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Where can I buy tarot cards?

Where can I buy tarot cards?
I have a photo project where I have to make my own Tarot Card Deck and I would like to buy a deck for some inspiration where could I get one?
like what kind of stores sell Tarot Cards?

Suggestion by ELK
Most book stores sell them.

Suggestion by Helen
You can buy them online (amazon etc), in book stores and New Age stores.

For inspiration, try browsing decks in

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Is it still considered bad luck to buy your own set of tarot cards?
I know that the traditional belief is that your cards need to be a gift (I already have one set) but there’s a beautiful set at the store that I want but no one who would willingly gift them to me. Just trying to avoid any negative energy. Thanks

Suggestion by Rockadayjohnny
Assuming that was true at one time, can you think of any reason why it would change?

Suggestion by scorpion
it’s a least a waste of money.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
I’ve heard that even for people who believe in that tradition, it only applies to the first deck.

I am a tarot collector and I have bought myself at least 10 decks over the years (including my first one)… only one of those decks didn’t work out. I’ve been gifted with probably 5 or 6 decks over the years and only one of them works for me at all. Buy yourself the deck then cleanse it and study with it for a couple weeks. Sleep with it under your pillow etc. You’ll be fine.

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what is a good tarot deck to be using for someone who wants to start tarot?
I was looking on amazon and there are a lot of things about tarot cards but i don’t know who offers the most help for the least amount of money that you can get in this economic trouble

Suggestion by how dare I
don’t do it..they are cards of the devil

Suggestion by bongernet
So what’s your plan, to con some ignorant folks out of their money by reading their cards for them? Shame on you!

Suggestion by sly phy
You will be fleecing others of their money with tarot.. why do you need a bargain.

tarot cards?

tarot cards?
i’m using a regular deck of cards for tarot can you help me understand what each card represents?
Pangel: its just a deck of playing cards

Suggestion by silverbirch
A fantasy

Suggestion by J-Boy
playing are missing most of the deck. Not only do this exclude the Knight of each suit but the entire Major Arcana which represent large change or emotions. So you can’t use playing cards, it would be like trying to look through a telescope with only half a lens.

Suggestion by Apeman
Whatever you want them to be

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Tarot cards?
in tarot readings how do i lay the cards?
can you give me a link to a web site that can show me how to lay the tarot cards, please?
Thank you so much! its been bugging me for a looong time now, i’m so glad that you told me it was called a spread.

Suggestion by lives7
Similar to Five Card Stud, or any palor game.

Suggestion by Loki Spákona Dóttir, Myrkr
I believe there’s a site called

I don’t know sites, really. But, if you go to You’ll find some.

Tarot cards are about as dangerous as a regular deck of cards… AKA, beware of the papercuts!

Good luck.

– 16 yo Pagan

Suggestion by boonike
Lay them in the fireplace!

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Tarot Cards?
I wanted to get a deck of tarot cards and wanted to know if there is a difference in the different decks? If so, which is better. Where is the best place to get a tarot deck, and a book explaining what each card means?

Suggestion by Stormwind
Find a deck that’s appealing to you. That’s the main thing. You can be recommended tons of different types, but if you don’t like the layout, you’re not gonna use it to your full ability. As for learning the meanings, meditate on a single card for a few days to divine its meaning and symbolism, and work that into your own method of using the deck.

Suggestion by jolb73
I think your name says it all!

Suggestion by Gazoo
No difference. They are all absurd.

Are ‘reversed’ meanings necessary when giving a tarot reading?

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Are ‘reversed’ meanings necessary when giving a tarot reading?
I recently purhcased ‘Easy Tarot’, which includes a deck of Tarot cards and a book that explains how to use them. I didn’t feel that the original Rider Waite deck fit me, so I decided upon this one. However, the book doesn’t include reversed meanings, as the author didn’t use them herself. Would it be wrong to ignore the reversed meanings, or should I look them up online and write them in the margins of the book?

Suggestion by Not A Crabby Crab
Some readers use reversed meanings: others don’t. I personally do because I find the interpretation is more personalized to the questioner rather than using a generic meaning. I don’t use the Rider Waite either even though it is the most used and one of the oldest decks out there. There are lots of different decks and the one that I use seemed to “just call out to me” if that makes any sense?

Here is a good book that explains reversals: “The Complete Book Of Tarot Reversals” (by Mary K. Greer).

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Why do the Racist Republicans criticize Obama for only going to church 5 times in one year when their Hero?
Ronald Regan didn’t attend Church not even one time in 8 years and Ronnie let Nancy run out country with fortune tellers, astrology and tarot cards !!!

Suggestion by James
Yes racism has everything to do with religion.

Suggestion by Fear The Boom And Bust
who cares your not judged by how many times you go to church

Suggestion by Fat Basturds
why did racist obama fuking wright azz all the times when he said G-D America?

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whats the difference between faery oracles and tarot cards?

tarot cards

whats the difference between faery oracles and tarot cards?
because i read something that amy brown’s faery wisdom deck is not a tarot card deck but its a faery oracle??? but whats the difference???
thank you for answering

Suggestion by MelanieP
Tarot decks have 78 cards and are divided into major arcana and minor arcana cards. Tarot decks have 4 suits of cards, and the names of each card are pretty universal. That’s why a book about tarot can be used with any tarot deck. Oracle decks can have any number of cards and each oracle deck is different from any other. Both types of decks can be used for divination.

I’ve created a Psychic Tarot Reading ecourse on my website, which is about how to read cards psychically rather than just by book definition. This course can also be used for any type of oracle cards. Here’s the link:

I hope this helps!


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Is there any way i can find Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 or 4’s Tarot cards?
As you may or may not know, Persona 3 and 4 includes Social links and Bonds, Which establishes Arcanas, Showing the player a Tarot card. I need to get them beacuse i want to collect them.

Suggestion by Angelica N
EBAY is amazing ^o^ and HURRY and you can still get them (and all the other awesome stuff on the pages (man I really want that Chie jacket -_-) And did you know there’s Persona 3 and 4 trading cards?!

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what does its mean to dream of tarot cards?
i always have dream of tartot cards with me playing with them or getting them readed to me in my dream. i am a christian i believe it’s bad luck and evil, but i having trouble to understand what my dreams are trying to tell me. i need help a.s.a.p.

Suggestion by Bored Guy
Maybe the Dreams section will help you with your Dreams.

Suggestion by Asian Joe
It means that in the near future your dick will fall off.

Suggestion by Pastors George and Sharon
It probably means that satan and the demons are trying to get you to do what you know is wrong. Resist them, and they will flee, like the bible says.

Are tarot cards real do they really work?

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Are tarot cards real do they really work?
i had tarrot cards read for me once and it predicted the past right about a ex relationship lost but can it really tell the future?

Suggestion by Fireball
no they dont…DANGER…it is the occult

Suggestion by FireFop
Fireball… my Tarot cards just told me that yer really a guy.

Suggestion by Pagan Chick With Guns
Yes, but it’s far more complicated than that. Email me sometime if you want to learn more about them. I could fill a book with all the information you would need to truly understand how tarot works.

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Can Tarot cards describe countries?
I often wonder if certain tarot cards describe certain countries. Does anyone know of a website where tarot cards are paired against countries? I have seen astrological matches before, but are there Tarot ones?

Suggestion by joe the man JPA
it’s not part of the classic way of reading the cards so you can use your intuition or randomality and assign countries to the different cards. your system will be as good as any other.

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How do you play tarot cards?
what’s the whole point of playing tarots do you get points or something?

Suggestion by SUB ZERO
You pretend to “read” them. Shuffle them, put some facedown in a random fashion, flip a few of them, pretend to know something and explain it. It helps be very imaginative and try to be consistent.

Suggestion by Lady Love Tarot
Tarot did begin as a card game played by the upper classes in Italy beginning in the 15th century. Starting in the 18th century and on into the present, it began to be used for divination, and is no long commonly used as a game (at least in the US). However, there are many sites on the web explaining the games that use Tarot cards. Cards can be easily found in most bookstores, both new and used. You can find links to the various game rules here :


Suggestion by IntuitiveImpressions
They are a divination tool, which means they help you understanding what is going on now or what will happen. Ask yourself a question, then pull one card as the answer, and three cards over it to explain the answer.