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Palm Reading, how much validity does it REALLY have?

how to read palms

Palm Reading, how much validity does it REALLY have?
So, I’ve been reading books about palmistry. I thought it might just be a fun things to learn to do, just one of those random skills to entertain. I find it very interesting so far.

But is there actually any real validity to reading palms? I’m asking people who KNOW what they’re talking about, not someone who knows nothing about it and immediately dismisses it. It’s been around for years!

So is there any truth that you’ve found in palm reading? And why?

Detailed answers are appreciated!

Suggestion by Karema Midnight
It is a valid way to con people out of money.

Suggestion by fever
so i dont really believe in the whole palm reading thing. ive gone to palm readers before for fun and they all say the same thing: “you’ll find love”, and “you will go on a long journey”. I think its more of a game than a serious skill.

Suggestion by Zarathustra the überdude
I think it is for entertainment purposes and nothing more.

how to read palms

Are Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

A card reader would get all cards of Tarot laid out on the table to prepare for a reading coming next. Psychic would do the rest to help the clients to get enlightened by whatever is conveyed from those occult cards. You may wonder how possible it is for a psychic consultant to read a bundle of cards plus various illustrative images printed on them? How could a reader read the cards to make sense out of them?

Surprisingly, most psychics expert in letting their clients know more of themselves, recall the past life, and make predictions about what are the most likely to take place far in the future. According to some other people, they claim that Tarot card readings is one of the most common ways of conveying the truths behind every secret of a person’s life as well as inform him about what is about to come.

How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings?

There would be no wonder that a lot of people love to visit Tarot websites online on a regular basis in which most of them trust that their immediate guidance on life is very critical, especially in helping them to make any significant decision in lifetime. On the other hand, we also witness some others who do not take any word of any mystery created by Tarot readings at all.

Such an intuitive approach from Tarot, this special technique would base on any intuition to guide us to the interpretations that can possibly occur in reality. By drawing one specific card, you can use this means to know about a particular significance.

When it comes to the level of accuracy of Tarot card reading, it should be compared to the weather forecast. It’s said that the weather predictor will inform us about the possibilities of a bright day full of sunshine, and what is going to take place at times.

Just like it, Tarot card reading would depend on any trend along with energies that are presently taking place. As you know, things can be right or wrong, and we’re not obviously God, so there’s always any room for the so-called misinterpretation in many cases. The reason for this is because one situation can be altered quickly and unexpectedly

Tarot’s Different Spreads

  • Cross and Triangle Spread: we call it the query Tarot layout, which is mostly availed to help the querents to examine all kinds of questions regarding the general scope of your life directions.
  • Celtic Cross Spread: it’s well-known, and exclusively intended for the purpose of shedding the light on various respects of life. We have different variations for this spread.
  • Tetraktys: base on the thought of Platonist and Pythagorean Mathematics. The spread usually consists of 10 cards in total. It’ll be used to explore the querent’s true state and others both spiritually and physically.

Feel free to have all possible questions sent to the textbox available below when you’re still confused about the topic “How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings?”

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I want to be able to read palms… Anyone know how?

how to read palms

I want to be able to read palms… Anyone know how?
Are there any palm readers here? I have a psychic ability and I can read tarot cards, but I want to learn how to read palms also. Tips on how??? Thanks. [:
Please, don’t say psychics aren’t real or that kind of stuff is dumb, or anything like that. I would rather you skip this question rather than being rude. Only answer if you turely know, thank you!

Suggestion by Katara M

Suggestion by ☼AstrologerJuliAnne☼
A great book on learning how to read palms is called “Hand Psychology”.

Suggestion by Astro Lady
You can start by going to some online palm reading sites. One that i use from time to time is:

Start with hand shapes, finger length, major lines (Life, Head & Heart). Those are the basics of palmistry.

Good Luck.

how to read palms
how to read palms

does anyone here knows how to read palms?
i noticed that my baby have only two lines on his palm…im just wondering if someone would read it for me!

Suggestion by ann may
well, i dont, sorry…

Suggestion by ♥gigi♥
you cannot read a childs palm

Q&A: Why do I feel on top of the world on Meth but not an addict, please read?

how to read palms

Why do I feel on top of the world on Meth but not an addict, please read?
I’m no druggie, I don’t do drugs every day, but had a chance to try Meth, snorted only very little bit, and it was like I could answer any question. We were at my boyfriend’s pad in Malibu, he lives right on beach and waves go right under the house, and there were other couples and we were having a serious question and answer session and I kept it up so lightly with my answers that all of them wanted to ask me questions about what they were thinking, and what their future looked like, and then I started to read palms and throw my crystals I keep with me and could actually answer their questions by looking at crystals. We talked a lot about God and Jesus and I had concise good answers, that later on I got 20 calls from them saying how cool it was. So what’s so bad about Meth if you use it as a party thing, or once in a blue moon???????

how to read palms

My palm lines has changed, does it have a meaning?
My palm lines has changed ( it think ) I watched at my hand one day and it seemed really different. My fate line has become really straight it begins a bit over my wrist and then after 1cm it is “connected” with the health line my fate line stops right at the heart line. Those who knows how to read palms do you know what this means?

I don’t know if this really means something, but it would be interesting to know if it does.

how to read palm files *pdb on pocket pc pda?

how to read palm files *pdb on pocket pc pda?

Suggestion by djgriffinny
I have a Palm, but I don’t think there should be any difference. If you are talking about ebooks, if you are using ereader, I think they will work on either platform.

If you post your question again, with more information, you may be able to get a better answer.

Suggestion by komenggg
Try Team One’s Reader v3.0 standard 3.0 found it from

how to read palms

Has anyone forgotten how to spell psychic since seeing all of the people misspell it on the R&S section?
Either I am becoming dyslexic or I am just really getting confused when I see the work psychic on R&S. Thanks to so many misspellings, I can’t tell which one is right anymore! As far as I can tell, it could be spelled pshycics, psycics or psycocks. Who knows.

And why do people assume psychics would be here anyway? What could their fascination with religion be? Shouldn’t they be out hunting ghosts and reading palms?

Suggestion by Moldenke

Suggestion by sparklesntwind
your being judgie.shame-shame

Suggestion by ?
It ain’t just psychic, brother. People have simply lost their mastery of the lexicon, period.

Dyslexics Untie!

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