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I did a tarot reading online about someones relationship.?

I did a tarot reading online about someones relationship.?
It was a 3 card spread with 5 of cups reversed, death, and queen of cups reversed. Can someone help me with the meaning. Does it mean a break up that will happen soon? Thank you
@Tea, Thank you for your input. To my knowledge they are still together that’s why I was confused about the reading. death was in the present and queen of cups future.

Suggestion by Karl
It means nothing, it’s a number of cards. Nothing more nothing less.

Suggestion by m92
5 of cups reversed….You will only have 5 cups of tea before death.
Death…well, the card is saying that you’re going to die…one day….
Queen of cups reversed…This means you have to make me a sandwich…only then you’ll know that person’s relationship!!! It better be good…

Suggestion by ?
It means you should break up if you want to. Or stay together.
Whatever you want.

Can I use an American Express gift card online?
Hey. I’ve used an American Express gift card on game services on Steam and Xbox Live before and it worked. Now I want to use it from a website where I can buy cd keys for cheaper (it’s legit, I’ve witnessed my friend buy tons of cd keys and they worked) so I can play a game I want. I just bought a gift card pre-loaded with $ 45. When I go to make the transaction, I type in the gift card under credit/debit card (as I did with Xbox Live and Steam). I correctly filled out the information but then it said the gift card wasn’t valid for the purchase. I read something online about having to link the gift card with my address, so how exactly would I do that?

Suggestion by John B
Many sites will NOT accept gift cards tpo much fraud. Sorry but buying keys is not a legit thing to do un less it comes with your PURCHASED game.

Suggestion by Calvin C
most web sites do not accept gift and pre paid cards for purchases

Daily Reading For Fire Signs

How do you feel about tarot card readings?

tarot card readings

How do you feel about tarot card readings?

Suggestion by dbehrig
Not a good thing… it is witch craft and witch craft is of the devil…

Suggestion by fungusbrains1
The above answer is correct, but also it is mythology. It is fake–not real. It is just a bunch of cards.

Suggestion by Kaptain Kyle
My girlfriend used to do them. I think it’s a load of hooey. People say they are accurate, but only because the cards, descriptions and fortunes are so broad.

tarot card readings

Do you believe in fortune telling/tarot card readings?
I have had my fortune told tonight using tarot cards, palm reading and a ‘mystic ball’. I have had this done twice before and all 3 times now I have been told i will have 1 girl (which I already have) and 2 boys maybe twins. Amongst other things I was told I still dont know what to make of this. What are your opinions??
obviously everyone has their own view on such topics, but thanks for your opinions anyhow.

Suggestion by melannie
It is of the Devil.

Suggestion by TruthSetsyouFree
No I do not

Suggestion by Karl P
NO! (Deuteronomy 18:9-12.)

This video explains how Tarot Card Reading is total waste of money.