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how can i learn to read tarot cards?

tarot cards

how can i learn to read tarot cards?
i’m interested in learning how to read tarot cards for myself and friends. what’s a cheap place online to get cards, what’s an easy way to learn to read them? and how comes some people say they are bad?

Suggestion by Miss. nopi chic
hey my mom erad tarot cardsw there is a book that comes with them study it…

Suggestion by FlyChicc420
Go to your local Hastings, they should sell some Tarot cards, and you can usually get a set that includes a book on how to read. People think they are bad because they were used by Pagans (Earth worshippers, not devil worshippers like popular belief). Most people don’t realize the four suits of playing cards are based off of the 4 suits of Tarot (swords, pentacles, cups and coins).

Suggestion by bibitopito
Hi waitress,

One place I would highly recommend for you to speak with a tarot card reader to learn how to read tarot cards is here:

The tarot card readers are very helpful and courteous and the best thing about that site is you get to talk to them one-on-one via microphone and webcam and it makes the experience more personal.

Good luck!

What dose these tarot cards mean about a relationship?
I’ve done a reading for someone I know asking a question about them. I used the Rider Waite tarot deck online.

I ask do (him) love (her)?

The cards came up to be – link below

It means you have herpes.

Suggestion by Loki LaufeyJarson
It means a busty succubi will have sex with you tonight and steal your soul as you orgasm.

Suggestion by Phileas
What other people do with their lives is none of your business.

That said, the tarot spread depicts your state of mind when you are thinking about those other people. And looking at the spread, I know that you habour either envy or hate for one of them.

crossing the bridge between oracle cards and tarot cards?
i have been doing a lot of work with oracle cards, and i feel like i am ready for something more intuitive. what are some suggestions for crossing the bridge or transitioning from oracle cards to tarot? any suggestions or help welcome.

Suggestion by Forgotten Splinter
You’ll need a book to guide you on the certain pack that you decide to use, whatever that may be.

If you buy a rider-waite set, then try to find “The Tarot Revealed” By Eden Gray. It’s what I have 🙂

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
I’m not clear on how oracle cards are any less “intuitive” then tarot. In fact, I find both systems (if oracle can be considered a single “system” since it’s really not… it’s many different systems… each oracle deck ahs it’s own system…) to be equally open to intuitive interpretation… in fact, Tarot has a lot more logical flow to it then oracle decks tend to and the tarot system is so specifically coded.

That said, if you’re itnerested in tarot, start by getting a deck… you can find inexpensive decks, sometimes “mini” decks are really cheap… choose a basic deck, liek the “Rider-Waite” or other closely related decks like the Hanson-Roberts or Morgan Greer or the official “Los Scarabeo” company deck… these decks have the most iconic images that are used in most tarot literture for training. Once you have a deck, sit andstudy the images… go through the whole deck card-by-card and read about them, study the image and journal abotu your imrpessions. Dont’ use the book when doing readings… stick to interpreting the image itself… use the book only for training.
Once you feel comfrotable with the system, you’ll be in a better position to choose a nicer deck… find soemthing that appeals to you, soemthing pretty and also soemthign that seems to really speak to you… that the images really have a depth to you that call to mind symbols and keywords all on their own. Once you ahve a new deck, go through and study it again just like you did with your first deck to re-familiarize yoruself with it… go ahead and compare it to your other deck to see what might be different… use you intuition when interpretin the images and have fun!

I have recently started using tarot cards and was wondering if someone could help better explain?

I have recently started using tarot cards and was wondering if someone could help better explain?
I used a 9 card layout and this is what came out.

Wheel of Fortune (reversed)
Two of Hearts
Nine of Pentacles

The Chariot
Ace of Wands (reversed)
Six of Pentacles

Ten of Wands (reversed)
Eight of Swords (reversed)
Five of Wands (reversed)

Suggestion by COSmic iNsiG NiFiCaNcE
You need to listen to what’s going on in your head.

What meaning do these cards evoke to you?

Tarot is like self psychoanalysis.

Look at the pictures. What parallels can you draw from them to your real life?

Suggestion by pappy12a
Tarot is pseudo science …doesn’t even qualify as religion

Suggestion by _MiR_
In order to help you interpret them we would need to know what the positions are. However, if you just need another source of potential definitions for each card I would recommend.

Good Luck. I hope this helps. 😀

tarot cards

Sometimes we are given a pack of Angel/Tarot cards as a gift, without the manual which explains the meaning of each card. Even if this is not the case it is always important to get to know the cards without the use of the manual. In this video Helen discusses a way in which you can learn to read the cards on intuition alone. Please visit Helen’s website at and follow her on Twitter at http

is there a tarot reader or fortune teller out there that can help me?

tarot cards

is there a tarot reader or fortune teller out there that can help me?
I just want to know if there is a fortune teller or tarot card out there who can give me some insight into my relationship. I need to know if i should move on with my life or continue trying what im doing. I dont have any money but i would really appreciate some help. I have an aim name i will give someone if they want to talk to me, yahoo messenger too, or you can email me. Please no smart comments or fakes………..

Suggestion by STONER
your looking in the wrong place. you should ask god to guide you in the correct direction

tarot is not from god. anything that is not from god could sway your decision and make u decide something that is not best for you. what if a fortune teller tells you the relationship your in is bad but in reality its the love of your life who you are meant to be with. this tarot card reader will change your whole life.

the answers will come if you ask god to guide you. dont go looking for black magic answers or you may be guided the wrong way.

Suggestion by Alan C
listen to your mind and thoughts! dont listen to your heart your heart only wants one this and your mind will go through the stages of
* will i get hurt
* do i want to get hurt
* this is the right thing!

Suggestion by maze_walker
Don’t listen to the head. It thinks too logically.
Don’t listen to the heart. It’s too full of emotion.
Don’t waste money asking anyone anything.
The answer is with IN you.
Go with your gut. It never lies.
Intuition is a wonderful gift.

How can I focus my tarot readings on a specific future outcome instead of my evolving feelings about it?
I have been reading tarot cards for a little over a year now. Right now I am involved in a highly selective admissions process, and I would like to focus my readings on the outcome of this process. I feel like many of my recent readings have only reflected my developing anxiety and dread over the process itself. My skill level is amateur at best, so I would really appreciate any suggestions that would help me focus my readings on long term outcomes.

Suggestion by Phoenix
You realize tarot is bullcrap, right?

Suggestion by iluv2worship1
Just don’t do that’s bad..there is a higher power..Jesus..and He loves you more than anyone ever can.

Suggestion by Ptah
Never try to read yourself Learn to Read The Tarot Cards and you will undoubtedly discover more about yourself. The Tarot Cards are often misunderstood by many and even feared by some. Infact there is a beautiful story, a journey within the cards – one that relates to us all. These 78 cards are really the pages of a book that creates an amazing story – the book of life. Every aspect of our human journey and experiences can be portrayed in the cards. When you learn to read the tarot cards you start to understand and appreciate that journey alittle more than you did before. To find out more you are welcome to join our Inner Circle.

How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?

tarot cards

How do you develope your psychic abilities to read people without tarot cards or any tools?
I have been reading the Tarot for about 7 years. I have for the past two years been working with reading auras and talking to spirits. When I read the tarot I only use the pictures as triggers to start the film reel in my head which gives me the information I need. I was trying to find a catalyst to receive the information without having to use any tools such as Tarot cards.

Suggestion by Meditator_Nepali
Probably through meditation.

Suggestion by Miri
Meditation is where I started. First you have to get intouch with your inner self and your “guides” (some people may call them angels, guardians etc).

Open your mind and free your heart.

tarot cards

This is a video in response to AmandaPearl2, MoonlitOpal and Angelo Nasios videos in regards to Hardest Tarot Cards for them to read. This video is just my thoughts on the cards they spoke about and my insight into each of them. Please keep in mind that this video is just my interpretation of the cards and is by no means the “truth” or “the only way” to read the cards. Many blessings of abundance, joy and love!

Does rationalization regarding Randi Foundation’s challenge/award count as Orwellian Doublethink?

tarot cards

Does rationalization regarding Randi Foundation’s challenge/award count as Orwellian Doublethink?
Real psychics don’t take Randi’s challenge because they’re not interested in money.
And this is why everything is available for free in a psychic bookstore-giftshop. Oh that’s right, they charge a lot of money for tarot cards, readings, books, talismans, etc.
Orwell called this Doublethink!
It was the ability to internalize a contradiction and operate normally as if everything was normal and there was nothing wrong.
It’s not the only example. You don’t have to look any further than headlines and pundits to see people entagled in Doublethink.
But Spiritual (Religious or whatever flavor is present) schools of thought thrive on Doublethink.
As a matter of fact, if you look at Orwell, it’s almost a how to manual for every cult, religion, totalitarian state, or corrupt institution that has ever warped people’s minds.
I agree with James Randi! It is harmful and should be opposed!

Suggestion by zachary9351
I agree with you.The logic can be followed in anything paranormal.People who take this nonsense as fact.Don’t understand the damage they do to society.True, mostly it’s a harmless, silly pastime.But,it can and does degenerate into dangerous situations.Witch burnings in Africa.Men infecting young girls with AIDS.Because Shamans say it’s a cure.The list is endless.Very stupid and very sad

Suggestion by Peter D
In addition to doublethink they also employ logical fallacies like the straw man, as well as intellectual dishonesty and outright lies. Their dogma isn’t subject to scrutiny.

Suggestion by psiexploration
Whether are any real psychics in the I can perform magic tricks without the use of tricks (as Randi defines it) is still an open question as that evidence for such a person is limited at best. That does not provide evidence that such persons do not exist.

However, the question if psychic phenomena or ability exist (mostly tested in unselected subjects in the general population) is a completely different question.
Unlike a failed magician turned witch hunter, scientist (many that are members of the Parapsychological Association and many that are not) conduct scientific experiments and publish their results (with both negative and positive results) in peer reviewed science journals.
Randi fails to challenge these results (statistical evidence is not acceptable) and most critics have such poor excuses that their analysis fails to get published in peer reviewed journals (there are some exceptions, Randi is not one).

To oppose scientific inquiry into any phenomena is indeed cult like thinking but I say the skeptics are probably beyond rescue on these matters.

Michael John Weaver, M.S.

tarot cards

what store sells tarot cards?
I’ve been interested in buying some tarot cards and learning about them. I don’t want to order them online, I wanted to find a store that I could go to.

Suggestion by Helen
It depends which country you are in. You can usually find them in bookshops or New Age stores. I have heard people mention Borders and Barnes and Noble.

The problem with buying them this way is that they are usually sealed in boxes and locked in a cabinet so you can’t really browse properly. They also only have a limited range in stock.

You can read deck reviews and card images at, amazon and many other sites.

I highy recommend the free Tarot course at

tarot cards

Is it bad luck to buy your own deck of tarot cards?
How do you learn to do tarot? Does tarot have to be something your family has done like tradition to be able to do it your self?

Suggestion by jkhighley
It’s a sin that can’t be forgiven, you are sinning against the Holy Spirit, repent now before it’s too late

Suggestion by Girrafe
do u really believe in it

Suggestion by Elisha
Its “bad luck” to own or use them. Tarot cards, along with other occult things (Ouija boards for example), are not what you want in your life. They are dark, and not to be melodramatic, but they’re satanic. Stay away from that sort of thing.