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Is anyone good with Tarot Cards?

tarot cards

Is anyone good with Tarot Cards?
I found a deck of french tarot cards but I don’t know what they say or mean. I’m guessing the meaning is the same regardless of the language but I’m wondering if anyone knows where I can find a good resource to use to look it up. Thanks!

Suggestion by Jenny
The card meanings are the same regardless of the language. Usually cards have a number on them to indicate which card it is so that should be able to help you decipher. Also, for the suit cards you’ll always find the “number” in the picture on the card – if it’s the 3 of cups there will be 3 cups in the picture.

For more detail you can visit tarotbyuri.com and that site might be able to help with card meanings.

tarot cards

Drew the death card what does it mean?
Found some tarot cards in my grandparents house and I don’t know much about them. I figured I would just ask a question in my mind, cut the deck and whatever card I got would be my answer. the problem is that I don’t know what the cards mean, and the death card keeps popping up. It doesn’t actually mean death does it?

Suggestion by LabGrrl
The historical meaning of the death card is change, or if you prefer, transition.

Suggestion by MSB
The death card means transition. Change.

Suggestion by Will D
They’re cards man. Whatever is going on in life or whatever you’re thinking or feeling doesn’t change the order of what you just stacked.

tarot cards

How can I find out about my past lives?
I am wanting to learn about who i was in another life. I keep having this nagging feeling that something i am going through now and strange fears could be explained by this. Also, is there any relation to “spirits” as in being a medium and talking to the dead, and tarot cards? thanks 🙂

Suggestion by Lance
waste of time. If you think about it, past lives are absurd and impossible. Reports of “proof” of past lives fall to pieces when the “reports” are carefully examined. Further, on what possible biological basis could one retain memory?

This is all more religious woo-woo.

PS: the post below about the Buddha is laughable BS. Don’t believe a word of it.

Suggestion by Atheism Fails Again
An old Brahman priest asked Buddha: “What should we do [to be saved]?

The Buddha answered, “….look for another Holy One who will come and help the world and all of you in the future.”

Then the Brahman priest asked, “What will the characteristics of the Holy One be like?”

The Buddha answered him, “The Holy one who will keep the world in the future will be like this: In the palm of his hands and in the flat of his feet will be the design of a disk, in his side will be a stab wound; and his forehead will have many marks like scars. The Holy One will be the golden boat who will carry you over the cycle of rebirths all the way to the highest heaven [Nirvana]. Do not look for salvation in the old way [trying to merit salvation]; there is no salvation in it for sure. Quit the old way, and there will be a new spirit like the light of a lightening bug which will come down from the sky above to live in all of your hearts, and you will be victorious over all of your enemies. Nobody will be able to destroy you. If you die, you will not come back to be born in this world again. You will go to the highest heaven [Nirvana].

Suggestion by Sacra Veritas
Write a book.

Could anyone do a tarot card reading for me please?

tarot card reading

Could anyone do a tarot card reading for me please?
I need someone to do a reading for me, i am in a state of confusion and i really do need help on what’s ahead.
Drop me an email if you could offer a reading.

Thanks 🙂

Suggestion by Silver
I would be more than willing to do a tarot reading for you. I should warn you that it is more difficult over the internet. The best way to get a tarot reading done is in person. Also, if you are interested in learning to do tarot yourself, check out this great site: http://www.silverwingtarot.com

Suggestion by Sharia206
Question Asked: What’s Ahead?

Cards Drawn: Page of Cups, Queen of Pentacles, Judgement XX

Page of Cups: let your heart lead the way, trust your gut, forgive yourself and others.

Queen of Pentacles: a bighearted woman who is a soft touch
and always gives freely, abundantly and generously.

Judgement XX: a day of reckoning, making hard choices, seeing everything in a new light

There appears to be an emphasis on your being concerned with the everyday problems of others which may be only adding to your own confusion and stress. I don’t sense that your current situation is so horrible or your problems so big that they cannot be handled by you and you alone. You know what must be done. You have the answers. Take a risk. Trust your gut. You need to focus your intention on that which is most important first and trust that the little things will work themselves out. And they will. 🙂

Suggestion by Sway
Professional help is the way to go with question. You’re gonna get lots of answers from unreliable sources. There may be a gem or two though. Professional help is not bad and you don’t necessarily have to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. School counselors, clergy, therapists all may be able to help you. Also, you don’t have to pay for it, if thats an issue. Churches, community centers, schools and many more places will help you for free. You can find all kinds of places to go on-line.
Good luck and take care.

tarot card reading

when doing a tarot card reading, what does it mean when the first card is upside down?
i read in my manual that when I’m giving a reading and it’s upside down it means that i should flip all the cards upside down because i could have accidently handed the card upside down, but what happens if I am giving myself a reading and the first card is upside down? should I flip it upside down?

Suggestion by Abomination of Desolation
It means that you set the stack up wrong.

Suggestion by Nicholas
NO! If you flip it, than your life will be totally different!

Suggestion by Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!
Do you reverse a certain portion of your deck? If so, then you should expect some drawn card to be upside down. That’s the point.

If you haven’t reversed a portion of your deck and a card is upside down, clearly you have made an error. Just turn it rightside up.

Can anyone tell me a place to download the Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders free?

Can anyone tell me a place to download the Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders free?
I have tried but I always need to add a credit card or do a survey. Any help?
I mean the film with Alex Kingston

Suggestion by Psychic Computer Repair® PEBKAC?
Try your library (the place with all the books).

Suggestion by I K N
For free, no.

Amazon – have it should you decide to buy.

Otherwise, as already suggested, enquire at the local public library.

free fortune telling

Can somebody do a free reading for me?
If your psychic or practice divination or fortune telling… I DON’T want an astrology chart done…

born septmeber 5th 1985 at 8:00 a.m. in shanghai china
He was born november 13 1984 in Brazil…

might not be him… Let’s see what you’ve got.
My question is, will he ever marry me?

Suggestion by fliaway_33

Suggestion by autumn
Take care of yourself. Do not look for him to answer your dreams, only youn can make them true.

Suggestion by YA
There there…I’m not a pro but you don’t have to get out those information to do a reading. You want a reading done (for free), you should at least ask a question…no one can do a reading without a specific question.

Does anyone have any resources, tips, advice, etc. for creating your own tarot cards?

Does anyone have any resources, tips, advice, etc. for creating your own tarot cards?
I want to make an artwork of each tarot card and the symbols it needs in it.. but in my own eyes and own interpretations of them. I am a good artist and I know how I will go about this on my own, but I was wondering if anyone who has done this or even if they havent, would have some insight and more ideas to this. Thank yall

Suggestion by Tonya
click on this. www.pagan-network.org/forums/index.php?topic=26688.0

Suggestion by Sanguine ☽O ☾ ȣ ☽O ☾
I have seen blank tarot decks available for purchase from somewhere before… It was a full deck (78 cards) with a pretty background on the reverse side. All the cards are blank, so you can create it yourself.

tarot cards

Is anyone a psychic or tarot reader who can help me?
hi IM looking for a pshychic or tarot card reader who can help me with some spiritual healing, and give me some advice, if they can email me that would be great 🙂

Suggestion by short and to the point
i charge $ 15,000.00 up front.

Suggestion by Mr.AGNOSTIC™
last time i helped someone with my psychic abilities i got blocked

so to bad for you

Suggestion by Hank
I’m not psychic but I have had tons of readings. The most accurate one that I got where names were even pulled out of the blue was a tarot card reading from http://www.witchcraft-magic-spells.com. The head witch there is amazingly talented and has helped me through a lot. Good luck!

tarot cards

Does anyone know or do tarot Cards?

tarot cards

Does anyone know or do tarot Cards?
I just started to read this book about tarot cards.. Seems real interesting.
But I wanna know more facts about it!
I dont really get the part you put your first cad (0) so maybe someone can help??
Tahnks for your help!

Suggestion by Hans §____§
Why do you give a shiit?

Suggestion by Kristy
Be a little more specific. What exactly do you want to know?

Tarot is fun; like any divination, it’s a great way to help you get your own thoughts in order. And I’ve had surprisingly good results using it.

There are two kinds of cards, the Major Arcana (which most people think of when they think of Tarot – it has things like The Fool, The Tower, etc.) and the Minor Arcana (which has four suits, like a regular deck of cards, which run from Ace to King.) A lot of people find it daunting to have to memorize what all the cards mean, but there’s some tricks to it. First of all, all the suits – Cups, Wands, Swords and Coins/Pentacles – are associated with an element (which element goes with which suit is left as an exercise for the reader.) And each element, as any good pagan can tell you, has certain images, emotions, etc. associated with it. So that’s a good thing to keep in mind when interpreting the Minor Arcana.

Another thing is that in the Minor Arcana, the Aces, the Kings, the Queens, the Knights (like Jacks) and the Pages (no correlation in regular decks) have fairly standard meanings. For instance, the Ace usually represents the pure essence of their suit. So, for instance, Cups are associated with emotion and love and understanding and intuition, so if the Ace of Cups shows up in a reading, it means that somehow, deep feeling is playing a major role in your situation. If you learn what those positions mean, it’ll help you interpret them.

The BEST thing you can do, really, is to find a deck with artwork that seems to “speak” to you. There’s a lot of different decks out there, and not everyone is going to connect with all of them. (For me, for instance, I can’t even use anything other than the standard Rider-Waite deck. There’s prettier ones out there, but the cards just don’t tell me anything.) A good deck will contain enough symbolism in the illustrations themselves that you shouldn’t have to memorize anything to be able to interpret them well.

There’s various spreads out there; one of the simplest is to just lay three cards down in a line in front of you. Have a situation in mind when you do so, and keep that situation in mind as you interpret the cards. The first one will show the past, the middle one will show the present, and the third will show a possible future (usually the future that will result if things keep going as they’re going now) – all in regards to the situation you’re asking about, of course. A more popular spread (and my personal favorite) is the Celtic Cross, but it’s a little more complex and I’m not going to go into it here. Any tarot deck you buy will almost certainly include instructions on it.

Suggestion by philebus
Tarot is a pack of playing cards created in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court. It consists of two parts: a standard pack of Latin suited playing cards (with the suits of cups, coins, swords, and batons) and a fifth suit of picture cards. These extra cards took as their theme a triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning Triumph and from which we get our word trump. And that is what they are, a suit of fixed trump cards for a family of card games that continues to be played throughout continental Europe today.

You will find many other accounts of their history – none are endorsed by historians for the reason that they lack any evidence.

Contrary to popular myth, the church did not try to suppress tarot – the games were played openly and with great popularity, spreading quickly through the continent all through the Counter-Reformation. If the cards were really seen as heresy, then that simply could not have happened. Of course, some of the images are often taken to be obviously either unchristian or occult – however, to see the error of this, we have to look at the cards in the context of when and where they were created. A good example of this is The Female Pope, a cards often cited as a reason for the Church’s opposition. Yet in Italy of the time (and through to the 19th century) the figure of a Female Pope was well established in Christian art, being used to represent such things as the New Covenant and the Virtue of Faith.

The standard pack consists of 78 cards, being four regular suits each with 10 pip cards and four court cards, there are then 21 trump cards and an extra card usually known as the Fool, which can be a wild card or the highest trump, depended upon the game played. However, there are a number of variations. Many packs have just 54 cards (which may be further shortened to just 40 cards for some of the games played in Hungary), There are further variations in Sicily and in Bologna. A Florentine pack, called the Minchiate and no longer in use, added trumps to make a total of 91 cards!

Further variation came about with more recent occult associations. At the end of the 18th century a Parisian occultist, ignorant of their actual origin, published a fanciful account of their coming from ancient Egypt, encoding their lost wisdom and having a use in divination. For about 100 years these ideas were limited to just France, however, at the end of the 19th century, British occultists began to introduce the cards and occult writings to the English speaking world. In the early 20th century, occultists began to produce heavily redesigned packs to better suit their beliefs and fortune tellers. It is designs of this kind that most English speakers associate as being tarot.

Today’s tarot cards can fall into three groups – the modern French suited packs (these began to appear in Germany at the start of the 18th century and seldom used for anything but the games), the modern occult packs (which adapt and redesign the original suits and images – such as making coins into pentacles), and the traditional packs still used for game play but also by some occultists.

The traditional tarot is a family of what we call point-trick games (sometimes complex-trick games). This means that like Bridge, Whist, and Spades, cards are won in tricks – but unlike those games, different cards carry different point values and so it is not the number of tricks taken that wins a hand but the number of card points in them. Over nearly 600 years, the games have developed a great deal of variation within and between different countries and so if you wish to know more, you might like to check these sites…


In the English speaking world, the best known use for tarot cards is for divination (popularly called fortune telling). For this, the tarot reader will deal the cards into a pattern which is called a spread. Each position in the spread is believed to govern some aspect of the question asked. Each card is assigned a range of possible meanings and the tarot reader uses these meanings in conjunction with the position of the cards in the spread to create a narrative answer. You must decide for yourself if you think there is anything to that.

tarot cards
tarot cards

I need help finding the name of this horror movie?
I remember watching some horror movie with my friend when I was little, and I cant think of the name..

In one scene, someone throwing either playing cards or tarot cards into some girls hand, and its like stabbing her, then they push her over a bridge.

and I vaguely remember a scene where a box of donuts turned into a box of worms…

any takers?

Suggestion by Andrew
Doesent sound familar to me….you sure it wasnt just a really cool dream you had?

Heck, I dream of blood and guts all the time…..stabbing occasionally 😛

Suggestion by arcticayla
The part about the donuts sounds familiar. But there are 3 movies that might be what you are looking for:

Phantasm 1-2-3

I tend to forget about them, but they are 3 frightening movies.