how do you read a palm?

how do you read a palm?
so i was wondering if anyone is like in a expert in reading palms because it would be a cool thing to find out

i would like to know how to find out how long they are going to live, how many kids and etc…..

or any good,relable websites

best answer gets ten points

Suggestion by Tree Hugger
im no professional, but i learned a few things by reading this book that told what to look for and what it means. maybe you could buy one of those books? helped me

Suggestion by Blue Fairy
I can read palms.

The very top line on your palm is your heart line. The longer and deeper it is, the better your love will be.

The second line is your thought line or brain line. It shows your intellegence.

The one that curves downwards is your life line. The longer it is, the longer your life will be. The more lines in it, the more difficult your life will be at that point in time.

The line that runs down the centre of your palm is your fate line. It shows how much of your life depends on fate. Some people don’t have one.

how to read palms

what does tell people how to tell the future with out reading palms mean in your tring to figure?
it out

Suggestion by Uncle Fatback
It means you need to learn how to ask a question utilizing the rules of good English.

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