Q&A: I bought a deck of tarot cards how do i play? ?

tarot cards

I bought a deck of tarot cards how do i play? ?
I bought a deck of tarot cards how do i play?

i want to know the step by step rules.

Suggestion by mistyfan69
I don’t consider; tarot cards a game you can play. Here are two sites that might help. I love my Idiot’s guide to fortune telling. It has tarot, numerology and other things. It was a great workbook for me to use to learn how to read tarot cards
Hope this helps!

Suggestion by Houdini
Tarot cards are not a game. You use them to tell fortunes.

Suggestion by philebus
Contrary to what others have posted so far, yes, tarot is a game.

Tarot cards were created in the mid 15th century by adding a fifth suit of picture cards to the existing Latin suited playing cards. These extra cards took as their theme a Christian triumph procession, hence their original name, Trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our world trump. It was the invention of tarot that marked the introduction of trumps into card games. Further, tarot cards were only used for playing games for more than three and a half centuries – it was not until the very end of the 18th century that anyone thought to tell fortunes with them.

There are two sites where you can find rules to play the numerous games.

One is my own and is still a work in progress but does standardize some of the terms to make things easier:


I’ve posted some additional games in my knols and until I add them to my web site you can find them here:



You can also find a selection of rules with their original language terms here:


I hope you enjoy – these are some of the best card games in the world!

Edit: I wonder why I got a thumbs down here? After all, the question has been posted under card games, it asks how to play, and tarot is a family of card games played throughout continental Europe – and has been for nearly 600 years. I’ve not suggested that they should only be used for this but the games exist – like it or not!

tarot cards
tarot cards

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