If you do tarot reading, fortune telling or practice any form of divination?

tarot reading

If you do tarot reading, fortune telling or practice any form of divination?
I want to know how successful I’m going to be at this adventure that I’m planning…. If you can offer any hope, I think I would benefit from your council… The people who have the ability to help me are the ones who refuse to do anything for me.

Suggestion by Mulder
I taught myself how to read tarot cards by using books, internet, other peoples advice, etcetera. Maybe you can do the same thing? Its not as good as learning from someone first hand but if you can’t find anyone its an option. I would try to teach you but I’m still learning myself. Good luck though.

Suggestion by Jennifer N
I used to read cards and practice white magic…I didn’t know that it was against the teachings of God. I thought as long as I wasn’t doing bad things, it was alright. Well, it isn’t alright, and i hope you reconsider fooling with it. It will bring bad things upon yourself and your family. Please, this isn’t a game.

I asked the Lord God to give you wisdom and to send someont to confirm that you shouldnt dabble in those things. Spiritrs are VERY real…and sometimes we get spirits that we just don’t want.

Suggestion by carpediem2
Are you saying that you want to do card readings? It sounds to me that you want to know if you will be successful in an adventure that you are planning … not card reading? If this is correct – I am certainly not a professional but I do readings for family and friend and they tell me that I am very accurate. I will need a little more info … so feel free to email me. I cant promise how soon I can get back to you because I have a full time job and small children. I will give you the info that is provided to me through the tarot.

tarot reading

Can you do a tarot reading about my future with this man?
Can someone tell me about my future with this man or give me tips on securing a relationship with him?

My birth date: september 5th 1985 at 8:00 a.m. in Shanghai China
His birth date: November 13th 1984 in Sao Paulo Brazil.

a) Under what conditions will I get a commitment out of him?
b) Under what conditions will he marry me?
c) When is an opportune time frame?
d) How long would be together?

If your predictions come true, I might pay you money on a regular basis to get more readings on him.

Suggestion by I know where my towel is
a) pregnancy
b) double-barrel shotgun
c) before the birth
d) before the trailer is paid off

Is reading your own Tarot readings really bad?
Im new at reading tarot cards and in my book that Im learning from says that Im suppose to be reading my own right now but then someone else thats been doing it longer than me said that Its really bad to read you own future. Is this true? Also is there anyone out there thats willing to help me train and ask more questions to??

Suggestion by Ian
Well considering the fact that is is a pseudoscience, emphasis on pseudo, I’d say you have nothing to worry about.

Suggestion by harpertara
Tarot is not fortune telling. It is a way of helping you understand the underlying forces in your life and how to deal with them. Oracles are meant to be read by the yourself. I know many Tarot and other forms of divination readers, the All say that if you are skilled enough that you should do your own readings. If you are just learning, having a skilled reader Also do a reading for you is sometimes helpful. I think your person who don’t you not to do your own reading is wrong. The only way you can practice and really know if you are reading the cards correctly is to do readings on yourself. Then you can note what the cards said and see if they come true.

Suggestion by Pandora
Palm reading and tarot reading are not meant to tell the future, but rather to tell the story of your past form a non bias point of view. Think of it as a way of counseling a person with out them having to say anything.
It’s a release from the normal world, and cheaper than a professional therapist.

So to answer your question, no it wont hurt you to do your own reading.


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