report to credit agencies:

card reading online

Accurate Tarot card readings website online?
Is there any accurate tarot card reading websites that I can go to?

Suggestion by Miss 6
Automated card sites are not accurate – a real person doing a reading for you is.
You should check out Angelo he is a very accurate reader.

Suggestion by Misscpb
Hello Melissa


Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

card reading online

Can I buy an gift card online and use it myself?
Sometimes there’s a sale on Amazon gift cards online (like maybe $ 5 off a $ 100 gift card) and I wanna use my current Amazon credit/balance to buy one and use it myself… but I’m not sure if I can do that. I tried reading their Terms but they’re a little unclear on this. Anyone know?

Suggestion by mr.niceguy
Absolutely yes, you can… if you have just the paypal accounts or whatever accounts that fits to their requirements, then you can have your card delivered to you.

Suggestion by Peter
Hey Timmy!

Sure you can!
Read here:
under “Restrictions”
That’s the only restriction.
Basically you cannot use a gift card to buy another gift card. That’s all.


Suggestion by Lloyd

is online astrology or tarot card reading believable?

card reading online

is online astrology or tarot card reading believable?

Suggestion by Incodnit
astrology, yes

tarot, debateble

Suggestion by Athene
I’m very pleased with the astrology readings I’ve had from
They offer a lot of free ones, you just need to enter your birth data.


Suggestion by curiousdiva
which kind of tarot reading r u talking about? the one done by you online or the one done by readers? both of them can be accurate…for online readings u have to concentrate on the question very hard.

card reading online

Are there any online libraries available that allow online reading of classic story books ?
Online libraries that allow online memberships through card payments and store all types of story books and reference materials for online reading.

Suggestion by Answerman
Project Gutenberg is free.

Suggestion by Kyleen G

Suggestion by zsozso

card reading online

How to buy things online with my American Express Gift card?
I tried purchasing something online with my newly paid American Express gift card but I got an error. Then I read online I need to verify my name and address on my gift card in order for the website to verify that it’s an actual card. Where can I do this on the American Express website? Do I have to call them?

Suggestion by Judd
American Express don’t offer a website for registering cards for online purchases, but you can call 1-800-346-4460.

Take a look at for all kinds of great gift card information.

Good luck!

why is it illegal to sell card proxys online?

card reading online

why is it illegal to sell card proxys online?
I have made some mtg card proxys and want to sell them online but i have read that people can report you and get u into alot of trouble.
So i just want to know why you can get in trouble for selling proxys online.
should i just list them as “fakes”?

Suggestion by How would I know
Because you’re violating international copyright laws.

Suggestion by MagdaRose
It’s not selling the proxy’s that gets people into trouble, it’s selling proxys but listing them as real or not telling the possible buyer that they aren’t the real thing.

If you make absolutely clear that the card they are purchasing is NOT the real deal, and that it is a PROXY, then you should be fine.

If they are cards you made though, you might want to be careful. You shouldn’t be selling for profit something that has copyrighted pictures or logos without permission from the copyright holder.

card reading online

Using a credit card online safely!?
I would like to order something online from a website that im a little nervous about using my credit card lol (i only really trust amazon!) But i remember reading online one time about someone using a special kind of credit card that scrambles your real credit card number or if i could allocate money to an internet credit card so i can never be scammed of them taking more than what i pay for. If anyone knows what im trying to get at or knows how to order with credit card safely, please let me know in a detailed response. i would appreciate it immensely!!!
They only accept VISA, need more answers?

Suggestion by stayc
well have you thought about using paypal?
it protects you and your money so if you are scammed, you get your money back.

another idea, try getting a prepaid visa card. that’s what my mother prefers to use. you can get one at walmart or any drug store for about $ 9 and you can reload it any time you want. just put the cash amount on the card when you need it.

like i suggested: a prepaid VISA card.

Suggestion by Elise L
Get a paypal account. Most websites allow payment through paypal, and they won’t see your credit card number.

card reading online

Is there anyplace online that I can get a free tarot card reading??
relationship issues

Suggestion by
tarot cards are scams, it’s cold reading, and it makes no sense to do it online.

Just read a few horoscopes new or old.

Suggestion by David
No. That’s a business and every business has to have its profits. but, why do you have to go that far? Me, personally dont believe in that, that’s trash for me. Hey why dont you buy something nice to that person instead of feeding those liers… 🙂

Suggestion by sweetgirl_bettyboopfan

in order to get a good tarot card reading or rune reading online…?

card reading online

in order to get a good tarot card reading or rune reading online…?
would it help to include pictures if you are asking a question regarding you and someone else?

Suggestion by Sean
nothing would help, those things are fake with automated answers

Suggestion by Phoenix’s Mommy
Psychic energy is not constricted by time and space. (Time, at least, being only an illusion anyway.) Your physical appearance has no bearing on the contents of a reading, and a good reader should and will be able to read for you from a distance without ever having set eyes on you. My website:

card reading online
card reading online

can people make a living reading Tarot cards online or on the phone?
i’m a single mother, i’m not sure where this idea came form, but i have always been an intuitive person and i need to be able to support my son on what ever i do for a living. is it possible to do so by reading tarot online or over the phone with a reputable company

Suggestion by TwistedOwl

Suggestion by Wonder Weirdo
You may want to shy away from that. There was a whole slew of people doing that years ago, and the government cracked down on them. That kind of thing usually gets associated with fraud, and if you make a mistake somewhere along the line in your interpretation, then you can find yourself in some serious legal hot water.

Getting a true tarot reading online?

card reading online

Getting a true tarot reading online?
Can you really get a true reading of your tarot cards online? If so is anyone out there willing to try my reading?

Suggestion by Winter Thea Bear
NO. That is jibberish and a joke. NO ONE can tell you anything about nothing concerning what will happen to you or when. You are playing with Black Majick and could open very dangerous Spirit Doors that you cannot close. . .

Suggestion by Questioner
I don’t know a good site, however the first comment/answer I saw on here was talking about black magic, tarot readings are not black magic,it doesn’t open any doors. It is simply the reading of the tarot based on certain things.

Suggestion by branbran
your supposed to shuffel the cards while thinking of a question so i dont see how ur going to get a reading online or the phone

card reading online

Where can I get a free psychic reading online?
I have a specific question I want to ask a psychic and I’ve done all of the tarot card stuff online. Do any of you know a good website where I can talk for 100% free (without having to give a credit card number) to a psychic?

Suggestion by Jfig
It will be fake if its online.

Suggestion by Insight
Try here you more likely to get good practical advice.

Suggestion by {{Ɛɱɜɾɑɭɗ Ϙʋɛɛɳ}}
obviously it would be fake. who would even fall for that? ah hah

card reading online

the online mind reading card tricks!?

like the example above, it will know it every time. i have tried to trick it, moving my cursor not saying it outloud, changin my choice at the last min. i cant figure out how it knows. does anyone know the secret?

Suggestion by bethz-iz-ere
all the cards have changed write them all down ull see

Suggestion by SynYster
lol wtf!! thats the weirdest thing! i have no idea how it does that..

Edit: yup, first answer is right. lol thats cool though

Suggestion by Blachsheep249
It couldnt read my mind your too predictable

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