free palm reading sites?

free palm reading

free palm reading sites?

Suggestion by Loki
According to your palm, you are very gullible and will believe in things that you know are false.

Suggestion by ~*daydreamer*~
I didn’t know there was such a thing lol

Suggestion by conranger1
Like the horroscope these are all rubbish.
And have no bearing on the real world.So many people so many possibilites.
Superstition Rules.

free palm reading

Does anyone know of a good palm reading guide? (preferably free)?
Hi, I’m exploring ways to learn how to read palms and am on the lookout for a decent palm reading guide. Can anybody help me? Ideally I’m after some free advice. I’ve searched through Google and a majority only offer paid advice and ebooks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Suggestion by Christine
The best place to start of with when searching for any type of palm reading guide is the internet. I understand your frustration when looking through google. I had the same problem when i started out researching palm reading. Keep chipping away and you’ll find exactly what you’re after.

free palm reading

Where can I get a palm reading for free or tarot card reading?
I am trying to figure a few things out in my life and I would really appreciate it if someone could read my palm or do a tarot for me via email or over the phone or in a chat. Please no smart a** answers I dont need em serious people only. Thanks!

Suggestion by resa
You can go to

Suggestion by kool
simply log on to www., youll find all that you need.

Suggestion by Olesya C
This site has many readings, they all free. I use it often. Try the stichomancy reading on there too.

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