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Would my tarot cards get mad if I put them in a different box?

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Would my tarot cards get mad if I put them in a different box?
If you dont have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Some people don’t believe them, but I do.

Suggestion by ♪♫♪♫ Robert ♪♫♪♫
Just don’t listen to what the gypsy has to say and you’ll be okay…

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
This is a common misconception about cards. Cards don’t have feelings, thoughts or opinions of their own. They are essentially inert tools. They aren’t possessed by spirits or controlled by some external force. It is the reader alone who intuitively pulls information from the cards and its is the reader alone who can tell what feels right for card storage. If you feel good about putting the cards in a new box, then put them in a new box. The cards themselves don’t care, only you do.

Suggestion by Cashladdio
Cards made of paper dont have emotions. Therefore lack the ability to get mad.

tarot cards
tarot cards

What country music video featured humans posed like tarot cards?

What country music video featured humans posed like tarot cards?
All I can remember is seeing the two of swords, there were also most of the major arciana in the video.

Suggestion by MarkitZero
Tarot imagery is relatively common in country music videos for whatever reason- was it a male or female singer?

Suggestion by *SDA 4 CHRIST* Romans 10:9
Trust God, not tarot cards.

James 4:7

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Jill uses tarot cards to give Kathy some terrifying marriage guidance in this dark comedy written by and starring Julia Davis.

How do you use tarot cards?

tarot cards

How do you use tarot cards?
In a fit of impulse shopping I bought some tarot cards and a little book to go with them. Now, what do you use tarot cards for and how do i use them?
Sorry, should have explained better. The little book is really technical sounding, I just wanted to know some basics before I began….

Suggestion by ☼ GƖơώ ✞ Ѡɪηʠs ☼

Suggestion by xzc426
read the little book?

Suggestion by josh!!!! (*_*)
Why don’t you read the little book that came with it.

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What’s the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards?
I was thinking of getting these:

Can I use oracle cards the same way I use tarots?

Suggestion by What did Obama do in Pakistan?
Nothing they are a hard paper with drawings on them made by people who make profits- Have fun with your toys.

Suggestion by -FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-
Nothing really …

the actual cards are obviously different …

Tarot follows the same basic cards in every deck though the pictures can be very different from one deck to the next …

Oracle cards are cards that are not standard … in anyway

some people just prefer reading one over the other …

Suggestion by slap and tickle
they have different pictures

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What cards in the tarot are the “yes” cards and the “no” cards?
I noticed that when i do an online tarot single spread reading online, i get to have precise answers when i look up the card meanings. Now i want to know what are the “yes” and “no” tarot cards so that when i’m asking a yes or no type of question it would be easy for me to know what is the result. From what i read, the sun and 9 of cups are the “yes” cards, and i want to know the other cards. Thanks.

Suggestion by *Star*Light*Acrux
I only go with meaning and make a specific question
never do yes/no spread. I always use either 3, 5 or celtic

you can create your own spread as long as you remember meaning of each card
in that sense, you can decide what card is yes, what is no . also
so if your Yes is 9 cups then your No is 9 swords, just suggestion

Suggestion by Tea
These cards mean yes when you ask a positive question (i.e. “Will I do well in the contest?), but they mean no when you ask a negative question (i.e. “Am I going to fail my math class?):

1. The World – Your heart’s desire
2. The Sun – Good new, happy endings
3. 4 of Wands – Something to celebrate
4. 6 of Wands – Success, recognition and accolades
5. 9 of Cups – Your wish will come true
6. 10 of Cups – Contentment and happy relationships

These cards mean yes when you ask a negative question and no when you ask a positive question.

1. 10 of Swords – Utter defeat
2. The Tower – A disruptive or upsetting change. It can also mean disaster.
3. 5 of Cups – Something to grieve about. A loss.
4. 5 of Pentacles – Falling on hard times. Bad luck.
5. Death – Something coming to an end
6. 3 of Swords – Heartbreak or betrayal

When card number two is put down on the celtic cross, is the tarot card reversed facing left or right?

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When card number two is put down on the celtic cross, is the tarot card reversed facing left or right?
Tarot cards.

Suggestion by riverotter7
I put the card so the “head” of it is to the left. Good luck.

I use the Druid Animal Deck and the Celtic Tarot

Suggestion by flyingheart3
I THINK its : Facing left means normal position and facing right is reversed

Suggestion by sdc_99
The second card in the celtic cross is never read as reversed, regardless of which way it is facing.

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tarot cards

[Tarot Card] When “the Tower” represents a person, what kind of a person is he or she?
I have a friend whom I’m very skeptical about getting close. When I consulted Tarot cards asking about this friend, I got “the Tower”. Please help advise what does it tell about this person. Thank you.

Suggestion by Elaine M
It’s someone going through some major life changes where they are questioning everything and nothing seems to be able to go back to what it was. Basically a person who feels like the rug’s been pulled out from under them and they’re ‘falling’.

The transition should not last long, but it depends on the person. Some land on their feet and reinvent their life around them, some take a longer time at it. A person who lost a close friend would be in a tower situation. A person who was shoved out of the house or any of the Katrina victims are in a tower situation. You can see what’s involved if you look at it that way.

But the card is a transition card, it’s not permanent. For the two of you, just be aware that who you see this person being right now is not who they are going to be in 3 or 6 months.

Suggestion by Clay
The jist of it is that the person is a radical. They defy old logic and customs and take nothing on principle. Very chaotic personality.

Suggestion by Honey
I agree with Elaine, this card represents transition, but reason for caution and or worry.

I hope you find the answer you seek and peace in your heart.

How to use Tarot cards?

tarot cards

How to use Tarot cards?
I’ve really gotten into the tarot cards, can someone explain a bit more about how they work, and the steps on how to deal the cards to pick them for your past future and other settings. Thanks.
Oh and does this contact dead or show certain things about dead people?

Suggestion by Something or Other
Depends on the Deck, depends on the interpretation. Some decks are more specific in certain areas than others. Some formats have prelayed interpretations, for example the first card placed on the table relates to work, the second love, the third personal growth, etc. Depending on the style of tarot depends on how you deal them. As for contacting the dead, no, tarot is a tool for intuition, like the I Ching.

Check out the site below for further insight.

Suggestion by Lillith
There are so many variables when it comes to tarot.
To tell it all would take a volume of books.
Everyone has different way or relationship with the cards which comes with time and experience.
There are thousands of different spreads as well. Which ones you use depends upon what ones you like, or what spread might seem better than another in regards to the question being asked.
Laying out the cards for a spread is another thing that is really up to you.
Everyone has a different way to do it. Some like to shuffle three times and then cut the deck into three piles then pulling the top card off each pile. Some people just cut the deck once after shuffling.
Contacting the dead or to show things about them is no different than asking any other question.

Want to know more and talk with others who know or are learning tarot
join in:
you can also just contact me via my profile

Suggestion by Sadhara Satguru

Oh that first deck – remember it well!

To explain them is a long task, I run a tarot course that goes worldwide, but I also have an online forum for tarot students of all stages.

The forum is free & you can ask questions as they arise, practice & have fun. See link below.


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How do you put tarot cards in order?
How do you put cards in order? Like what suits before others. And is zero on top of the magician or under the card when they are facing down?

Suggestion by Misses M
like this :
| | | | | | | | |

Suggestion by shawn m
One by one you place them in the trash can.

Suggestion by DerrekJ
The best way is by tossing them in the trash.

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