Does anyone know any tarot spreads for pregnancy?

tarot spreads

Does anyone know any tarot spreads for pregnancy?
Ive found it hard to find anything online so far, i thought of maybe making up one..

Suggestion by PersiaRy




(cup/uterus shape)

1 = the father’s gift to the baby
2 = the mother’s gift to the baby
3 = baby’s best strength
4 = the baby’s biggest challenge
5 = the baby’s mission on earth
6 = the baby’s support on earth


tarot spreads

Dragon tarot cards and spreads?
I love tarot and I want to buy a new deck (mine is too christian). Where can I find aCeltic Dragon Tarot Kit for a good price (nothing over $ 40)? It doesn’t have to be on the internet. Borders Bookstore lists thiers for $ 34.

Also, does anyone know of a good website for tarot spreads?
Surprisingly, all of the New Age bookstores in my area are very far away.

Suggestion by george p
try new age book store

Suggestion by AdwaaDelacrouix
dont know but contact me when you do — i d love a reading — xx check out me and my psychic spirtualness xx

Suggestion by chris j
my wife reads the dragon tarot, but as for where to get them, we went to a new age store that is in town,

as for spreads she usually uses the celtic cross spread.

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  1. Epona Willow says
    Here are a few sites that show different spreads.
    There are many different Dragon Tarot decks, you may want to go on e-bay so you can at least look at a few different decks. It is very disappointing when we purchase a deck and then we don’t connect with it.

    Blessings )O(

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  2. white_wizard says

    6 card spread that is what i do when i do a tarot reading

    1 6
    3 4
    2 5
    it works out nice and the way the cards fall tells u a lot about the reading

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  3. buttercup says

    Don’t know where you live, but if there aren’t any metaphysical stores around try the major book stores like:
    Barnes and Noble, Borders, Hastings, they all carry them, or you can try some of the sites that others have listed here.

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