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Anyone Give Free Tarot Card Reading?

Anyone Give Free Tarot Card Reading?
can anyone give me a free card reading for my girlfriend? her name is Nicole Courtemanche and her birthday is June 11th 1991, if you could do a couple’s reading too.. that would be great

Suggestion by Addie cain
There are sites that should do this, but they’re “randomized” I could do one for you. I have my own Tarot cards, but I can’t do it right now. I can do it for you tomorrow.

I really need a reading soon! It involves a guy. He is a libra, I am an aquarius. There is a 9 year difference. The question is If it is meant to be?

It’s an extremely complicaated story, We seem to have a great connection, but I’m in need of all the possible answers!!!


Suggestion by Tomas m
The tarot is fun but only you and the object of your affection can truly make that relationship work.

Suggestion by Serena G
If you want an accurate tarot reading… then I’m sorry, the answer is no.

Reading tarot for somebody else requires their active participation when it comes to cutting the deck and choosing from which pile to read the cards from.

I’ve owned several decks and books on tarot over the years and the rules are pretty much universally the same. Also, what I think you’re actually looking for is Astrology, not Tarot.

If you’re looking at the European Zodiac, then you might find answers here:

However, if instead of monthly categorization you want to focus on the 9 years between you, you might find the Chinese zodiac more helpful:

Or, if you’re bored, here’s a site that has a little bit of everything:

If your love is meant to be, age and sign wont actually matter. (These things are more like guides anyway — the same can be said for the tarot. In my experience it reads mostly possible outcomes for the current path you are taking and not the be all end all future. We always have choice.) Make sure he treats you right and makes you laugh. Good luck!

Suggestion by Star Cherub
on one side: Princess of Swords, 6 of wands, 5 of wands, and The Tower. That’s your energy.

on the other side: King of Wands, The Magician, The Lovers, and the Chariot(r). That’s his energy.

There are a lot of trump cards here, and how convenient it is for me that there is a card representing the both of you, right at the top. It looks like it could be a beautiful relationship, with the Lovers card — unless he’s already with someone else, and then it would mess up the rest of the reading. The Tower card might indicate that some destruction will go on, like moving out of a house. Like every relationship has trouble sometimes, the 5 of wands indicates challenges.

It looks like he will lead a lot of what may happen in the future. In other words, the decision for where the relationship goes is in his hands.

The reversed Chariot on his side, that might indicate some lack of self control on his part, so keep your eyes peeled.,, Tel: 0871 221 5791. I have done a live reading for a client and posted it here. I am offering to answer one free email question if you subscribe to my Monthly Tarot Newsletter.

Where can I get a free tarot card reading?

free tarot card reading

Where can I get a free tarot card reading?
I want to get a free tarot card reading online.

From someplace other than, though.

Can anyone help me?

Suggestion by PJJ

Suggestion by niki

get a absolutely free tarot reading at

Suggestion by curious
just type free tarot reading by email on yahoo search bar…you will be able to find many sites where free readings are given….such readings will tell you the truth, but at the same time leave you with more questions. yet its good to experience. go ahead, try the search engine.

Can someone please do me a free tarot card reading or a psychic reading please?
No jokes serious answers no saying thats letting the devil in I don’t care I want to know my future life and when will it get better and find true love

Suggestion by Jagoffasaurus
I see you giving money to hucksters who claim to be able to see the future.

Suggestion by answer
someones desprate for a husband stupidity just stupidity

Suggestion by cork

Can anyone give me a free tarot card reading via email?
Please if you can! Let me know! i would love to have one done via email!

Suggestion by Clandestine Creator
Ask me a question and I will ask my angel to give you an answer?

I am a Christian but I also have psychic abilities sometimes…

Suggestion by Dragonheart
Free Reading to new members!

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Where can I download a free tarot card/reading program?

free tarot card reading

Where can I download a free tarot card/reading program?
I used to have this tarot card reading program where you could drag the cards into a certain reading or cross you were doing, but it got deleted and I can’t find it anymore. You were able to flip the cards and see what the results were. Anyone know?

Suggestion by Mick

free tarot card reading

Would a free wiccan card tarot reading help me sort out my personal problems?
Free tarot card reading on the net seems very interesting in the Wiccan community and could a “free tarot card reading” at a location be of help

Suggestion by Hebrew Scared
a card reading may lead you to think about things in a different light, but it will not solve your problems or give you any new answers automatically.

Suggestion by Richard W
Free tarot card reading seems to help some people sort problems out but sites like can be of use in the Wiccan community as well as to help your mind see it in a different way so offers a “free tarot card reading” to help with problems in everyday life, try it, it’s free and you may just come to new conclusions as I did when I picked a tarot card.

Suggestion by spinakersails
any personal problems need to be solved personally…
there are no difinitive answers or solutions from
a tarot card deck…they mostly for entertainment purposes

another fascinating tarot psychic reading video series with Nick Dutch

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