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What’s your opinion on getting a first deck of tarot cards? Bad to buy yourself or myth?

What’s your opinion on getting a first deck of tarot cards? Bad to buy yourself or myth?
A few people have told me buying my own tarot cards isn’t good while others have told me it’s a myth and it’s a good idea to buy your own tarot cards because than you are comfortable with the style of card.
If you have tarot cards how did you receive them and what do you believe in?

Thank you everyone~!

Suggestion by edaeki
i bought them when i was 10 just for fun they dont really work tho they r just for fun

Suggestion by firefly
Well you can buy them yourself but you should buy ones that you feel are comfortable to you not just the pretty pictures. its not bad to buy them yourself. i have no cards but i believe there is a reason why things happen the way they do.

Suggestion by littlebitch
dont just buy the first tarrot deck you see make sure you go to new age stores and go with the one that you connect with its fine to buy your own when you get it sleep with it in your pillowcase to share your energy with it and make sure you clense them with sage before using them. goodluck!

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Can the Tarot cards tell you which occupation is best suited for you?
How can the Tarot cards be interpreted to give you an idea which occupation is best suited for you?

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What is the best book for learning to read tarot cards?
I’m currently interested in learning to read tarot cards and was wondering what is the best books out for learning how. Also if anyone has any advise or tips for learning I would like to hear them.

Suggestion by gutbucket
Try “Tarot Cards for Dummies”.

Suggestion by -Lilith-
It depends on what kind of deck you have. I use one specifically designed for my deck. If this is your first deck, start with one of the beginner guides for tarot, this site lists several. Try to stay away from any silver ravenwolf book, she’s pretty much rubbish. Anything by DJ Conway is great though. Here’s the link .


Suggestion by Li
I have been into tarot cards for years and no book has ever really been that helpful, understandable or great even the dummies one lol. But, here is an awesome website that I use!


It has spreads, card meanings, everything! Its fab!

Choosing a tarot card deck for girlfriend?

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Choosing a tarot card deck for girlfriend?
My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, and I’d like to get her something unconventional. She had expressed interest in getting a set of Tarot cards (a standard 78 card deck). After spinning an elaborate story, I managed to get her to “choose” a deck (“Fairytale Tarot” by Alex Ukolov, Karen Mahony, and Irena Triskova). Is there an easier (And perhaps a less obvious) way to find a Tarot deck for her that she would enjoy based upon that choice, and her interests? She likes dolphins, fairy tale-type things, the color pink, flowers… Or would it be more appropriate to use my intuition as her boyfriend to choose one that I feel is most suitable for her personality type? Any advice given will be greatly appreciated.

Suggestion by Waytootiny
It is better to have the deck pick her. Give her a gift card for the store and take her in to pick it up. The spirit in the deck needs to meld with her . You can definitely have a “spiritually incompatible” tarot deck. Hav Fun. If she is in to divination than take a look at the I-ching. It is VERY powerful and there are all types of casting sets you can put together yourself for a “one off” custom casting kit.

Suggestion by Biddy_Tarot
I would personally recommend the Rider Waite deck. It is a very popular deck and its symbolism makes it easy to learn. You’ll find most books on the Tarot feature the Rider Waite deck. I have used this deck for over ten years as a professional Tarot reader.

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I’m looking for a tarot card deck called the Goddess Tarot?
I’m looking for a tarot card deck called the Goddess Tarot. The cards have gold edges, and the deck comes in a yellow box with a picture of a goddess on the front. As far as I can tell it is not one of the Kris Waldherr decks. I’m looking for it for my girlfriend which is one of the reasons I’m having a problem finding it; I’ve never seen it, and I can’t ask her to come looking for it with me since I need it to be a surprise. Any help on this would be great. Thanks.

Suggestion by violettelillyrose81
go to eBay or look in the metaphysical shops one on line, one I shop at is called Earth Gifts. You might find it there! Good Luck, also get a bag for the cards for protection(Ive had mine in a bag for almost 10yrs now and they are still in great condition) along with small crystals to go in with the cards, depending on her typical energy level on the spiritual and emotional, is what type of stones you might want to give her. email me and I could help you out there. VioletteLillyRose81@yahoo.com

Suggestion by energytherapies

right hand column 3rd card set down from the top i think is what you are looking for by doreen virtue, has gold edged cards and a small book in a box. prices are in nz dollars

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If a tarot card gets bent, is it okay to remove it from the deck?

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If a tarot card gets bent, is it okay to remove it from the deck?
I closed my taro box, and reopened it the next day – only to find that the card was bent. It’s a card that stands for pride in ones work, a skilled craftsman. In reverse, it means laziness and carelessness. It’s accurate for my carelessness with the box – but is it okay to remove it from the deck completely?

Suggestion by Francesca Parie
No. Also you shouldn’t be storing them in a box you should have a silk bag for them.

Suggestion by jotunrunner
only if you use them for three card monte

Suggestion by mega-moma
You need the entire deck for accuracy. You wouldn’t play solitary or rummy without the long of diamonds would you?

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How do u read Tarot Cards or Deck of Playing Cards?

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How do u read Tarot Cards or Deck of Playing Cards?
Please tell me how do u read tarot card’s. I also heard that u can use a deck of playing cards and if u can how do u read those??????

Suggestion by justbeingher
There is no way to give such a detailed answer on here. Get a book on Tarot and study the cards. It’s fun.

Suggestion by silverdolffyn
It’s a little more involved than something you can plonk onto a message board. It takes a lot of study, meditation and focus-work as well as patience. I’ve never used a regular card deck, only tarot decks – but I suggest you start out with a “gentle” deck like the Connolly deck or the Robin Wood deck – find one that has images that are pleasing to you and that you feel drawn to – don’t just pick a deck off the shelf and call it good. There’s a fair amount of info on www.witchvox.com and readers and info on the e-list and website www.witchgrove.org but I’ll warn you now: These folks take it seriously and will expect you to do the same if you’re really wanting to learn.

Suggestion by theminchiman
There is not enough time or space in this format to answer your question. Try us here:


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where can i buy blank cards to make my own tarot cards?
What would work better ? Someone that knows stuff about this kind of stuff ?

Suggestion by Jay
they’re usually laminated already. If you draw well, make em, then get it laminated. or design with computer

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Can Tarot Cards be passed down to the next generation?
my mom has a deck that she keeps in her night stand and she has had them for about 31 years… do you think, since she doesnt use them anymore, that they can be passed on to the next generation?

Suggestion by valhall13
Absolutely, my husband has his mothers deck.

Suggestion by Todd
that’s how true tarots usually function, but you also have to realize that there is a tradition of ‘having your own deck’

Suggestion by Citrine Dream
As long as you take very good care of them. Cards can be more fragile the older they get.

Tarot card deck differences? ?

Tarot card deck differences? ?
I have bought a book on tarot reading and now want to buy a deck of 78 cards. There are so many different ones… is there any difference in them or is it just the pictures?

Suggestion by you dont need to know my name
its just the pictures but if i were you i would buy the cool cards.

Suggestion by SadharaSatguru

There are hundreds of decks out there, all wrote on different philosophies.

The most common are the Rider Waite, but go to a deck your drawn to!


see profile 🙂

Suggestion by Shiori_hime
Some of them use different terms as well, and I’ve also seen some with different symbolism than a standard deck. For example, my Art Nouveau deck has Coins and Staves instead of Pentacles and Wands. I think some of Major Arcana cards have different names as well. My Manga tarot uses a lot of Japanese or Japanese-inspired symbolism that doesn’t appear in other decks.

I say just buy whatever deck seems the best to you. If you would prefer to start with something exactly like what your book talks about, see if there’s a specific one mentioned in your book and if you can get it. If you’re not bothered by your deck and your book being a little different, then just spend some time looking at all the different decks available and see which one(s) you want. You can have as many as you can handle — I have three and would love more, and many of my friends have multiple decks too, though plenty of people just have one.

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What the death card from the tarot card deck mean?
Just curious

Suggestion by Desirae
The end of something not necessarily a life either.

Suggestion by ALEX
You just paid $ 20:00 for nothing.

Suggestion by wilds_of_virginia
I wish I could post a picture of this card from my deck. It shows a skeletal knight on a horse with a large sword blocking your life path. You have to get past this guy in order to grow, but you have no way of defeating him. You are just a weaponless pilgrim on a journey. You can detour, or hide or even retreat, but Death will be there waiting. To move on, you must approach Death and let him strike you down. You will wake up further down your path with Death behind you. There is no other way.

I practical terms, this means you must let a part of you die in order to grow. Just like a snake sheds its skin, you must leave behind thing which you have out grown. This isn’t nearly as grim as it may sound. Maybe you know twentysomething slackers who don’t want to get a real job and leave home. Or people in their late 20’s who still act like college kids, partying it up every weekend.

What is it that is holding you back, AMS? Is there a part of your life which must be shed in order to continue growing? I can only ask the questions, you must answer them.


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In a Tarot deck of 78 cards, what are the odds of pulling the same card twice in a row?
Mathematically, it’s 1:78 to pull a specific card. But what are the odds of pulling the SAME card twice in a row?

Suggestion by Dr D
(1/78)^2 = 1 : 6084
= 0.0164 %

Suggestion by Jake B
it depends if u put the card back in the deck or not

Suggestion by Kenshin
What Dr D said.