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How do I shuffle tarot cards when I want a clear reading?

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How do I shuffle tarot cards when I want a clear reading?
I want to start to do readings for myself. how do you shuffle so you have reversed cards i hear if you want a clear reading some cards have to be reversed but how? do i shuffle, then cut the deck and half of the deck i reverse and the other not reversed and then shuffle again? it sounds too simple I just need some advice please

Suggestion by Devo
You can shuffle cards however you want. You can shuffle them like a playing deck- rotating half of the deck before shuffling. Or you can even toss them on the floor, move them all around, and then straighten them back up again. It’s whatever works for you. It’s not required to have reversed cards, but you will get a more accurate reading if they are present.

Suggestion by Vodun Master
This is how i perform a Reading and Shuffle the Deck.

*IMPORTANT: Always have the question in mind when Shuffling the Deck. If you don’t have a question, keep on repeating your Name.

Step 1: The deck holds energy, that’s how the cards are been drawn out. NEVER; smack, throw, shuffle like normal playing deck or cut them with no question or name in mind. This will course the deck to lose the energies, that’s needed to give a accurate reading.

Step 2: How to Shuffle, place the deck in your hands and start taking cards from the bottom of the pile and place them of top of the the deck, do this for at least a few minuets.

Step 3: One’s done, place the deck on the table in front of you and cut the deck into 3 different piles (towards you). *Asking the question while cutting.

Step 4: Chose “a” pile from the 3 piles, and with that pile start your layout. (ex, Celtic Cross, 3 Card Reading, Gypsy Spread.)

There, this is how i Shuffle and start my Reading.

Vodun Master.

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What do these tarot cards mean love reading?
Hey I have a question what does the magician, the nine of pentacles, and the lovers mean in a love reading? I used Celtic Cross and deck is Rider Waite.

Suggestion by Joy Division Oven Gloves
They mean you picked some random bits of cardboard from a stack of other bits of cardboard.

They also mean that your gullibility index is quite high.

Suggestion by Shoes Too A Wish within a Wish
I love tarot cards. The art on them, and looking for the meanings hidden on the cards. Every deck should have the same meaning for each card, so it’s fun to try and find the symbolism representing the meaning on each card– that’s the reason they’re always so stuffed with things. The pictures are meant to remind you what each card means.

Suggestion by Jimmy K
They mean nothing; they’re pieces of paper.

People put far too much meaning in pieces of paper.

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How do use tarot cards to solve problems?
I don’t want to play games, I want to solve problems for others and myself. Is there are website of some sort that could teach me?

Suggestion by L T
Burn them and then get on your knees and pray.

Suggestion by pumpkin kitty!
you should buy a book on it instead.

Suggestion by John
only calculus problems

Q&A: What does it mean if a Tarot reading is clear?

What does it mean if a Tarot reading is clear?
I’m writing a story and my main character is a tarot reader plus he reads crystal balls. But at one point he gets a reading that isn’t clear as it normally is. what does this actually mean if it happens? or doesn’t it mean anything? I’ve read somewhere before that it can mean different things but for the life of me i can’t remember where it was i read this Lol.

Thanks to all who can be helpful. 🙂

Suggestion by Me
Curious things can happen when giving a psychic reading. sometimes I get a fuzzy, shadowy image, but if I focus on it, I can make out what I am trying to see. For example, a woman said that she was thinking about a career change, but she wouldn’t tell me what it was. I sensed her in a dark room placing things on a string. It made no sense. As I considered the dark image, I realized that I was in a photographic dark room and pictures were being hung on the line.

Once I gave a reading for a man who had two futures and each was equally viable. They were vivid inner images (which are not at all like visions) Both were going to happen and I knew it (because psychics know when they are accurate). I couldn’t explain it, so I didn’t tell him that he was going to make both choices that he asked about and siimply told him that both would work out, but the one that involved a move to southern California would be the scariest and most rewarding. Later I learned about quantum mechanics and Schroedinger’s Cat and it all made sense. Sometimes the psychic does not have the right life experience to correctly interpret what is sensed.

It is almost impossible for a psychic to give a reading for a good friend or self. Must get around that by going indirectly. Keep that in mind lest you make an obvious mistake.

If you want clarification, please email me and I’ll try to explain more.

Suggestion by Stung Stung
It means the demonic entitys controling the reading are bussy spiritually enslaving / spiritual bondage another soul.

Suggestion by Darkside Johnny
Could just be smudge on the crystal ball, try some Windex.

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Can a Tarot Reading be all about the past?
I just had a tarot reading today. I just asked to know about my love life. It was only a 10 minute reading but I felt the things she said were basically talking about a past relationship that I had about a year ago. Am I wrong? Can tarot cards just talk about your past? I thought it was all about the things to come in your future? Any input would be beneficial.


Suggestion by Baby’s Mama! 😛
First and foremost, you gotta be REALLY specific with Tarot. Tarot works off of sensation and feelings if it’s being done right. You could be asking a question about something, but something else could be on your mind and you will get a reading referring to something else entirely.

So, yes, a reading can be about the past. It just means you are kind of stuck there and not moving on…

Suggestion by THIS BAG IS NOT A TOY
sure. Mercury is retrograde now.

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What does SIX OF CUPS mean in a Love Tarot reading?
‘how your partner feels about you: SIX OF CUPS’ is what I pulled out of my relationship tarot reading

I’m a little confused if he feels good of bad about me.
queen of cups – present status of relationship

how i see myself – the chariot

ace of wands – how i feel about my partner

ace of pentacles – how my partner views me

seven pentacles – how i see my partner

the heirophant – what stands between us

six of cups – how my partner feels about me

i’m espcially confused about the last one. each site says something different
^^ @erisian trubble

thanks so much
the cards had no reversals!!

thanks for your knowledge so far : ]

Suggestion by erisian trubble
Without knowing the other cards in the spread it’s hard to determine, but I usually read this card as a “playing house” kind of card. IE. Someone who isn’t ready for commitment but wants to play at having it.

EDIT: With new info, I’d say it’s a relatively new relationship (or feels new due to distance/separation/etc.) You feel like you *know* where things should be, you believe you have greater experience in relationships. At the same time, you are ready to book at the slightest hint of a problem. You see your partner as a project; he has potential, but there are things you want to change. He isn’t really ready for a commitment but is willing to do what it takes to keep the happy feelings. The thing that is keeping it from moving forward is some authority figure.

Suggestion by Mod
Was the card upright or reversed and how big was the spread? This is necessary in order to give an accurate read concerning your question. Here’s some general information.
Card upright = harmony and balance in your current relationship as a result from past efforts or past experiences in other relationships.

Card reversed = past/nostalgia and holding onto past memories that prohibits you from moving forwards and facing issues pushed under the rug with your partner.