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Iis tarot card readings or psychic on general considered witchcraft and why to christian believers and explain?

tarot card readings

Iis tarot card readings or psychic on general considered witchcraft and why to christian believers and explain?
Esp why are peopl born with the ability to read minds or other psychic abilities. Someone who can answer with expertise pleases and thank you

Suggestion by WellTraveledProg
Not “witchcraft,” just ridiculous, proven-false nonsense.

Nobody is born with any ability to read minds, or any other “psychic abilities.” Those who claim to have such “abilities” fail every objective test ever put to them. There are no such abilities.


Suggestion by AdamKadmon
The real reason god forbids these are that they are 1) not accurate to any degree and 2) if you do believe in them you may turn to them, instead of to him!

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You’re coming to us from another language, aren’t you.

tarot card readings

How do tarot card readings work, is it just for entertainment purposes or do they provide real info?

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Suggestion by ♂No Chance Without Knuckles™
NO, Borat. You can’t pull that woman over because you want to have sex with her.

Suggestion by ‡Kali‡
A lot of people would (and will) say they are just for entertainment purposes.

I have had VERY REAL experiences with my decks…they have offered a LOT of SPECIFIC insight into my current situation. It was not a matter of “bending” the cards meanings to suit my situation either.

I could do a reading for you if you have a specific question, and you could make that judgement for yourself. 🙂 (just send me an email with the question)

tarot card readings

How does someone do tarot card readings over the phone or internet? Thank you.?
I’d really like to know what the method is if they do it without the person present, and is it accurate? Thanks.

Suggestion by T R
From my experience, the Tarot card reader asks you to think about things important to you while you select a set of numbers. The reader then pulls the corresponding cards and forms the set of predictions from them.

Is it accurate? No, Tarot is not accurate whether in person or over the internet. Like many forms of fortune-telling, Tarot produces very vague and general kinds of predictions that can be true of many people. A Tarot reading therefore is likely to produce at least a few predictions that resonate with the customer. If the customer believes that Tarot reading works, there will be a strong psychological tendency for the customer to fit his/her own personal life into the vague predictions given, making it seem as if the Tarot reader actually made accurate predictions.

So you might find that repeat Tarot customers are very adamant about the accuracy of their readings, but it’s really nothing more than the above.

Suggestion by Peter D
Tarot card readings over the phone or internets are (statistically) *exactly* as accurate as Tarot card readings done in person. Since they are little more than guessing and making purposefully vague generalizations then it doesn’t really matter if you’re in the room with the person or not.

I’m sorry, but Tarot card reading is just another way to separate the credulous from their money.

Suggestion by zachary9351
I actually tried it.The person seemed very nice.The results were generic like astrology or throwing bones.The reading could pertain to me or anyone else.My advice,try it if you want,just don’t take it seriously.

How do i go about giving myself a tarot reading?

tarot reading

How do i go about giving myself a tarot reading?
I have the Rider-Waite tarot deck? And is it true that an ordinary pack of playing cards can also be used?
Oh, and it’s a reading for love. ( :

Suggestion by baronvonstrudel
Well I’d imagine that you shuffle and cut the deck, and then lay the cards out in the correct spread.

Ordinary playing cards… eh well you could I suppose substitute them for the minor arcana, but what about the major arcana?

Nice choice in deck, by the way.

Suggestion by Lady Amethyst
You can use ordinary cards, but it makes it hard if you aren’t familiar with the suites. My suggestion follow the instructional booklet.

Suggestion by ~*C☼J*~
ok first u get a lighter and go in a circle around the bottom of the deck then the top and be careful not to burn yourself or the cards and the shuffle them and while shuffleing think deeply about what u want to know then when u feel the need to stop shuffleing u do the lay out that u want and wala u got ur reading if u need more help just email me

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Can anyone help me interpret a tarot reading?
I did two past, present, future readings asking about the status of a relationship.
First Reading: Past 2 of Wands, Present 5 of Wands, Future Queen of Wands.
Second Reading: Past Wheel of Fortune, Present Ace of Pentacles, Future High Priestess.

Thanks so much for your help.

Suggestion by James B
I’m picking up a major balance of power issue in this relationship. One of the people involved (the feminine one, which still could be a male, I don’t know for sure) in the past was feeling either dominated or overwhelmed by the other person, signified by both the 2 of Wands (domination and command) and the Wheel of Fortune (looking for a change in circumstances). In the present I see the struggle has lessened (the 5 of Wands) and the relationship is starting to take root and blossom (Ace of Pentacles). In the future, I’m seeing a need for both parties to speak up and communicate their true feelings to each other (High Priestess) but it definitely seems like there is a good chance that the relationship will work (Queen of Wands).

Hope this helps!

Suggestion by Cherry_Red
Your first reading:

2 of wands in reference to the past: a great deal of independence in your past and leading into your present as a result of the experience you have gathered throughout the years. This card tells of a wealth of resources that have been available to you as well as the self confidence and determination that all you to yield them. Considered to be a peaceful interval before you continue upon your journey. This is a card of choices and decisions as well as struggles.

5 of wands in reference to your present: this card symbolizes competition and suggest a competitive time in your life. Unfocused energies can result in conflict with others or within yourself in which both parties are equally strong and equally blind to one another. This is a trying time in your life that requires strength. However keep in mind that cooperation is the key.

Queen of Wands in reference to your future: The Queen of wands is known to be a woman of passion and intensity who can command attention. People are drawn to her as if by magic. Magnetic and willful she will inspire you to utilize your imagination and always speak the truth. You will use the advice you are given and make reasonable decisions.

Note: The suit of wands tends to generally symbolize work, ambitions, business and/or property. Seeing as your entire reading came out as such, I feel as though your inquiry was specifically directed to those aspects of your life.

Second reading:

The Wheel of fortune in reference to your past: The universal symbol for destiny and karma. The wheel represents luck and chance and perhaps a carefree or hands off attitude in your past. Suggests a major turning point and a time for advancement that requires risk taking that proceed a time of aimlessness.

Ace of pentacles in reference to your present: Symbolizes reward. Any project or situation associated with such a card is assured to be successful. Wealth in return for past efforts. Considered to be the best money card in tarot suggesting a prosperous financial situation.

The High Priestess in reference to your future: This card suggest a time of following your gut and allowing your intuition to guide the way to the right answers. The High Priestess holds a divine power to guide and protect. The card is a lucky one suggesting good things to come in time and may require patience. Go with feelings above all.

This is the best I can do without doing an actual in-person reading. I normally suggest that the person I read for think of a general question or situation for which they are seeking insight. It gives me as well as the reading a better idea of what to look for when doing the reading. Additionally, I personally suggest to do no more than one reading in a 3 month period to avoid discrepancies, so enough for now.

Hope I could help

What’s the name of the Degrassi: The Boiling Point episode where Eli & Clare are doing a tarot card reading?

tarot card reading

What’s the name of the Degrassi: The Boiling Point episode where Eli & Clare are doing a tarot card reading?
I thought I saw every episode this past season but I keep seeing things on Youtube and random fan sites with pictures and video clips of Clare & Eli in a tent doing a tarot reading. He’s wearing a black hat and she has some crystal thing goin on I believe… And she draws The Lovers and some other card. Which episode is that scene in?

Suggestion by Jess
its not in an episode its their part in the promo for the show before it started airing during the summer. it was like old fashion carnival themed and everyone in the cast had a part in it.

Suggestion by Midnight Snack
That wasn’t in any episode this season. It was actually in the promo leading up to this season which was surprisingly well done. Take a Gander! The scene you’re talking about starts around the 1:33 mark.

Suggestion by Zoey
Its not an episode. It was a promo music video of things that were going to happen during the boiling point. It was something that made people guess what they thought would happen.

tarot card reading

How much did your tarot card reading cost?
I would like to have a tarot card reading and I know a lady who charges £25 for 20 minuets. I was wondered if this is a good price or not? This lady has also refused to give me a tarot card reading in the past so I thought I may also look else where. What do you think?

Suggestion by Lander C
If she is rude look other places. I have payed 60USD for a tarot/aura reading before so £25 does not seem like a bad price for just a tarot reading. They run 20-40USD around where i live. I think that is about the same as 25 pounds.

But if she is rude don’t give her the satisfaction of your money. Find someone who is generally interested in helping you.

Suggestion by anatketani
It really depends on where you are and the person doing the reading. If you go to someone who has been doing them a long time and they are really well known and have a good reputation, spending more makes sense. Personally I only charge $ 20 (which is 10 pounds) for my readings because it’s nice to get money but I really like helping people more. And with the economy the way it is now, people can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a tarot reading.

Suggestion by erisian trubble
At firars/etc and with new clients I generally change about $ 1/minute. So a 15 minute reading is $ 15, an hour is $ 60, etc. 95% of the time, if the person honestly wants the assistance, we can cover the big stuff in 15 minutes or less.

With established clients who make appointments, I usually just change a convenience fee, and I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half with them, depending on the need. I don’t really look at Tarot as a money maker, but I’ve found that if people don’t have to give up something of value for the assistance, they don’t value the assistance.

tarot card reading

A tarot card reader predicted love, has anybody had a reading that was accurate?
I recently had a tarot card reading. The psychic predicted the time frame of when I’ll meet my “soulmate,” his age and details about his past. I’ve never been to a psychic before so I’m not quite sure how to take this. I’m planning to not put too much stock into what she said but I was wondering if anyone has ever had an accurate reading that came true.

Suggestion by Alpha (M.O.T.U) Non-Religion
its all false beliefs, don’t bother your wasting money…

Suggestion by Devout Catholic
tarot card readings are from the pits of Hell itself. You need to stop playing around with fire.

Suggestion by guy
yup… I’m not in the mood now to explain the predictions that came to pass, but yes some people have the gift to see the future.

How do you determine the “significator” in a Tarot Reading?

tarot reading

How do you determine the “significator” in a Tarot Reading?
How do you determine the “significator” in a Tarot Reading?
Or sometimes called the “covering card” in a tarot reading? Does it depend on the persons zodiac sign who you are doing the reading for??
I am a beginner at tarot and I’m just playing with them for recreation and not to be taken seriously.

Suggestion by Ken
Don’t waste your time with tarot cards, they just bring false hopes and irrational fears.

Suggestion by IntuitiveImpressions
The cards are an excellent divination tool, but don’t worry about significator or doing the Celtic cross spread. Do a simple spread every day to learn the cards and test your abilities. Put one card down, and three cards over it after you ask a question. this will give you a succinct and precise reading.

Suggestion by ♔Irish Red♔
You set your own significator. It’s generally one card you select to represent yourself in a spread. It’s not necessary in Celtic Cross, but if you wish to set one, usually one of the court cards will represent you.
A Page for young person, a Knight for a teen or young man, a Queen for a mature woman and a King for a mature man. The suit will represent your characteristics. I use Queen of Coins to represent me if I’m asking a normal question because I’m a Capricorn woman, but I use the Queen of Cups when I’m asking about a romance question because of my Pisces placements. There will be certain cards you identify with.

tarot reading
tarot reading

Ever since I had a tarot reading, I have had recurring nightmares?

Ever since I had a tarot reading, I have had recurring nightmares?
I have had nightmares 2 or 3 times already. In my dreams I get REALLY CLEAR hints that these mediums are evil in nature. And I have suddenly woken up breathing fast. Any thoughts on these? Tarot readers what do you think?
(And BTW, I have only had a few things from the reading come true. Other things have not come true and it has been 3 months now. I have heard that these readings see 3-6 months into the future though it might not be the case).

Suggestion by Morgan
Nightmares are caused by your subconscious coming out. Are you prone to nightmares? Did something in the tarots make you feel uneasy? Do you actually believe that tarot readings are accurate? If so, you’re just a bit rattled, don’t worry.

Suggestion by Pytr Pytr
I’d suggest a night light
don’t leave your clothes hanging on a chair, it can look like a monster
don’t eat cookies too close to bedtime
don’t watch movies before bed, read a book that’s about little fluffy rabbits or something
you’ll be a big boy someday if you get enough sleep and eat right.

hey@anatolyi, that’s the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever seen. Don’t you want to join us in the 21st century? you’re choosing to believe some silly nonsense.

Suggestion by Anatoliy
pray “psalm 26” 1600 times in 40 days.
repent of going to demonised witches.
ask Jesus to forgive you.

tarot reading

What does it signify when you get 3 page court cards in a tarot reading?
I recently did a celtic cross spread on myself and the page of pentacles, page of Wands, and page of swords all came up in this reading. Does anyone have any idea what it would be trying to tell me? or what this means? any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Suggestion by Change
Leave those cards alone. Trust God. Read your Bible and pray every day. Tarot cards is the work of the Devil. Get out before you mess up your entire life with Satanism.

James 4:7

Romans 6:23

Suggestion by IceFire
3 Pages means that there is some sort of dispute happening. Not sure what the dispute is about since I don’t know what the rest of the cards are. I’m just a beginner but I hope that I was able to help.

a free tarot reading if anyone is kind enough?
Please a free tarot reading someone?

I know tarot is only for fun, so out of pure curiousity and wanting a different angle on things ,if anyone here is kind enough to do a tarot reading for me. I have no specific question,its a general reading about my love situation.
Thank you very much

Suggestion by Hal Roach
I get the two of pentacles, so I predict that you will post this question again.