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Do you know where I can find free fortune telling on the internet that won’t give my computer viruses?

free fortune telling

Do you know where I can find free fortune telling on the internet that won’t give my computer viruses?
Hello, does anyone know where I can find free fortune telling on the internet that won’t give my computer viruses, spyware, malware, or anything like that?

Suggestion by Just Plain Bob

free fortune telling

Are their any free fortune telling websites other than astrology on the web?
Hi, looking for a free fortune telling websites or sites online other than astrology. Thanks

Suggestion by MK

Suggestion by mesha
Has runes, I-Ching and several other types of divination.
Is a very nice dream interpretation site.

It’s a whole episdoe of preparation. Thanks for watching.

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Dream interpretation, Gypsy fortune teller?

free fortune telling

Dream interpretation, Gypsy fortune teller?
Anyway, I came out of the wagon and there was a young family with a young boy named “Bob”, whose fortune I was supposed to tell. I told them the fortune telling was free. (Yet somehow I knew tipping was expected). Bob picked a penny and I looked at both sides. It was a coin that I was unfamiliar with. It was as if both sides were tails. I held Bob’s hand and closed my eyes(in the dream) and started to tell Bob’s fortune.
I was in an old-fashioned gypsy wagon. I was fortune teller in a travelling carnival(or perhaps the state fair?). I was sifting through a jar of pennies. The pennies were to give to the people I was to tell the fortune to. I think their fortune was supposed to rub off on the penny. Also, I could tell something about the fortune by looking at the penny they chose.
. I saw a city start to form in my mind’s eye. It was the downtown area of Oklahoma City as seen from the west(our vantage point perhaps). It zoomed in on the downtown area with the skyscrapers. They were beautiful and I could recognize some of the buildings in the skyline. Then the vision panned to the south side of Oklahoma City, where the river is. I saw a cruise ship(ocean-liner) that was shipwrecked and damaged. This was out of place in OKC. Then I saw some damaged buildings as if damaged by a tornado or bomb. This was a little disturbing. I was telling them the fortune as I was seeing it. I didn’t want to tell them them everything, so I stopped. Bob’s father was crying at this point. I don’t know why. Then, the mother and father started to argue a bit. He had planned to go downtown, but she didn’t know about that plan. He said something about tripping acid downtown. The dream kind of ended then.
I have never had my fortune told or ever met a gypsy in my life.
Read the second paragraph first, the first paragraph second, and the last part last.
. The visions were very vivid almost like a lucid dream, but it was not a lucid dream. I’ve had many of those before.
No my life has been going the best it has in years. This fortune seemed to not be for me, but for someone else. I was the fortune teller.

Suggestion by Pamela Michele
Perhaps it is an event to come, or a simply a wild imagination, or maybe the ship symbolizes something, a major crash in your own life, I think we need some details, anything else bad happen lately, in your own life, that maybe spurred this on?

Suggestion by pestilpen3
Remember, all characters in your dream are you and you alone. Well, IF this was a dream. Lucid dreams teach us to deal with ourselves by freeing the inner-self. When you have one, you car release your potentials (read Patricia Garfield books). But it could be a retrocognitive dream. THEN, things change drastically. If so, you were in contact with a previous life as you described. A third option is you had an OOBE. Did you see your own hands? Did your eyes act like a camera? Then it was an OOBE. If so, a whole multitude of possibilities open. For instance, dimension travel, a visit to an umbral dimension (spiritual)… And even time travel. Maybe this is something you’re going to be.
In other words, I don’t know. No one knows but you.

free fortune telling

fortune telling…help please?
so this is stupid but i kinda want to have it done, does anyone know of a free physic or something online…please be serous i just want help
i wish that was possible, but they cant help me more then a physic

Suggestion by Darwin
Psychics cannot help you. Go to a friend or someone you trust. No one can see the future.

Suggestion by kilroymaster
There are many real psychic out there but there is no real psychic are going to expose themselves to the very real danger that exist in this world of ours……….. When psychic know that there are people that would harm them or their families to gain access to their gifts………….

free fortune telling

I want to write a book on the 12 different callings of the Christian, what books should I read?
Where should I go to do research for my book?

I was thinking of running a fortune telling business for free just so I can learn more about the people around me…

Suggestion by The Dark Knight
read the Bible.

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Fortune telling hotlines that answer for FREE ONLY?

free fortune telling

Fortune telling hotlines that answer for FREE ONLY?
I think it would be fun to have my fortune told, but I don’t want to get into all that business about credit cards, etc. So if you know of any efficient fortune telling phonelines please let me know! 🙂

Suggestion by Fire Byrd
aren’t they all fake?

Suggestion by tiaksmilesalot777
Lucky for you. I am a fortune teller online. Email me what you ask.

Suggestion by g-wiz man
Good luck to you. I think they are all in it for money, even the legitimate ones.

free fortune telling

Anyone knows a good astrology website that tells your fortune for free?
Preferably one that tells your fortune using your birthdate and birthtime…

Suggestion by Not A Crabby Crab is free and quite accurate. is also free can give you a daily horoscope up to fourteen days in advance.

free fortune telling

free fortune teller ONLINE?
i would love to visit a website FOR FREE and be told about my future
by a fortune teller


im sooo poor and i dont have money…

so do anyone know a good FREE site where a fortune teller tells you your future


Suggestion by roxii
ok well email this lady and she will answer whatever u want to know…i have been emailing back and forth with her for a few days and she’s pretty accurate..she helped me out a lot so try her……

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Anyone have the instruction booklet for Madame Lenormand’s Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards?

free fortune telling

Anyone have the instruction booklet for Madame Lenormand’s Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards?
I was given the Madame Lenormand Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards, but it didn’t come with the instruction booklet because it was lost. Does anyone know where I could find a free copy or scans of it online? Or is anyone willing to scan it for me? It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Suggestion by Paul S
Are you sure it matters? Why not just make up the directions? That’s what she did.

free fortune telling

are there free online fortune tellers?
ive always wanted to have a fortune teller tell well my fortune i was wondering if there is any website that is legit and can answer my questions

Suggestion by lksproodle51
Not for free- sorry

Suggestion by magic sword
don’t waste your time with this crap………its all a con, and all they want is your money.

Suggestion by Jack

free fortune telling

Any online fortune tellers that will help me for free?
I would absolutely love to get my fortune told, but not over the phone because of all of the hassle of credit card charging, and money issues. I don’t want to give a person I don’t know my money, let alone my credit card number! lol Anyway, if you, or anyone you know, is a fortune teller – i would like to have my fortune told! Thanks, Hunter.

Suggestion by SILVER
my friend is a fortune teller- but how is she supposed to tell your fortune if she doesnt know anything about you, cant meet you, and hasnt seen you??!?!!?!!?

Suggestion by milly_1963
The word Fortune Teller went out in the 1950’s they are now called Mediums or Psychic’s

It is better to be with a Medium in person so they can pick up on your energy

If you look up a Spiritual Church online in your area and ring them they will get you in touch with a Medium and I will say this you will get what you pay for so if you want it for free you will get **** if you know what I mean
However if you go to the Spiritual Church apart of the service is to get a reading from the Medium that is on Platform that night it may only be a 5 minute reading however it can be a powerful message you need to hear.

Love & Blessings

Suggestion by desireedawn25
Fortune told?? Huh is it 1957 again?? omgoodness. HA HA

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are there any good real psychic fortune tellers, or astrologers online that can tell fortune for free?

free fortune telling

are there any good real psychic fortune tellers, or astrologers online that can tell fortune for free?

Suggestion by Rose L
they are all fake, and why cause destruction for yourself??? the only person who should know about your future is God alone…why would you want to know about sometimes or worry about something that may never happen? PLus the devil is behind all that stuff

Suggestion by Lenky
Hi there, this will be long but bear with me, okay? 🙂

I understand what you are asking, but just for clarity, “telling fortunes” is not exactly what psychic readings are about — or at least not what they should be about. This is because you have the ability to make choices and those choices affect your future. A psychic reading simply gives information about events and or people whose influences are significant.

In response to another who answered you, being psychic is not a question of having to follow or deny any particular religious beliefs. Some will argue that psychics get their abilities from an evil source, but Daniel in the Old Testament made statements that predicted the future of a certain king and which later were shown to be accurate. Ezekiel and other prophets did the same. They stated that their knowledge came from God. Jesus’ birth was predicted by prophecy, which was why the 3 Wise Men went in search of him.

Regarding what I said about making choices, I recall also in the Bible a case when a prophet received a vision from God, telling him to go to a certain people and warning them to repent and stop their sinful ways or they would be destroyed by God’s wrath. Well, the prophet gave the message, and the people actually listened and repented — and so God’s wrath did *not* descend upon them! In other words, they changed their potential future for a (much better) one. However, the prophet felt rather upset because what he said would happen didn’t…but he finally understood what the Lord was saying to him: nothing is set in concrete. We can make choices.

So, there were prophets then, but now? Well, I do not see anything in the Bible that says prophecy — or having visions or dreams of future influences — is no longer possible. In fact in the New Testament it says (Acts 2:17) “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams” (KJV)

I understand that many evangelical Christians believe that we are in these “last days”, so to state that people should not prophesy, see visions (of things to come) or dream dreams (ditto) or are in league with the devil if they do — seems to me a denial of scripture… The Bible does *not* say that all these dreams and visions have to be religious in nature, just that they will occur.

The point I am making here is that we can have our own beliefs, and have them quite independently of various talents and abilities, just as having a talent for a sport or for music or whatever is not dependent on a religious belief. Throughout history, though, there have been those who have asserted that doing certain things was a sign of the devil; in the time of the Pilgrim Fathers such things as public dancing and singing (for “merriment”) were forbidden on that basis…

As to free readings, yes they are available. If you search “free psychic readings” you should find some good sites. Also check the psychic chat rooms, as here you’ll often find visiting psychics who will read for you free of charge.

free fortune telling
free fortune telling

is there a site that i can get my fortune told and its free and they dont ask me personal question?

Suggestion by lipsmackinghotauntie
ya on your yahoo home page

Suggestion by Earth Queen click on “fun and free” They do free tarot readings. It’s completely automated, no people are involved. It’s kinda good, too.

Suggestion by stevewbcanada
Just click this link:

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