how, should I start my story?

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how, should I start my story?
i have an idea for writing a book but i don’t know how to start it. can you guys give me a little help?

here’s my idea basically, it will be set in Detroit, MI which is the 4th most crime ridden city in the U.S. and i kinda like the idea of it being told through the main character’s perspective sort of like the show Dexter the main character starts out as like this really depressed cop who’s really devoted to his job and his wife whom he loved very much left him because he was getting high (i was thinking like cocaine and LSD or something like that) and drunk a lot and not the nice drunk. around the same time that his wife leaves him at work the department start tracking a serial killer who kills only criminals which he finds intriguing. as the story progresses the main character seems to be losing his grip on reality (paranoid thoughts about co-workers, delusions/hallucinations) this will be connected to his drug use and he will also be fired or suspended, or forced to take a leave of absence (haven’t decided yet) because of it but by this time he has become obsessed with the case so he steals the copy of the case files that were given to him before hand then starts working on it on his own. as the story progresses further he find that he and the killer have similar psychological patterns but refuses to believe that he is the killer but as the case unfolds more and more evidence points to him.

but I’m not exactly, sure if i want to pull something like the movie Angel Heart (Dr. Jakell and Mr Hyde complex) or if i want to pull something like were the killer is trying to use this unhinged cop as a get out of jail free card. but either why i want the audience too be unsure as well. if you guys can help me out on this as well then that would be great or if you guys come up with a different idea that you think will be better then please feel free to tell me.

looking forward to reading your guys responses

Suggestion by agilebrit
Start with his wife leaving. That’s where everything changes for him and throws us face-first into the conflict–especially if she reappears throughout the story. Either that, or open on a crime scene, maybe the second or third one, where they start thinking “Um. We may have a serial here.” It depends on how much of a part the wife has. If it’s big, start with her; if not, crime scene.

What would be fun would be to play with an “unreliable narrator” scenario, where it’s told in first person, and he’s doubting himself and starting to question his own sanity.

i really love her books but i cant find her books anywhere. i want her heart trilogy, the summit, natchez flame, creole fires, gypsy lord, sweet vengeance, Lover’s Gold ,Captain’s Bride ,Tin Angel,Dueling Hearts ,Magnificent Passage
I have these books left to read…any help?? any free online site to read her books….i dont have credit card to pay for these books online…

Suggestion by Ralph

Suggestion by LK
The link above by ‘Ralph,’ while showing extremely inexpensive prices for her books, is not “free.”

I tried a link to her (without ‘books’ it was just a domain) and it lead only to Google and many more places to buy her books.

Any other links you may be given here are illegal, you know.
Her books are under copyright since she is a working author.

You would be much better off finding them at a library near you. Call ahead. Be smart.
Support your favorite author or/and at least use a library.

Suggestion by redunicorn
There is no free and legal place to read that online. Kat Martin isn’t giving it away for free. She writes to make a living.

Any site that has it for free is stealing. The person responsible for that web site could earn possible jail time and fines of up to $ 150,000.

Can someone suggest some Anime’s I can watch? Please?
I really like lots of Humor in it and Romance. I also like action and Adventure. I’ve been wanting to watch Anime lately, since I have really been only reading Manga, so can anyone suggest a really good anime that might be in one of those categories? Heres all the Anime’s i watched:

Yu Yu Hakusho
Death Note
Ouran High School Host Club
The Prince of Tennis
One Piece
Hayate the Combat Butler
Cowboy Bebop
Chibi Vampire
Card Captor Sakura
Shugo Chara
D N Angel
Case Closed
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Tokyo Mew Mew
Lucky Star
Child’s Play
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Project A-Ko
Law of Ueki
Howl’s Moving Castle
Spirited Away
Saint Seiya
Lupin III
Gakuen Alice
Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Sailor Moon

If you can think of any good Anime’s and where I canw atch them for free, please tell me!

Please and Thank you!

Suggestion by Ravi S
You could watch the show ruroni kenshin. It’s pretty good. i don’t know where you could watch it but I would try a google search. It would probably come up.

Suggestion by myluckyself

best romantic comedy EVER!!! <3 and others... - Skip Beat! - Beauty Pop - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - XXXholic - Goong (not sure about anime, but you should the Korean manhwa) - Ultra Maniac - Full Moon wo Sagashite hope this helps!

Suggestion by Manuel
You could try Kodomo No Jikan it is very cute and funny yet deep and intresting it is my personal favriote and i hope you give it a chance

You can watch the anime at ANIMESEASON.COM
You can read the manga at ONEMANGA.COM

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