Help! Meanings of Ordinary Playing Cards?

playing card meanings

Help! Meanings of Ordinary Playing Cards?
I am trying to learn the basics of reading fortunes with the use of ordinary playing cards, can somebody give me the meanings of each card?

Suggestion by mhiaa
Best person I know of for this, and he is phenomenal, (don’t know if I spelled it right, my yahoo spell checker never does work) and most of it is free, is Check it out. He’s fantastic, and you can get a daily free reading, which is very accurate. There are many other sites I know of, but thusfar, I have found him to be the most accurate if you are using an ordinary deck of playing cards. Enjoy! He really is incredible. I mean, I do it with plain old cards too, plus I also use tarot cards. But he really is incredible. Everytime I think I know what I’m talking about, he teaches me more. I mean, I can give you the meanings too. But my main gift is astrology and tarot. And his interpretations are just right on!! And if you check my Q and A, on Yahoo, whatever; because I really know very little about computers, nor do I trust them! To this day, I still do most of my calculations the old fashioned way: by hand and a lot of math.!!! Anyway, you will see, that unlike so many others on Yahoo answers that recommend 20 websites for this and this because they’re too ignorant to know how to do it on their own without a computer, I never,! ever!, recommend a website!. I hate them!!! Most of them don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, and do more harm than good. But Mr. Camp’s, I do recommend. He knows what he’s talking about!

Suggestion by Laura
Hi! I’ll just jump right in: As you probably know, ordinary playing cards of today are based on the tarot cards of earlier centuries. The hearts suit comes from a suit that used to be cups, and they represent influences in love, family, and relationships. Diamonds came from coins or pentacles; this suit represents money and financial situations. Clubs was once wands, which stood for creative pursuits. Finally, spades used to be swords, which told about logic and day-to-day problem solving.
Each number had its meaning for each suit. However, many follow a pattern. Each suit is a cycle, with a beginning, an end, and a new beginning, representing happenings starting, progressing, and coming to a close in our everyday lives. The ace is a good start, something unexpected, or encouragement to look into new things. For instance, an ace in the hearts suit would be an indication of starting a relationship, finding the one for you, marriage, or even a baby. Ace in the diamond suit would encourage new investments. 2 usually signifies a partnership or need for duality. 2 in swords may show the arrival (or need) of a reliable business partner or helpful friend, for example. 3 is most often good fortune and excellent progress, except for in the suit of spades, in which it means despair due to sudden disappointment. 4 is usually a period of rewards and security, except for in hearts, where it shows discontentment creeping into a relationship. 5 shows obstacles, pressure, and unhappiness in all suits. Thankfully, 6 means the end of the conflict in all suits, a period of triumph, generosity, and accomplishment after the battle. 7 means that you will soon have to work very hard and overcome challenges, but with the fufillment of a dream at the end, in all suits but spades, where it means lies and a need to be cautious and play your cards well. The 8, in hearts and spades, means hurtful situations and hard times. However, the 8 in clubs and diamonds is the opposite, representing a sea of opportunities and a wonderful time to start something new. 9 is accomplishment and fortunate times in all suits but (of course) spades, in which it is (of course) the opposite. 10 is completion, contentment, and a final outcome in all suits but clubs, where it is a sign that just too much is going on in your life to keep up with. The face cards usually represent people in your life. Their qualities reflect their suit. For instance, the queen of hearts would be a feminine person who is loving, sensitive, and emotional, but can be overly protective, moody, and easily hurt. The jack of spades is a good communicator and very clever, but may be manipulative or deceptive. The king of diamonds is a wonderful money handler and generous in good situations, but may be miserly or a tyrant in bad ones.
One often needs to make inferences about the numbers, suits, and how they’d relate to each other. I hope you get the general idea out of my explanation. I love using tarot and hope you enjoy using cards in divination as well!

Playing Card Divination?
First off, I would like to make sure everyone understands what I mean by “playing card”. I don’t speak of tarot cards. I am talking about regular old playing cards and their use as a fortune teller.

There seems to be very little documentation on the subject aside from the few short card “meanings” I can pick up on the net. Does anyone know a decent source for this form of fortune telling?

No, I am not looking to use the art practically as I don’t believe in magick, but I am rather intrigued by the subject.
I am particularly interested in not only the tarot related meanings, but the relation the cards have to numerology and times of the years. All of the sources (internet of course) I researched didn’t delve very far into these subjects.

I would prefer to know the mechanics that just the quick answers.

Suggestion by Mr. Bitter
Playing Card Divination.,, Sure. Why not?

The modern playing card deck is a descendant of the the Tarot.

They have the same number of suits… however the playing cards won’t have the major arcaria cards.. Death, The Emperor, The Fool,, etc.

So you couldn’t use the traditonal Tarot method.

Suggestion by morporc
There are many different methods of fortune telling with playing cards. Try a Google search.

All the available evidence suggests that standard playing cards are in fact at least a century older than the Tarot, and that Tarot fortune-telling comes from ordinary cartomancy – not the other way around.

Suggestion by Michelle D
Playing cards were actually the original Tarot deck, with an extra card (the page, as the knight was the jack.) The Major Arcana were added later, and were not originally the 22 we know today (they basically varied from place to place on meaning, depiction, and how many there were). It wasn’t until the early 1500’s that the Major Arcana were finalized into what we now recognize.

Is it possible to use a normal deck? Certainly, and many hold that the Egyptians may have done this initially. Others say that Tarot reading did not come until long after playing cards were around, and that both decks originated in Italy as opposed to Egypt. We may never know for sure.

Good luck! Learn all the tarot card meanings and have the info at your finger tips with the “It’s All In The Cards” guide.

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  1. Ms. A says

    I’m guessing that you know that spades is swords, pentacles is diamonds, hearts is cups and clubs is wands. Get a good tarot card book which has intricate, involved meanings given for the suit cards and simply use the indicated meaning. For example Eden Gray’s book on tarot cards might give 10 of swords as slander or attack, well that would be the meaning to assign to 10 of spades. Likewise for the court cards. They say the number of the card also relates to numerology if you’re interested, like 10 is completion, 1 is beginning something,etc.

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  2. sjc says

    i have a book on it ill find it and let u no

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  3. Sadhara Satguru says


    It is called Cartomancy & there is not a lot out there.

    If you use them as a tool then you will be able to use them as a stepping stone to your psychic ability otherwise you just have those simply references that you have found.


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