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Q&A: Where are good places to buy tarot cards?

tarot cards

Where are good places to buy tarot cards?
I’m going to use it for my art class, I don’t believe in them, I just need to draw them and make a poster out of them, so where are good places to buy them, they can be used or someplace cheap , no not ebay i dislike ebay.

Suggestion by ChainLightning ⅜
All major book stores have them. Anything to make a buck. Sometimes under lock and key since they are not cheap. Just cheaply made. Lots of different decks all with real nice artwork, so people will buy more than one.

It must be nice to purchase psychic power.

Edit: The answer with the links is correct. But as you may notice these cards are expensive. The sites have lots of other things to buy. You may want a bag, for each deck. You need books, lots of them. A cloth to put your spreads on. The cost adds up. The paranormal makes money or nobody would bother. One even jumps on the vampire bandwagon. Tarot cards for evil. Scary.

Suggestion by Kelly c

Suggestion by OMG! It’s a Kitty!

These are two of my favorite places to get unusual tarot cards.

can you use playing cards as tarot cards on different people?
I heard if you get playing cards that you have to get a new deck for new people because if you use the same deck on different people only one person’s energy is on them. Just curious

Suggestion by Hell Kitty–returned from Hell!
No, you don’t need new desk every time.However you need to use this desk for divination only, not for card games.

Suggestion by Ken
Sleep with the deck under your pillow every night and it’ll be alright.

Is it bad to get ur palm read or tarot cards read?
I’m thinking about doing one or the other. Which one would be better. Doing it for fun & curiosity but I’ve know that there are a lot of ppl who frown upon that, but why?

What is a reliable brand of Tarot Cards?

tarot cards

What is a reliable brand of Tarot Cards?
i am looking for tarot cards but i don’t want them to be fake or just play cards i want real tarot cards with a manual on how to use them.

Suggestion by goliathguy
pokemon cards

Suggestion by Daughter of Metis
There are hundreds of decks, and it will, of course, depend on which you take a shine to.

My two personal favorites are the Guilded Tarot and the Divine Tarot.

Both are traditional decks, both beautifully illustrated, and there’s a lot of visual clues in each that help a new reader interpret more precisely.
The deck and book as a set cost around $ 25 for either.

Here’s a link to the Guilded Tarot: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/gilded/

Here’s a link to the Divine Tarot: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/legacy-divine/

Suggestion by chainlightning⅜
What is reliable? I’ve been to a printing company where they make some of these. (We sell playing cards wholesale at my job) They are mass produced with the same cardboard and inks. So what makes them special? How much do you think magic ink costs a gallon?

I do admit the designs are pretty cool, I saw one that is in on the vampire craze, but come on. Can anyone really buy paranormal ability? Like most types of divination, you have the props and the person that can read the randomness. That means you have to be a “psychic” to use them.

tarot cards

Any Websites You Know That Teaches How To Read Tarot Cards?
I have always been interested in learning tarot cards reading. but i don’t seem to find any websites that teaches people.

I appreciate your advices:)

Suggestion by Jasmine H
try these websites:





hope i helped. 🙂

Suggestion by rookgaroo
Take your pick:

Suggestion by Often Imitated…
This is a nice, thorough one that I like:


And this is a very good online course:


And these have tutorials:


tarot cards

Do you know of any stores I could get tarot cards in around the area of Macomb County, MI?
I live in Fraser, MI and I want a deck of tarot cards but I can’t seem to find any stores that sell them. Help?

Suggestion by Kevin
Try the mall or the yellow pages,or look for psychic readers and they should know.

Suggestion by MJ
I’m not from there but try bookstores, I’ve gotten my best deck from Barns and Noble. Otherwise you can always order online =)

If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?

tarot cards

If my significant other goes to get his tarot cards read about me, can I do something so they cannot read me?
I dunno how accurate they are or not but i would rather have my personal life not being read. Can i do something, wear something or say something?

Suggestion by Eiliat
If you continue living in reality instead of a movie they can’t read you with tarot cards or any other form of fortune telling.

Suggestion by vampire9545
just ignore it, it’s not real. how do i know? i have a tarot card set, book on how to and even a mini booklet came with it.

here’s how it works basically, there is a set map for cards, each spot on the map has a meaning in gen(life goal, where u r in life now, n other symbolism) when a card is placed on said spot, it is evaluated by the person drawing the cards.

the basically belief/idea behind tarot is, the cards randomly drawn, aren’t random but dealt in a way just for you and represent you. now sure the cards could be you, but the odds that each card delt is you is a mathematically improbable…..the link is how the card map works n each spots meaning.


Suggestion by Randy P
You don’t have to do anything. Tarot cards can’t “read you”.

However, successful “psychics” are very good at picking up nonverbal cues from the client, so they’ll be able to read a lot about how your significant other feels about you, just from his momentary reactions. Not much you can do to block that. This skill is called “cold reading”, and it basically involves throwing things out and seeing what sticks. There have been studies where as many as 20 wrong guesses were thrown out before a hit, but the people watching were convinced that the psychic had zeroed right in on the right guess.

Psychics are con artists who take advantage of our willingness to believe.

tarot cards

Do you believe that Tarot Cards are more evil than a regular deck of playing cards or ?
Do you think that it depends on how they are used and by whom?

Suggestion by Jim
Stay away from the occult. It’s very dangerous to your soul.

Suggestion by Lipstick on a Pig
Tarot cards, like a Ouija Board are simply thing designed to amuse and entertain. Nothing evil about them.

Suggestion by Cradlε Før A Kiηg
I believe they’re as dangerous as UNO cards.

A guide to recognizing Zodiac correlations in Major Arcana and Court Cards. Music by: Stewart Copeland “Twilight Harbour” Spyro the Dragon Insomniac Games

Can someone tell what these two tarot cards mean when paired together?

tarot cards

Can someone tell what these two tarot cards mean when paired together?
i asked if someone is in to malicious behavior or malicious activity’s toward me and my life

here are the two cards that popped up.

the High Priestess


the Knight of Swords

this is what i believe in so please don’t leave comments like don’t waste your time etc…

thank you for any answers

Suggestion by Kaybee
A White Queen and a Warrior…

White Queen… spiritually aware, and bright
Knight of Swards- A fierce protector and guardian

Suggestion by Alicorna

HP: Their is someone with a high amount of spiritual power, I am getting someone from a nearby church, who is ‘praying for you to see your evil ways’ IOW they are cursing you till you convert.

KoS: A male, I really think a guardian spirit taking a male form, will fight for you and shield you from the curses, just comand him to do so.

Thats what I am getting.

tarot cards

Can someone read me the tarot cards?
People have read me the tarot cards before, and they were good because what they said came true, but i dont know how to contact them anymore. So can someone read me the tarot cards please? I only have 4 or 5 questions. Please and thanks in advance 🙂
No nonbelievers, or haters. Dont waste my time or yours. Don’t answer if you’re not serious.

Suggestion by Lol @ gullible ppl who believe in Global Warming

Suggestion by Brad
Sure, I’ll give it a go.

I’m completely untrained in Tarot, mind, but that only means that my results will be as good as the world’s leading expert in it.

Suggestion by Envy Is My God
what tarot cards? i can read tarot cards, but i was taught that i’m only supposed to use my own decks, and the person getting the reading needs to shuffle the cards

tarot cards

Did God create the Ouija Board, & Tarot Cards, or did he allow Man to make these items for Man’s amusements?
According to some Christians on here, playing with Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards will get you possessed. How the Hell is that possible when God created them?

Maybe Demonic Possession happens by other means, that Christians are not aware of?

Suggestion by Panthera leo
Christians are prone to superstitions. Ouija boards and tarot cards are both harmless.

Suggestion by Yahswatchman
satan created that garbage threw his mankind. It’s that simple. Don’t dare think for one second that the God of the bible had anything to do with any of that demonic trash.

Suggestion by 忠実空狐 ☯Fidelis☯
Ouija is a funny word.

Is it possible to use tarot cards for introspection?

tarot cards

Is it possible to use tarot cards for introspection?
You know like to bring what’s going on with you into the real world. Using it to help you find solution to issues or just to help you plan better.

Suggestion by TheKitten
Any system of symbols can be used that way. What you see in the symbol is mostly what you project from yourself.

Suggestion by Blackacre
Sure. Or kindling.

Suggestion by LJR
Of course. It is their only proper use.

tarot cards

What do these 2 tarot cards mean?
I pulled the lovers tarot card, and the queen of cups when doing a reading for someone asking if “A” wants to have a romantic relationship with “B”?. To me this is pretty positive,but I don’t want to give them the wrong interpretation of this. If someone could help that would be great! 🙂 only believers please?

Suggestion by ♥נα∂єѕмιℓєz
You have a ginormous forehead.

Suggestion by Maria Haagen-dazs
Obvious ‘yes!’.
Love, Maria (tarot reader)

tarot cards

Do you think astrology, fortune telling and using Tarot cards are good to be taught in schools?
These are common beliefs among people, a widespread culture with a strong religious trait. Religion is also taught in schools (or even pressurizes natural sciences), so these practices can be a topic in school, too!

Suggestion by Michael Daddy

Suggestion by Aminda
No. It is of the devil.

Suggestion by Carlos K
They are good topics when discussing superstition.