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Does anybody here have psychic or fortune telling abilities?

free fortune telling

Does anybody here have psychic or fortune telling abilities?
I would like a FREE reading about my future…

It’s a bonus if you are Christian or Pentecostal… but you don’t have to be… I will accept help from anybody and be grateful to you regardless of your religious or cultural background…

I don’t know where to turn for help… nobody is willing to help me because I am somebody who has no social status, and someone that is often overlooked and ignored by society…

Not a single person stood up for me when I got kicked out two churches this week… not a single person tried to defend me or maintain any kind of contact with me when it happened…

Suggestion by Scourge
No, nobody anywhere does.

Suggestion by Christian
I may be psychic, but I don’t need to use it for this.

You will be kicked out until you can get up a social status. By the way, stop making fun of it.

free fortune telling

What can fortune readers tell when they do your Numerology?
My friend is Gypsy and her friend is a fortune teller, she is giving me the Numerology reading for free but I was just wondering what kind of stuff she can find out with it. Can she find stuff out about love, marriage, occupation and how long does a Numerology reading usually take?

Suggestion by ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
They don’t “see” anything. It isn’t a real talent or skill.

Suggestion by Gabrielle
Numerology can tell you a lot of things… and if you do your own on the internet it can take a while to read it all, if she or he knows what they’re doing I guess it might take 10 minutes at most?

Suggestion by numerologist
Numerology is a fantastic tool for character analysis. It can be used to reveal your inner power – your strength, weakness, your heart’s desire and all the characters you have within you.Everybody knows that “he who knows himself knows the best.” Your inner personalities to some extent will determine your future. For an example, your married life can be happy only when the characteristics of your partner completely match with your likings and imagination. So your future is not your destiny, you can control it if you know about you. If you know the compatible numbers for your business, job, love or other aspects of your life, you can be happy.

free fortune telling

fortune tellings online???
is there anywhere online that you can get your fortune told for free??

Suggestion by Ginger♥

Is it wrong to believe you have psychic abilities?

free fortune telling

Is it wrong to believe you have psychic abilities?
I know the Bible mentions prophetic dreams. But is it wrong to believe you have them? The Bible also warns about fortune telling, Which isn’t the same but well it’s just been.
bothering me lately.
This is a question for people who have actually studied the Bible.
For others If think I’m stupid feel free to say so and thanks in advance for your insight. God is Love.

Suggestion by headstrong
if you think so i would see a therapist

Suggestion by Thunder
I don’t think its wrong. If you do, then its not your fault that you do. I think of psychic abilities as a scientific possession.

God might let you know if its wrong to or not.

Suggestion by susan
If you have psychic abilities, then you are in good company. Remember Daniel interpreting dreams, Elijah leaving in the chariot of fire, and Jesus telling the woman at the well all about herself, changing water into wine, walking on water, communicating with the fish so they could catch them, healing people and bring them back from the dead… how people think this is evil or bad is beyond me… I know people who do all these things now, except for the walking on water that is.

free fortune telling

is there anyway to trace your ancestry on the Internet without being charged a fortune for it?
ive tried several times to trace my roots on the first they tell you its free.then you finish answering all there questions and try to get started only to then find out they wont a credit card number.i never put my card number on the net because of identity there truly a free place out there to try.greetly appreciate an help on this subject.thanks scooterpie.

Suggestion by bubba – it costs nothing

Suggestion by Flu
This site is the best and it is free: There are many free records here and many ways to network with distant cousins searching for the same ancestors. It is served me well for the past 10 years. I hope this helps you out!

Suggestion by obitmemo
For people of Indian background, you could search this free website. They do not charge anything for searching genealogical data on the website.

One of the only indian website for posting obituaries & memorials.

free fortune telling

Do you believe in fortune tellers?
I never really believed in them before I met this fortune teller who’s a friend of my dad’s friend (he did it for me for free)

He told me about my past and my future. I have no idea if I should believe him about my future or not. But EVERYTHING he said about my past was right!!! I was so freaked out. He just asked for my birth date, what time I was born and he looked at my palms. And he started telling me all these stuff that’s already happened. He was right about everything. He even told me that I like Art, drawing and desiging which is absolutely right. He also told me more but I don’t you guys would wanna read becaue it’ll be too long.

So do you believe in fortune tellers?
I see that some of yall are saying that sometimes fortune tellers can tell what you like by looking at you. But fortune teller i met was different from the others. I got beaten up at school ages ago last year on a monday. And he told me that there was something bad happened to me last year 1 or 2 days before tuesday. WOW! what do you say to that?

Suggestion by Wisdom
The bible speaks of them, I would say so, but they’re people to stay away from according to the bible too.

Suggestion by pixie
I believe some people are extremely intuitive about things and others do have a gift. So, my answer is yes. I do believe in it.

Suggestion by lizardface6892
no they r scams they can tell stuff just by the way u look

Can anyone do me a reading for free over the internet?

Can anyone do me a reading for free over the internet?
Hi I believe but do have a nagging doubt especially when you get people saying all sorts. Can anyone do me a reading over the internet? I have had my fortune told many times on all occasions have been told I will be wealthy……….Im still waiting.

Please no non believers making useless comments.


Suggestion by Vampires are not real
An accident will make you blind. Soon afterwards you will die in a fire.

Suggestion by darkrose4ever
i’m not psychic, but you polite(“Please” ), and impateint(” ……….Im still waiting.”)and thats good!so if you in a jod and a jod ( with more pay) offer comes up you’ll fight for it. and since your polite people will respect you so your more likely to get the job and get wealthy.

How can I signed up to receive free coupons for food by mail?
The economy is just getting worse and worse and I am spending a fortune on food every week. Can anybody tell me of programs to get free coupons on the mail? I see other families getting lots of them and saving a lot. Any websites or suggestions would be help full

Suggestion by primev2
I feel the same way! I have been saving a lot of money by using – the site enables you to print great coupons (some double coupons as well)

Hope this helps you $ ave, $ ave, $ ave…

Suggestion by berskek

Suggestion by bloggie
check here:

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Q&A: are physic readings really free?

free fortune telling

are physic readings really free?
i want to get my fortune told.

Suggestion by Helin

free fortune telling

Does anyone know any songs/lyrics that tell/describe the downfall or bad things of fame and fortune?
Does anyone know any songs/lyrics tell about downfalls and bad things of fame and fortune? It doesn’t have to be a full song about it, a few lines will do.
I just need a few lines for the end of my story about a model led in to a world of fame, fortune, freebies, free-flowing booze, and flash. (LSD) (She dies)
If they’re by a contemporary artist like Jay-Z or Kanye West, even better.
Thanks. x
(PS. Links would be great!)

Suggestion by lil_angel
Well, it’s not a new song but it totally fits the occasion you’re describing. I recommend “Rise & Fall” by “Craig David ft Sting”

Suggestion by eki e
Britney Spears has soo0 much=))
as well as Paris And Lindsay!

Suggestion by mtnglo
Not contemporary, but some of the lyrics would be perfect

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Is Obama now for NAFTA, GAFTA, the WTO and open free trade capitalism?

free fortune telling

Is Obama now for NAFTA, GAFTA, the WTO and open free trade capitalism?
I thought he said he was against it, now he told the Canadian consulate that what he said was just verbage. And he told Fortune Magazine that he loves NAFTA and GAFTA and he loves free trade

Suggestion by Joe
flip flopping Obama

Suggestion by Greg P
Depends on who he is talking to and what the poularity of the issue through the polls say.

Suggestion by Elmer Fudd
He’s for whatever he figures out he needs to be for, to get in.

But hey, all politicians do that.
And we make them.

Give him a break.

free fortune telling

I went to this fortune teller and she read my this true?
She said that i was going to become famous. I have always wanted to do something in TV or movies and i’m a very superstitious person so I sort of believe her. She wasn’t one of those phone fortune tellers she was for free. And she said that real fortune tellers are for free. Everyone says that I will probably become famous because of my acting talent (I have won a lot of prizes).
Whats your thought on this?
Did anything a Fortune Teller tell you come true?
I never told her anything before and she doesn’t know me

Suggestion by Murzy
no one can accurately predict the future. she’s telling you what she thinks you’d like to hear

Suggestion by Olivia ♌

Suggestion by MonkFish
Trust in your own positive mental attitude & make your own luck, treacle

free fortune telling

can somebody please tell me sincerly how to make free international calls?
I am spending a fortune calling my family who have even less than I have. I would really appreciate it if someone does. Thanks

Suggestion by
Since ur on Yahoo Answers I assume you use Yahoo Messenger. Assuming you and your family have pcs, the easiest way to make free international calls is to use pc to pc messenger voice calls which require microphones and speakers or headsets. You can test your microphone /headset in any contact window on your contact list by clicking on actions then clicking on Call Set up. Pc to Pc calls through Messenger are free. Enjoy your calls.

Suggestion by Vic
You can visit this site it has lots of great information on free calls