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Q&A: Can Anyone Do A Tarot Card Reading For Me Please?

tarot card reading

Can Anyone Do A Tarot Card Reading For Me Please?
Because I want to know my past, present and future.
Any reading is fine to. But no jokes please

Suggestion by Oyon
you will die in the next 120 years.

what’s scary is that it’s true! lol nah not really

Suggestion by Anansi
ok i seriously did one.
and i’ve never gotten this before but the world will end in 9000 Thursdays because of you.

Suggestion by Glo
I wouldn’t rely on a Tarot reading from just anyone, especially online. It takes a very good reader to even properly read cards for someone over the phone. It takes more than knowing your name and birth date to be able to come up with a reading that isn’t superficial or incorrect.

tarot card reading

Can anyone give me a good tip for memorizing the tarot cards meanings?

tarot cards meanings

Can anyone give me a good tip for memorizing the tarot cards meanings?
I’ve been practicing daily, but that’s a lot of cards to memorize and could use some help.

Suggestion by Kristy
I’ve been doing them for years and still need my book. It just takes time. Kinda feels like school huh.

Suggestion by bearlet3
tarot cards are a load of hogwash!

Suggestion by registrations001
Every card can have several meanings. Forget it – it takes years of working with tarot cards.

tarot cards meanings
tarot cards meanings

Can Anyone tell me The Meaning of Tarot Card Death REVERSED and Devil REVERSED ?

Can Anyone tell me The Meaning of Tarot Card Death REVERSED and Devil REVERSED ?
Please i want a Detailed answer ……….

Suggestion by address man

Suggestion by Jadens_Matricide
1. Great change in your future.
2. Loss of idealism.

Suggestion by King of the Zodiac
It means you’re going to be murdered.

Tarot Card Meaning Software?
Hello, I wanted to know, where can I find a software program that willl decipher the meaning of my Tarot spead? What I mean is, if I input it in a program and it will tell me what it means. Is there anything like that out there? Thanks in advance!

Suggestion by FineWhine
There is an amazingly accurate program called Tarot Magic. It has many different spreads and different Tarot decks. You then pick the cards in the program and not only does it explain the reading, but you can read about each card in detail.

Ok just pulled up the program to make sure about this since I always do the full reading with the program. There is a library in the program with a variety of Tarot related “books.” There are several that detail each card, so if you wanted to just refer to that for the meaning, you could do that too, since I think that was your specific question.

It is made by the folks at Tarot.com so you can get a sense of it over there. But if you buy it I’d suggest checking out Amazon or Ebay as they are usually cheaper. I had a friend get me that progam and the other one they make about the Iching called The Oracle of Changes. She had me order what I wanted as a gift, and at the time there was a sale on both and free shipping at Amazon.

I have been blown away by how accurate they both have been. Although I’ve had a problem running the Iching on my super fast new laptop, and if I use the work around they give it slows down my system. (Felt I’d toss in a heads up since I am suggesting it.).

Hope this helps!

these are four meaning to four tarot cards more to follow. THE meanings of these are what they mean to me and you may not agree with me and thats ok becouse tarot cardsd have so meny meanings so just write down what the cards mean to you. and you can always email me at fasttarot@gmail.com and the tarot card meaning are what they mean to me on there own . when they are together they can mean other things but all you have to do is look at the other cards and it is not has hard has it sounds becouse if you are ment to read the Tarot Cards you will.

has anyone had an accurate tarot reading?

tarot reading

has anyone had an accurate tarot reading?
has anyone had an accurate tarot reading, I’ve had some.

Suggestion by Alythedetective
I haven’t had a real tarot reading before, as in I’ve never had someone do one for me, but I found a good website called Mysticgames.com. They have Horoscopes, Rune readings, I-Ching readings, a daily Oracle, and pretty accurate tarot readings, and much more. Although it is generated through the computer, I’ve had some really good tarot readings using the Mysticgames website. They have a lot of different spreads to choose from, as well as different tarot decks. My favorite deck is Mansions of the Moon tarot deck. Every morning I can’t leave the house until I’ve gotten my tarot reading(s) in for the day. I would love to have someone do a real tarot reading for me, but haven’t had the chance to find someone who can.

Suggestion by Jumpin’ Jinx
Yes…my granny could read tarot very accurately. She didn’t make a business of it or anything, but our family have always read cards for friends and other family members.

I can read also, but only do it for friends, sometimes at parties, and never for money. I have an ethical problem with taking money for a talent given by God.

Suggestion by CassysTarot
Despite the fact that I myself am a tarot reader, I have never had an accurate tarot reading. I’ve had four readings from tarot readers or self-proclaimed psychic/astrologers. They were all dead wrong. When I began my spiritual path, I quickly knew that I wanted to teach people how to intuit for themselves, more so than read for them. But in all these years, I have found that some tarot readers are not psychics. Furthermore, I’ve found that some tarot readers don’t even really know how to see the cards and read them correctly because they are only reading from rote memory. I try to teach people how to determine when a tarot reader is legit. One of the main ways is ego. Psychics want to help people. Egotists want the power trip. Scam artists never question themselves. They know exactly what they are doing and why. Whereas, there are times in every psychics journey where they will go, “What the hell? This is crazy. This can’t be happening.” Even if they believe in the spirit, the soul, the Divine, they are always questioning, because psychics need validation just like everyone else does. If you would like to know more about tarot and how to read for yourself, there are some helpful articles at http://www.cassystarot.com

tarot reading
tarot reading

How can I do a self tarot card reading?
I have a tarot deck, and I know how to do a horse shoe spread, and the celtic cross. I want to do a reading on myself, but I just don’t know how to go about it.

Suggestion by Tahuti Reincarnate
Well, I think one of the best newer ways to learn the meanings of the cards, is to go to facade dot com and try out their free tarot readings. Do this each day, and you’ll start learning the cards. If they don’t have your specific deck, do it with the Waite deck, as it relates to almost all modern decks.

Suggestion by Crystal R
That’s easy. Use the card that most represents yourself as the Significator and read it like you would anyone else. Of course you’d be the one askng the question, shuffling the deck and cutting the cards as well as doing the lay out.

Suggestion by Crystal clear
It’s often hard to be objective when reading for yourself. Try to look at it as if you were reading for someone else, so that your own emotions, doubts, etc. don’t get in your way. Perhaps you may want to start with doing simple three card spreads for yourself a few times a week, recording your interpretations of them and see how that goes – how accurate they are for you. There is a lot to reading a Celtic cross spread as a whole, and I have a hard time doing that spread for myself sometimes.

Here is an article & website that may help you.

Does anyone know any tarot card games I can play with a normal deck of cards?

tarot cards

Does anyone know any tarot card games I can play with a normal deck of cards?
You know those games you used to play as a kid? Where you pick a certain number at it would be the age you die, how many boyfriends you had, how many kids. I always thought it was harmless fun, and I would like to see if I can find anything similar or maybe a lil more complex and interesting.

Suggestion by KdS
People can read fortunes with playing cards — in fact it seems to be the slightly older practice. Just do a search online for “fortune telling standard deck” and you’ll get a lot of pages with instructions.

tarot cards

Can messing around with tarot cards encourage bad spirits to enter your life?
This may just be rumors, I’m sure I have heard. I don’t even believe in such things. I’m just curious to hear any stories or experiences.

Suggestion by Kevin
You must believe in it enough if are worried about “bad spirits”.

Suggestion by No Chance Without Jesus
if done properly it is a form of divination and yes….you are asking them to come in and guide you

Like a ouija board, it is rarely done properly, just people playing games

Suggestion by Atheist ex-Christian
Can playing solitaire make you lonely for the rest of your life?

tarot cards

Can you conduct a seance using tarot cards?
As in, instead of a ouija board and if it is possible, how can I do this?

Suggestion by hotmomma
Dude, messing with evil spirits is extremely unwise.

Suggestion by Atom74 – the big finale
Not really. Tarot are pretty much self reflective in things like money and emotions.

Suggestion by Joan, the Retarded Bitċh
Tarot cards were originally for a game that is still played in France today. Do you actually take something like that seriously?