How old do you have to be to go to a psychic?

tarot cards

How old do you have to be to go to a psychic?
Does it vary? Do they not care? I just want a tarot card reading.

Suggestion by Super Bass
I believe the question you’re looking for is how stupid do you have to be.

Suggestion by Schneider [Lost His Name]
Yes,it varies……….

Suggestion by Chase
psychic are for entertainment only. if psychic were real , they would win all the lottery tickets

is it true that you can attract spirits to you?
i was just wondering if this was possible.
like if you have really negative energy emanating out of you could you attract an evil spirit..or do you have to connect with that other world first?
also, can using tarot cards open that gateway?
if a spirit is around you is there anything you can do to protect yourself if it tries to harm you?

Suggestion by sugargliderqueen
i believe its possible. ive been through a lot in my life and done some stupid things that i believe opened me up to evil spirits. i believe using a spirit board could open the gateway but i wouldnt suggest it unless you know what your doing. and for protection i pray. if you believe god can and will protect you from evil spirits particularly then you have to pray. if you dont believe though then im not sure. hopefully someone else can help out there.

Suggestion by Daniel G
Obey Acts 2:38 before it is too late.


Evil spirits or demons are going to do their best at seeing to it that as many of the Earths human population goes to Hell as possible. God created man from the dust of the Earth and that is what the devil was cursed to eat when God rebuked him in the Garden of Eden. The only protection we have is the Word of God in our obedience to that truth and the blood of Christ that is applied by obedience to the truth of Acts 2:38 when the blood of Christ is applied. Even after that we have to walk in truth and prayerfully care for each other to watch each others back. The devil walks about as a lion seeking those he may devour. He has a lot of ways he can devour a life. There are all kinds of traps of addictions and manipulations and all kinds of false religions and lies he can bewitch a soul with. His end game is to see you suffer the same fate he will suffer in the flames of Hell. Whether he leads you on a short path that ends abruptly in suicide or a long path of enjoying the pleasures of sin for a long life he still gets you in the flames of Hell.
The more you yield yourself to evil the more you will be used of the devil and eventually reap the wages of sin which is death. Just look at all the evil in the leaders of this New World Order. Satanic activity amongst them has the whole world on the fast track to Armageddon for the destruction of all mankind.

Jesus Christ is your only hope.

Suggestion by kilroymaster
Yes it is true but not for negative energy……

Does the meaning of some tarot cards change according to the deck?
I’ve noticed that the pictures of the cards change from a deck to another, but does the meaning change too?

Suggestion by ChainLightnin’ ⅜
They are just playing cards dealt at random. There really is a card game call Tarots. The fortune telling part did not start until the early twentieth century.

Suggestion by Victoria ♌
Tarot cards uses symbolism to portray meaning (based upon the universal meanings of symbols and archetypes). The artwork on cards are open to interpretation and so are the meanings of the cards. Using intuition instead of textbook meanings, in my opinion, is even better. Although i know quite a few people would disagree with me (It’s limiting and it isn’t always best to give the same answer to different questions). Like to say if a card gives you a sensation of sadness, but you look it up in the book and its suppose to symbolize rewards. According to the question, it sometimes just doesn’t make sense.. and I feel that it can make you doubt your intuition, and give the wrong advice.
But to answer your question short and sweet, no, the textbook meaning of the card doesn’t change from deck to deck.

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