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What is the logic and social science behind psychic readings and tarot cards especially. ?

tarot cards

What is the logic and social science behind psychic readings and tarot cards especially. ?
As you can tell I don’t believe that psychics know anything, but I do believe and respect their skills to be able to read people to provoke an emotional response to their reading, thus converting the skeptics. Explain to me some of the tricks used, how does one fool a skeptic.

Suggestion by cx329
They are genuinely insightful people who make generalizations then key off of your reactions. It’s basic psychology 101.

Suggestion by rhsaunders
There isn’t any.

Suggestion by Non-Christian Agnostic Theist
I don’t know about being psychic, but I can tell you that tarot cards are certainly a psychological tool as much as a mystic one.

When you choose a card, you have a certain response to it in the context of your question. Very often the card seems to “predict” the future, but I feel this is because you yourself already know the answer subconsciously, and you read it into the card.

I wonder why it hasn’t occurred to you that perhaps, sometimes, there are no “tricks.” I don’t claim to know exactly how or why the cards work, but they do, and no “tricks” are involved in MY readings. (But I don’t read for others, only for myself.)

I would encourage you to get a pack of tarot cards and learn how to do your own readings. You may be surprised at the results, and if there are any “tricks” you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

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where can i buy tarot cards?
im looking for the cheapest tarot cards possible.

anywhere i can get them that isn’t online?


tarot cards

How do Tarot Cards work? And what other cults use them other than Druids?
Was just wondering how they work and if their was a different way of practicing them.

Also, how do you deal them? And how do you give someone a reading?

I’m lookin for detail.

Suggestion by Eleutherios
The Tarot became the Torah which became the first five books of the Old Testament. Life follows the tarot if you do it correctly. We all start out as the fool, then if you ever get beyond that (which most don’t) you become the magician, and then you use your magic to get your king or queen and become the Emperor or the Queen. That’s just my simple interpretation of it. Look into alchemy, they use a lot of tarot type symbols.

Suggestion by Little Bizzle
Here you go:

Suggestion by Bill K Atheist Goodfella
There have been variations of tarot decks in various cultures, throughout history; Egyptian, French, etc.

Unless you’ve got a game that uses tarot cards, they don’t work. The easiest way to prove this is to ask the same question 3 or 4 times, and use the same “spread”. If they held any type of mystical power to scry the truth, the same cards would turn up each time.

In fact, the only way to make them work is to learn “cold reading”; a method of getting people to give you pieces of information (without blatantly asking), and using it to formulate a “vision” that the cards “predict”.

There are some nices pieces of artwork in the decks, though…

Do you believe in tarot cards from the store?

tarot cards

Do you believe in tarot cards from the store?
I did a tarot card reading on myself and its all negative comments, feedback.
Well how come when it did my past it ment nothing that was accurate of anyone I knew from my past life. lol. I think the cards are a bunch of bullshit.

Suggestion by Epic Link
I don’t believe in the validity of tarot cards, period.

Do I believe in them? I know they EXIST.

Suggestion by Oasis_Spurs
Tarot cards make the bible look believable

Suggestion by cork
fools do.. just fools

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What do the Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards look like?
Is there a website/link where I can look at a few of the cards in the Angel Tarot Cards deck by Doreen Virtue?

-Thanks =)

Suggestion by Michael
They look like this:

tarot cards

How do I get rid of Tarot cards?
My friend got me a pack of tarot cards off ebay about 2 years ago. when I was going through them I noticed a few cards were missing and I never wanted to use them because I had a bad feeling. I want to get rid of them but I don’t know if I should give them to a friend, or burn them…. I don’t want to sell them on ebay just because its not guaranteed someone will buy them.

Suggestion by TJ

Suggestion by surojabu
Put them in recycle. If you’re concerned about the energy they contain, burning won’t necessarily destroy it. It’s more apt to just release it. If you believe in the magical or supernatural aspect, burning can release negative (or positive) energy into the air thru the smoke. Putting them in the recycle bin accomplishes two things, one it’s good for the environment. Two, the cards and their energy are going to a good place, the Earth (via the landfill) which can only be a good thing if they have negative energy attached to them. Recycling or composting is a good way to get rid of most magical tools.

Suggestion by duke_of_urls
They are made of paper.
Put them in a paper recycling bin.

Can anyone explain these tarot cards i drew?

tarot cards

Can anyone explain these tarot cards i drew?
i have been having issues with my friends (of like 4 years) lately, i just feel like they have gotten really shallow, mean, and distant. anyways, i decided to ask the tarot cards about it. i did the past, present, and future reading. i have the psychic tarot card deck and i drew: Past-temptation (usually the devil in regular cards) Present-fertility (usually the empress), Future-harmony (usually the lovers)
what do you think that means?? can anyone decode that for me? thanks!

Suggestion by Rob
Devil means in the past you were in a pretend friendship that wasn’t what it seemed. The empress implies that from the previous card these issues are out in the open and now undergoing a change. Finally, the lovers denoted that harmony is sure to come.

So things will work out for the better.

Suggestion by dunstanthedruid
Ultimately, there will be a reconciliation.

Suggestion by hudsongray
Past–you were in a situation that was not going to grow, the Devil is about internal things, being hedonistic, everything about ‘us/me’. Seems appropriate.

Present — fertility. YOU are growing, this card isn’t about them. The Empress is a beginning and a nurturing, about things that have a future. Pretty good indication you’re well ready to move on and are able to do it just fine.

Future — Lovers. Nearly all the time this does NOT mean sexual lovers, it means working in harmony side by side with others. It can be co-workers, partners, family, anything that requires more than one person doing something (you and others). It looks like there’s good stuff ahead for you once you move away from your old friends, by starting new friendships you have a really nice open path ahead of you.

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We probably all know what it’s like to turn a card and find your mind is blank and you don’t know what to say. The solution is to have various potentially-useful questions in the forefront of your mind so you have something to connect to. All is explained in the video. Email bllntr@yahoo.com if you’d like to be informed about the on-line class.

Should Tarot cards be sold in the USA for playing actual card games?

tarot cards

Should Tarot cards be sold in the USA for playing actual card games?
In European countries such as France, there are Tarot cards sold to play actual card games similar to Spades and Bridge. According to most historians, Tarot cards were originally intended for card games and not for divination. However in countries such as the US, Tarot cards are only sold for fortune telling purposes and most Americans only associate Tarot with divination. Do you believe this situation should change? Would you play actual card games with Tarot? Should Tarot publishers supply game rules with Tarot decks?

Suggestion by dragonlady
I use tarot cards for divination and I don’t think they should be used for a game. Tarot cards have a different energy than regular playing cards do and it wouldn’t be a good idea. Tarot cards today are different than Tarot cards in history, they like everything else have evolved.

Suggestion by Lykaios
I agree, tarot cards are not for game play. They have a purpose and any use outside that purpose will foul them for their intended use. Other than when you are told by the reader to shuffle/cut/select the cards no one but the reader(owner) of the deck should handle them as this will allow them to absorb energies from outside sources and make it hard on the owner to get a proper reading from them.

Suggestion by Lillith
As a tarot reader, I would love to have instructions for the game Tarocci (sp?). I love to play cards, in any shape or form.
Any cards, anything as that goes, can be used for divination.
Situation change? well, add instructions for the game, but don’t exclude the divination use of the cards.

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How can i start using tarot cards?
I’ve recently started to get interested in tarot cards, but honestly i dont know where to get started and i have many questions.
1.are tarot cards “evil” in any way?
2.where can i learn how to use them and buy a deck
3.is there anything i should know before i look further into this interest?

Suggestion by natasha
Tarot cards are not evil at all. They are a tool to help in a psychic reading. They can help you strengthen your gift because the cards never lie. Meaning that the are highly accurate. You can buy some from a metaphysical shop or a book store like Barnes and Nobel. When you get your cards you should be the only one who touch them. Only your energy needs to be on the cards. You can use them on family and friends to practice. When I brought my first deck I slept with them under my pillow at night. That helps seal your energy in your cards to get an accurate reading. Tarot cards are not toys or a game. They are tools of deviation. Just have a clear mind and be serious about this art. You will be fine.

Suggestion by ChainLightninG⅜
It is bliss to buy psychic ability!

I’ve been to a place that prints these cards, the company I work for sells playing cards wholesale. Not all of them of course because there are many styles of decks. They have do some impressive artwork, and there is one that goes along with the vampire craze.

So what make them so special compared to other printed items? Is it the cardboard? The inks? Both? Well I’ll tell you a true story.

The cardboard comes from trees from a secret magic forest in Austria. During WW2 none of this wood got to the USA, as the Nazis used it themselves. But what they lacked was quality ink and Hitler’s people had poor results. The best magic ink is made in the USA and trades on the market at about $ 133.00 per gallon. That is why the cards cost so much. Also there is a lot of quality control. The cards get tested by groups of elves to make sure that when used, randomness is not an issue.

Unless they are printed in China. They use plain cardboard and regular inks. These will result in random spreads every time. So buy American and spend lots of money on lots of decks. And don’t forget the velvet pouches to store them. Spend more money.

Suggestion by George
I created a section on my web site for exactly this.
I wrote a series of articles on how to learn to interpret Tarot cards here:

Then I added an online virtual Tarot deck to allow people to do Tarot without owning cards.
I’ve found that it is just as valid and accurate as using real cards.
It’s really good for learning and practising spreads and has interactive help with the card meanings.

The “magic” of Tarot is in you, not in those pieces of cardboard!

The online Tarot deck can be found here:

tarot cards

How do you cleanse tarot cards without using water?
I’ve been looking for a cleansing and blessing ritual for a deck of tarot cards, and I’ve noticed that a lot of the better, more ornate ones suggest that you cleanse the cards with water. How would you be able to do this since the cards ARE paper and water tends to damage paper goods? Just something I’ve always wondered about.

Suggestion by Abomination of Desolation
All decks of cards produced in the last 50 or so years have a thin layer of wax or plastic on them. Unless you are dousing them, it won’t actually affect them.

Suggestion by Jesus loves Commies
Smoke marijuana in a bong and blow the pot smoke that has been through the water onto the cards

Suggestion by Scott
The dry cleaner? Lamenate them?
How about just burn them and take charge of your life?

How do you read Tarot Cards?

tarot cards

How do you read Tarot Cards?
I just got tarot card for my 18th birthday and I do not know how to read them. Can someone help me out please. I know they only work if they are given as a gift and i got them as a gift for my birthday. please help.

Suggestion by gutbucket
With a huge grain of salt, since they are meaningless in reality.

Suggestion by satan.lovesus
a book should have come with it? if not there are hundreds of books on the subject and i am sure websites as well

Suggestion by olderman
That ‘s easy; you just look at the pictures and make stuff up.

tarot cards

How do Tarot Cards work?
Could someone please give me a simple description about what Tarot Cards are and how they work, without using any big words? I need this for a project in school, i’ve looked around but i don’t understand a thing! I will not use what you said word for word, i just need an idea. thanks!

tarot cards

How would the Tarot Cards predict your own death if it was to happen not too far long in the future?
What combinations may suggest that.

Suggestion by Andy
They would be stuck in your throat while you desperately struggle to breathe and remove them.

Suggestion by Jacob
i agree with the first answer. they wouldn’t. the whole tarot cards predicting death thing is a movie myth. in fact, the death card really isn’t that bad and means a transition.

Suggestion by Isabelle
I think you would have to be clairvoyant at the same time. The cards themselves ? I am a bit dubious..
although if you did a reading for let’s say a person who is terminally ill and the tower, death card and all the “badies” come up over and over again..I would not exactly be jumping up and down.