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Does anyone know a website for good (free) Tarot card spreads?

tarot card spreads

Does anyone know a website for good (free) Tarot card spreads?
I’ve got the Celtic Cross memorized, and I can do a lot of spreads anyway, but I don’t think that I’m ready to create my own. I’d like to try out other spreads, are there any websites that you know of with a variety of Tarot Spreads?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Suggestion by LJR
Try this link:

Suggestion by Sean
Check out Sunshine of the Soul

tarot card spreads

What are some tarot card spreads I can use?
I already use the Celtic Cross spreads and the tree-card spread, but not much else. Do you have any to recommend?

Suggestion by Star Light
I use Celtic a lot
Past present future
5 card spread
astrological spread

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
I’m fond of three-card spreads… they give you a good framework and there are countless varieties…


You could come up with any number of spreads that use three cards. I find them succinct and not too confusing… the Celtic Cross has to be one of the more difficult spreads I’ve ever tried!

Get yourself a tarot guidebook… there is often a number of good spreads in books. Also, I’ve found some good spreads online… just look up Tarot Spreads in Google and take a peak at the endless resources you can find!

tarot card spreads

What are some good Tarot Card Spreads for guidance in my love life?
I would greatly appreciate your suggestions for love spreads. Something that doesn’t require too many cards since I am a novice at this. Thanks so much! && You know I will be awarding the 10 points for best answer =)

Suggestion by in case of emergency mike angel.
most think of the Renaissance as a time of love, so how about that one,?

An intelligent and sensible young person. Dependable and practical person who yet hides mysterious corners of himself and hoards secret treasures. An admirer of the patterns of heavens, the makeup of nature, or the language of numbers.
The card at the top right represents how you see your partner. The Emperor: Worldly authority. Professional success. Social power. The life of action and decision, especially in politics and business. Patriarch, clan leader, and pater familias.
The card in the center left represents how you feel about your partner. Eight of Coins (Prudence): Frankness, honesty and innocence. Candid confrontation of circumstances.
The card in the center right represents what stands between you and your partner. The Hermit: Introspection. Retreat. Pilgrimage. Spiritual quest. The search in oneself and in the world for the “Honest Man” of Diogenes the philosopher. Meditation on the passage of time and the dissolution of matter.
The card in the lower left represents how your partner sees you. Page of Cups: A young person of sensitive and meditative nature, capable of deep loyalty and profound affection. A conscientious worker.
The card in the lower right represents what your partner feels about you. Strength: Strength and fortitude. Moral resolve. Triumph over base instincts. Mens sana in corpore sana (Sound mind in a sound body).
The card in the center represents the present status or challenge of the relationship. Six of Coins (Success): Generosity. Philanthropy. Charity. A wise and compassionate decision.

Suggestion by Astro Lady
You can try the following simple spreads:

1) 3 card spread – Past, Present, Future

2) 4 card spread – year forecast, each card represents one season or 1/4 year

3) 8 card spread (4 each in 2 columns done by 2 people) – the positioning from top-down represents mental beliefs, emotional beliefs, spiritual beliefs & physical expression.

For each spread, focus on the question as you shuffle the cards (6x as 6 is number ruled by Venus) and lay them fan spread out in front of you. Pick the number of cards according to the spread you choose and interpret accordingly as well.

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru
Hello Mel

A well presented question can be read with a single card.

Three cards can also be good.

Have a look at our forum.


What does this tarot card spread mean regarding my period/fertility situation?

tarot card spreads

What does this tarot card spread mean regarding my period/fertility situation?
The emperor on the current situation position, knight of swords on the actions to take position, ten of cups on the expected outcome position.

Suggestion by Miss 6
10 of cups indicate family.
Knight of Swords means to be assertive in your situation
Emperor is says order is needed.

tarot card spreads

what cards do you use for the celtic cross card spread tarot game?
im just learning how to use tarot cards. i dont know which cards to use for the celtic cross card spread tarot game. okay there are cards in my deck with only pictures and no words. most of the pictures have swards. im not sure if i use these im the celtic cross game. does anyone know?

Suggestion by Cheryl E
You can use any deck for the celtic cross spread. The “classic” deck is the Rider-Waite, but there are hundreds of others. Get yourself a good book on tarot interpretation.

Suggestion by carmen c
There is a really good book called Tarot In 10 Minutes by R.T. Kasser. Get it its amazing and will answer all your tarot needs

Suggestion by Rachel_S165
IIRC, you use the entire deck. Choose one of the court cards (Page, Knight, Queen or King of one of the 4 suits — Pentacles, Cups, Swords, or Wands) as the significator to represent the person asking the question. then have the questioner shuffle the deck, and deal out the 10 cards for the Celtic Cross spread.

BTW, its not a “game”.

Learn the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread and a Relationship Spread. My links:

Automated Tarot Card Readings. Where can I download for my website?

tarot card spreads

Automated Tarot Card Readings. Where can I download for my website?
I am looking for an automated tarot card reader to put on my website. The kind that tarot card websites have. You can have tarot spreads or 1 or 3 card spread with tarot cards.
Can anyone help me please. I have looked & cannot find anything at all about it.
Many many thanks for any help at all.

Suggestion by The_Seeker
Try another section

Suggestion by JEHOVAH’S SERVANT.
Have NOTHING to do with any form of spiritism as this is the workings of Satan the Devil and his Demons, it is just one of the many tools the Devil uses to turn us against Jehovah God.

Here is what the Bible has to say at GALATIANS 5:19-21

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31 “‘Do not turn yourselves to the spirit mediums, and do not consult professional foretellers of events, so as to become unclean by them. I am Jehovah YOUR God.

Suggestion by *SDA 4 CHRIST* Romans 10:9
Trust God, not Tarot readings. Proverbs 3:5,6

tarot card spreads

Jumper tarot card spreads?
When a card keeps popping out while you’re shuffling, what is a good spread to use on them to figure out what they’re trying to tell you? I suppose with cards like The Lovers or The Hierophant their message is more clear, but The High Priestess and 7 of Swords have been popping out (on separate occasions) and I wanted more cards to clarify, but was unsure if there were specific spreads dedicated to that or not. Thank you =]

Suggestion by Justin M
I use the jumping cards usually as the first card of the spread, especially when reading for someone else. There are times however, when I just put the card back in the deck and continue shuffling. If they are truly THAT important, then they will pop up in the spread somewhere.

tarot card spreads

tarot card spreads, need help?
hae im just wondering all the different type of tarot card spreadsand what they are used for and what type of questions i shoukd use for them, thats all. thanks ppl

Suggestion by lboog
Check out some online sources

Hierophant and Emperor in relationship tarot card spreads?

tarot card spreads

Hierophant and Emperor in relationship tarot card spreads?
Whenever I ask questions about this guy I’m starting to see (who I really like) and our growing relationship – I get the Hierophant and Emperor a lot in the spreads. But I have a hard time interpreting what it means in regards to him and I.

What do these cards indicate in regards to a relationship or male of interest.

Thanks for the help!! These two cards have really been puzzling!

Suggestion by nondescript
If you look for correlation in the cards, you’ll find them. It would be more unusual for cards to all appear next to no other cards in previous deals. That’s just the nature of such combinatorial statistics.

The only thing the cards should tell you is that you’re interested in this guy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be fiddling with cards to try to predict your future with him.

Other than that, the cards just tell you how you shuffled the deck. It’s meaningless.

Suggestion by opinionatedlilbugger
What layout are you using and what are the placements of each? That will determine much of the meaning withing the reading.

Suggestion by Kelly
He’s going to be naturally smart, with strong instincts. Great common sense and charisma. Both of these cards represent thinkers who emotionally stable and connected with their thoughts and emotions.
Neither are show-boaters who put thought towards stuff before they act or speak. They do not leave the first sign of trouble. The Hierophant is a little slower moving in the relationship department, and is very intuitive. The Emperor has a bit of fire and may became a little jealous at times.

tarot card spreads

Different Tarot card spreads(I’m getting tired of my old ones)?
I want tarot card spreads that focus on the future. Or tarot card spreads that mainly focus on the future but give you parts of your past to give verification to the person that this(tarot reading) is real. Not a hoax. Most of my clients only believe there future when their past and present cards were accurate. So what are some good spreads for telling your client mainly about their future.

Suggestion by Lukas Xavier
>Most of my clients only believe there future when their past and present cards were accurate.

And you think the correct response to this is to just stop trying to read the past?
That tells me so much about you.

Suggestion by tarot
Why not do your own? I have never used any “spreads”. I personalize all my readings for the person/situation.

Suggestion by ice magic
this site has all the spreads you could imagine!!

tarot card spreads

Tarot card spreads, what does it mean?
So if i had a tarot card spread with 17 cards, what does the top line mean? My mum says it means it will happen within the next 12weeks. Is she right?
Also what does the celtic cross one mean, what does the first cards mean?
Thanks 🙂

Suggestion by Splash Frog
It means you played with pieces of cardboard with pictures on them. Nothing more.

Suggestion by Cletus
It means nothing. Tarot is superstitious rubbish. Just like Astrology.

Suggestion by carolyne
It is not about the kind of spread that you do (or the number of cards that you pick)! Before you do any spread, you should have determined in your mind which position will be focusing on which matter! I give you a basic exemple: 3 cards spread can be past-present-future.
Make sure your mind is clear before you do a reading, otherwise it is worthless.

Do i need certain tarot cards to do certain spreads?

tarot spreads

Do i need certain tarot cards to do certain spreads?
I have a Tarot card set (the complete kit) and i bought it at barnes and nobles it’s the mega mini kit haha. It has all four suits and the major arcana. I was wondering if i can do love tarot spreads and any other kind of spread using these cards, like do you need certain tarot cards or are these fine? because i know the suit of cups is about relationships and all the others mean something too, so i was just wondering.

Suggestion by mike b
If you have the full set you can do any reading there are no special packs to do separate reading subjects.

tarot spreads

I need to know more about tarot spreads?
Okay I have to write a short story for school and the story involves tarot cards. I have researched a lot on tarot cards but the only thing I still need to know are tarot spreads. Lets say a person randomly walks into a fortune teller’s shop and wants a tarot card reading. She doesn’t have any questions about anything she just wants a regular reading. So what spread would that be? how many cards would be dealt out?

Suggestion by Geezah
Different readers do it differently. They might start off with a simple 3-card spread, or a full 10-card “Celtic Cross” spread, or something else.

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
There is no one answer for this question. There are many spreads that can do what you are asking about. As a matter of fact, all of them can. Questions are done differently.

I use the Celtic Cross Spread. I was taught an extended version which uses 19 cards. After the initial reading, the client may ask any question that has not been answered in the general reading. I use 3 to 5 cards to answer questions. I may get the answer in the first card or have to use more. It all depends.