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Tarot Cards Upside Down Meaning…!

Using Tarot cards for predicting some events in the future has applied since many years and more and more popular. Tarot cards include a deck of 78 cards, while 56 cards referring to Minor Arcana and 22 remaining cards belonging to the Major Arcana. With different pictures on the cards, people can predict or explain some issues, which are related to a specific event, situation or emotion. The seeker will pick the cards and the reader will interpret their meaning.

Some things, which you should know about Tarot Cards Upside Down Meaning

Some things, which you should know about Tarot Cards Upside Down Meaning

Some people will have a misconception when they think that “Tarot cards upside down meaning” has the “bad” or “negative”. Actually, the upside down meaning in Tarot cards, in some cases, does not contain this meaning; it shows that the energy is different, indirect or not straightforward. It has the meaning of blocks and delays.

As a result, when we get the upside down meaning in Tarot cards, we need to base on the energy in a different way. You will achieve some surprises from Tarot cards when they appear in upside down meaning.

Tarot Cards can have variety of upside down meanings such as:

Energy that is opposite with the upright meaning

Energy that is not being properly accessed or utilized

Energy that is stressed or confused

Energy that is weak or depleted

Energy that is blocked

Energy has happened in the past or has already been dealt by some ways

Energy that is causing of tensions, delays or obstacles

Energy that is hidden, secret or publicly admitted

In general, when you read the upside down meanings in Tarot cards, you will have a chance to raise your knowledge about the new aspect. If you can not read the upside down meaning in Tarot Cards or you have not had a chance to study, you can seek people, who are specialized in this field.

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