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What is the big deal against Tarot Cards?

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What is the big deal against Tarot Cards?
Every question ive been to, People seem to complain and wine about the “sin” or “stupidity” of tarot cards, in the whole entirety of everything. Why the negativity?

Suggestion by anthony h
it is playing with spirits and can be a portal to bad or evil spirits.

Suggestion by Christ is the Lord
The Christian God sees the use of Tarot cards as a sin. That’s why some oppose it.

Suggestion by Ruth Ann
The negativity is more out of fear and/or ignorance.

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Why do people who go to church feel threatened by tarot cards?
I don’t go to church I believe in god I play with tarot cards for fun I don’t take it seriously so why do they? Their just paintings on paper laminated

Suggestion by Elaine M
Not all of them do, just the ones that are uninformed about what the deck is.

Suggestion by Jazman
Cause their bad poker players too.

Suggestion by wha happened
Because they are associated with demons, the enemies of God.

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Where can I get translations for Angel Sanctuary tarot cards?
I just bought a deck of Angel Sanctuary tarot cards, however, they are in Chinese (or so I’ve been told).

Does anyone know where I find/get translations so I can use my cards?

Suggestion by peg leg £££
try languages.

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Why do people who hate Tarot cards comment on them?

Why do people who hate Tarot cards comment on them?
Recently I was on websites about Tarot cards and there were quite a few comments against it. I would like to know (without seeming like a total jerk) why, if you hate Tarot so much, are you on websites about it?

Suggestion by Ragan that is Called Ragan
People are scared of them, that’s all.

Suggestion by Wolfechu II
Well personally, I’m not. I’m on a website which covers all aspects of spiritual beliefs, both positive and negative.

Suggestion by Karl P
Deuteronomy 18:9-12.

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What happens if you burn tarot cards?
I always wanted to learn to read tarot cards, my mum was very good at it. After she died a few years ago my dad tried them. They must have told him something that scared him so he burned them, along with the book that came with them. They were lovely cards and I loved the fact that they had belonged to my mum, so I was pretty angry with him for burning them, but he said there’s some things we’re better off not knowing.
Question is, do you get bad luck from burning them?
Ooops wrong section, sorry!

Suggestion by sailormoonfan281
the only bad luck is that they were burned in the first place. as far as i know there isn’t any superstition tied to them.

Suggestion by Kiki
i don’t think so, i’m sorry that you lost them though.;_ylt=AkNtSTXZw1z91EWDv_sWTNvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100110171324AAFkbNl;_ylt=AqAi6Q.ltB_Gjq7HmF5Hoinsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100110145850AARe9GA

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What are all the names of the cards in a tarot deck?
Like… Empress, Emperor, High Priestess, death… etc.
I’ve never seen a real deck of tarot cards, but I’d like to know the names of the cards for an art show I’m going to be producing later on this year.
I know there are several decks, but as long as it’s a more classic deck, and is complete, I’ll be happy.

Suggestion by Mary
well its way too much information to write but heres the website : copy and paste then scroll a tiny bit down

Suggestion by Pam Richards

There are 78 cards made from 2 decks. The Major Arcana which has 22 & the Minor which has 56. The later is divided into 4 suits of 14 cards which go from Ace – King.


Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
There are 78 card in the Tarot Deck. Too numerous to name here. You can find the names of each card by doing a google search.

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What are the best tarot cards to represent internal conflict?

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What are the best tarot cards to represent internal conflict?
Ok so i should know this cause i have like 3 decks of tarot cards but im working on a humanities project and i need a picture of internal conflict and i figured that tarot cards would have some of that. But obviously im not that good with the meanings of tarot so if anyone can help me out that would be great ^_^

Suggestion by Anonnie Mouse
The tower, death, hanging man, and many of the sword cards inverted.

Suggestion by hippiegimpgirl101
Well, I use the Faery Wicca Tarot deck, and also Spiral Tarot deck. I find that the Faery wicca cards really elaborate in their explanations, and a good card to represent conflict from that deck (there are several) would be many of the Aer cards, and also maybe the Round Tower, ancient card # 16 Or number 15 the Old One. well, look into it. Hope i helped =) blessed be and good luck with your project.

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How can you make tarot cards look older?
I rubbed teabags on them, that worked somewhat.
How can you make Tarot Cards look old and antique?
Any suggestions?


Suggestion by Oreiad
This site suggests coffee, lemon juice and vinegar
Requires an oven
This might give you some additional ideas

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