How do I read peoples palms?

how to read palms

How do I read peoples palms?
I want to learn how to read palms, any help?

Suggestion by FoodLovesMe
well a good simple one to start with is the life time line heres a link with lots of pictures
and basically go thing by thing like if u want to learn how to read a certain thing google it type in how to read if someone is in *blank* on there palm or phrase it better or check out a book about reading palms at the library!good luck!

Suggestion by kilroymaster
The best way to go is to find a book that shows you how to read someones palm…. Check out your local library………………………

Suggestion by Terry
You buy a book such as “Secrets Of The Hand” Authored by Joachim Bennett. Read it then hope you have the talent for the readings full beyond illustrations and diagrams.

how to read palms

How do you read palms?
I’d like to learn how to palm-read. I know it sounds wierd, but thats me. I’ve always thought that it was so cool how they could look at your palm and figure out what happens in your future. No mena comments plz.

Suggestion by meow768
palm reading tells your past not your future

Suggestion by Nevaeh
I recommend checking out a book at the library, and if they don’t have one on palm reading, try a bookstore. 🙂

Suggestion by ChrisChristine
Take the palm in your hand. if it is dry, it needs more water, if it is wet, you have watered too much, if it has white spots, it has a bug, if it doesn’t look good, try using a fertilizer. One teaspoon to one teaspoon of water.

Oh you mean….nevermind.

How do i read palms? I don’t want to see the future, just the present.?
So far I know very little of the palm lines. I know some about the head and heart line. the life line i haven’t learned about. I know about the fme line, but i want to know all there is to know about palm reading. please don’t post anything about seeing the future. I only want to uncover what is in the persons mind and their personality. thanks!

Suggestion by hanweipaulchen
You can’t use things like that to uncover stuff like that. That is just pagan, if you ask me.

Suggestion by JFlo Lapin
just have to look at your palm……… focus……….. really focus…………… more focus…………… you should see it! :p

Suggestion by Dillan
There are books that tell you how to read palms and what the lines mean you dont have to be physic to posses this ability hope that helped you

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