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Has anyone had tarot card readings come true?

tarot card readings

Has anyone had tarot card readings come true?
I thought this was pretty cool, a psychic friend of mine told me i’m going to get pregnant and miss my period in june, I keep getting the pregnancy card in the tarot readings, i just got notice of my stimulous check coming soon and i might be getting a new job, i keep getting the financial freedom card and i am planning a trip to california next year or possibly this year if i get pregnant and i keep getting the travel over water card (which i live in jersey and will have to travel over water)
i thought this was pretty cool anyone else do anything like this?

Suggestion by jazzybee445
Well i have gotten a tarot card reading once, and everything the lady was saying to me was so true. She was explaining to me my past present and future and with the things she was saying about my past and present she was right on point. when she told me about my future the things she said were exactly everything that i wanted to do with my future so i sure hope that its true you know? I think that with tarot cards they come true if you really want them to and believe that they will. cause say you didnt want to have any kids in june and you decided that you were going to just not have sex until after june.. then that would make your tarot not come true. so i think that if you wanted to get pregnant and the cards said you were going to then chances are you probably will.

Suggestion by Kuhlena
I hope everything goes well with you! I kept asking my cards, (about two years ago) if I would ever have my little girl, always got the same answer, if I wanted one I would have to work for it, and try my hardest. Later that year I got pregnant with her, it was a battle to keep her healthy while I was pregnant with her. After she was born, I had to literally revive my daughter four times in one day, she was full term but weighted in at five pounds 6 ounces. After a very hard struggle, I am happy to say that My daughter just turned one and is a healthy happy girl, weighing in at 16 pounds 2 ounces!! Boy were my tarot cards correct, I really had to work at getting and keeping what I wanted. She is a blessing though!! I haven’t touched my cards since then, but I do still sleep with them under my pillow to keep my bond with them.

Suggestion by jenganesh3
My sister was told that the relationship with the guy she was seeing wouldn’t last and that she would marry a middle class drummer. she did. He used 2 be in an Elvis impersonation band

tarot card readings

Does anyone know how to do Tarot card readings?
I have a friend who has a friend who knows how to read tarot cards very well. My friend has gotten her future read by him a few times and he has been on point. He has even done this over the phone because he said she had such a good energy. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO READ TAROT CARDS AND COULD POSSIBLY DO MINE OVER THE PHONE? Sorry i’m asking like this, but I’m serious. Thanks.

Suggestion by How would
Pretty easy to do really.

1) Randomly shuffle cards.
2) Lay randomly selected cards on table.
3) Tell the sucker you’re giving a “reading” to vague, unspecific things that sound like something they’ll want to believe and let their imagination connect whatever actually happens to your words.

And *BAM* you’re a tarot card reader.

Suggestion by Elizabeth
They are not intended to read and tell the future

only to show you a choice and a path. you will have to decide yourself and create your own future anyone who does not teach or say this is false.

noones future is written in stone unless they are destined for a paticular assingment by the creator.

Suggestion by Jimmy
I can do Tarot cards. I was taught at a skeptics workshop on cold reading. Its actually really easy you just make stuff up and tell people what they want to hear. Most of the “magic” of tarot cards comes from the mystique and atmosphere you create when doing it. Its basically a magic trick.

tarot card readings

Does anyone do psychic readings or tarot card readings?
I’m looking to get a psychic or tarot card reading regarding conception. Does anyone out there do this?
Charisma–I would definitely be interested 🙂

Suggestion by gutbucket
Yes, and all of them are fake.

Suggestion by Splash Frog
You have to pay them to be told what you want to hear..

Scam artists don’t work for free..

Suggestion by Tao Man
Yeah, send cash, no checks.

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Anyone have the instruction booklet for Madame Lenormand’s Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards?

free fortune telling

Anyone have the instruction booklet for Madame Lenormand’s Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards?
I was given the Madame Lenormand Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards, but it didn’t come with the instruction booklet because it was lost. Does anyone know where I could find a free copy or scans of it online? Or is anyone willing to scan it for me? It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Suggestion by Paul S
Are you sure it matters? Why not just make up the directions? That’s what she did.

free fortune telling

are there free online fortune tellers?
ive always wanted to have a fortune teller tell well my fortune i was wondering if there is any website that is legit and can answer my questions

Suggestion by lksproodle51
Not for free- sorry

Suggestion by magic sword
don’t waste your time with this crap………its all a con, and all they want is your money.

Suggestion by Jack

free fortune telling

Any online fortune tellers that will help me for free?
I would absolutely love to get my fortune told, but not over the phone because of all of the hassle of credit card charging, and money issues. I don’t want to give a person I don’t know my money, let alone my credit card number! lol Anyway, if you, or anyone you know, is a fortune teller – i would like to have my fortune told! Thanks, Hunter.

Suggestion by SILVER
my friend is a fortune teller- but how is she supposed to tell your fortune if she doesnt know anything about you, cant meet you, and hasnt seen you??!?!!?!!?

Suggestion by milly_1963
The word Fortune Teller went out in the 1950’s they are now called Mediums or Psychic’s

It is better to be with a Medium in person so they can pick up on your energy

If you look up a Spiritual Church online in your area and ring them they will get you in touch with a Medium and I will say this you will get what you pay for so if you want it for free you will get **** if you know what I mean
However if you go to the Spiritual Church apart of the service is to get a reading from the Medium that is on Platform that night it may only be a 5 minute reading however it can be a powerful message you need to hear.

Love & Blessings

Suggestion by desireedawn25
Fortune told?? Huh is it 1957 again?? omgoodness. HA HA

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Can anyone give me a free online tarot card reading?

tarot card reading

Can anyone give me a free online tarot card reading?
I’m a Pisces (March 7)and I want to know if anyone can give me a reading. And i want to know when i’ll be in a relationship and with what type of person and i’m pretty sure the tarot card reading would help. Thanks

Suggestion by Elpiniki
What you need to find is a fortune teller and there are lots and lots of them in your town and in most towns. Just look for a sign is the window of a little house on the main street that reads, “Psychic readings, inside.”
Regretfully, it will probably cost you a few dollars, but then, when you go to the grocery store they won’t let you out unless you pay the cashier.That’s how it works in this country. To have someone provide you with a service, requires effort on their part. When you have your hair done in a salon, you pay the sylist. When you go to any professional who takes time out to work for you, you pay them money.

Suggestion by mhiaa
A wonderful free site is www.lotustarot.com

Suggestion by Sassy

free readings here, no registration, no catches, fav site.

tarot card reading

Just curious, is it worth it to pay for a tarot card reading on whether or not I should pursue a relationship?
Just curious, is it worth it to pay for a tarot card reading on whether or not I should pursue a relationship with a certain friend of mine? It’s a very complicated situation that I simply cannot answer on my own.

Suggestion by wicoclya
tarot card readers are scam artists 🙂 So they can see the future eh? why didnt miss cleo stop 9/11? shes a terrorist or a liar, you pick 🙂

Suggestion by angelfly
well, first of all, trust your intuition. if for any reason you feel this is not what you want then dont go for it. i went to many readers….those stupids just swallowed my money….a relationship which will be the happiest for you will usually show a king of pentacles…..if not then then it will need work. only two readers found that card in my reading and it came accurate, but it turned out to be not for the guy for whom i wanted it. i was suspecious about that relationship from the very beginning. i should have followed my instinct instead of getting involved with him.

Suggestion by Bobby Corwen
If I were you, I’d purchase a Tarot Deck instead–a Sharp Set of Cards…It’s both a Collector’s Item ‘n perhaps it maybe very useful to you. ‘Nyways, I’ve seen this little Tarot Deck Show…’n God this Woman, won’t stop admitting the obvious. At least the Calls were Free…I believe.

If you’re going to take a Risk, risk it on the conclusion you’ve settled wit’, rather than depend on Mystical Items that aren’t easily grasped ‘n understood by the Common People of Today.

tarot card reading

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Does anyone know where I can get my totally free psychic reading?

free psychic reading

Does anyone know where I can get my totally free psychic reading?
I really want to get my psychic reading but money is issue for me please suggest me something free because i am having a lot of issues these days in my marriage, love, and money/career life….

Suggestion by Vicky
Unfortunately for me to tell you I would have to consult my crystal ball which would cost you $ 20, I could however sell you some magic beans at a reasonable price.
I suspect the problems you are having are related to gullibility.

Suggestion by Amy R
Lotus tarot and spiritual guidance tarot are really good sites that let you know what is going on right now.

Suggestion by Matthew
You can try Simplypsychic.net they ony charge a flat rate of $ 22 and if they go over on time you dont get charged. they really are veryyyyy good its worth trying!

free psychic reading

Can anyone please give me a free psychic reading?
Can anyone please give me a free psychic reading?
i don’t have any specific questions i just want to know if anything good will happen to me in the near future?

Suggestion by Linzee
Yes, you will have an orgasm in the near future…;)

Suggestion by chris topher
LOL Linzee
Good things happen to all people, all the time. Anything which is better than any given moment in ones life is a good thing.

I dont say i dont believe in psychic stuff, but youll get nothing but looneys here.. like my self..

Suggestion by anime tenchou
your question will be answered. your future lies ahead, there are decisions you will have to make. take good care of your body, value and cherish every day.

All first time customers get a free psychic reading at Psychic Access. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, conveniently get a reading by telephone or chat from any place in the world. All of our expert psychics and advisors have been interviewed, fully verified and accuracy tested assuring you the highest quality service. We specialize in romance and relationship issues but our staff of friendly, adept psychics and advisors can guide you through almost any issue.

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Does anyone know any tarot spreads for pregnancy?

tarot spreads

Does anyone know any tarot spreads for pregnancy?
Ive found it hard to find anything online so far, i thought of maybe making up one..

Suggestion by PersiaRy




(cup/uterus shape)

1 = the father’s gift to the baby
2 = the mother’s gift to the baby
3 = baby’s best strength
4 = the baby’s biggest challenge
5 = the baby’s mission on earth
6 = the baby’s support on earth


tarot spreads

Dragon tarot cards and spreads?
I love tarot and I want to buy a new deck (mine is too christian). Where can I find aCeltic Dragon Tarot Kit for a good price (nothing over $ 40)? It doesn’t have to be on the internet. Borders Bookstore lists thiers for $ 34.

Also, does anyone know of a good website for tarot spreads?
Surprisingly, all of the New Age bookstores in my area are very far away.

Suggestion by george p
try new age book store

Suggestion by AdwaaDelacrouix
dont know but contact me when you do — i d love a reading — xx check out me and my psychic spirtualness xx


Suggestion by chris j
my wife reads the dragon tarot, but as for where to get them, we went to a new age store that is in town,

as for spreads she usually uses the celtic cross spread.

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