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What is a good memory card for a canon t2i?

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What is a good memory card for a canon t2i?
I am new to photography I recently purchase a Canon 2ti and the memory card I currently have is one I have had for a few years, every time I try to snap pictures quick my camera says busy after a few pictures. I have read online that the card could be slow. My question is what is a good fast SD card? Thank you.

Suggestion by aaron hovey
any card, preferably 8gb

Suggestion by Jim A
8gb / Class 10 (the fastest available). The video will record to the card before you even know it’s happening.

Suggestion by Lady
Sandisk 32GB Ultra II Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) High Performance Card SDSDRH-032G-A11 Flash Memory

card reading online

tarot card readers please help!?
is it true that you CAN’T do a tarot card reading online? someone on here did one for me, and it kinda did relate to me…here it is:

this was the question i asked:

Well, i’ve liked this guy for almost 3 years. I have never talked to him though, but he kind of showed some interest. However, he moved schools.I want to know, did he ever like me? What did he think of me? Is there a chance i might see him again? If it helps, my birthdate is on December 27, 1992 at 6:08 PM and i’m from Los Angeles, CA and if you need his birthdate, it’s on April 22, 1992 and i don’t know where he was born but i do know that he lives in Downey now… please help. Thank you!

and this is the reading…and the first card she pulled out is EXACTLY like me…

Using the relationship spread, the first card that is drawn is identified as the Knight of Wands and it is in reverse. The position of the card is how you view yourself in the present situation at this given moment in time. The meaning of the card is as follows: You are a person that has an exuberant personality and you care very much about your outer appearance, and how others view you. You can take these qualities to the extreme, almost to the point of obsession. This card warns against keeping your temper in check even when things rightfully anger you. This card also signals the sudden departure of someone that is deeply meaningful to you.

The second card in the relationship spread is how you view the person of interest. The card drawn is the three of pentacles in reverse. While you appreciate this individual as a unique and wonderful being, you also do not appreciate the person’s lack of attention to smaller, important details. Sometimes this person seems a bit too flighty in terms of imagination and you sometimes wish that this person would be more grounded and reality rooted.

The third card drawn is the four of cups upright. This card expresses how you feel about the individual in question. The four of cups suggests that you are truly devoted and love this individual. You are presently, however, seriously dissatisfied with what is happening and what you believe lies ahead. You feel a certain apathy being directed toward you; as if you are on the verge of an unrequited romance or unreturned feelings.

The forth card is the Judgment card in reverse; this is the obstacles that stand between you and the individual; your disillusioned and this relationship has the serious potential of stagnating if left on its present path.

The fifth card is the Knight of Pentacles in reverse and suggests how the individual perceives you. The individual views the relationship as already idle and in the process of stagnation.

The sixth card is what the individual feels about you, which differs from how you are perceived. The individual feels great satisfaction when thinking of you and you are in the individual’s desires and hopes.

Final Outcome: the Page of Pentacles: this card is suggestive of potential new beginnings but large obstacles will need to be conquered first. The undertakings of a studious nature have taken center stage, and the relationship or potential thereof has been placed out of the forefront of considerations. The existing gap has the potential of widening.

Conclusions: yes, he cared for you and still does. However, distance and scholarly obligations threaten to diminish such feelings over time.

do you agree with this tarot card reading?

Suggestion by Nik
yes small papers cards with pretty pictures have the ability to read your life outcomes

and bigfoot married an alien…and such

Suggestion by The Notorious White Moth
A tarot reading–like most divination–is deliberately general enough that it can be applied to just about anyone in just about any situation. Derren Brown, in one episode of his show Mind Control, gave each member of a group of complete strangers a supposedly random personality profile, saying that they were all different. Each member of the group was amazed at how perfectly their profile described them, until it was revealed that they were all given the exact same profile.

Suggestion by vid
You can do online Tarot readings. I wouldn’t expect to get an accurate reading on here, but if it does relate to you and you believe it’s accurate it might be.

Tarot is not “general” necessarily like what the other person stated. Sometimes a person will do a Tarot reading to learn about a person’s personality and sometimes those can fit other people’s personalities. However, I know that Tarot is not “general enough” to make other people believe in every reading they get. For example, I know when a certain card pops up that I’ll be getting an unexpected check in the mail. THAT can’t be “general enough” can it since it’s always right and pinpoints something very accurately? Also, if cards were “general enough” I don’t think I would have stuck with Tarot this long if–as the other person implies–a reading is “general enough” for just anybody. No, that’s incorrect on his part. Again, the reading he might be talking about is one for a person’s personality or something like that.

Also, if readings were “general enough” I don’t think people would get information into their relationships–some are single and some are married and/or divorced. Also, some people work and some are unemployed, so a reading is not “general enough” as far as my many years of experience goes.

Yes, you can do readings online or on the phone, but make sure not to do those computerized Tarot sites as those aren’t accurate. If there is someone that will read your cards and this happens to happen over the internet it doesn’t matter. It’s very similar to having a phone reading, but through the internet in can be done in a chatroom or through an email. Tarot is not limited by space and time and whether you’re in the same room or not. It’s a very powerful and accurate tool!

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If I bought a “gift card” credit card, could that be used to things online?

card reading online

If I bought a “gift card” credit card, could that be used to things online?
I have a debit card, but I have read online that it is not a safe idea to use it online. I am asking if I can use a credit card gift card to buy something online?..

Suggestion by Dominant Factor
Absolutely – That’s the best way to do it. Debit cards are definitely unsafe for online purchases and I’ve learned that the hard way. Long story short, “gift card credit cards” can be used for online purchases. Happy Holidays!

Suggestion by pJL
Yes, you can use the “gift card” credit card to pay for online purchases.

card reading online

does this tarot card reading someone gave me online…?
look reliable and correct?

here it is (she wrote more before that but it wasn’t important):

OK, anyway, I drew 3 cards:

What he thought about you: Judgment (reversed)
What he felt about you: 9 of Pentacles
Why he told your friends he didn’t like you: Strength

He was actually unsure what to really make of you. In a way, he was fascinated by you – but there are things about you at the same time that appeared to have bothered him some. While he did like you (as I can see by the next card), he didn’t “love” you per se, and he didn’t really like you enough to consider you becoming his girlfriend. I hope I can be this frank with you, and I honestly don’t intent on being mean when I say this – but, it didn’t cross his mind to consider you in this fashion.
He was actually ‘fond’ of you and seemed to have liked you well enough. He was attracted to you (more physically speaking), and you were “easy on the eyes” to him. But at the same time, this card is not a romantic card as such. He was fond of you like he was fond of a friend or a good acquaintance.
Why did he tell your friends he didn’t like you? Well, for once, he didn’t want no false “hope” to cross your mind that there might be “more” here than there really was on his end – somewhat of a ‘preventing possible issues’ type of thing. And also, while he liked you, he never felt that strongly drawn to you on a romantic level. The other part as well is, there might have been people he hung out with, who he felt it would have been kind of ‘uncool’ if he admitted he liked you. If that makes any sense?

Overall, did he like you? Yes, he liked you, but not quite in the same way you probably feel for him. I hope this helps, hun.

Suggestion by Elder_Pagan
A 3 card spread is not very use full, have someone do a celtic cross will find out much more.

Suggestion by maggie w
Doing a tarot reading is a very time consuming thing. It only takes a few moments to lie down the cards but the interpretation is the difficult part. I suggest if you don’t like what you have heard from this FREE tarot reader then go to a tarot reader and pay for it. It is always preferable that you yourself handle the cards and put your own thoughts into the cards to get the truest reading. Then you will get what you have paid for and not necessarily what you want. ~M~

Suggestion by hudsongray
I don’t see how the reader got that from the stength card. That one means gentle strength that can control something more powerful, a use of mind over brute force.

No, it’s in no way a romantic card, but it would seem to indicate that the two of you were not on the same wavelength, that your strengths came from different areas, making the match not workable.

card reading online

tarot cards reading online?
dose anybody dose a free tarot cards reading?

Suggestion by SPL Texas
It’s demonic.

It will invite demons to come into your life and destroy you on this earth, then take you to hell when you die.


I met God one day supernaturally

You need truth not lies from satan that destroy!

Suggestion by Chili
I do.

I’m doing it for you right now…

The cards say…this is a dumb question.

Suggestion by ケイティ
Go into google and type “Free Tarot Card reading” I’m sure something will come up.

How can you buy online without a card of any type?

card reading online

How can you buy online without a card of any type?
I have not reached the age where this would be an issue, but it may be later. I don’t like credit cards due to the fact that it doesn’t rely on immediant capital, and I just read that debit cards can be dangerous online.

Regardless of my reasoning, is it possible to buy things online if you do not have/do not want to use a credit or debit card?

Suggestion by rtfm
If the site you’re buying from accepts Paypal, you can use that by linking your Paypal account to your bank account.

You may find a site that will allow you to pay by check, but that’s pretty unusual.

You could always try using a prepaid debit/credit card. Many sites accept those.

You could also buy a gift card for the site you want to purchase items from (for example, an eBay gift card, or an iTunes gift card.)

Suggestion by Everyone Say PEACE!
You might want to have a look at this card and see how it works (read the user agreement?)
also this one works in more or less the same way but it’s a bit more for “grown ups” and will report to credit agencies:

card reading online

Accurate Tarot card readings website online?
Is there any accurate tarot card reading websites that I can go to?

Suggestion by Miss 6
Automated card sites are not accurate – a real person doing a reading for you is.
You should check out Angelo he is a very accurate reader.

Suggestion by Misscpb
Hello Melissa


Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

card reading online

Can I buy an gift card online and use it myself?
Sometimes there’s a sale on Amazon gift cards online (like maybe $ 5 off a $ 100 gift card) and I wanna use my current Amazon credit/balance to buy one and use it myself… but I’m not sure if I can do that. I tried reading their Terms but they’re a little unclear on this. Anyone know?

Suggestion by mr.niceguy
Absolutely yes, you can… if you have just the paypal accounts or whatever accounts that fits to their requirements, then you can have your card delivered to you.

Suggestion by Peter
Hey Timmy!

Sure you can!
Read here:
under “Restrictions”
That’s the only restriction.
Basically you cannot use a gift card to buy another gift card. That’s all.


Suggestion by Lloyd

Is there anywhere I can input my SIM card online to check my text messages?

card reading online

Is there anywhere I can input my SIM card online to check my text messages?
I broke my phone in water and all it tells me is when i get messages but I can’t read them and I was wondering if I could just input a SIM number into a site and ill get my phone information.

Suggestion by bob dull
thts not how simcards work they just store all your personal things like pictures videos and stuff like tht so u can transfer them into a different phone it isnt the phone itself u cant recive textmesseges or calls on it

card reading online

Can i order a car online using my credit card??? (Read)?
Just wondering if I can use my credit card to purchase a used car online before actually getting it? Lol

Suggestion by n
Most dealers are going to be reluctant to accept a credit card for full payment because of the fees. So you wont get the best deal. Not to mention that buying a car without seeing & driving it is pretty stupid.

Suggestion by mccoyblues
You can, but it would be the single most stupid thing a person could possibly do.

You can’t buy a car without seeing it in person, without driving it, without inspecting it and making sure the car is worth the money the seller is asking. You can’t return a car if it turns out to be something other than what you expected it to be.

Plus the interest you would be charged using a credit card would make it even more foolish. The way credit cards calculate interest is completely different than a car loan. You’d end up paying 2 to 3 times more for the car if you let the balance ride on your credit card account.

That is a really bad idea.

Suggestion by David G
You’re right with the LOL. That would be the dumbest mistake of your life.

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applyed for a rush card online how do i cancel it before i get it in the mail?

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applyed for a rush card online how do i cancel it before i get it in the mail?
i applyed online for the babyphat one , after reading all the stuff that came with i was sorta spectkical and deciding i didnt want it by that time it was too late… so im wondering if theres a way i can cancel it before gettin it mailed tryed calling customer service but they wont pick up ? i dont feel safe them having my social.s number either

Suggestion by Steve D
Nothing you can do about the social security number. Assuming you even get approved, you need to call the customer service number tomorrow and cancel it before its mailed – once it is mailed, you will be getting the card.

Suggestion by a_non_ah_mus
dont worry. when it arrives dont activate it and call to cancel.

Suggestion by coraann
The best thing to do would be to just let it come to you and do not activate it.

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Can I use my Comdata Cirrus Debit Card to order things online?
, as if it were an American Express card?

I read somewhere that it was owned by American Express, but Idk.
I got this card from working at Jack in the Box. Thanks in advance!

Suggestion by gpatrick900
Not really. However, you might be able to use it to pay a bill.

That is if the place does not require a expiration date for pinless bill payment and the biller takes maestro pinless payments.

You don’t not enter your pin when paying online. CVV number on the back if it has one, is ok.

applyed for a rush card online how do i cancel it before it get in the mail ?
i applyed online for the babyphat one , after reading all the stuff that came with i was sorta spectkical and deciding i didnt want it by that time it was too late… so im wondering if theres a way i can cancel it before gettin it mailed tryed calling customer service but they wont pick up ? i dont feel safe them having my social.s number either

Suggestion by roger k
Email them or write to them. You have 7 days to cancel, from delivery date. good luck

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