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Q&A: Why do I feel on top of the world on Meth but not an addict, please read?

how to read palms

Why do I feel on top of the world on Meth but not an addict, please read?
I’m no druggie, I don’t do drugs every day, but had a chance to try Meth, snorted only very little bit, and it was like I could answer any question. We were at my boyfriend’s pad in Malibu, he lives right on beach and waves go right under the house, and there were other couples and we were having a serious question and answer session and I kept it up so lightly with my answers that all of them wanted to ask me questions about what they were thinking, and what their future looked like, and then I started to read palms and throw my crystals I keep with me and could actually answer their questions by looking at crystals. We talked a lot about God and Jesus and I had concise good answers, that later on I got 20 calls from them saying how cool it was. So what’s so bad about Meth if you use it as a party thing, or once in a blue moon???????

how to read palms

My palm lines has changed, does it have a meaning?
My palm lines has changed ( it think ) I watched at my hand one day and it seemed really different. My fate line has become really straight it begins a bit over my wrist and then after 1cm it is “connected” with the health line my fate line stops right at the heart line. Those who knows how to read palms do you know what this means?

I don’t know if this really means something, but it would be interesting to know if it does.

how to read palm files *pdb on pocket pc pda?

how to read palm files *pdb on pocket pc pda?

Suggestion by djgriffinny
I have a Palm, but I don’t think there should be any difference. If you are talking about ebooks, if you are using ereader, I think they will work on either platform.

If you post your question again, with more information, you may be able to get a better answer.

Suggestion by komenggg
Try Team One’s Reader v3.0 standard 3.0 found it from

how to read palms

Has anyone forgotten how to spell psychic since seeing all of the people misspell it on the R&S section?
Either I am becoming dyslexic or I am just really getting confused when I see the work psychic on R&S. Thanks to so many misspellings, I can’t tell which one is right anymore! As far as I can tell, it could be spelled pshycics, psycics or psycocks. Who knows.

And why do people assume psychics would be here anyway? What could their fascination with religion be? Shouldn’t they be out hunting ghosts and reading palms?

Suggestion by Moldenke

Suggestion by sparklesntwind
your being judgie.shame-shame

Suggestion by ?
It ain’t just psychic, brother. People have simply lost their mastery of the lexicon, period.

Dyslexics Untie!

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How do I read peoples palms?

how to read palms

How do I read peoples palms?
I want to learn how to read palms, any help?

Suggestion by FoodLovesMe
well a good simple one to start with is the life time line heres a link with lots of pictures
and basically go thing by thing like if u want to learn how to read a certain thing google it type in how to read if someone is in *blank* on there palm or phrase it better or check out a book about reading palms at the library!good luck!

Suggestion by kilroymaster
The best way to go is to find a book that shows you how to read someones palm…. Check out your local library………………………

Suggestion by Terry
You buy a book such as “Secrets Of The Hand” Authored by Joachim Bennett. Read it then hope you have the talent for the readings full beyond illustrations and diagrams.

how to read palms

How do you read palms?
I’d like to learn how to palm-read. I know it sounds wierd, but thats me. I’ve always thought that it was so cool how they could look at your palm and figure out what happens in your future. No mena comments plz.

Suggestion by meow768
palm reading tells your past not your future

Suggestion by Nevaeh
I recommend checking out a book at the library, and if they don’t have one on palm reading, try a bookstore. 🙂

Suggestion by ChrisChristine
Take the palm in your hand. if it is dry, it needs more water, if it is wet, you have watered too much, if it has white spots, it has a bug, if it doesn’t look good, try using a fertilizer. One teaspoon to one teaspoon of water.

Oh you mean….nevermind.

How do i read palms? I don’t want to see the future, just the present.?
So far I know very little of the palm lines. I know some about the head and heart line. the life line i haven’t learned about. I know about the fme line, but i want to know all there is to know about palm reading. please don’t post anything about seeing the future. I only want to uncover what is in the persons mind and their personality. thanks!

Suggestion by hanweipaulchen
You can’t use things like that to uncover stuff like that. That is just pagan, if you ask me.

Suggestion by JFlo Lapin
just have to look at your palm……… focus……….. really focus…………… more focus…………… you should see it! :p

Suggestion by Dillan
There are books that tell you how to read palms and what the lines mean you dont have to be physic to posses this ability hope that helped you

how do i learn how to read palms?

how to read palms

how do i learn how to read palms?
i want to learn how but have no way to learn can someone help me …

Suggestion by anicd5225
and search palm reading

Suggestion by Kris.ilicious
hi 🙂 you can try this:

Suggestion by Erik Van Thienen
Try the links at :

how to read palms

Could you teach me how to read palms?

Suggestion by smile4763
Psalms are about the best and most hopefull books in the Bible; just go ahead and read them if that seems good to do.

As for Educational books on them, um, well try anything by Tyndale [he translated the first Bible] or, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, or just watch what the belivers read at your local Church. I take it you are a believer? like cos only us are that intense. I mean that good. And I did help you; that’s a good thing.

Suggestion by Sawyer
Well, first you move to Florida.
Then you pick out the tallest palm tree you can find, & start climbing it.
Jump out of it, & when you hit the ground, you….

Suggestion by iamisabaddon
look for chinese numbers on your palm.

Do you know how to read palm lines?
My friend knows how to read palm lines and she said I have “half a horn” on one of my palms. She said that it means I am going to die before the age of 30. Is this true? I am currently 23 years old and worried.

Suggestion by Kathleen
This is why God says to stay away from mediums and psychics. They tell you lies and worry and scare you. She’s messing with your mind.

Suggestion by crap a lot 2
i hope you didnt pay her

How To Read Palm Child Lines?

How To Read Palm Child Lines?

Palmistry or Chiromancy has always got special interest and attention from everyone all over the world, regardless of ages, genders and countries. Specially, no magical tool is required! All we need is to our intuition. To do divination, Psychic readers will make use of different mysterious tools such as Tarot cards, runes, pendulums, crystal spheres, etc. However, did you know that your hands store several secrets about your life cycles, ranging from fortune to career, and everything in between? Just find a gifted Palmist, we will get a chance to take a brief look at our life via the interpreting palms’ lines, hands’ shapes, etc.

Yearn to interpret how our kids will be in the future? Get very easy! Just reading our children lines, various funny secrets will be easily unearthed. Child lines generally root out of the love lines or marriage lines, revealing births which are the outcome of corresponding relationships. 

Predict the children’s prospect via Palmistry

How To Read Palm Child Lines?

Some of us can wonder whether we can know the future of our lovable kids through means of the children lines on palms or not, right? The answer is “Absolutely yes, it is possible to prophesy the number of children from the lines on hands!” It is supposed that divorce, marriage, health can be easily read by Chiromancy. However, kids-related predictions are somehow different.

In general, the children lines are adjacent to the marriage lines. As a result, we will find it hard to have these lines if there are no marriage lines on our palms. Furthermore, the children lines are very small and difficult to see. The bigger lines represent baby boys while the thinner ones symbolize baby girls.

The lines of kids need to be clearly visible, clean and without any chain, island, break and the sorts of irregularities. The Palmists are strongly advised to calculate the Marriage lines and mounts of Venus before interpreting the child lines on the palm. Specially, the well-developed mount of Venus shows the successful and great progeny.

In case there is any island in the beginning of these lines, then it is indicative of ill health of the kids in some first periods. Once any island or break is available at the end of the lines, then babies seem not to grow up. If the mount of Venus tends to be flat, it may make parents childless.

In brief, all of these forecasts about kids may be foretold, but it is better for readers to possess extrasensory ability. Prophesying children is more difficult than predicting other lines on the palm.

If you desire to know further details about this article “How To Read Palm Child Lines?” please send your concern out in the box here.

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