Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr?

Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr?
I lost my booklet for this deck, and I’ve been looking for an online booklet… Preferably free. Anyone know how I can get it?
I want the booklet because I want to learn the meaning of the cards from the creator’s eyes.
I wish I could just find the meanings online at least… I don’t need the booklet itself.
You can find the general beginner’s deck, rider of the wait (sp?) meanings on like a hundred sites. lol

Suggestion by oldnodd
pretty sure I’ve seen it on ebay

Suggestion by Shyra
I second oldnodd, ebay is your friend on this one.

Would you read something like this?
Bear with me, I’ve just started working on the story so I still have holes to work through. I have this great program that goes step by step through the story, so I’ll plug my idea in soon and start working on it and make it not so…well, crappy. But first I want to get opinions on the basic idea. And when I say basic I mean very, very basic. I’m not going to go into detail about what happens throughout the story..mostly just the beginning and end.

Here’s the deal with the two of them: Roma is a 300 year old immortal. A long time ago when he was a lowly gypsy he was killed by guards who broke into his tent. Luckily for him, the moon was out and was shining bright. Selene, the moon goddess, took mercy on him and infused him with the moon’s power so he could live again, but this time as a Moon Warrior.

Basically that means the only tie the Warrior has to life is through the moon’s power and if it’s taken away then they die. It also means that their free will is taken from them and they’re completely controlled by Selene. They may or may not get the ability to shapeshift…I haven’t decided yet.

Jump ahead 300 years…Roma is one of the best Moon Warriors out there and Selene has put most of her trust into him. But one day when Clair wanders into his tent to have a tarot reading with her friend, Selene marks her for death. This confuses him because she’s only human and the moon goddess rarely bothers with them. Still, he is indebted to the goddess so over the next week he tries to kill Clair.

But he fails. She manages to elude him for a while…until she’s cornered. But then she piques his curiosity by wondering aloud what anyone could possibly want with a human like her. Roma, being the curious being that he is, agrees to find out what it is but vows to kill her quickly. There’s probably going to be more to it than that, but I haven’t decided yet.

Then they go on their interesting journey, slowly figuring out what Selene wants with Clair. It will probably have to do with Clair’s inner strength, which is remarkable for a human and something Selene wants to harness for herself. There may be a prophecy thrown in for good measure as well.

Selene is finally tipped off as to what is happening (Roma hasn’t actually been breaking any of her rules so there was nothing to alarm her) so she makes a visit to Earth. Roma is forced to bend to Selene’s will but Clair manages to fight it, since she’s not a Warrior. The goddess and Clair get into a fight which Clair wins (but only because Selene withdraws back to her kingdom, taking Roma with her).

Clair realizes that she’s in big trouble if she doesn’t get someone on her side, so she decides to go sell her life force to the only person who is stronger than Selene; Helios, the sun god.

That’s probably going to be where the book leaves off. There’s a lot of stuff that I emitted (like the entire middle) since, like I said, I haven’t ironed out the details and I didn’t want to write the whole book here anyway. It’s going to be a series though and, if you’re interested, the next book is basically going to be about Helios helping Clair, taking a particular (potentially deadly for her and Roma) interest in her, and then Clair having to turn to none other than Selene to help. But that story is even more hazy than this one.

So. Tell me what you think.
Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

What I had originally intended was for Roma’s situation to be explained in bits and pieces throughout the story as he and Clair got to know each other, but your comment actually got me to thinking. The story is probably going to be in Clair’s POV (I might switch between, though…I don’t know), but now I think I’m going to add a bit at the very beginning in Roma’s POV, detailing his death. I think this would be the best choice and it would be overall less confusing for the reader. Thanks a lot, I’m not sure if I would have thought of that by myself 😛
Never Mind:

Thank you so much! I love to have people’s insights and you had some great ideas!

Your suggestions actually hit on a few ideas that I purposely left out.

When I mentioned that Selene wants Clair killed both to absorb her life force and possibly because of a prophecy I meant for it to be kind of like Selene has been watching Clair for a while. There will be a reason there for Selene to want to have her killed and it’s probably going to be because of some sort of prophecy. I was kind of thinking of having her be the one destined to destroy Selene, which you mentioned for Roma.

I plan on having some romantic tension between Roma and Clair. You made a good point about him having no reason to spare her, and curiosity isn’t that great of a motivator. So I’ll probably have to do some navigating to make that work out.

And finally, when you mentioned perhaps the sun god and the moon goddess don’t get along, that’s actually what the second book will be
based on, since I’m bringing Helios in at the very end of the first book. But you’re totally right, there needs to be a reason Selene wants to save Roma and you provided some very good ones. I was mostly intrigued with the idea of him being her son and also that he used to be a sun warrior.

I suppose I could make it so he is also meant to bring down the sun goddess, but that would bring up the question as to why she would send Roma after Clair. Why would she want two people who could destroy her to be put together? Maybe to destroy each other. Or, I guess, running with the son of the moon thing, she could altered Roma’s fetus while he was in his mother’s womb, creating the (what she thought, anyway) perfect moon warrior, meant to counteract the prophecy.

Anyway, don’t mind my idea-throwing-around here 😛 thanks a lot for the insight!

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