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How do i choose tarot card decks?

tarot card decks

How do i choose tarot card decks?
I’m interested in tarot card reading and learning to do it myself but there are so many different types of decks out there, how do i choose? Is there a way to find out which one is the right deck for me or does it even matter?

Suggestion by Buddah
I don’t know too much about them but i do know this. There are some cards that have more negative cards in them that will show you more of the negative things in life. There are other cards that are more positive and will show you the positive things in life.
In the end I think they will all tell you the same thing.

Suggestion by Ishamael
I would suggest you start with the most typical Rider deck. It is so standard that mst others will be based on it. It comes with a booklet that explains the symbols behind the cards as well as the different layouts. Once you gain proficiency in it, you might be intuitively drawn to a deck you have seen in your local New Age store. When you develop your intuition well it will guide you to a new deck every time.

You will feel special affinity towards the deck you are supposed to choose. If the illustrations look interesting, or the theme behind the deck appeals to you, you will know to go for such a deck. Until then, if you confused, start with the basics. The Rider deck is so well known, you can even find free tutorials online about it. Good luck.

Suggestion by lynn D
The deck you choose does not matter. Go to a New Age bookstore that has a variety of decks; look at them and touch them. One will feel right to you and that is the one that you should choose.

Any deck will do as long as you like it and feel comfortable with it. Raider Waite deck is the most widely used. I use the Mythic Tarot which is based on Greek Mythology since that is the deck used to teach me. There may be more information on meanings using the more widely used decks so you may want to take that into consideration. The reason is that some of the less known decks will have variations on the cards.

Best wishes

tarot card decks

Why are there so many tarot card decks on sale?
You can hardly call them the tarot now that they all look different from the original french ones and the subsequent Rider-Waite cards. Do we really need yet another deck of pretty pictures that supposedly say the same things?

Suggestion by Sir Richard
There are an awful lot of very gullible people in the world. *shrug*

Suggestion by Keltasia
The pictures are for the subconscious links the cards create. Personally I prefer the symbolism in the celtic style cards better than Rider-Waite. Its a matter of personal preference. I also know a lot of people who collect the decks but don’t actually use them.

Suggestion by alice
Even if it seems silly to have different decks of Tarot cards, I find that each deck I have will read differently. I find that when I do a reading for someone, I would let them choose which deck they want, as the energies from certain decks will resonate differently with each person.

I don’t use my cards anymore as I can read someone thru meditation, but you may or may not find some readings better than others if you continue to use the same deck all the time. Hope this helps

Can you give me a list o Tarot card decks?
I am looking around trying to find a tarot deck that is right for me. I am using for divinary purposes but that shouldn’t mean anything for my choice.
so i am looking for a comprehensive list of artists that have made Tarot decks or something of that sort.

There Are two decks that I am looking at right now: the Gothic Tarot, And Mage: The Awakening Tarot Deck. More like this? I like Dark imagery and themes if you can’t find a list of All of them.

Do you believe in tarot cards or angel card readings?

Do you believe in tarot cards or angel card readings?
Or things related to that?

Suggestion by Eclipse-girl
No. Its all flim-flam

Suggestion by Mr. Doles

.. well that was easy…

Suggestion by Pytr Pytr
sure, randomly flipping cards has lots of reasons why it would be able to foretell the future, just like reading tea leaves in the bottom of your cup, or counting the petals on a flower.

ummmmm, common sense might give you a different answer though.

tarot card readings

what do you think people who believes in tarot card readings?

Suggestion by GotMovesLikeJagger
They are delusional..

Suggestion by Dacy
These people are usually looking for an answer to a serious concern. The answers from their spiritual beliefs, if they have any, don’t address their question. Neither do their friends or family. So they then look for something beyond themselves where they think a higher power can predict what will happen, giving them their perfect answer. These same people are looking for hope. If they are in a bad place, then they would like the tarot reading to offer hope by predicting that things will change for the better in the near future.

Suggestion by TRUE SABBATH
Trust God, not tarot.

Romans 10:9

Where and how much is a wifi card?

card reading online

Where and how much is a wifi card?
It wont give me the option to turn wifi on or off, I have to replace the wifi card, I read online, where can I buy it and how much does it cost? It’s for an iPod touch 32 GB

Suggestion by Lazdo Da Skillz
From maccas…

You need to give more detail, which generation itouch, if your close to mcdonalds, is the wifi currently on por off etc…

Suggestion by D
check it.


card reading online

where can i read card captor sakura manga online????
i want to read card captor sakura online for free but i dont know where (i need a website please) i also want to know where can i read kingdom hearts comics online for free

Suggestion by Red Velvet
Can’t find where you can read CCS online, but here is the Kingdom Hearts one


Suggestion by Jessica
www.mangavolume.com or www.mangarun.com

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does American airlines require you to show the credit card you booked trip online with at check in?

card reading online

does American airlines require you to show the credit card you booked trip online with at check in?
ok i booked a trip with priceline. I used my grandmothers credit card because i don’t have one and i just paid her the cash. i was reading that some carriers require you to show the credit card you booked the trip online with at check in. i’m flying with american airlines and i was wondering if they did that because if so i’m screwed because i don’t have the card.

Suggestion by Keagan
No. Actually, no major US airline requires that someone does that.

Have a great trip!

card reading online

how i can read my report card online?
what i got on my report card

Suggestion by Bruddly
depends..usually your school will give some sort of user account and password to log in on a designated website ran by the school or county…talk to your school/college/other about where you can find your grades online and how you would be able to view them

Suggestion by jackie
Most schools have online access to current grades but you have to contact the school to get the web address, user ID, and password.

With 12 oracle cards from 12 different decks, there are messages for each month and also a collective message for the year. The pattern in the cards for 2012 shows that we need to wait and not act impulsively upon desires. We also are strongly guided to trust our intuition. Overall, it looks like a gentle year, with the months of Feb and March especially bringing in new light and opprotunities. Still, your manifestations may seem to have blocks or delays. Rise above frustrations by trusting that this is divine timing in action, and that any delays will bring your dream to you in an even better way. December brings about celebration and is a good month for action and when dreams are likely to show movement and manifestation.

What is the difference between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?

tarot card readings

What is the difference between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?
Explain the diffrence, and which do you think is more effective?

Suggestion by livingthings
They are all wrong no one absolutely no one can know the thruth only the b /i /b / l / e.

Suggestion by ChainLightning ⅜
The difference is the first two use props for their alleged psychic ability. The last uses nothing, the psychic wings it.

What is the most effective? The one that wins a million bucks.

The James Randi Educational Foundation offers a million dollar prize. To anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power. This has been going on for over ten years. No one has been close.

Money talks a lot.

Suggestion by Rachael Yay!!!
palm readings – they read hands
tarot card readings – they read the cards.
psychic readings – they read your mind.

Tarot Card Readings is effective
Also Astrology is effective too.

palm readings and psychic readings, no effective.

tarot card readings

Anyone who does Tarot card readings want to do a free reading for me plz?
my email- brunettebabyg@yahoo.com

I’ve got a question bout my life..sooo anyone who does tarot card readings ..with some experience in it.. help me out?!?! thank you people!! 🙂

Suggestion by Sam I am
Why would they do a free reading for you when they could be scamming someone else out of their money?

tarot card readings

Is astrology or tarot card readings real?
I received a reading from a tarot card reader that scared the crap out of me. Everything said I already felt. Should I believe it or not?

Suggestion by The Atheist

You make yourself believe that it is real and your mind looks for specific patterns that vaguely represent the “prediction.”

Suggestion by Carly♥
it’s what you choose to believe in. Personally, I don’t believe in tarot cards. I think they’re fun to do, but not life threatening or something to rely on. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Suggestion by * * Star * *
I tend to trust Tarot a lot more than astrology, perhaps because I’m a pretty good reader of the cards. Tarot is best used as a psychological tool, a way to access your subconscious. Nothing to fear, I promise.