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Q&A: Can anyone give me free psychic or tarot reading ?

Can anyone give me free psychic or tarot reading ?
really need someone to help me out.I have been searching for free readings for months now but have been unsuccessful.I will really appreciate it if someone can give me a free reading its very important to me.thank you.Please don’t answer if your gonna be rude im only referring to non believers

Suggestion by Tea
Okay. I’ll give you a general reading using the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Past: The 4 of Pentacles indicates that in the past you may have been afraid of losing someone or something or maybe you were feeling less than generous where something in your life was concerned.

Present: The 9 of Cups indicates that something you have been hoping or wishing for may have recently happened or started to happen in your life.

Future: The Death card paired with the Star card suggest that you know your current situation is probably not going to last, but you may be in denial or refusing to admit it to yourself.

Hidden Aspect: The 7 of Cups paired with the Ace of Swords indicate that you’re probably being fooled by appearances or wishful thinking and that all it would take is a little investigation for you to see the truth of the situation.

The Challenge: In order to uncover the truth of your current situation you will probably need to do your investigation in a covert manner. Trying to be direct or upfront about your investigation will probably not be effective or smart (7 of Swords).

Your Hopes: You may be hoping that you haven’t pushed things too far or expected too much (The Empress paired with the Knight of Pentacles and the Devil).

Your Fears: Your fear may be that things are just too good to be true (Page of Pentacles).

Your Current Path: You may be living in a high quality situation right now or perhaps you are working toward creating a higher quality situation for yourself (9 of Pentacles).

The outcome if you stay on your current path: The 2 of pentacles indicates that you may end up having to make a few compromises in order to have a more balanced or sustainable situation.

I drew two clarification cards. The 8 of Wands indicates that time is of the essence in this situation, and it is probably time to get some advice or to talk to someone who may be more well informed than yourself (The High Priestess).

Suggestion by Amali
Dear Tara,

Please feel free to email me with your question, being as specific as
you possibly can. I have been reading for a number of years for various people with a high level of accuracy. I do not charge as this is a gift from me to others.

Kind regards,


can someone give me a free tarot reading?
hi am looking for someone who can give me a free tarot reading am really struggling at the minute and with financial difficulties cannot afford to have a private reading dob 18/01/86 thanx

Suggestion by `
May God bless you all your days.

Tarots psychichs are all liars and witches, and fortune tellers.

Turn your life to God dear one.

Peace always.

Suggestion by blogdog123
How about I just tell you, things will get better if you get a second job?

Suggestion by Sjnoring Ejverloodyr
A fork in the road is coming very soon. You will know which direction to take.

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Has Anyone Had a Psychic Reading Proven Accurate?

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Has Anyone Had a Psychic Reading Proven Accurate?
My husband and I are having our cards read for our anniversary, and I was just wondering how many people have done the same thing (psychics, tarot cards, tea leaves etc.) and had their predictions proven accurate?

Suggestion by irishlady
I’ve had readings many times & yes they were accurate A word of advice though a true Psychic will never ask when’s your birthday OK if they do they’re good Happy Anniversary & hope you enjoy your readings

Suggestion by Fireball
no theyre just for fun. Its the occult…horoscope matching works but I would never pay someone to tell the future cuz it wont work…..fakes

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What are the divinational meanings of the Clow Cards?
What are the meanings of the Clow Cards if you used them for tarot cards?

Suggestion by mirko
Group A

The Cloud: Judge firmly and impartially
Card’s message: You need to have strong judgement. Relax and open your inner self before you judge. If you make the best decision, you will be able to set your mind at rest.
Card’s warning: Your heart determines your luck. People who are happy and optimistic will attract the attention and presence of other people, and thus, good luck will follow.

The Create: Full of affection
Card’s message: Express your opinion and affection. Stay close to art and music, as these can cause you to be more creative; you may even get some great ideas as a result.
Card’s Warning: Don’t get tied down by traditional rules and ideas, and instead act according to your instincts; it may just bring you unexpected discoveries or meetings(with someone).

See all about them here:

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is there any one who will give me a free tarot card reading?
all of the sites i have checked are all “now we need your credit card number” but i don’t have a credit card so is there any one who can give me a free tarot card reading?

Suggestion by tinkerbelle kisses
Sure I do tarot readings via email id be happy to help you out.
Email me through here and we will organize something 🙂

Suggestion by GCram
If you are on Facebook I made an app for this: http://apps.facebook.com/the_tarot/?fb_source=bookmark_favorites&ref=bookmarks&count=0&fb_bmpos=4_0 try and tell me what you think!

Suggestion by Priestess
I will give you a free cross of truth tarot reading if you go ‘like’ my facebook page and write me a comment. I also have a 50% sale on any of my services. You don’t need a credit card for my other services, you can use a debit card because I use an easy system.

anyone know how to read palms and predict the fortune…?

free fortune telling

anyone know how to read palms and predict the fortune…?
and what do the lines mean…….?
like which one is how many kids?
which one is death.?
which one is love…? etc.
and is there any sites that are free and tell fortune ….?

Suggestion by Ash
free site

free fortune telling

i really want my fortune told but why do the all charge for this anyone know of a free 1?

Suggestion by bono_morten
So you want to know your future….If you want to know your future and you search this on various web-sites, than you should know that all of them will tell you rubbish…and charge you for the rubbish they say!
I don’t know how you feel about knowing your future but I think that this is no fun. What will you do if you find out that something bad will happen to you in the near future? Will you try to change this? If yes, how?

Suggestion by belfastboy

Suggestion by Ally
i get my free horoscope sent to me daily on my yahoo account.

free fortune telling

Does anybody have psychic or fortune telling abilities?
I would like a FREE reading about my future…

It’s a bonus if you are Christian or Pentecostal… but you don’t have to be… I will accept help from anybody and be grateful to you regardless of your religious or cultural background…

I don’t know where to turn for help… nobody is willing to help me because I am somebody who has no social status, and someone that is often overlooked and ignored by society…

Not a single person stood up for me when I got kicked out two churches this week… not a single person tried to defend me or maintain any kind of contact with me when it happened…

Suggestion by godsuncledave
No, nobody does.

Suggestion by Imperfectionist (2)
Everything will be okay

You’ve been touched by Imperfectionist

Suggestion by Cool Lou
Thank you again for telling me why I am not a believer.

Q&A: Can Anyone Do A Tarot Card Reading For Me Please?

tarot card reading

Can Anyone Do A Tarot Card Reading For Me Please?
Because I want to know my past, present and future.
Any reading is fine to. But no jokes please

Suggestion by Oyon
you will die in the next 120 years.

what’s scary is that it’s true! lol nah not really

Suggestion by Anansi
ok i seriously did one.
and i’ve never gotten this before but the world will end in 9000 Thursdays because of you.

Suggestion by Glo
I wouldn’t rely on a Tarot reading from just anyone, especially online. It takes a very good reader to even properly read cards for someone over the phone. It takes more than knowing your name and birth date to be able to come up with a reading that isn’t superficial or incorrect.

tarot card reading

Can anyone give me a good tip for memorizing the tarot cards meanings?

tarot cards meanings

Can anyone give me a good tip for memorizing the tarot cards meanings?
I’ve been practicing daily, but that’s a lot of cards to memorize and could use some help.

Suggestion by Kristy
I’ve been doing them for years and still need my book. It just takes time. Kinda feels like school huh.

Suggestion by bearlet3
tarot cards are a load of hogwash!

Suggestion by registrations001
Every card can have several meanings. Forget it – it takes years of working with tarot cards.

tarot cards meanings
tarot cards meanings