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does anyone know how to read palms?

how to read palms

does anyone know how to read palms?
just wondering if anyone knew how to read palms and if i sent u a picture of my hands if u could tell me what they mean. i really dont beleive in that stuff, but i just really wanna do it for the fun of it, but then again i really do always wonder what these lines mean pls let me know if ur willin to read them give contact info

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I can read your love line.That’s the line coming down from your index finger.Here’s some facts:
If your line is straight:You don’t like long relationships.You prefer one-night stands and clubbing or a rave.
If your line is curved:You are a sweet romantic.Long relationships are your thing.
If your line is split it means the same as if your line is curved.Hope i helped!

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I don’t know really but if you search for it in yahoo, I’ve found a website where you can read your own palms. I’ve tried it before.

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I know how to read marriages and babies.
Can’t tell … but it works.

how to read palms

Does anyone know how to read palms?
i need to know and anna that wrote kind of the same is your name anna spaletta or something

how to read palms

How much does it generally cost to get your palms read and future told?
How can I find some legitimate placeS?

Suggestion by lala
The best way to find a good palm reader is by asking your friends ; family ; co worker or your hair dresser ; anyone who you have contact . There always someone who know a palm reader

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They usually do not charge. You donate what you want.

How To Read Palm Career Line?

Want to know the future prospects of your career? It is time to take a deep look at our Career line or also known as the Fate line. Actually, it is the vertical line in the middle of our palm, running from the palm’s bottom up toward the base of the longest finger. Don’t hesitate to follow it, and get a better understanding of career success and retirement!

In general, the Fate line reveals the course of our career and financial conditions in life, records job changes and notes our achievements and failures. It also gives the time line to follow so that we may chart our professional and material progress. In some cases, Career line depicts business victories and setbacks, financial joys and woes and so forth.

Examine our career line right now!

How To Read Palm Career Line?
  • The deeper and stronger line indicates that we feel satisfied with our career at the current time. On the other hand, the weak line reveals that we have not fulfilled our ambitions while the wavy one shows that we have hesitated about our dedication, and our energies have been weakly spread.
  • If we don’t posses any Fate line at all, yet the rest of our hands are positive and powerful ones, it can signify that our life is full of nonconformity and adventure. We can have different jobs.
  • The presence of 2 Career lines means that we can have 2 jobs at the same time. Possessing several weak lines, we have not determined our life work yet. Instead, we have been pursuing a wide range of unfulfilling jobs.
  • In case the Fate line attaches with the Life line at its starting point, it is difficult for us to set ourselves up in our selected career. If our Career line truly starts inside our Life line, it indicates that we have made an unfinished break from our parents, and their impact is holding us back from starting our public life.
  • If the Career line tends to reach the wisdom line, it depicts that we can stop working based on our own decisions. In case it reaches the love line, it is indicative of relationship troubles, causing our career to end.  
  • In some cases, multiple broken lines refer to the constant changes of job environment or unstable jobs.
  • Two Fate lines available like a pair signify that we can have great chances to get different work or second job.

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How To Read Palm Love Line?

How To Read Palm Love Line?

Each of us possesses our own qualities, behaviors, ways to deal with others, styles of living or even ways to express our inner affections. In some cases, everyone around us feels totally charmed by our characteristics and qualities. Want to know why they love us? Wish to unearth our hidden talents? Long to get a general glimpse of our future prospect? It is time to practice Palmistry or Chiromancy.

It is believed that certain lines, curses and whorls in our palms disclose the stages of love and situations that can lead to marital life. Although the love line will not provide us with information about our romance exactly, it is able somehow to advise us what we should to have a healthy relationship. Via this topic, we can understand the love line on our palm, and its amazing secrets.

How To Interpret The Love Line In Palm?

How To Read Palm Love Line?
  • Mount of Venus – An Area for Love and Relationship

Mount of Venus has its location in the base of thump. In fact, it reveals quality of romance, physical potential and sex issues. In case it is raised, it refers to good relations with partner and friends. Any broken line cutting on it shows tense relations and anxieties.

If there is any star on it, it is indicative of marriage and great support from parents in wedding. The bright and healthy color reveals much compassion and love to lovers. Furthermore, if this mount of Venus is less developed, this person can face up to many troubles like child birth.

  • A caring individual

In Chiromancy, the Heart line represents emotions, passions and compatibility. The long and deep line without any cut and break will be highly carrying, loving and passionate. Those have a tendency to enjoy wonderful relationships with their spouse and have the contented marital lives. In case this line is apt to reach the end of the palm, then this individual can get physical once his demand is not satisfied.

People with short lines are often demanding and described as the free thinkers. To seek charming partners, they will not hesitate to take various challenges and risks. Their main purposes in life are the luxury and comfort of material things.

  • Further spousal affairs

Look at the red lines in the picture! They are considered as sexuality-related lines. One line indicates the happy marriage while two lines portray great sexual relations with partner or spouse.

In addition, three lines symbolize extramarital relations (love outside marriage). In case the finger tips are heavy, it signifies that this person is listed as the emotional type.

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where is the best website on how to read palms?

where is the best website on how to read palms?
i want to learn how to read palms, what is the best website for that? and i’m not wikkin or anything, i just think it would be fun. =D
look, i said i am NOT Wiccan!! i am strict old regular baptist, but i haven’t made it right yet, im only 13 but i just think it would be a cool party trick i’m not going to change my religion

Suggestion by Gutbucket-itis – a cure is coming
No, that is just foolishness

Suggestion by Freddy Flatfeet
palms or psalms……big difference.

Suggestion by Hobbie Horse
Miami, FL has lots of palms to read.

how to read palms

where can i go online to learn how to read palms?

Suggestion by Profuy
Try this:

Palm Reading – Learn How to Read Palms
Ever wondered what all those lines on your palms meant? Here is a quick guide to learning how to read palms…

how to read palms

Does anyone have any websites on how to read palms?
ive always wanted to read palms

Suggestion by kencan

Suggestion by Ken L
There are several good ones, but just be sure the people who wrote it have real experience.
There is a good sized list of professional palm readers and their websites at
Be sure to also visit the other resource sites listed below.

Palm Reading For Girls

Palm Reading For Girls

Palmistry or palm reading is considered a form of divination, enabling readers to map a querent’s life or traits by simply taking a look at her palms. No way is proven in fortune telling, but if we are invited to one’s sleepover or other fun gatherings, it shall serve as the entertaining trick. Of course, although reading palm lines for girls is not quite difficult, we must at least learn the basis of palmistry to make our experience feel real and great. Regardless of whether we are expert palmists or simply those who’re fond of studying any whimsical way to divine our future and love life, the art of palmistry may be a learning and enjoyable experience for girls of all ages to enjoy once.

How To Read Palms For Girls?

At first, it’s time to learn our or our bosom friend’s dominant hand. Here, there should be 3 distinct lines while others seem not be as well-pronounced. The names of these major lines are the head line, life line, and the heart line. The heart line, according to palm reading, runs from the joint of our index finger in the curve across our palm, and it is just entertaining with the meanings about our romantic interests, relationships, love, and other related topics.

Palm Reading For Girls

A single line, running up the center of our palm, is exactly the fate line. Those whose palms don’t include this line are allegedly said to lack direction in life. In other words, they seldom show their tenacity to stick with any vital relationship or project. Hence, very social members who’re in and out of love can lack the fate line. Spend much time in studying the in-depth meanings of the shapes, textures, and sizes of a person’s heart and fate lines. The details are totally intricate, in terms of palm reading. Nevertheless, in case we are girls finding out love, fun, and destiny, our fate & heart lines will hold an ocean of meanings.

Now, observe the edge of our pinky closely. This area allows us to know how many kids we can have, or when we’ll get married. Try to see how the fingers separate on palm. Those who are absorbed in wedlock and any romantic interest may pay much attention to their ring fingers on the left hand. In case they naturally separate, or even stand out from the rest of other fingers, it implies willingness to commit. On the other hand, crooked fingers seem to be indicative of members who lie very much while the short forefingers reveal sensitivity.

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