good and easy quilty deck of tarot cards?

tarot cards

good and easy quilty deck of tarot cards?
I am just learning how to read tarot cards i have already got messages from the angels and have brought healing with the angel on ebay i am just waiting to receieve those. do you know any good tarot cards that are easy to use and good to work with?

Suggestion by Joseph
………………………. if I was sick and dying I would turn to science

Suggestion by Colette Pioline ART
A deck of playing cards is just as useful…

Suggestion by B.T.M.
Either make your own, or just go out and buy a deck from your local occult or book store. Any deck will work, and never, ever use the little booklets that come with them, they only work for people trying out a new ‘fad’, if you want to be serious, go without the booklet.

tarot cards

What do you think of these tarot cards?
Its a three fates spread.

In the place of the past was “The Moon” card.
At the present I had the card of “The Fool”
And for my future the card was “The High Priestess”

Do you have any suggestions for what might be happening? Sounds important, since all of them were major arcana.

Suggestion by ♏ Love ♋
What site is this from?

Suggestion by aav
at present you are very in your own world and just doing things without reason, or so it may seem.
in the future you will gain very esoteric knowledge about something that many around you do not know.

Suggestion by Blah blah blah
In the place of the past was “The Moon” card.
*In the past you were being led by your emotions..You were following your instincts and your gut feelings but not using logic to make decisions. You may have been misled by others, or were following your emotions more than your logic.

At the present I had the card of “The Fool”
*The present is basically thrown up in the air. The fool goes with the flow, allows destiny to run it’s course and doesn’t try to influence what will happen. This is essentially what you are doing at this time.

And for my future the card was “The High Priestess”
*The High Priestess denotes esoteric knowledge, and as a future card, it suggests that your fate, and the guidance you seek, is already available in some esoteric form. Generally, the HP points to a wise mentor who knows things about signs and stars, etc, so you may need to seek out your mentor to help you find your path.

tarot cards

Where can I get Tarot cards in the Dallas Fort Worth area?
It would be great if the place was close to Carrollton or Addison Texas. Thanks in advance and also approximately how much would they cost?

Suggestion by Miss 6
Check your area for any metaphysical bookstores. Or even try going to a big chain store like Borders or Barnes & Noble. The prices of cards very you can spend anywhere between $ 12-$ 30 on a deck.

Suggestion by intuition897
You don’t need to go to the dingy little shop with the flashing neon sign that says ‘PSYCHIC’. eBay, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, and are good places to find cards online. You could also try Craigslist and Kijiji. I’ve found a few decks at local second-hand stores, too, which only cost me $ 3-4 per pack. Just make sure to check that all the cards are there. There should be 78 cards in a standard Rider-Waite style deck. Oracle decks (not the same as Tarot) usually have fewer. Brand new decks are anywhere between $ 15 to $ 30 for common/plain decks, and the sky is the limit for limited edition and otherwise rare decks. It just depends on your budget and what kind of deck you like. There’s a HUGE selection out there. Sorry, I’m not familiar with your area, but I’ve found these kinds of places are good sources.

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