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Do you know a lot about Tarot Cards?

tarot cards

Do you know a lot about Tarot Cards?
I am looking for a deck of Tarot cards that has a card that says conception on it. Does anyone know of a deck that has this card? I used to have one, but someone lost it .

Suggestion by Blue Foots™
Yes, i know that they’re fake. 🙂

Suggestion by PaulCyp
I know enough not to seek answers to important life issues in a stack of cardboard.

Suggestion by Lucinda S
I don’t know. I have the medival Scapini, maybe its in that.

tarot cards

What is a good Oracle deck to begin with i feel like Tarot cards are to advanced and dangerous for me.?
I have a Rider Waite Tarot deck but i feel its to much to temper with for my first deck i got advice to get a Oracle deck but i don’t know which one to start out with please help and thank you in advance

blessed be!

Suggestion by jesuslover
You know what you should do with those cards? Throw them out! Those are demonic and you get your “advice” from the devil

Suggestion by Lori G
Personally, I feel the RW Deck is excellent for beginners and I can’t see how they would be too advanced and dangerous. There are also lots of Tarot deck with themes such as fairies, angels and all sorts of other similar ideas.
The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck is a sort of bridge between the two and worth looking at.

Have a look here for a good selection of pictures
Hope this helps.

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru
Hello Juan

Tarot card & Oracle cards work in the same way, via your subconscious – & neither are dangerous.


tarot cards

In tarot cards, what does the devil card mean?
my friend has brought these tarot cards from this store.I look at my card and it turns out it’s the devil card.What does this mean?

Suggestion by kyle
it means your fucked

Suggestion by Aurora Ryynänen the Second
disruption chaos

Suggestion by SMOKE IT!!
Temptation…like reading tarot cards. You don’t know what your messing with.

How do you feel about tarot cards?

tarot cards

How do you feel about tarot cards?
I have a deck of tarot cards actually a couple I just use them for fun and plus I know how to play tarocchi which is a card game they played in italy with wat they now call tarot cards keep in mind they didn’t start getting a bad name until the 19th century and each deck made is only the belief of the person who made them real or unreal they way the decks are designed are beautiful you can use them for decoration

Suggestion by Louis P. Wu
It’s just so much silliness.

Suggestion by Because I can
my deck sits unused…

Suggestion by Kevin
There is nothing wrong with them

tarot cards

website or store to find authentic tarot cards?
anyone know of a good store or website to get really good tarot cards and witch craft stuff? i’m not lookin for a typical place. i wanna know where the witches get em.

Suggestion by 420 Bunny
Mail order/Salem , Massachusetts



Suggestion by Kathryn P
The Magick Cauldron in Houston has a lot of these things.


tarot cards

Know How To Use Your Tarot Cards?
i took a full deck of tarot cards from my dad and i want to know how to use the full deck to predict the future. also where should i keep my cards some people say to put them in a spurital place. also i am a begginer in this so can you give me information origian about the tarot cards. umm how and when should i use them.

Suggestion by A✝hєis✝’s Nigh✝marє
Download Solitaire 1-2-3 and immerse yourself in the glory of oblivious (yet pointless) gaming. It’s like masturbation, but you don’t need genitals to do it.

Suggestion by Geezah
First, get a general idea of what each of the cards mean. They’re basically a collection of 78 different mythological archetypes, which in turn reflect various “universal” themes we go though in life (birth, death, debate, defeat, creativity, wealth, etc.). There are plenty of on-line sources for this, but I think it’s best to just buy a couple of different books on the subject, since they have a lot more information anyway. Two books I’d highly suggest are the “Tarot Bible” by Anna Bartlett and The Little Black Book Of Tarot by Nannette Stone. You can find both on Amazon at a combined price that’s less than some Tarot decks themselves.

As for how to go about it, you can just start with very simple spreads. You could think of a question, then pull out a random card and philosophically interpret its meaning. Or you could lay down three cards for past-present-future, etc. Even the instruction book that comes with the cards should have some simple examples.

As far as special ways to store the cards, how to meditatively begin a reading, etc., there really are no “rules” for this. ALL these things really do is just add to the esoteric appeal. If you want to incorporate something like this, you’re free to do so, but nothing “bad” is going to happen if you don’t keep the cards wrapped in silk or whatever. Just keep them in a condition suitable for practical purposes: like any deck of cards they’ll need some breaking in, but don’t abuse them.

Suggestion by Buckeye Pride: The Revenge
I’m pretty sure all you have to do is stick them up your ass, and you’ll get the same results as reading them.

I did a tarot reading online about someones relationship.?

I did a tarot reading online about someones relationship.?
It was a 3 card spread with 5 of cups reversed, death, and queen of cups reversed. Can someone help me with the meaning. Does it mean a break up that will happen soon? Thank you
@Tea, Thank you for your input. To my knowledge they are still together that’s why I was confused about the reading. death was in the present and queen of cups future.

Suggestion by Karl
It means nothing, it’s a number of cards. Nothing more nothing less.

Suggestion by m92
5 of cups reversed….You will only have 5 cups of tea before death.
Death…well, the card is saying that you’re going to die…one day….
Queen of cups reversed…This means you have to make me a sandwich…only then you’ll know that person’s relationship!!! It better be good…

Suggestion by ?
It means you should break up if you want to. Or stay together.
Whatever you want.

Can I use an American Express gift card online?
Hey. I’ve used an American Express gift card on game services on Steam and Xbox Live before and it worked. Now I want to use it from a website where I can buy cd keys for cheaper (it’s legit, I’ve witnessed my friend buy tons of cd keys and they worked) so I can play a game I want. I just bought a gift card pre-loaded with $ 45. When I go to make the transaction, I type in the gift card under credit/debit card (as I did with Xbox Live and Steam). I correctly filled out the information but then it said the gift card wasn’t valid for the purchase. I read something online about having to link the gift card with my address, so how exactly would I do that?

Suggestion by John B
Many sites will NOT accept gift cards tpo much fraud. Sorry but buying keys is not a legit thing to do un less it comes with your PURCHASED game.

Suggestion by Calvin C
most web sites do not accept gift and pre paid cards for purchases

Daily Reading For Fire Signs

How do you feel about tarot card readings?

tarot card readings

How do you feel about tarot card readings?

Suggestion by dbehrig
Not a good thing… it is witch craft and witch craft is of the devil…

Suggestion by fungusbrains1
The above answer is correct, but also it is mythology. It is fake–not real. It is just a bunch of cards.

Suggestion by Kaptain Kyle
My girlfriend used to do them. I think it’s a load of hooey. People say they are accurate, but only because the cards, descriptions and fortunes are so broad.

tarot card readings

Do you believe in fortune telling/tarot card readings?
I have had my fortune told tonight using tarot cards, palm reading and a ‘mystic ball’. I have had this done twice before and all 3 times now I have been told i will have 1 girl (which I already have) and 2 boys maybe twins. Amongst other things I was told I still dont know what to make of this. What are your opinions??
obviously everyone has their own view on such topics, but thanks for your opinions anyhow.

Suggestion by melannie
It is of the Devil.

Suggestion by TruthSetsyouFree
No I do not

Suggestion by Karl P
NO! (Deuteronomy 18:9-12.)

This video explains how Tarot Card Reading is total waste of money.

If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?

tarot cards

If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?
I dunno how accurate they are or not but i would rather have my personal life not being read. Can i do something, wear something or say something?

Suggestion by Eiliat
If you continue living in reality instead of a movie they can’t read you with tarot cards or any other form of fortune telling.

Suggestion by vampire9545
just ignore it, it’s not real. how do i know? i have a tarot card set, book on how to and even a mini booklet came with it.

here’s how it works basically, there is a set map for cards, each spot on the map has a meaning in gen(life goal, where u r in life now, n other symbolism) when a card is placed on said spot, it is evaluated by the person drawing the cards.

the basically belief/idea behind tarot is, the cards randomly drawn, aren’t random but dealt in a way just for you and represent you. now sure the cards could be you, but the odds that each card delt is you is a mathematically improbable…..the link is how the card map works n each spots meaning.


Suggestion by Randy P
You don’t have to do anything. Tarot cards can’t “read you”.

However, successful “psychics” are very good at picking up nonverbal cues from the client, so they’ll be able to read a lot about how your significant other feels about you, just from his momentary reactions. Not much you can do to block that. This skill is called “cold reading”, and it basically involves throwing things out and seeing what sticks. There have been studies where as many as 20 wrong guesses were thrown out before a hit, but the people watching were convinced that the psychic had zeroed right in on the right guess.

Psychics are con artists who take advantage of our willingness to believe.

tarot cards

Do you believe that Tarot Cards are more evil than a regular deck of playing cards or ?
Do you think that it depends on how they are used and by whom?

Suggestion by Jim
Stay away from the occult. It’s very dangerous to your soul.

Suggestion by Lipstick on a Pig
Tarot cards, like a Ouija Board are simply thing designed to amuse and entertain. Nothing evil about them.

Suggestion by Cradlε Før A Kiηg
I believe they’re as dangerous as UNO cards.

A guide to recognizing Zodiac correlations in Major Arcana and Court Cards. Music by: Stewart Copeland “Twilight Harbour” Spyro the Dragon Insomniac Games