Tarot card deck differences? ?

Tarot card deck differences? ?
I have bought a book on tarot reading and now want to buy a deck of 78 cards. There are so many different ones… is there any difference in them or is it just the pictures?

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its just the pictures but if i were you i would buy the cool cards.

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There are hundreds of decks out there, all wrote on different philosophies.

The most common are the Rider Waite, but go to a deck your drawn to!


see profile 🙂

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Some of them use different terms as well, and I’ve also seen some with different symbolism than a standard deck. For example, my Art Nouveau deck has Coins and Staves instead of Pentacles and Wands. I think some of Major Arcana cards have different names as well. My Manga tarot uses a lot of Japanese or Japanese-inspired symbolism that doesn’t appear in other decks.

I say just buy whatever deck seems the best to you. If you would prefer to start with something exactly like what your book talks about, see if there’s a specific one mentioned in your book and if you can get it. If you’re not bothered by your deck and your book being a little different, then just spend some time looking at all the different decks available and see which one(s) you want. You can have as many as you can handle — I have three and would love more, and many of my friends have multiple decks too, though plenty of people just have one.

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What the death card from the tarot card deck mean?
Just curious

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The end of something not necessarily a life either.

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You just paid $ 20:00 for nothing.

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I wish I could post a picture of this card from my deck. It shows a skeletal knight on a horse with a large sword blocking your life path. You have to get past this guy in order to grow, but you have no way of defeating him. You are just a weaponless pilgrim on a journey. You can detour, or hide or even retreat, but Death will be there waiting. To move on, you must approach Death and let him strike you down. You will wake up further down your path with Death behind you. There is no other way.

I practical terms, this means you must let a part of you die in order to grow. Just like a snake sheds its skin, you must leave behind thing which you have out grown. This isn’t nearly as grim as it may sound. Maybe you know twentysomething slackers who don’t want to get a real job and leave home. Or people in their late 20’s who still act like college kids, partying it up every weekend.

What is it that is holding you back, AMS? Is there a part of your life which must be shed in order to continue growing? I can only ask the questions, you must answer them.


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In a Tarot deck of 78 cards, what are the odds of pulling the same card twice in a row?
Mathematically, it’s 1:78 to pull a specific card. But what are the odds of pulling the SAME card twice in a row?

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(1/78)^2 = 1 : 6084
= 0.0164 %

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it depends if u put the card back in the deck or not

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What Dr D said.

Tarot? How do you do it? What is a good Tarot card deck?

tarot card decks

Tarot? How do you do it? What is a good Tarot card deck?
I just want to know how to get into it if your a beginner.
Maybe some useful information.
useful websites.
Maybe someone
could tell me the “NO’S”
for Tarot.
I just want to learn more about it and
I want to to start learning how to do it.

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Everyone has their own way of tuning into the deck for them. My advice would be for you to go to the bookstore and study the decks that they have there. If you find a deck that “speaks” to you then get it. Most decks come with a companion book that goes over the meanings to the cards as well as the spreads you can use.
Believe or not a pretty good book is the Idiot’s Guide I know some people who have it and they really like it.

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OK. There are broadly two main uses for tarot cards and the answer to your question depends on how you choose to use them.

The original use, unfamiliar to the English speaking world but popular throughout continental Europe, is for a family of card games. In fact, the picture cards of tarot were the first trump cards! These games are all what we call point-trick games, this means that like bridge, whist, or spades, players win cards in tricks – but unlike those games, different cards carry different point values and so it is not the number of tricks won that wins you the game but the number of card points contained within them. There are two types of tarot pack used for playing games, there are those that feature the old traditional Italian designs, and there are those that have French suits with various themed trump suits (such as Asterix comics, or local scenery, ect).

For rules on how to play the games and where to buy the cards for them:


The other – and in English speaking countries, the most familiar – use for tarot is for divination. This practice only dates to the end of the 19th century in France.

There are a huge number of methods offerend for this use, so I would suggest looking here:


You will find a lot of useful material along with a friendly forum.

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Hello Josh

> Courses & Forum


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How much does a “raider waite” tarot card deck cost?

Suggestion by Gypsy
Around 10-20$ where I live. In the US, it’s probably cheaper.

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It depends on where you buy it. I believe $ 24.99 is average.

Suggestion by Lori G
Check out EBAY. There are lots on there – you should get a good deal.

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Best Tarot Card deck for me?
I want one that will show every aspect of life, not just for like love or family or anything. Whats the best deck for me?
And by the way, i don’t know much about tarot card reading but i DO NOT want a beginners card deck. And i would prefer to buy it at Books A Million, or waldem (spelling?) books.
Thank you!

Suggestion by Raith the Glitter Ninja
There aren’t really such thing as a “beginners deck”. Beginner books, yes; beginner decks, no.

You could always go with the classic Rider-Waite deck.

Suggestion by hudsongray
You need to look at the art to see what you’re drawn to. There are several REALLY good sites for that. Plus reviews on the deck.

This site is great–you pick the style of deck first, then look through the selections. Cards are compared side by side.

http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/ This site has reviews and decks. You can search by deck or by artist.

www.tarotgarden.com you put in the theme you would like in the search box on the top left, she’s got 6,000 decks for sale.

Tarot Passages stopped adding decks a while back, but they do show cards in the deck, just use the list and click through.http://www.tarotpassages.com/deckrev.html

Suggestion by Matt
I recommend the Crowley deck…but honestly you should see them (and handle if possible) yourself and see what draws you.

A false tarot card reading has ruined my family life. What am I supposed to do?

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A false tarot card reading has ruined my family life. What am I supposed to do?
Here it goes. Three weeks ago my sister-in-law, whom I live with as well as my brother, lost her wedding band and her engagement diamond. Instead of taking responsibility for her problem she went to a tarot card reader to find answers. The tarot card reader proceeded to tell her that I stole them, took them over the New York or New Jersey border and pawned them. The biggest shock to me is that she believes this b.s. story. The two of them look at me like a piece of trash, even though they say the believe me when I plead to them that I did not steal those rings. I am at a total loss here. I don’t even believe in tarot cards, and this proves my assumptions are correct. Has anybody ever had something like this happen to him or her, and if so what am I supposed to do? My family life will be forever severely tarnished if this is never resolved. I thought I would go see this tarot card reader and confront her, but she won’t see me. This is absolutely ridiculous, what do I do?

Suggestion by John L
There is not much you can do. Be yourself, spend time and energy regaining your brother’s and sinster in Law’s confidence. Let go of the freak tarot card person, they are ancillary. Work hard and be good, and that is the most you can do in this life.

Suggestion by Enchanted Fairy
Contact the authorities and file a slander suit against the reader. Otherwise, move on with your life. If your family is going to believe a tarot card reader over you, they probably aren’t people you want to be all that close to. Who knows what else they would blame on you as scapegoat.

Suggestion by motiongraphics81
Call a lawyer! Press slander/libel charges. Alternatively, you could go to another tarot reader, and then (mis)construe his or her reading to mean whatever you want it to mean – something along the lines of, ‘the person who did the first tarot reading is a servant of evil/the dark side/a democrat/whatever’. You could also find an experienced practicioner of white magick to help turn the tide. If none of this works, try your mob contacts around NYC.

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tarot cards

Spiritually speaking: I think I pick up “messages” from tarot cards and things?
I did an online tarot card reading, and the question I asked was show me a sign, and of course it started talking about god the holy spirit and the serpent.. Just what I was looking for..

Now I’m thinking about buying a magical deck of my own, and only have my energy on it, to experiment with it more.

Your opinion please?

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Sie sind voll von Kuhscheisse.

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Tarot cards are actually alien technology sent here from Extra Terrestrial beings.

You would be an idiot to not buy them. Make sure you have the correct power source though.

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ah my child you leanrt that magic isnt bad it was bad for a pagan king i converted to win a war read my whole story child and you will learn

Chariot Tarot Relationship Outcome

Chariot Tarot Relationship Outcome

Is the Chariot Tarot card flipped in a love reading? What does it mean? On a regular basis, the card speaks of a relationship, which needs much time to develop in order that the couple may find out how to be easeful without the fear of failure and rejections. Once this has been successfully established, the relationship will have a great potential, yet only if both are able to give each other enough personal space.

Is The Chariot An Ideal Card To Get In A Question About My Love Life?

Chariot Tarot Relationship Outcome

Chariot is likely to stand for self-love, rather than signifying the love to someone special. The card, in general, highlights winning and something done in a hurry without any careful thought. In terms of relationship, that’s why this card may be either negative or positive, based on how we take our action. The upright Chariot card talks about everything coming, but some of them could be totally unknown. At the same time, it may mean going ahead with the relationship, no matter how dark and bad the circumstance is. Hence, it’s worth pointing out that the Chariot can be interpreted in different ways which make us very confused. In order to have a greater grasp of the card, the following situations are clearly shown with its compatible interpretations.

  • Two partners don’t completely click, but both of them are still willing to continue the relationship: As to this interpretation, the Chariot denotes doing some things without thinking, and these lovers just want to rely upon their willpower to continue their love affair.
  • The couple had a bitter argument, and they don’t wish to face one another anymore: Yes, here the Chariot means that they’re going in the opposite directions, and using all their willpower to leave. Try imagining that one of the partners – preferably the woman – has cooled down and then made an attempt to interact with her ex. However, this man is still very angry. In case the card seems to represent him in the next reading, there is something to worry about. That is without thinking, he’ll tend to say offensive words to her. Sadly, the outcome can be the breakup or separation.

Chariot Tarot card indeed talks very little about true romance. Instead, its primary connection may be with military. Therefore, in love, it can emphasize more about unwavering loyalty, offense, and of course, blind willpower. As long as the card is reversed, it unveils numbness for the querent in question. In light of the relationship, it isn’t going anywhere; thus, we’re feeling hopeless about it or even taking a break from it.

For further information around the subject “Chariot Tarot Relationship Outcome”, never be backward to submit your queries in the form below.

Could anyone do a tarot card reading for me please?

tarot card reading

Could anyone do a tarot card reading for me please?
I need someone to do a reading for me, i am in a state of confusion and i really do need help on what’s ahead.
Drop me an email if you could offer a reading.

Thanks 🙂

Suggestion by Silver
I would be more than willing to do a tarot reading for you. I should warn you that it is more difficult over the internet. The best way to get a tarot reading done is in person. Also, if you are interested in learning to do tarot yourself, check out this great site: http://www.silverwingtarot.com

Suggestion by Sharia206
Question Asked: What’s Ahead?

Cards Drawn: Page of Cups, Queen of Pentacles, Judgement XX

Page of Cups: let your heart lead the way, trust your gut, forgive yourself and others.

Queen of Pentacles: a bighearted woman who is a soft touch
and always gives freely, abundantly and generously.

Judgement XX: a day of reckoning, making hard choices, seeing everything in a new light

There appears to be an emphasis on your being concerned with the everyday problems of others which may be only adding to your own confusion and stress. I don’t sense that your current situation is so horrible or your problems so big that they cannot be handled by you and you alone. You know what must be done. You have the answers. Take a risk. Trust your gut. You need to focus your intention on that which is most important first and trust that the little things will work themselves out. And they will. 🙂

Suggestion by Sway
Professional help is the way to go with question. You’re gonna get lots of answers from unreliable sources. There may be a gem or two though. Professional help is not bad and you don’t necessarily have to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. School counselors, clergy, therapists all may be able to help you. Also, you don’t have to pay for it, if thats an issue. Churches, community centers, schools and many more places will help you for free. You can find all kinds of places to go on-line.
Good luck and take care.

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when doing a tarot card reading, what does it mean when the first card is upside down?
i read in my manual that when I’m giving a reading and it’s upside down it means that i should flip all the cards upside down because i could have accidently handed the card upside down, but what happens if I am giving myself a reading and the first card is upside down? should I flip it upside down?

Suggestion by Abomination of Desolation
It means that you set the stack up wrong.

Suggestion by Nicholas
NO! If you flip it, than your life will be totally different!

Suggestion by Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!
Do you reverse a certain portion of your deck? If so, then you should expect some drawn card to be upside down. That’s the point.

If you haven’t reversed a portion of your deck and a card is upside down, clearly you have made an error. Just turn it rightside up.