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Is palm reading a good way to flirt with a girl (touching her hand)?

Is palm reading a good way to flirt with a girl (touching her hand)?
im thinking of saying iv been learning palm reading and when she hands over her palm for a free interpretation being obviously flirting and completely bullshitting the reading…..but like in a cute way

is it a good idea or stupid?

Suggestion by Robyn
i think it’d be cute if you made it obvious you were faking and said some funny and ridiculous stuff
but if you did it trying to sound serious it’d be weird

free palm reading

What would you like to ask?Which one is the best site for free horoscope?
I want free horosope sites, free palm reading sites and all zodiac sign sites for free…

Suggestion by Pippa
Hey man, I don’t know about daily horoscopes, but if you want a really really cool and shockingly true analysis of yourself I suggest reading into your birth chart!

Keep in mind this in an analysis of your birthday (down to the time and place!) explained by all the planets so a lot of characteristic traits are going to be repetitive.

Suggestion by Decision Care
Check out the free daily horoscope resources at:

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Where can I find free palm reading lessons on the internet?

free palm reading

Where can I find free palm reading lessons on the internet?

Suggestion by Jules
google search it.

Suggestion by ccandg3
Don’t know on the internet, but was at Borders Book Store last night and saw a beginners handbook for palm reading. Flipped thru it and was very interested.Not to expesive either, good luck.

Suggestion by just plain logic
try this:

free palm reading

Anyone know of a free palm reading that I can do myself?? What the site name??
Thanks in advance.

Suggestion by sethantez
Try this:

free palm reading

Palm reading diagrams or palmistry hand charts?
I’m looking for a ‘palmistry how to’ website where I can learn palm reading free – the basics at least.
It would be very helpful if there was a palmistry diagram or hand chart that shows the various lines of palmistry (marriage, life, heart) giving their meanings etc.

Thanks for any information that you can forward,

Suggestion by
Hi Monan,
obviously I would recommend my own website 🙂 I think it has more or less what you are looking for, it also has free palmistry case studies and a palm reading course showing you the palmistry basics.
The free palm readings course has plenty of diagrams and hand charts. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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