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is Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot the best book to start with?

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is Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot the best book to start with?
Hey I’m just starting to learn how to read tarot cards and understand them. I found this book on a website “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot” and it got really good reviews on tarots, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a better book to start with.

Suggestion by Matt Sullivan
I would suggest the one you mentioned. It is really good for the basic foundation of knowledge we al need to then elaborate on. Later, I would suggest buying more advanced books.
But Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Tarot is DEFINITELY a good start!

My only concern, if your brain is as fast-working as mine, you may ‘mentally outgrow’ it soon, meaning it will be too simple. but then, just buy a new book!

PS: I love how you are taking up tarot! All the best


Suggestion by LC
A much better choice is Paul Foster Case’ classic,
The Tarot:A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages
Also ‘google’ paul foster case the tarot and look at those results there are downloadable decks.
Get the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.)Deck along with the the book mentioned above.

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Can someone do a full scale reading on me?
I am a libra. Born 9-29-90.

ALOT has been going on in my life lately, lots of big changes and upheavals, I feel like my life is so bumpy. When will it ever calm down? I feel like it wont ever get better! Right now its at the absolutle worst. I was just wondering if anyone here would give me some kind of psychic reading, or tarot card reading, anything to just help me out, and figure out the path im on and what i need to do.

Suggestion by RAV3N
Dear Libra as you sit and ponder every move and are unwilling to take chances..you are the type that needs proof. RELAX. Think more positive and don’t be so pessimistic. That is the key…and don’t (what ever you do keep hanging around those that bum you out). You can change your path. Only you can change your path but it takes skill and courage. The knowledge to rid your life of the negative people..and you are surrounded..they drain you daily.

You will ultimately be fine. Things will work out..but you have to get the negativity out.

Suggestion by Liatris
In your Sign, you will either be needy or bold, and it is your choice now, to become one or the other.

Suggestion by flutter by
Whatever you do be very very careful about on-line psychics because many of them are just after your money and you never receive the reading ,ask the complaints board who is not honest.

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Seniors, when you were a kid did you ever use an ouja board or hold a seance?
We used to horse around. Of course we moved the little pointer thing around our self and got what answers we wanted. Some say occult brings trouble. We never held a seance. I had Tarot cards and played around with the cards and my grandpa was the only one to ever get the death card and he had a stroke and passed the next year. Of course this would of happened any way, but that ended any more craziness with that type stuff for me.

Suggestion by savannah
Some of my sorority sisters and I stayed up all night playing with a Ouija board. We had no idea what we were doing and I am sure we manipulated the board to give us scary answers.

I am not a believer in that stuff. I also don’t believe that it’s dangerous to use a ouija board.

There are enough real,concrete things to be afraid of without adding the supernatural to the mix.

Suggestion by NEVER SUBMIT
Yes….. and I will state that things can happen that are not “imaginary” while using a ouija board…… that is what brought about my first clearly real contact with the forces of evil…… not every use of, or every one who uses, an ouija board will bring out the evil forces…. but EVERY ouija board can be use to do that…. they are not “toys”…. even a homemade one can summon evil….

I do not have personal experience with Tarot cards…. but ones who have tell me that they too can bring out the forces of evil…..

any one who participates in any active endeavor like Ouija boards and/or seances is putting then selves in great danger….

Suggestion by spirit
i did and i opened the bible one day and a page jumped right out at me with some kind of verse that said do not call up the dead or something like that. i told my brother, no more of that. i would tell you strange stories but things happen and coincidence or not it sure seems like it is not at times. lol

What’s the best set of tarot cards?

tarot cards

What’s the best set of tarot cards?
I’m looking for a book for beginners on tarot cards and for a set of tarot cards. Does anyone know where I could get something decent (preferably from the internet)?

Suggestion by geessewereabove
Ones that have burned up in a fire. For those that use them go to hell.

Suggestion by roy
I’d get rid of them my friend. It’s playing with demons.

Suggestion by Avery Blaise
Dude I would stop with tarot cards if I were you. There is no best set of cards that come from the devil. The best can only be worst. Stop while you can.

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Can i use tarot cards that have been owned by someone else before me? (Secondhand from friend) Thanks!?
An older friend of the family used to read tarot cards but she doesn’t anymore, someone told me that tarot cards should be a gift but can i use her old ones to start reading with or do i need to purchance a new pack? Help please.

Suggestion by ptolomy
yes..some say the best cards are given to you, not bought. I bought mine and they are great…

Try them out for yourself and see.

Suggestion by biddix1
To play with the tarot cards there is no problem. If you are a believer, then there can be issues.

First, you must have permission of the person who used to use them. Without that, nothing will come from your readings but darkness. Second, you should cleanse & sanctify the cards. Salt, crystals, etc. See your local shop that would supply such things as the tarot cards & they will have what is needed on hand. Third, you need to orient the cards to yourself through meditation and request their help in divining the future. Without the decks’ assistance & willingness, again, nothing will come but darkness. Blessed be.

Suggestion by Lillith
Use them, enjoy them!
There are no ‘rules’ about having to only use a deck given to you. There are no ‘rules’ about letting someone else touch your cards.
There are no rules, what & how you do with tarot is of your own design. DO what you feel is right and good.
We all have our own way of handling and reading cards.

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How to experience more with Tarot Cards since I’m a beginner?
I am not very experienced with each Tarot card since I have only read a Tarot Reading book for beginners. That’s why I feel a bit confused reading for anyone else.
How should I practice reading to understand a card’s meaning deeper for each situation? How did you start it?
Thanks everyone.
I’m 20 and very serious about exploring the mystic world, I don’t want to take Tarot reading as a job, I would only do the reading if someone really needs it and I would never charge so to collect their info and to pretend to understand the cards is not my reference. thanx LD anyways.

Suggestion by lithiumdeuteride
The art of Tarot reading involves the skill known as “cold-reading”. It involves fishing for information by paying close attention to everything the victim says, and asking vague questions to try to get the victim to reveal facts about their life. This can be done before or during the Tarot reading.

Once enough information is known, the Tarot practitioner simply invents meanings for each card that comes up, and tailors the meanings to the information they’ve gained from the victim. This is why you will see Tarot practitioners flipping over cards like Death and explaining that it does not mean the victim is going to die, but instead has more than one meaning. If you’re vague enough about what the cards are ‘predicting’, you can never be wrong.

In short, the victim gets what they wanted to hear, and the Tarot practitioner gets their money. It’s a simple con job.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s what Tarot cards are used for. You cannot tell the future with pieces of cardboard with ink on them. You can, however, trick people out of their money.

Suggestion by Eclectic_N
lithiumdeuteride (LD)’s answer has some merit, but may not be particularly helpful for a beginner like yourself.

Tarot cards are one of many non-chemical methods of altering the way we perceive reality and possibility. If a person needs to break free of limited perceptions and explore a greater range of internal and external options, these techniques can be useful.

Focusing on the ‘textbook’ meanings of cards, though (as LD suggests), is probably not as effective as attuning yourself to your own intuition around the images. A very skilled reader of my acquaintance will introduce a card by simply describing the image and their own personal interpretation of it, implicitly inviting the subject to explore its meaning for themselves.

You might try doing your own self-readings, as a way of ‘getting to know’ the cards (and your own feelings about them), then expand the scenario to include someone else almost as a ‘co-reader’. The reading is an intimate act and requires great sensitivity, if not extra-sensory perception, so it will stretch your abilities.

Many (if not most) people seeking tarot readings are not as naive as LD assumes, and they do not attribute mystical powers to the cards. The reader provides an opportunity to see the world through new eyes, emphasizing intuition and creativity. The process allows us to remove our hyper-rational blinders and see things we may be in the habit of avoiding.

Suggestion by sAmAnthA
since you’re a beginner, i have here questions for you.. why do you want to?will you use it just for fun or for serious stuffs?how old are you?are you sure your mom allows you to manage such cards?have you ever had a dream that you are sitting on a corner with a woman in your front, asking what you have seen in the cards in her situation?since when did you have interest?.. if you have positive answes to my question, well then, i recommend you to an expert.. remember `tarot cards is not a joke, beginner..

this is just an intro for your consciousness.. take note, you must positively answer these questions before undergoing
even small practices.. i hope this advice would help.. i won’t answer your questions to make sure..

Q&A: Whats the best website to understand Tarot Card meanings please dnt say something rude ?

tarot card meanings

Whats the best website to understand Tarot Card meanings please dnt say something rude ?
Need a great website to look up tarot card meanings please a good site!

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
I personally am fond of this site’s descriptions of the court cards. I haven’t read the rest of the site, but I liked this section: http://www.tarotteachings.com/court-card-meanings-in-tarot.html

tarot card meanings

Can I make up tarot card meanings?
Okay so im having trouble memorizing the card meanings, so i was wondering can i like simplify the definition to make it easier to understand? For example: Death – Rebirth or End. Just something simple like that. Is that allowed?

Bonus: If you give a list of all the Tarot Cards with simplified meaning (one or two words) I will give you best answer and 20 points!

Suggestion by Kaylee
why not

Suggestion by Hell Kitty–returned from Hell!
What do you think all Tarot readers do?!!

Suggestion by †ºªs†
BA is 10 points right? Where do you wish to gather the other 10?

tarot card meanings

Could someone please explain reverse tarot card meanings to me?
I’ve read tarot cards for quite a while now, but I still don’t understand the whole “reverse card” thing… Please explain?

Suggestion by No Hope Without Nihilism
I would guess it’s a cop out, to explain the times when the opposite of what was predicted happens. But I don’t know.

Suggestion by Cynthia
A reverse Tarot card is when it is upside down from your view, the meaning of the card is then the opposite of what the non-reverse meaning is..if that makes sense at all… so like if you get a card that means good health, but its upside down it means bad health could become ill..

Best tarot card layout for job interview?

tarot card layouts

Best tarot card layout for job interview?
I have a job interview tomorrow morning and would like to do a tarot reading tonight to see how my day might unfold. What is the best card layout to use for this particular instance?

Suggestion by lightningelemental
You can always go with the standard Celtic Cross, but here’s a spread that I “created” especially for your situation:

“Unfolding Day Spread”
Preparing For the Day
1. YOU. . . where you are at mentally, emotionally, etc.
2. Something/lesson/energy from your past you should bring with you throughout the day
The Day:
3. What gifts/power/energy you bring throughout the day
4. What gifts/power/energy you receive throughout the day
Reflecting on the Day:
5. Something you will learn
6. Outcome

Suggestion by Safyre
I’d suggest the Daily Spread.
Here’s a link to the layout … www.tryskelion.com/tryskelion/daily.htm

Hope that helps.
In la’kech

Suggestion by Ebby Angel
There are four spreads that I know of (I’m sorry I don’t know any fancy names). There’s the 3,5,10 and 15 card spread. The best card spread for a job interview is the fifth teen card spread as it shows what is going to happen in the most detail. The 10 card spread may help as well but that give a little less detail. But usually I would find that if you get suprised by getting the job its better than knowing. If you still would like to know a little about the future use the three card spread which also helps keep the element of surprise

tarot card layouts

What is the best site to learn accurate Tarot Card Layouts and Meanings??
thank you!
my deck does come with instructions/meanings, but the description leaves alittle too much for the imagination.
i’m one who is into specifice meanings, and i would love to learn more about that.

i think getting a book would help, but which one?

tarot card layouts

Pagans: Which tarot card layout do you prefer on most occasions?

Suggestion by Thomas
I prefer to begin with a three card reading, then proceed to a Celtic Wheel layout.

Suggestion by Raji the Green Witch
The Celtic Cross has proven to be the most successful with me. However for a quick, instant reading the 3 card spread will work in a snap. Also a plain old cut will do for a simple yes or no.

Brightest Blessings,
Raji the Green Witch

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
I don’t have a favorite. I tend to stick to 3-card spreads though. the “Past-present-future” spread, the “body-mind-spirit” spread and the “two choices” spread are my three favorites.

I do wonder why you are asking just pagans this question. Not all tarot readers are pagans and not all pagans are interested in tarot.

What’s the best looking tarot card deck that you can order online?

tarot card decks

What’s the best looking tarot card deck that you can order online?

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
Everyone has their own personal taste. I recommend that you do som research into decks available… almost all the decks I have ever seen are available online… usually from the publisher’s website and often from a wide number of other websites and shops. You can often see a number of sample cards by looking up tarot decks online.

As far as pretty decks, there are hundreds of beautiful decks… it all depends on your personal aesthetic.

tarot card decks

Are there any tarot card readers on Yahoo answers?
Because I got the 9 of cups card of the Aquarian Tarot Deck. I feel like I should be friends for any Tarot card readers to get to know them and start to Yahoo message them. So any tarot card readers?

Suggestion by LiveReadings
Yep. Me.

9 of cups can have several meanings depending on the question asked and the placement in the spread.

It is a card of reassesment before committment in the affairs of the heart, whether that be your hearts desire for life or a relationship.

It can mean you need to decide what fulfills you, what are your dreams you want’ fulfilled.

I can also mean that you are about to have your dreams come true or you are looking for fulfillment.

Cards don’t mean much and can be ambiguous without the relationship of the question, placement in the spread, type of spread and surrounding cards.

Check out my free lessons on the sites below

tarot card decks

Where To Buy Aleister Crowly Thoth Tarot Card Deck In NYC?
Im Looking To Buy Aleister Crowly Thoth Tarot Card Deck In New York City If You No Any Store In New York That Carrys Them Please Let Me No Thanks!

Suggestion by Pamela
Quest Book Shop
240 E 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
Neighborhood: Midtown East
(212) 758-5521
(I searched their catalog and it says they’ve got it in stock.)

East West Books
78 5th Ave
(between 13th St & 14th St)
New York, NY 10011
Neighborhoods: Union Square, Greenwich Village

Enchantments (says they have over 100 decks – AC’s Thoth is such a popular one I would expect them to carry it)
424 E 9th St
(between 1st Ave & Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009
Neighborhoods: East Village, Alphabet City
(212) 228-4394

Hope this helps. Its a great deck.

Suggestion by Anna White
Try buying Aleister Crowly Thoth Tarot Card on Amazon.