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Can someone help me with tarot cards?

tarot cards

Can someone help me with tarot cards?
I’m writing a scene in my book that involves tarot cards. When drawing the cards how many do you place out to read? Does it matter?

Suggestion by Fatal Kiss
this might help

Suggestion by Nathaniel Palmer
It does not matter for the most part but a classic Spread is the Celtic Cross and its 10 card forming a cross and a staff.

Suggestion by ~*Μα’ϊϊἧɡαἧ*~ can help you with layouts and card meanings

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Is it history stories behind tarot cards?
Is each tarot cards based on true story? Is it history? Or is it fiction? like for an example, ‘The Hang Man’ is about the man hanging up side down for 9 days without eating, There he stays for nine days intent on finding his spiritual self.

Suggestion by PaulCyp
It is 100% superstition.

Suggestion by E.H.
It’s all about symbolism, interpretation, and intuition. Each card has an “original meaning”, however tarot cards are like artwork. It’s whatever YOU get out of them. To one person The Hanged Man could represent unlearned lessons, to another it could be interpreted as something completely different. Each card when interpreted individually are stringed together to form a story (in whichever spread the cards have been dealt).

Personally, when I look at the The Hanged Man card I do (indeed) see a person who has made mistakes but has yet to learn from them. The fact that he’s being hung denotes punishment. His face is depicted with a smirk, as if he’s unfazed by his punishment. Hence, he hasn’t learned anything. Kind of like a little kid cracking up while sitting in time out.

I remember taking an Art Interpretation class in college and hating it. I have no idea why I fell in love with Tarot cards when it’s much of the same thing. Whether or not someone believes in them, there are thousands of different tarot cards out there that can be admired and interpreted just for the artwork and symbolism in each of them.

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What kinds of divination do Druids use?

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What kinds of divination do Druids use?
I am a student of becoming a druid and My two favorite methods of divination are crystal ball gazeing and tarot card reading but that seems more like witch craft…… do druids use those two forms also?

Suggestion by Mel
Well I would personally think that all divination would be ‘categorised’ under magic not a path such as witchcraft.. but here’s what google told me 🙂

There are 3 types of Druidic mantic work used by the Ovates:

I. Augury
Predictions based on signs and omens. Use of the 4 elements. Tea leaves, watching clouds, bird flight, animal behavior, gazing into fire or pools of water etc.
II. Prophecy
Using no outer methods, channeling higher wisdom in relation to
future events.
III. Divination
Methods to find hidden things, whether intangible or tangible. More sophisticated form of Augury. Ogham, Druid sticks, card sets, etc.

Suggestion by anatketani
I believe that Druids use the same kinds of divination that most witches do. I know a Druid who uses the Celtic Tree Oracle and loves it. I have also seen her using animal behavior divination, but I do that too.

Suggestion by nostradamus
the druids were the most powerful wizards and sorcerers ever, and it is from them that i am both descended and learned the craft of magic. the divination tools used by the less powerful were rarely used by true druids, who preferred more advanced means of prophecy. among these are using magic to induce an image of the future in the mind, burning of sacred bones to produce symbols that could be interpereted in the flame, and the use of very powerful symbolic seals that have mostly been lost in time these days to show the very distant future. hope this helps you,

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tarot cards

Can I get my Tarot deck taken away at school?
I’m getting my first Tarot deck in a few days and I’m really excited to do readings on my friends. I know the main Tarot cards aren’t things you mess with because of their properties but I’m going to be extremely careful with them and do the readings in.. secret you could say. Now I’m just wondering if I could get them taken away by a superior? Has anyone gotten their deck taken away? If it helps, I live in Arizona(for laws, maybe?).

Suggestion by Christian purity
yes sin isn’t allowed in schools or it shouldn’t be anyway.

Suggestion by Someone Else
Since we’re talking about old people, then you should probably be super careful dude.

Suggestion by warrior_soul
If it is a cause of distraction yes. it is not part of a religious ceremony so you can’t plead that one.

Is the Hanged man (Tarot) a positive or a negative card?

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Is the Hanged man (Tarot) a positive or a negative card?
I’ve read a lot about this card and I have been reading tarot cards for almost 11 years now and this card is the hardest to interpret. To me, it has a negative significance and should be more feared than Sword 10 or “The Tower”… But some books describe it as positive: “out of self sacrifice comes enlightenment”.. something like that…

How do you interpret this card: in relationship or love Questions? In profession / career questions?

What is your opinion about this card ?

Suggestion by Eris’s Gift
Like most cards, it has a positive side and a negative. If you are using reversals, it can denote the inability to decide between multiple choices, or an unwillingness to take control of a situation to further it.
Generally, I consider it a positive card because it basically means that you’re open to anything that the world throws at you. This card implies that you have faith in the process and that you are exactly where you need to be at this time.

*That is truly the most boring troll we’ve ever had here…

Suggestion by Kristy
I’ve never seen it as a negative. To me, it hearkens back to the story of Odin hanging on the World Tree for nine days to gain wisdom. It’s self-sacrifice, it’s surrender, and it’s also patience – knowing that enlightenment will come in time.

When I see the Hanged Man in my spreads, to me it indicates that this is not a time to act rashly. It’s a time to accept the position you’re in, even if it’s an uncomfortable one to you – maybe even step back and let another person “win.” Take some time off from striving to succeed, and instead contemplate the situation. Metaphorically speaking, hang from a tree for nine days and see what wisdom it brings you!

…also, wth was with the “TD” guy?? Seriously, that was dumb.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
There is no single card in the deck that is “positive” or “negative” outside of the context of a specific reading. Even the 10 of Swords and Tower are not negative… they merely represent conditions within reality… anxiety isn’t always a negative thing as it can help us plan for the future and tragic pride isn’t always bad because from tragedy we can grow.

The Hanged Man can mean stagnation, pause, waiting. It can mean a rite of passage, enlightenment and peace. It can mean sacrifice, discomfort and feeling trapped. It can mean gaining a new perspective or looking at things from a new angle (he’s usually up-side-down, isn’t he?).

One way to get a good idea about a card that is bothering you or that you are having difficulty with is to “walk in” to the card. Sit with the card, stare at it, memorize its appearance. Then, close your eyes and start a meditation (whatever method you prefer)… once you reach a good calm meditative state, visualize yourself standing in front of a life-sized version of the card, then step through the frame and into the scene. Walk up to the character in the card and ask him questions… ask him yourself if he’s positive or negative. Ask him yourself what he means. Start a conversation with him. Let him tell you his story on a one-on-one basis in his own words. Journal about what you observe and discover.
Forget the books written by “experts” because these are YOUR cards and YOUR interpretations of them. Doing this may also show you not just what the card means, but may show you WHY this particular card is giving you difficulty. Something about it may speak to a deep part of your psyche that needs healing… it bothers you because you have a particular problem with something that the card indicates. For instance, I had a breif period where I disliked this card and after some journaling and self-exploration, I realized his message of sacrifice bothered me because I had an issue with selfishness and needed to work through my own bitterness towards thigns that had happened in my past. You might have a similar issue or your issue might be completely different. Cards dont’ have singular meanings… they’re interpretive tools and have layers upon layers of complex meanings.

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What queen is the queen of material items?
i got my tarot cards read and one was about i’m materialistic and how i like anything you can touch like objects. what queen could it be?

Suggestion by Pop N Fresh
That Queen would be my sister… she is totally materialistic.

Suggestion by A. G.
Aquarius girls

Suggestion by Pinky

If you can, can you answer mine?;_ylt=AmdoZEn1FSD28AUleaX4_YXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090516205124AAGjOoV

Can places correspond to Tarot cards?

tarot cards

Can places correspond to Tarot cards?
I’m looking for real Tarot readers and enthusiasts to answer this question. I already know that Tarot cards are often associated with zodiac signs, planets, and people, but can they be associated with places or locations? If so, what cards are associated with what kind of place?

All answers appreciated.

Suggestion by Sahbaaz Ahmed

Suggestion by Tea
Yes, tarot cards can indeed represent a place.

Here are some examples of how the cards can correspond to an actual physical location:

The work place: 3 of Pentacles (customer service job), 8 of Pentacles (highly skilled career), 10 of Wands (manual labor), 2 of Wands (Working for yourself or a job in which you’re the boss).

A sporting event: 5 of Wands (Team sports event such as baseball), 5 of Swords (Dangerous or cutthroat sports event such as MMA, 7 of Wands (individual competitor sports event such as singles tennis or figure skating).

Wet places: 2 of Pentacles (At the beach), 6 of Swords (On a boat), 8 of Swords (In the swamp or wetlands), 3 of Swords (Where it rains a lot), 2 of Swords (By a lake or pool), Page of Cups (At a fishing hole), The Moon (A city by the water).

At a funeral: 5 of Cups (The person died tragically or unexpectedly), 4 of Swords (The death was either expected, peaceful or death from old age).

The outdoors: 7 of Pentacles (A Farm), 9 of Pentacles (A vineyard), Ace of Pentacles (A public garden), King of Pentacles and The Magician (A private garden), The Empress (A forest), Queen of Pentacles (in a beautiful outdoor setting), Queen of Cups and King of Cups (On an Island), Page of Wands and The Fool (In the Mountains), Strength (Wildlife preserve or zoo), Knight of Wands (In the desert)

At the doctor’s: 2 of Cups (The hospital), Temperance (Outpatient or family doctor).

At home: 10 of Cups (Your dream home), 6 of Cups (The home where you grew up), 10 of Pentacles (Where you currently live).

Money exchange: 6 of Pentacles and 4 of Pentacles (Bank or Lender’s office), Ace of Pentacles (Store or pawn shop) .

On the battlefield: 6 of Wands (Where a battle was won), 10 of Swords (A place where a massacre or holocaust occurred), 9 of Wands (A place that has been in constant conflict throughout history).

At a celebration: 4 of Wands (Wedding, graduation, birthday party etc.), 9 of cups (A party that you’re hosting…probably at your home).

Legal facility: Justice (The courtroom or a lawyer’s office), Judgement (Prison, Jail etc.)

Where you sleep: 9 of Swords.

Mental health: The High Priestess (Psychiatrist’s or Therapist’s office), The Devil (Psychiatric hospital).

In a vehicle: The Chariot

Places of learning: The Hermit (A library or bookstore), Ace of Swords (School)

In a dream: 7 of Cups

At the site of a natural disaster: The Tower.

In a very sunny or warm place: The Sun.

Ace of Cups: In the shower or bath.

Your favorite place to be in the whole world: The World.

Places of entertainment: 7 of Swords (Amusement parks, circuses and fairs), The Lovers (A brothel or strip club), Wheel or Fortune (Casinos, Las Vegas, Reno), 3 of Cups (Dance hall or bar), Page of Pentacles (Movies or theater).

Spiritual and charity: Hierophant (Church), Knight of Cups (Humanitarian organizations such as the Peace Corps), 5 of Pentacles (Homeless shelters, soup kitchens etc.)

Junk yard or garbage dump: 8 of Cups.

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Can someone explain tarot cards to me?
I get that tarot cards can tell the past, future, and present, but that’s about all I know. I want to know why there are so many different kinds of them. Do they all read the same thing just different pictures? Someone please expain IN DETAIL!

Suggestion by Rooker
How is it when this question doesn’t pertain to religion people answered it thoroughly as if it is pertain to religion, but when I ask a question (How does Paleoanthropology link with modern evolutionary synthesis?), people quick to write that it doesn’t belong in this category?

Suggestion by SPL Texas
One of satans devices to make you invite demons into your life to control and destroy your body mind and spirit.

Run to Jesus for safety eternally!

Suggestion by •♥♦♣♠•
They make the big business happy and rich

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Does anyone have a set of tarot cards that they dont want and maybe a book also?
I just want a set of tarot cards and like an instruction booklet or something that will teach me how to use them i think its interesting.

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Suggestion by prophotoimages
My wife who is a Tarot Master, says for me to leave Tarot as an uknown entity and don’t bother the unknown. She has locked up her tarot cards so I can’t get at them and my advice is to leave well enough alone. The same applies to the “ouija board”.
So what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

What is supposed to be the power behind tarot cards that makes them work?

tarot cards

What is supposed to be the power behind tarot cards that makes them work?
Just take the question at face value.

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Learn tips and information on reading the cards in the Celtic cross from a card reading expert in this free tarot card video. Expert: Suzanne Diamond Bio: Suzanne Diamond has been working as a tarot reader and psychic professionally since 1990. She has a 90% accuracy rate. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson