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has anybody ever went in person and got a psychic reading or tarot card reading?

tarot card reading

has anybody ever went in person and got a psychic reading or tarot card reading?
I would like to go visit a psychic in person i have never did it before what can i expect

Suggestion by ☼Adrian☼
I’ve gotten tarot readings from my cousin for free many times. It’s interesting and accurate.

Suggestion by Julie Weaver
I wrote about my first experience on a Hubpage. I didn’t understand the symbolism then, but I took it up as an interest and then professionally.Very interesting.


tarot card reading

is it true that you CAN’T get a true tarot card reading on Yahoo Answers?
cause i got one from someone and it was extremely accurate about how i am. However, it included someone else, so i don’t know if their part is true, but my part is really accurate…so, is it true that if you get a reading on Yahoo Answers, it would most likely be false?

Suggestion by Wicked Witch of the West
That would depend on the reader. Some are very good at remote reading, I’m not, you have to touch my cards before I can read.

Suggestion by ☻Elijah’s & Isaiah’s Mom
no you cant you would have to be in the room with the person so they feel your energy don’t trust anyone THAT YOU THEY CAN DO IT OVER THE PHONE OR ONLINE

Suggestion by vid
I wouldn’t EXPECT to get an accurate reading on here. You can get an accurate reading online or over the phone–contrary to what some state. I know this because I’ve done numerous readings for people over the phone and over the internet.

If you feel that you received an accurate reading from on here you might have. I just wouldn’t expect to get an accurate reading from here, but you very well could have.

www.asknowtarot.com My name is Jenny, and l want to tell you something about getting a tarot card reading online. Things that l feel you should know about. Especially, if you are looking to get a great Tarot Card Reading. And if you want to save yourself time and money…as well as, the frustration of not getting the answers you were seeking, by having a tarot card reading online that did nothing for you. But who am l to tell you anything, you might well ask. Well, l have been psychic since l was very young, and i know a thing or two about tarot card readings. See, over the last number of years, l have had quite a few tarot readings online. Oh Yes, Many. And one thing I’ve learned, is that there are many different types of tarot card reading online that you can get online. Some expensive. And some not so. And some that are a total waste of time You can even get a free tarot card reading if you want from many sites, but l would not recommend this, as l think they are a waste of your time. You’re not going to get much information in such a short time, as most of the time will be taken up with all the preliminaries etc. Likewise, simple yes and no questions are not much good either, and you usually need to do a proper tarot spread of cards, and look into the issue before you get real answers. And, as a psychic, l also know, that as you delve into any Tarot reading, other issues to do with the questioner always show up, and this usually requires different spreads of cards

Ever since I had a tarot reading, I have had recurring nightmares?

Ever since I had a tarot reading, I have had recurring nightmares?
I have had nightmares 2 or 3 times already. In my dreams I get REALLY CLEAR hints that these mediums are evil in nature. And I have suddenly woken up breathing fast. Any thoughts on these? Tarot readers what do you think?
(And BTW, I have only had a few things from the reading come true. Other things have not come true and it has been 3 months now. I have heard that these readings see 3-6 months into the future though it might not be the case).

Suggestion by Morgan
Nightmares are caused by your subconscious coming out. Are you prone to nightmares? Did something in the tarots make you feel uneasy? Do you actually believe that tarot readings are accurate? If so, you’re just a bit rattled, don’t worry.

Suggestion by Pytr Pytr
I’d suggest a night light
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hey@anatolyi, that’s the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever seen. Don’t you want to join us in the 21st century? you’re choosing to believe some silly nonsense.

Suggestion by Anatoliy
pray “psalm 26” 1600 times in 40 days.
repent of going to demonised witches.
ask Jesus to forgive you.

tarot reading

What does it signify when you get 3 page court cards in a tarot reading?
I recently did a celtic cross spread on myself and the page of pentacles, page of Wands, and page of swords all came up in this reading. Does anyone have any idea what it would be trying to tell me? or what this means? any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Suggestion by Change
Leave those cards alone. Trust God. Read your Bible and pray every day. Tarot cards is the work of the Devil. Get out before you mess up your entire life with Satanism.

James 4:7

Romans 6:23

Suggestion by IceFire
3 Pages means that there is some sort of dispute happening. Not sure what the dispute is about since I don’t know what the rest of the cards are. I’m just a beginner but I hope that I was able to help.

a free tarot reading if anyone is kind enough?
Please a free tarot reading someone?

I know tarot is only for fun, so out of pure curiousity and wanting a different angle on things ,if anyone here is kind enough to do a tarot reading for me. I have no specific question,its a general reading about my love situation.
Thank you very much

Suggestion by Hal Roach
I get the two of pentacles, so I predict that you will post this question again.

Anybody ever had a Tarot reading that came out to be true?

Anybody ever had a Tarot reading that came out to be true?
or vise versa…i had a reading today and im wondering are these tarot cards accurate? know that i got the reading im scared because i thought i was with the person im suppose to marry but the cards say otherwise…i also told my boyfriend and i wish i didnt..now im lost

Suggestion by If u understood scriptures u would not be Atheist
tarot is evil and will be punished by the forces of God on judgement day

Suggestion by The God Cupid
No. I don’t go in the tents on the sea front. They’re for idiot holiday makers who will cross the so called fortune tellers palm with silver, like £10 a throw.

It puts money in to the town anyway I suppose.

Suggestion by Pirate AM™
No, the few that I have had have been completely wrong. So far, the general M.O. of a psychic, astrologer, palmist, tarot reader, tea leaf reader, or anyone else seeking to take your money for telling your future relies on two things, they have a basic script that 60% or more applicable to most people (seriously, most people are worried about love, money and other common traits), the second is the huge amount of information that you are willing to offer up without thinking about what you are telling them.

Basically, they are all scams, period.

tarot reading

Have any of you had an accurate tarot reading?
Has anyone here ever had a tarot reading that actually came true or displayed some sort of relevance to your actual life?

Suggestion by slamman138
Yes it told me to come to YA to tell you that it was a fraud.

Suggestion by Dave P
Anyone who makes money giving readings of any sort learns to read clues from the client and respond to those with general enough statements (narrowed down based on the client’s responses) that the client goes away happy. As a parlor game, tarot readings can be fun. As a way to guide your life, no.

Reading for Lennie who is asking about job prospects in the near future, having been without for an extended time.