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How do i get my daily horoscopes delivered to my phone?

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How do i get my daily horoscopes delivered to my phone?
i want my daily horoscope and daily tarot card delivered to my facebok profile

Suggestion by frankie fast hands
Are you inside the United States? It’s probably cheapest through the USPS. They have flat rate boxes and envelopes, so if you need to send heavier things it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Then all you need is the address and you are set!

tarot cards
tarot cards

Where can I physically buy tarot cards is Sydney?

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Where can I physically buy tarot cards is Sydney?
I live on the northern beaches area and want to know where I can go buy tarot cards(not online coz I’m kinda young for that)

Does anyone know if angus and Robertson sell them at warringah mall?

Suggestion by Merry
You might be able to get the Rider-Waite (older style cards) tarot cards at Angus and Robertson/Dymocks – larger size book stores – no harm in asking πŸ™‚

Other options – New Age type shops such as :~

Heavenly Energies
499 Willoughby Road, Willoughby
(02) 9967 9415

New Moon
Shop 206
Castle Mall Centre
Castle Hill 2154, Sydney

Argyle Oracle
41 George Street, The Rocks
(02) 9247 4982

Eastern Flair Newtown
319-321 King street, Newtown
Tel. :(02) 9565 1499

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What tarot cards would best represent these catigories?
I need tarot cards that would best represent the following:
thanks for the help and blessed be

Suggestion by Richard Moore
None are related specifically to Beauty in traditional Tarot. The Ace of Pentacles, however, is sometimes connected to the rose, a symbol of purity, promise, and beauty.

Loss: The Chariot, reversed; sometimes the Wheel of Fortune; Death; The Tower; Judgement, reversed; Five of Cups; Ten of Cups, reversed; Three of Swords, upright or reversed; Nine of Swords; Five of Pentacles; Nine of Pentacles, reversed. Closest is Death.

Remembrance/Past: Six of Cups; The Tower, reversed. Closest is Six of Cups.

Relationships: This one actually has too many to name. Nearly all Tarot cards can have some connection to relationships. Your biggest one, though, is The Lovers (obviously).

And don’t let all the naysayers discourage you. You are, by all rights, in the correct Answers section, and should get real answers to your question. You would, however, get more consistently useful answers in Mythology & Folklore, as Christians have driven everything else out of the Religion & Spirituality section, forcing us to relocate. We really should take our place here again, though. They have no right to say that they are the only real religion.

Suggestion by Pamela
Beauty: The Queen of Wands – her attributes include beauty and attractiveness.

Loss: 5 of Cups; definitely a card of loss & grief. Remembrance: 6 of Cups. The 6 of Cups can reflect a feeling of nostalgia so you could say its loss & remembrance since you can’t be nostalgic for something you still have!

Relationships: 2 of Cups; love & partnerships

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How can i learn how to read Tarot Cards?
First off: if your going to bash me, just don’t bother answering!

Anyways, i have decided to learn how to read tarot cards. Can anybody tell me any good websites, books, etc. that would help me. Also, can i use a regular deck of playing cards, or do they have to be tarot?

include anything else you think is useful please.
Thank you!

Suggestion by Splash Frog
Like any other toy, they come with instructions..

Suggestion by Bearbones
Most decks have instructions with them.

Suggestion by James Parell
buy a book or look for tutor on youtube. πŸ™‚

How old do you have to be to go to a psychic?

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How old do you have to be to go to a psychic?
Does it vary? Do they not care? I just want a tarot card reading.

Suggestion by Super Bass
I believe the question you’re looking for is how stupid do you have to be.

Suggestion by Schneider [Lost His Name]
Yes,it varies……….

Suggestion by Chase
psychic are for entertainment only. if psychic were real , they would win all the lottery tickets

is it true that you can attract spirits to you?
i was just wondering if this was possible.
like if you have really negative energy emanating out of you could you attract an evil spirit..or do you have to connect with that other world first?
also, can using tarot cards open that gateway?
if a spirit is around you is there anything you can do to protect yourself if it tries to harm you?

Suggestion by sugargliderqueen
i believe its possible. ive been through a lot in my life and done some stupid things that i believe opened me up to evil spirits. i believe using a spirit board could open the gateway but i wouldnt suggest it unless you know what your doing. and for protection i pray. if you believe god can and will protect you from evil spirits particularly then you have to pray. if you dont believe though then im not sure. hopefully someone else can help out there.

Suggestion by Daniel G
Obey Acts 2:38 before it is too late.


Evil spirits or demons are going to do their best at seeing to it that as many of the Earths human population goes to Hell as possible. God created man from the dust of the Earth and that is what the devil was cursed to eat when God rebuked him in the Garden of Eden. The only protection we have is the Word of God in our obedience to that truth and the blood of Christ that is applied by obedience to the truth of Acts 2:38 when the blood of Christ is applied. Even after that we have to walk in truth and prayerfully care for each other to watch each others back. The devil walks about as a lion seeking those he may devour. He has a lot of ways he can devour a life. There are all kinds of traps of addictions and manipulations and all kinds of false religions and lies he can bewitch a soul with. His end game is to see you suffer the same fate he will suffer in the flames of Hell. Whether he leads you on a short path that ends abruptly in suicide or a long path of enjoying the pleasures of sin for a long life he still gets you in the flames of Hell.
The more you yield yourself to evil the more you will be used of the devil and eventually reap the wages of sin which is death. Just look at all the evil in the leaders of this New World Order. Satanic activity amongst them has the whole world on the fast track to Armageddon for the destruction of all mankind.

Jesus Christ is your only hope.

Suggestion by kilroymaster
Yes it is true but not for negative energy……

Does the meaning of some tarot cards change according to the deck?
I’ve noticed that the pictures of the cards change from a deck to another, but does the meaning change too?

Suggestion by ChainLightnin’ β…œ
They are just playing cards dealt at random. There really is a card game call Tarots. The fortune telling part did not start until the early twentieth century.

Suggestion by Victoria β™Œ
Tarot cards uses symbolism to portray meaning (based upon the universal meanings of symbols and archetypes). The artwork on cards are open to interpretation and so are the meanings of the cards. Using intuition instead of textbook meanings, in my opinion, is even better. Although i know quite a few people would disagree with me (It’s limiting and it isn’t always best to give the same answer to different questions). Like to say if a card gives you a sensation of sadness, but you look it up in the book and its suppose to symbolize rewards. According to the question, it sometimes just doesn’t make sense.. and I feel that it can make you doubt your intuition, and give the wrong advice.
But to answer your question short and sweet, no, the textbook meaning of the card doesn’t change from deck to deck.

Where Can I Find a Tarot Shop in NYC?

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Where Can I Find a Tarot Shop in NYC?
Where can I find a shop in NYC in which I can buy Tarot Cards?

Suggestion by crazygirl
Gurl… ALL OVER THE PLACE… especially downtown around 34th street and 42nd street, you just have to look really welll, im always around there and they always handing out flyers, check it out you might find more than 1.

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What are some empowering or protective symbols?
I need to know how to draw some empowering or protective symbols for my tarot cards. So if you can help i’d appreciate it!

Suggestion by pluto2007
I think you will be inspired most by drawing the symbol of your own sun sign…others will be most impressed …

good luck …good omen

Suggestion by Lady Galaxy β˜…ε½‘
Ayumi Hamasaki’s symbol is really nice.

And yes, the zodiac sign symbols are good too, but with two exceptions: Aries and Aquarius. Maybe even Sagittarius too. I’m an Aries and I’ve always felt ripped off, all I have is a big V!

Suggestion by Molly R
Sun. Moon. Sword. The symbol for infinity. Stars. Horns (like on a unicorn, narwhal, elephant, rhino. Rose & Lily. Star. Dog. Wolf. Water. Dragon. Castle.

Find the symbol for Ohm. it’s lovely. Just google “ohm symbol” Learning Tarot can sometimes seem a daunting task, but we like to keep things plain and simple – tarot made easy! In this short video clip Rudi uncovers some of the core information about The Hierophant Tarot card. The card denotes a pope- like figure and represents not only knowledge and wisdom but also a person with great convictions and beliefs. He talks about how you can relay the information across to the person sitting in front of you – in a way they can understand – so that it makes sense and they can go on to act on that.

Can someone with ESP work tarot cards?

Can someone with ESP work tarot cards?
me and my dad have a bit of ESP. whenever one of thinks of another, the other is thinking of them too. so when im thinking to call my dad, he calls me, and the other way around. one time when i was thinking about him, later when we were one the phone he guessed my whereabouts and what i wanted to talk to him about. so i was thinking of taking a step further, to see if i could work tarot cards truthfully (not like one of those fake psychic people.) so, what do you think?

Suggestion by Lucifer
Coincidence and we all have this in our lives.

If you have a real gift, think of someone right now you havent seen in years and if they phone you, then you have a gift.

Tarot cards are fake just like horoscopes.(keep it just for fun)

Suggestion by Jewel
Anyone can learn to effectively use tarot cards. If you have a bit of ESP. it might be easier…the main problem might be training yourself to separate the impressions you are getting–you might find yourself learning things about the person you are reading for that you didn’t want to know and have nothing to do with their question.

Suggestion by LightofDave
I describe it more of a higher vibration, and yes I use the tarot cards in combination with this higher vibration, but when I am done I feel drained of my spiritual energy.

Child of Light

do printable tarot cards work?
I’m just starting out with tarot cards and I printed my first deck off of the internet. I put a lot of effort into them, but I’m wondering if they will work as well as store bought decks.

Also if anyone knows of websites
that help with learning tarot, could you
give them to me thanks.

Suggestion by Geezah
Sure, you can do a tarot reading using printed cards. They may not shuffle too well though.

I’d recommend getting a book or two on Tarot and comparing the meanings of the different cards.

Suggestion by Ms. Taurus
Well bought ones are just printed paper too, just thicker.

Suggestion by PaulCyp
Yes. Exactly as well. LOL One stack of cardboard can influence your life as well as another stack of cardboard.

Here’s the ins, outs and warnings about trimming your tarot cards! Plus all the equipment you’ll need. Share your own Tarot exchanges at our great forum!