How does giving oracle card readings differ from Tarot?

tarot card readings

How does giving oracle card readings differ from Tarot?
I’m used to used tarot cards for giving reading an stuff which are usually a 9-10/10 for accuracy on people and I’m only 14 so 🙂
So how do oracle and tarot cards differ? And how to use oracle cards and any spreads that are available for them?

Suggestion by Isis’s Jewel
Oracle cards are pretty much the same as tarot cards except that there isn’t a “standard deck” for oracle cards. Therefore, oracle decks differ greatly: where some decks consist of 27 cards (like a deck I made) while others may have as many as 150 cards. Unlike tarot cards, where the only thing that differs from deck to deck is the artwork. As for spreads, you can use the same spreads you would use for tarot cards I suppose. I’m not really the person to ask about spreads. Pretty much the only spread I use is an elemental spread for when I’m doing a general reading, otherwise I just ask a question and draw a card…

tarot card readings

What sites have absolutely free accurate online live tarot card readings?

Suggestion by Aries Astrum
I saw one on facebook. . .

Suggestion by lala
You can have a complete tarot reading on

www. facade . com


Do not count on it

not to much

The only way you can have a good tarot reding is by [ living ] person and

Yes you wil pay for her service

tarot card readings

does the tarot card readings on msn cost money?
i got a tarot card reading but it didn’t give me and answer because it asked me for my email and they said they would email it to me. does it cost money to get?

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
GIve your e-mail and you will find out. If it costs money, they will ask for a credit card and you can stop it right then if you don’t wish to pay anything.

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