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Are you always amazed at what people will believe?

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Are you always amazed at what people will believe?
They believe in spirits, mind-reading, communicating with the dead, various gods, angels, Tarot cards, astrology, numerology, feng shui, karma, reincarnation, ESP, divining, ‘operating thetans’, magic, homeopathy, ghosts…

The list goes on. I find it hard to believe people will believe any one of these.

Suggestion by The spirit of the monkey was irrepressible.
Not always, most of the time I have other things on my mind.

Suggestion by gutbucket
No, because humans seem to have a propensity for believing in nonsense.

Suggestion by IRev. Albert Einstein

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What does ten of coins means for advice of a relationship?
*tarot card

Suggestion by Cindy
The 10 of Coins speaks of a time of comfort and security. It’s a positive card, so I would say it’s a positive portent for the relationship.

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Do you believe in tarot cards or angel card readings?

Do you believe in tarot cards or angel card readings?
Or things related to that?

Suggestion by Eclipse-girl
No. Its all flim-flam

Suggestion by Mr. Doles

.. well that was easy…

Suggestion by Pytr Pytr
sure, randomly flipping cards has lots of reasons why it would be able to foretell the future, just like reading tea leaves in the bottom of your cup, or counting the petals on a flower.

ummmmm, common sense might give you a different answer though.

tarot card readings

what do you think people who believes in tarot card readings?

Suggestion by GotMovesLikeJagger
They are delusional..

Suggestion by Dacy
These people are usually looking for an answer to a serious concern. The answers from their spiritual beliefs, if they have any, don’t address their question. Neither do their friends or family. So they then look for something beyond themselves where they think a higher power can predict what will happen, giving them their perfect answer. These same people are looking for hope. If they are in a bad place, then they would like the tarot reading to offer hope by predicting that things will change for the better in the near future.

Suggestion by TRUE SABBATH
Trust God, not tarot.

Romans 10:9

Do you believe in tarot cards from the store?

tarot cards

Do you believe in tarot cards from the store?
I did a tarot card reading on myself and its all negative comments, feedback.
Well how come when it did my past it ment nothing that was accurate of anyone I knew from my past life. lol. I think the cards are a bunch of bullshit.

Suggestion by Epic Link
I don’t believe in the validity of tarot cards, period.

Do I believe in them? I know they EXIST.

Suggestion by Oasis_Spurs
Tarot cards make the bible look believable

Suggestion by cork
fools do.. just fools

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What do the Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards look like?
Is there a website/link where I can look at a few of the cards in the Angel Tarot Cards deck by Doreen Virtue?

-Thanks =)

Suggestion by Michael
They look like this:

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How do I get rid of Tarot cards?
My friend got me a pack of tarot cards off ebay about 2 years ago. when I was going through them I noticed a few cards were missing and I never wanted to use them because I had a bad feeling. I want to get rid of them but I don’t know if I should give them to a friend, or burn them…. I don’t want to sell them on ebay just because its not guaranteed someone will buy them.

Suggestion by TJ

Suggestion by surojabu
Put them in recycle. If you’re concerned about the energy they contain, burning won’t necessarily destroy it. It’s more apt to just release it. If you believe in the magical or supernatural aspect, burning can release negative (or positive) energy into the air thru the smoke. Putting them in the recycle bin accomplishes two things, one it’s good for the environment. Two, the cards and their energy are going to a good place, the Earth (via the landfill) which can only be a good thing if they have negative energy attached to them. Recycling or composting is a good way to get rid of most magical tools.

Suggestion by duke_of_urls
They are made of paper.
Put them in a paper recycling bin.

Do you believe in Tarot Card readings?

tarot card readings

Do you believe in Tarot Card readings?
I didn’t until recently, but now have to say that this last one is so right on it’s kinda scary! what do you think?

Suggestion by LαСεφ DеL ♫ Clothes Off!!
I’ve got one or two done.

It made no impact..made no sense..

Suggestion by kalyssa63xoxo
I believe it’s a bunch of crap.

Suggestion by Darkly Dreaming Scarlett

Damn things always give me the death card, go figure.

I have had two tarot card readings.. & swords are holding me back in life. What do swords represent exactly?
How do I get rid of them??
it was the 10 of swords, surrounding the lady, looks like she is almost gone.

Suggestion by Sherry F
Sometimes the swords can represent a kind of self imprisonment. It’s hard to say without knowing all the cards and which sword cards you had and where. For instance were the swords all around you but not touching you. Where there swords near by and the figure was blindfolded, is so that could be that you feel held back but if you just were to remove the blindfold you could see it for what it really is. There’s just to many variables to give you true advise.

Suggestion by Emma~
Swords correspond with the element air. It, of course, depends on your situation and all the cards involved, but I’ll list some of what I know and perhaps something will click. If you want to talk more indepth, email me 😀

Air is the element of the intellect… Swords are all about speaking and communication, as well as thought. If pentacles are all about the body, cups about the emotions and wands about passion, then swords are the mind.
If you’re seeing a lot of swords, consider the extremes of communication: you’re talking far too much, not getting your point across at all, or talking way too little and not expressing your mind. Usually it’s the former, a common attribute of someone described by a sword card is “sharp-tongued”, being rude… Of course, it might not be representing you: perhaps you’re having trouble with someone talking negatively about/to you?
As it is also the realm of the thoughts, then perhaps you’re thinking too much and not just letting go& doing what you want to. Or, you’re having a conflict with someone due to different ideas…

Good luck!

edit: With the 10 of Swords, things can’t get much worse. If you’ve been down lately.. It’s time to get back up, because the shit has already hit the fan and you survived. Only good can come when you’re at the bottom.
If something is holding you back, it is most likely yourself. Especially if you’ve been pitying yourself or getting wrapped up in all the bad that’s happened.

Suggestion by ¡ Tito !
Release your inner inhibitions and do not dwell on the Swords. Talk out your fears with a close friend or relative – if necessary seek professional counseling. Look to the South and focus your energies on the Earth. There, you will find all health, happiness, and peace of mind. Seek out that individual born in the Sign of Leo who makes you laugh – this person will help show you the way. Avoid all darkness and seek only the light – your next reading will reveal The Wands – be careful of the interpretation!

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What is Tarot card reading?Do u believe in it? when we start should we invoke the Gods of Tarot?

tarot card reading

What is Tarot card reading?Do u believe in it? when we start should we invoke the Gods of Tarot?

Suggestion by Josh R
Your invoking the devil not the Gods. There is only on God, put your faith in him.

Suggestion by Pam R
Hello Amulet

There are no Gods of the tarot. Some of us have religious God, some of us have a personal God.

What you are talking about is ‘protection’, & you can ask God for it – if you wish.

Tarot are a tool, a stepping stone into the subconsious & to spirit. They are a tool for guidance, seeking answers & meditation.

In Peace

Suggestion by White teeth
Tarots don’t involve the believes in God la…

I had a dream about someone doing a tarot card reading for me?
the question was “how can I improve my life” and I can’t remember all the cards, but I know the last four were all Queen’s. What does this mean?

Suggestion by unoptrid1aq
Lay of the mushrooms,Nor co,Vic a den,Tylenol,weed,and Alcohol.

Suggestion by Anna B
that you need more sleep

Suggestion by rae61
Listen to the women in your life!

Can I have a Tarot card reading please?
I want to know if I need to move to another city to find a job and/or a relationship. Job is my primary concern right now.

Thank you.

Suggestion by lala
I do not do Tarot cards ; but if you want to give your DOB ; I try to help