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Where can you find a cheaper set of tarot cards, that still have positive energy?

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Where can you find a cheaper set of tarot cards, that still have positive energy?
I do not have a lot of money, but I would really like a set of effiecient tarot cards. If anyone knows a cheaper place in Mahoning County or a website could you please let me know?

Suggestion by bobthebulider
just google it

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Suggestion by molly
I am sorry, I dont wish to seem rude but am I to understand that in this day and age there are actually people who trust their lives and what they do in that life to a deck of cards?

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What are some fun things like palm readings and tarot cards to do at parties,?
I’m having my birthday party soon and I want some things to do for fun that interest me. For instance, I already own tarot cards and I know the process of reading palms, but what are some other things like that we can do?

Suggestion by Anime White Wolf
Tarot cards and palm reading are fine, but don’t use a oigi board. There have been documented paranormal haunting that were caused because of oigi boards. Other than that, tarot cards and palm reading are fine and shouldn’t do anything (though I doubt that they really work)

Suggestion by Sheena
Ouiji boards are fun, yet mostly uneventful because of the patience involved in messing with one. If you’re worried about any of that stuff bringing bad spirits in, just burn some sage and pray over the area you’re doing it. Rune reading is fun, so is scrying.

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How do you shuffle tarot cards?
I have this book about how to use tarot cards and it says to shuffle them like regular playing cards but idk how to do that. It also says you can shuffle them how ever you feel like it but idk how. So please people help.

Suggestion by MarlaMartian
i do the bridge with mine.

Suggestion by deborahpsycic
psychic here

You can shuffle tarot cards same as playing cards as long as you are comfortable and do not falter while doing your meditations/prayers.

Watch out though, I have found that the larger cards are a little more susceptible to creasing and bending… worn cards might have character but overly worn may not shuffle well creating a bogus reading

for more on tarot reading I wrote a blog that is very helpful http://www.psychictarotreadings.net/celtic-cross-tarot-spread/

and my vlog http://www.youtube.com/user/deborahpsychic#p/a/u/2/w4cB_2rYb_Q
i hope I was able to help you in your search for answers

Suggestion by Biddy_Tarot
I shuffle my Tarot cards just as you would with normal playing cards. That is, I hold them horizontally and on the side in one hand, and use the other hand to shuffle the cards from side to side (I hope that makes sense!). At first, this took a bit of practice – many Tarot decks use cards that are slightly bigger than playing cards. The more you handle the cards, the more comfortable you will be with shuffling.

Alternatively, you can put all the cards face-down on a table and shuffle them all together in a big messy pile, then pick up the cards again.

How do I channel My Tarot Cards? How do I input my energy in them? Can someone give me a basic tutorial?

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How do I channel My Tarot Cards? How do I input my energy in them? Can someone give me a basic tutorial?
I need to understand this. Please help me.

Suggestion by vid
If they are YOUR deck–brand new–just sleep with them under your pillow for a few nights, and during the day shuffle them here and there not really thinking about anything. Seriously, just do that and make sure to sleep with them under your pillow for 3 or 4 nights and you should get VERY accurate readings.

What do these tarot cards mean?
did a tarot card reading on me and a guy that I like.

How he feels about me: Empress
How he sees me: Empress
How I feel about him: Lovers reversed
How I see him: Page of Pentacles
The outcome if we dated: Magician

And I also drew cards on how certain people see/feel about me. I always get the Empress and queen of cups. What does this mean?

Suggestion by Tristan

Suggestion by Mystic
The empress is growth, growing, with affection, how you feel about him is on the fence, you just not sure, or clear, and it could have something to do with his past. You may also feel he needs to be more directed in goals, and more focused. At times you see him as playful, then other times, it seems so immature. The magician, could mean good elements with the union.

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Is it sinful to use Tarot cards as a “con”?
Is it sinful to use Tarot cards as a way to earn money without actually believing in the “guardian angel” who helps you to read them?

My sister does it all the time, it’s her way of earning money.

Suggestion by Flying Penguins.
What else would you use Tarot cards for?

Suggestion by Troy Mustang
if idiots believe her, it’s their fault for being so stupid.

Suggestion by Hazzardous
As sinful as using a BOOK!