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Is there an easy way to do tarot cards?

tarot cards

Is there an easy way to do tarot cards?
Is there an easy way to do tarots and remember the meanings and the sequences. I have dabbled a little. Is there an internet site to help or someone that has a pattern or a rhyme how they remember. I would be grateful of any help. Thankyou

Suggestion by Brad456
most tarot cards come with a small booklet that explains what each card means. just do readings and use the booklet.

with practice you will start to remember the meaning of each card.

or you can go here;

Suggestion by yardchicken2
There are several tihngs you can do to help.

Do a general reading for yourself everyday. This is the practice part.

I found that going through my deck at night before going to bed helped me relax and learn the cards better as well. I just paged through the deck, one at a time, as I came to one I was interested in or that I had trouble remembering – I’d stop and look it up. Then just keep going through them.

It also helps to sometimes have a different style deck than just the one you are using. By comparing the same card in two different decks, you will get a better feeling for what the card means.

There is a deck for beginers – it has key words on each card to help prompt your memory.

You can use a word programto make a set of your own — use the business card template and then insert a piece of clip art or even personal photos for each card.

Type in whatever text you want to prompt your memory. Print out onto paper that is already perferated for business cards.

I made a set this way just for playing gnostica with (A game that uses tarot cards) because I didn’t want to use my real tarot cards that I read with for the game.

If you go to about.com they have a print and colour your own tarot — a good way to use this is to print them out and then write on the back the meanings — you use them like flash cards.

Here’s an article about learning the tarot
its a bit short and has a link to follow to another article as well.

The aeclectic website is great for letting you see samples of cards from different decks and giving reviews. I collect tarot, so this is a fav site –It also will let you see images from different decks without having to buy a bunch of decks.


It will also help once you find a deck that just “makes sense” to you. Some decks really work for me – the imagery looks like what it means. Then other decks just make me go “Huh?”

Mostly just trust your intuition and practice. Over time the cards will become more personal and the you won’t need the textbook meanings so much.

Suggestion by keltillos
Use index cards to make your own cards–write the name of the card and its meaning on the index card, turn it upside down and write the reversed meaning.
You can use these to practice and to memorize the meanings.

tarot cards

What are the rarest and best types of tarot cards to buy and use?
I have greek tarot cards that are very simple to read…. but I feel as if they are losing my auras and can cause a mis interpretation. I feel as if it’s time to change cards so i would like to know if there are any specific cards that i should be interested in getting.

Suggestion by L.C.
Why don’t you just burn your money, then you wont have to worry about it and get the same results.

Suggestion by Brian M
Among the most used is the Rider Deck, but my personal favorite is the Egyptian Book of the Dead Deck. Recently I saw an Angel Deck that was absolutely gorgeous–I bought it for my wife to use.

Suggestion by Giovanni Geezus
I think the oversized Crowley Thoth deck is considered pretty rare (unless it’s been reprinted recently).

good and easy quilty deck of tarot cards?

tarot cards

good and easy quilty deck of tarot cards?
I am just learning how to read tarot cards i have already got messages from the angels and have brought healing with the angel on ebay i am just waiting to receieve those. do you know any good tarot cards that are easy to use and good to work with?

Suggestion by Joseph
………………………. if I was sick and dying I would turn to science

Suggestion by Colette Pioline ART
A deck of playing cards is just as useful…

Suggestion by B.T.M.
Either make your own, or just go out and buy a deck from your local occult or book store. Any deck will work, and never, ever use the little booklets that come with them, they only work for people trying out a new ‘fad’, if you want to be serious, go without the booklet.

tarot cards

What do you think of these tarot cards?
Its a three fates spread.

In the place of the past was “The Moon” card.
At the present I had the card of “The Fool”
And for my future the card was “The High Priestess”

Do you have any suggestions for what might be happening? Sounds important, since all of them were major arcana.

Suggestion by ♏ Love ♋
What site is this from?

Suggestion by aav
at present you are very in your own world and just doing things without reason, or so it may seem.
in the future you will gain very esoteric knowledge about something that many around you do not know.

Suggestion by Blah blah blah
In the place of the past was “The Moon” card.
*In the past you were being led by your emotions..You were following your instincts and your gut feelings but not using logic to make decisions. You may have been misled by others, or were following your emotions more than your logic.

At the present I had the card of “The Fool”
*The present is basically thrown up in the air. The fool goes with the flow, allows destiny to run it’s course and doesn’t try to influence what will happen. This is essentially what you are doing at this time.

And for my future the card was “The High Priestess”
*The High Priestess denotes esoteric knowledge, and as a future card, it suggests that your fate, and the guidance you seek, is already available in some esoteric form. Generally, the HP points to a wise mentor who knows things about signs and stars, etc, so you may need to seek out your mentor to help you find your path.

tarot cards

Where can I get Tarot cards in the Dallas Fort Worth area?
It would be great if the place was close to Carrollton or Addison Texas. Thanks in advance and also approximately how much would they cost?

Suggestion by Miss 6
Check your area for any metaphysical bookstores. Or even try going to a big chain store like Borders or Barnes & Noble. The prices of cards very you can spend anywhere between $ 12-$ 30 on a deck.

Suggestion by intuition897
You don’t need to go to the dingy little shop with the flashing neon sign that says ‘PSYCHIC’. eBay, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, and tarotgarden.com are good places to find cards online. You could also try Craigslist and Kijiji. I’ve found a few decks at local second-hand stores, too, which only cost me $ 3-4 per pack. Just make sure to check that all the cards are there. There should be 78 cards in a standard Rider-Waite style deck. Oracle decks (not the same as Tarot) usually have fewer. Brand new decks are anywhere between $ 15 to $ 30 for common/plain decks, and the sky is the limit for limited edition and otherwise rare decks. It just depends on your budget and what kind of deck you like. There’s a HUGE selection out there. Sorry, I’m not familiar with your area, but I’ve found these kinds of places are good sources.

how can i learn palm reading fast, and easy?

how can i learn palm reading fast, and easy?
i went to my grandma’s house and found out that my great great grandma was psychic, read palms and tarot cards, and used a ouija board (SCARY!!!) and i got curious and read a book on palm reading and found it really interesting and would like to go further with my studies, but I’m having problems memorizing the stars, exes, and plus sines and stuff on certain places. Help?

Suggestion by Cultural Theorist
Because you described it as “SCARY” and are having trouble memorizing the necessary information to perform the duties, it seems that you do not have the gift, only the curiosity.

How old do you have to be to get your palm read in Georgia?
I really want to get my palm read, but I heard that you have to be 18 to do it in Georgia (I’m 17).
And please reply with reasonable answers and not, “YOU NEED THE BIBLE IN YOUR LIFE!” or “PALM READINGS ARE FAKE NOW GROW UP!”
Lexi: I live in Georgia o-o And yeah, it’s awful. I can’t move out yet, though =/

Suggestion by Misconception
18, for it to be accurate

Suggestion by Lexi (Amber Lily)
Ew, why would you go to that state it is full of rednecks.

Suggestion by 2-D
I actually got my palm read about 2 months ago. I’m only 14, so my mom had to come with me. I’m in Georgia as well. Don’t listen to anyone saying that they’re not true, my reading was so accurate!! A palm reading should be like a once in a lifetime thing, because the woman just said everything that would happen for me. It was just awesome. Here’s the woman’s info.

I’m learning how to read palms on my own but I’m also considering taking palm reading classes in Mexico. This was a very accurate reading!