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How To Read Palm Love Line?

How To Read Palm Love Line?

Each of us possesses our own qualities, behaviors, ways to deal with others, styles of living or even ways to express our inner affections. In some cases, everyone around us feels totally charmed by our characteristics and qualities. Want to know why they love us? Wish to unearth our hidden talents? Long to get a general glimpse of our future prospect? It is time to practice Palmistry or Chiromancy.

It is believed that certain lines, curses and whorls in our palms disclose the stages of love and situations that can lead to marital life. Although the love line will not provide us with information about our romance exactly, it is able somehow to advise us what we should to have a healthy relationship. Via this topic, we can understand the love line on our palm, and its amazing secrets.

How To Interpret The Love Line In Palm?

How To Read Palm Love Line?
  • Mount of Venus – An Area for Love and Relationship

Mount of Venus has its location in the base of thump. In fact, it reveals quality of romance, physical potential and sex issues. In case it is raised, it refers to good relations with partner and friends. Any broken line cutting on it shows tense relations and anxieties.

If there is any star on it, it is indicative of marriage and great support from parents in wedding. The bright and healthy color reveals much compassion and love to lovers. Furthermore, if this mount of Venus is less developed, this person can face up to many troubles like child birth.

  • A caring individual

In Chiromancy, the Heart line represents emotions, passions and compatibility. The long and deep line without any cut and break will be highly carrying, loving and passionate. Those have a tendency to enjoy wonderful relationships with their spouse and have the contented marital lives. In case this line is apt to reach the end of the palm, then this individual can get physical once his demand is not satisfied.

People with short lines are often demanding and described as the free thinkers. To seek charming partners, they will not hesitate to take various challenges and risks. Their main purposes in life are the luxury and comfort of material things.

  • Further spousal affairs

Look at the red lines in the picture! They are considered as sexuality-related lines. One line indicates the happy marriage while two lines portray great sexual relations with partner or spouse.

In addition, three lines symbolize extramarital relations (love outside marriage). In case the finger tips are heavy, it signifies that this person is listed as the emotional type.

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