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How long is a tarot card reading good for? I just had 1 done 3 weeks ago?

How long is a tarot card reading good for? I just had 1 done 3 weeks ago?

Suggestion by JAMES K
It lasts until you hand over the cash.

Suggestion by WATCHER
fwi, Tarot cards and readings are forbidden by God…

Suggestion by Masticina Akicta
Tarot doesn’t sees the future.

I would more call it a psychological insight. It shows you where your path MAY lead. It gives you a POSSIBLE future.

How long a reading depends on the reading really. Think about it just because a card shows a possible future doesn’t means that it will happen. Actually using Tarot to show a future can aid a person in adjusting their actions so that said action doesn’t happens.

So ..I can’t give you any simple answer.

But I can tell you that if you made some changes to the way you do things..or some changes happened that something utterly different might happen in your future.

Tarot in my eyes is a psychological tool, it helps us see the things we do. The things we cause and how we can improve ourselves .I would say that the wise women/shaman of the past is like the psychiater/psychologist of today.. a reading reflects us. Our Stories Our Troubles. And a reading into the future shows you only a POSSIBLE path.

And like the Titanic it allows us to adjust, steer away! With such adjusting we might have invalidated the future card.. BUT the reading done its job. It warned you of possible danger ahead.. and you steered away.

I can do a Tarot card reading on someone else?
What else should I tell them? Like: this doesn’t predict the future it guides you.
@Krystal it’s not like it Talking board. That was a ignorant comment.
The comment was ignorant. But do you want me to call you ignorant?

Suggestion by ♥Krystal♥
You shouldn’t play with things you don’t know about
its like playing with fire

Suggestion by Chris Ancor
Tell them what they wan to know. What else?

Suggestion by Maia Earthsong
You’ve got it. Tarot cards are nothing more or less then a guide.

Can I do a Tarot reading without using a candle?

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Can I do a Tarot reading without using a candle?
I’ve only heard of readings where they use a candle. I don’t want to use one, so I was hoping there was some sort of alternative.

Suggestion by Elle ♪
It’s just as ineffective either way.

Suggestion by Geronimo
Turn on the lights or use a flashlight.

Suggestion by Safÿre
Candles are not a prerequisite to reading the tarot. Neither is a special cloth, or any other mumbo jumbo.

The most important part is being in the right frame of mind. If you feel it helps to set the mood by lighting a candle or cleansing the area with incense, then by all means perform whatever ritual helps calm you (in preparation for the reading). But don’t feel obliged to perform some Hollywood extravaganza. It’s the intention in your heart and soul that matters – not the props that you use.

A reader friend of mine leaves a piece of amethyst laying on the cards when she’s doing a reading. I always smudge the area with incense. Both of us recite our own “prayer”. Neither of us lights a candle. We each “prepare the area” differently. So do what feels right for you.

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Ever had a love tarot reading and come true?
If not, have you ever been rejected by someone, but at the end they ended up wanting you? Details please 😉
I had a tarot reading recently, but still waiting on the outcome.

Suggestion by My heart is not meant 4 breaking
You know I have never had a tarot reading at all but am thinking of it. Well I have thought of it.

Suggestion by davis
I’ve never had a tarot reading but i used to believe in horoscopes. Through experience, you’ll learn that those things are worthless and play with your emotions by flattery and desire.
You’d always hope that person would want you in the end however, the chances are slim.
Have you ever had a tarot reading that came true?

Suggestion by kita222
I’ve given tarot readings. Some of them have come true. Tarot reading by The Ghost That Walks asking about future success in music, made in July 2012. Shows you how to do the Celtic Cross which has the current situation, what crosses you, past recent pass, what crowns you and the next few weeks. The four cards up the side are for how you see the situation and the atmosphere around it, how others see it, your hopes and fears and the likely outcome. Just remember you can change anything in tarot, if you really want to, they just give you a warning what you will walk into if you don’t change things.

Is it bad to tell other people your tarot card readings?

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Is it bad to tell other people your tarot card readings?
Is it bad to tell your friends details about your tarot card readings? i read somewhere that what they tell you wont necessarily come true after having told someone…readings are personal and should be kept to oneself is this true? does this mean by me telling my friends what they told me chances are i might have changed the future around? i know the cards aren’t set in stone but im scared i might not get the result im waiting for because i told my friends when they asked.

Suggestion by pass by
1) tarot cards are mostly fake
2) future is not fixed
3) you are taking this seriously, dont even bother on it
4) this is the reason why people told others not to do tarot readings or fortune tellings cuz it can scared the crap out of the weakminded

Suggestion by Henry
Why would it matter if you told someone you have the card.

Suggestion by emfederin
It’s even worse to tell people you put any stock or credence in tarot card readings.

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How much should I charge for doing Tarot Card readings?
I just started reading Tarot Cards today. I’m not very good yet and let’s be honest I pretty much just make it up as I go. I’m wondering how much I should charge and if you think it’s a good idea to do readings for my friends and family. Serious responses only please I really think this may be my new calling in life!

Suggestion by Wendy S
Charging money would imply you are an expert and know what you are doing.

Suggestion by Sarah
thats alla bunch of crap…. iva had one friend that had been told a lie and that stupid person was nearly sues. they teall you BS just for a couple of bucks….

Suggestion by Buzzo J
well since it’s all made up, charge the going rate.

Guide to reading Tarot cards

How accurate are Tarot card readings?

How accurate are Tarot card readings?

Suggestion by I guess I’m a Fairy
I have tarot cards and its scary accurate. It’s scary how the same cards pop up over and over again with the same questions. I think they’re fascinating. For example, whenever I ask about this one person I always got the Devil card. It doesn’t mean he’s the devil, obviously, it’s just telling me to be cautious of him, a warning.

Suggestion by Oscar
Tarot card reading started out as a game played by the aristocracy. It is all balderdash and chicanery. It is just a con game. A stand alone magic trick like any stage magician would pull.

Suggestion by Six Foot Vardøger ➤➤➤
Lay all your cards on the table and the tarot reader will do the rest for you. Sometimes, one will wonder how another person can read a bunch of cards with different pictures on it and actually make sense out of it. What is more surprising is how card readers can tell who you are, recall your past and predict what is likely to happen in the future. This is despite the fact that you have never met in your lifetime and you just laid eyes on each other. Some people affirm that tarot readings have indeed conveyed some truth about their lives and what is yet to come.

It is no wonder then that people regularly come to get tarot readings and make it their constant guide in making important life decisions. Subsequently, a significant few continue to get intrigued by tarot reading and get persuaded to give it a try. Still others do not believe in any of it and dismiss it as mere coincidence

Vardøger ➤➤➤

Probability that a tarot card will come up 7 times in 25 ten-card readings.?
A standard deck of tarot cards is 78 cards. The probability that a single card will come up in any given 10 card reading is 12.8%. What is the likelihood that in 25 readings, it will come up a total of 7 times. Any equations that would help would be greatly appreciated.

Suggestion by cheeser1234567890
There is a (0.128)^7 probability that it comes up in 7 readings.

There is a (1-0.128)^(25-7) probability that it does not come up in the other 25-7=18 readings.

There are 25C7 ways to permute the 7 readings in which it comes up.

The total probability is:

(25C7)(0.128)^7 (0.872)^18 ≈ 0.0229953825 ≈ 2.3%

See also:

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru

No one for probabilities, this can occur, especially if chaos is not placed into deck between readings.

If this was 25 readings based on the same question then it isn’t really the thing to do.

Psychic & Tarot Community ~


Throughout history, people use all kinds of aids to ‘see’ into the future or to ‘see’ relationships. Various systems evolved for doing this. One of the more useful systems for visualizing relationships and events is to use Tarot cards. This is thanks to the over-arcing details that can be turned into visual aids. Love and hate, life and death, wealth and poverty, power and weakness. Of course, the cards are not magical, it is the mental process that is so wonderful. The human brain lights up was it contemplates pictures and we strive to see connections between things that are visual for humans are very visual creatures who see color as vividly as birds or bees [heh] except we can’t see ultraviolet like the bees…. Every once and a while, I do Tarot card readings for my own edification. It is a springboard. Tonight, I did a reading concerning Obama. It was most amusing to have the 2 of pentacles show up as his defining card. Ie: Change.

Can someone do a Tarot Card reading for me?

tarot card reading

Can someone do a Tarot Card reading for me?
I want to try this. Will me and Amber fall in love and be together?

Suggestion by アいチャン
Yes,sure and the cards say you will not be together.

Suggestion by moreissues
the fool, false hope, you don’t listen or do not pay attrntion, or maybe you are not afraid of taking a risk

Suggestion by GCram
If you are on facebook go to

or if it doesnt work

I made this, let me know what you think!

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How to do a Tarot Card reading?
Do you need to center and ground beforehand? Do you need candlelight?

Suggestion by Lori G
Only if you really want to and you think this will help you to focus on the reading itself.
I personally don’t feel you need to do anything really, except concentrate on the question and trust in the answers that the cards give you.
It really is up to you – do what you feel is right for you.

Suggestion by Kate
You don’t need to have candlelight but you do need to clear your head and think about whatever you’re asking the cards.
Different people have different rituals and you don’t really need to do anything, but I think the rituals are just ways for them to clear their minds.

Suggestion by Ludak
here you can find how to read tarot card

tarot card reading

have you ever had a tarot card reading?
my friend did mine today and i cried :/
so much so, she had to stop the reading as things she said we’re true.

so, do you believe in tarot card readings?

Suggestion by Nat
I have never had one, so I’m not sure. I would like to get one though. What exactly do they tell you?

Suggestion by ѕuᴘeяnσνa ~★~
No, I haven’t.

It all seems like a bunch of bs to me.

Suggestion by SNicole
No I haven’t.
No I wouldn’t.
No I don’t believe.